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Pastor's Commentary

Sunday, August 29 2021


As we see the events of the world unfold around us every day, who wouldn’t ask themselves; where is all this heading anyway? From what I have seen a lot of folks don’t seem to care, as long as it doesn’t stay where it is. And where it is depends on where one lives for the most part doesn’t it? We’ll look at the U.S.A. model of where we as a Nation are; and the bigger picture of where the world is and try to ascertain where folks don’t want it to stay, but first a few examples of other countries and their direction.

As we know the geography of a Nation doesn’t change, as in land mass relocation, it is the culture of that Nation that undergoes mass cultural change. This has happened in some Countries many times, some despot makes the scene and the culture could change almost overnight, like Cuba for example. In short order a band of guerrillas led by Fidel Castro toppled a not too bad a government island paradise and turned Cuba in a Communist run country. This happens frequently in many of the smaller countries of the world. There was a time when Russia wasn’t a communist country, China as well. You can be very certain that not all the people accepted out of hand the sweeping changes that would come as a result of some government change that they despised and consequently would never accept. Many were not about abandon their old way or culture of life just for some new governmental direction or some fringe new ideas for the culture. Have you noticed what cultural change often brings ; repression, loss of liberty, misery at every level except at the top echelon of the government?

So what is it that this Country called the United States of America has had that people no longer want to keep and hold dearly as our forefathers have brought forth? That would depend upon the age group of the ones asked, if you were to ask many of the younger generation, they would say nothing much of value. There can be no mistake about it, this Country; the USA was founded upon God and thus Christian values and purpose. The vast Library of information holds volumes of books, letters, manuscripts, a veritable trove of information that prove beyond any shadow  of doubt that the Founding Fathers attributed this Country’s Foundation to God Almighty. The Hand of the Sovereign God has blessed this Nation like “None” other, except Israel. Even the Laws of our great land were based upon God’s Moral Law, and I may add, if we were to keep and hold dear these great laws, this Country would stay on track and blessed forever. So, what is wrong with keeping of these God given Commandments? Why is it that for several hundred years the keeping of God’s laws, were good and beneficial and all of a sudden in the last few years they are old fashioned, out of date and out of style to the new thinkers?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but here it is. For far too many people in our day and time don’t want anything to do with God, His Word or His people, that’s it. We live in a time where people have become so enlightened, they no longer even believe in the existence of God. And that will bring forth a cultural change to any country. This of course is nothing new, many societies have in past cast off all that is Godly to their own peril, even our beloved Jewish brethren have done this in ages past, only to see the dreadful effects of that dumb decision and come back upon bended knees. Yes there are many people in the US of A that are not tired of obeying God, standing up for God and with God in all Godliness. And that is exactly where the line of demarcation is, those that have not or never will deny God and those that try to drive God out of our culture, either through one worthless law at a time or total apostasy, of which is where we are. Will this Country survive the onslaught of godlessness or will it succumb to the new agers line of thinking? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain, if we abandon our God given roots, the tree will not survive.

That takes us to where we are in the “overall” timeline of events, even life itself? To help answer the “where are we” (hour glass of time); there is a natural/supernatural phenomenon that has existed since the creation of the world that may hold part of the answer. It’s called the Zodiac, the planets alignment and layout; it is most incredible. Who hasn’t looked up at the sky at night; you no doubt have noticed something most interesting; if you were to connect these stars like a dot to dot coloring book, you would find they form pictures. Some of the more obvious is the pictures of the pots and pans, Little Dipper and Big Dipper, but there are actually many such pictures that exist. What are the odds that planets would align and thus make a picture for all to see; is this by Divine Design? When we answer that affirmatively, we are beginning to head in the right direction. Per Bible Theologians these pictures were the “Gospel” to the old world before the Bible was given to mankind, it was called; The “Gospel in the Stars”. These “pictures” in the stars would have led mankind to knowledge of the/a Creator, and thus revealed the plan of salvation to them (even us); incredible. Here is what God’s Word says about it; And God said; let there be lights in the firmament of the Heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for “signs” and for seasons and for days and years, (Gen 1:14). Note the word “signs”, and the word “seasons”, these physical stars and signs hold some serious spiritual truths for us in our day and time.

The “seasons” hold great truth to where we are right now, and will answer more fully of “Where are We/You” right now in our timeline of life. Concerning Seasons, It was the Lord who initiated the 7 Feasts of Israel thousands of years ago. These Feasts are still being celebrated by Israel to this day. Are they relevant to us in our day and time, you be the judge. These Feasts can be divided up into two main categories or groups of feasts. The first group is part of the Spring group, and the second is part of the Fall/Autumn group. During the Spring time there are 3 main feasts; Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits, which equates to our rebirth, new life, salvation and spring time, new beginning walk with the Lord, spiritually speaking. The Fall/Autumn feasts are about ending, conclusion, the wrap up of all things, the closing. The Fall feasts are about the fall harvests, bringing in the sheaves, the barns being filled, with harvested souls, those that partook of the plan of God. The Harvest Feast will be completed when the “Trumpet Sounds”. That will signal an end to our labors for the Lord on earth, and will be followed by a “come up hither”, Heaven, (Rev.4:1).

Have you figured out where you are yet? The first 3 Feasts would commemorate our New Birth/Life in the Lord, and fruits of that birth being brought forth in our new life and walk upon salvation. The fourth Feast, or Pentecost (a summer feast) would empower us for the task of working in the labor fields of the world, gathering the precious fruit of souls (humans). We would continue working in the fields until the Fall Feasts/Harvest. We (The Church) are awaiting these final Feasts of the Fall Harvest to be complete, the sun is setting, the days are getting shorter the darkness is coming, figuratively and literally. Jesus said; I must work the works of Him who sent me, while it is “day”; for the hour cometh when no man can work, (night) (John 9:4). I believe time is short and we the Church are close to the end of the harvest time; we see the darkness is approaching fast, what little time we have left should cause one to be very busy for the Lord. Are you awaiting the signal to stop labors (trumpet’s sound), are you tired and weary, the prize is close at hand, don’t quit now. And don’t give up and succumb to the worldly culture, hold fast, there is a crown of life awaiting you. Maybe you are one who has rejected the offer of Jesus, and have got caught up in the mayhem of the world as late, if so, it’s not too late to turn from such wickedness and give your life to the Lord.

The Church and the Holy Spirit are the restrainers of evil in this present age, however when the Church is gone, the real darkness that people so desire will fill the void of God and the Church once being removed from earth . As we all know, much or most of the evil that is done is done in darkness, hence, when the Light of the world (Christ and the Church) are removed, the evil of darkness will prevail unabated. There has been since the day of creation, the sun rising and the sun setting, could this be an object lesson for all humanity? There is a day coming when the spiritual sun will go down for its last time, I don’t know exactly when that will happen, but I do know this; everyone will know it, as the darkness closes in, so does unrestrained evil. I believe the answer to where the world is, is obvious, but where are you in it? God Bless.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.     

Wednesday, August 04 2021

When I was a growing up, we, as a family didn’t attend Church. My folks had never been exposed to the Gospel until late in life. As a result they struggled along as best as they knew how in raising the family with values that they were taught when they were growing up. Of course this was during the forties and fifties when I guess you could say the country (U.S.A.) was still innocent for the most part. It has been noted that during the great world wars, people tend to pray much more, whether for their own daily sustenance or for a loved one in harm’s way in some foreign land. Resultant of all this, It didn’t seem to me things were too bad, we were poor, but so was a lot of other folks. What my point is, even though we didn’t attend Church, we all seemed to have a moral standard we didn’t cross. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do some things I regret. It seems back then you were either real bad, as in a criminal, of which we never heard of any in our town, or just some minor infraction that kids sometimes get into, that was it. Since we lived in small-town USA, what would you expect?

In a little looking back, some no doubt would remember this, in school we were exposed to the Bible, in a Public School no less, not a misprint. In the morning they would read a Psalm and at lunch someone would pray over all our lunches, I mean life was good. Who wouldn’t like that? And guess what, if someone objected to the Bible being read or prayer, we never heard about it. Back then, it was majority ruled, after-all who would object to that which is good? How about this? Our local police didn’t have a gun, just a big stick, which, at the time seemed to be quite adequate. I remember my dad would tell of working on a road re-paving crew telling us this as kids. During times when a funeral procession of cars went by where they were working, they would stop work and remove their hat and respect the deceased and family as the procession passed by. Ball parks were respectful the same way, when it came time for the National Anthem to be played I don’t ever remember anyone not standing up and putting their hand over their heart in respect of Country until I got much older. These same values and lifestyles were the norm for many generations. Yes, we’ve come a long way since then, and I believe in the wrong direction.

So, what’s my point you may ask. I believe there are many folks (above 50%) out there that were raised just like me, or maybe wish they had been or just hold those same ideals dear as well. What ideals is that? Their word is their bond, they tell you they will do something, they do it. They don’t cheat, lie or steal, you can buy something from them and it will be as they say, and if it’s not, they will make it right. And they don’t hate God; actually they love the Lord, like my folks they just hadn’t been exposed to the Gospel yet. Many of these dear folks have family Bibles passed down through the family tree. They work hard for what they have, they pay their fair share, they represent what’s right with America; God bless them. I believe they are what could be called the “moral majority”. This group has been the backbone of our society for a long time, actually a good many of them are getting up there in years now. They are a part of the “golden generation” and beyond; they served our Country in World Wars and stood up for our Country all along. If the real numbers were tabulated more than half of this country has core values that respect the Moral Code of humanity, the Ten Commandments. Most folks want their children raised with a value system that doesn’t shift with every law and whim of the land and moral opinions of some, the so called experts that seems bent on the destruction of the home and family environment/unit.

Final point, I’m pretty sure things will never be as was fifty or sixty years ago in morality and values again, nor do I expect that. As the old saying goes; once the cat is out the sack, it’s hard to get him back in. But here it is, if you hold the freedom to raise your children with a moral code consistent with what the Bible declares as moral; then it’s imperative to take a stand, or continue to stand for these ideals. As I write this article, all is not well in the US of A, our children are being indoctrinated with one lie after another. Can you imagine little children being told to not use the word boy or girl to describe ones gender? It’s beyond ludicrous, how about men dressing up as drag queens and reading nice little stories to your children in the library. There are laws that were written years ago to protect our children that are now being tossed under the rug. Laws are being changed across the land to protect perversion more than the morality. There are many instances where the parent has little to no say so anymore. Here’s one more incredible violation of our rights as parents. In many school districts across the land, little children are told to bring little rugs from home to school, not for taking a nap mind you. They are advocating Islamic prayers in our public schools, teaching our little ones the 5 pillars of Islam. But you try to pray using the Name of Jesus; your children will be tossed from class/school. These are facts I’m sharing herein, are we listening, do care, have we given up?

As we well know, many have died in wars past to bring forth this great Country we call the United States. Don’t let anyone fool you, this Country started out Christian, the Sovereign God of the Universe has had a hand upon us for a long time. However, as we have seen in the past several years, many in our Country have done its best to run God out of everything we hold dear. They threw Him out of our schools, out of Government, Nativity scenes on public property being removed, the Ten Commandments on monuments and plaques also removed across the land. And if that’s not enough, they are trying to remove all the crosses from the grave yards of our fallen soldiers across this great land. Is this where we want to go? When I served our Country a half a century ago in the Army, did I ever envision a time would come that the very values I represented my Country for, would come under such attack? Not on your life. God help us.  With that, I call upon the moral majority of folks that live, work, and stand, sometimes in the shadows, to rise up for what’s right, stand up for God and godliness. There are people running for political offices that not only don’t represent our values, they don’t even want these values to continue, thus promising to change the very fabric our Country. Let’s work together to keep this Country on moral track, cast your vote for people with moral character, and be vocal at every level of Government, that’s the way I see it. God Bless.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.     

Thursday, July 01 2021

This July 4th we get to celebrate our 245th Independence Day. There is just so much to be grateful for, how could anyone not feel like celebrating? I don’t know if it’s true now, but I read where this Country, the USA has produced more millionaires and billionaires than any other Country in the world at one time. Not that that in itself is some great life goal, but at least it shows what can happen in the land of opportunity if willing to work hard and risk much can do. One could write volumes on the positives this Country has to offer, from sea to shining sea, what a beautiful place we can call home. The natural beauty of our land, the vast resources, the mountains and the many lakes and seas on each coast is a dream land or maybe a paradise for those that live here and thrive. Our natural wonders and opportunity speaks for itself.


However the civil issues in our day and time seem to overshadow the many blessings we enjoy and often take for granted. It’s quite a phenomenon that where people are involved, life often runs amuck. We as a Nation haven’t been this divided since the Civil War, or maybe the Viet Nam War and the hippie generation, or maybe the civil rights movement of the sixties. Ok maybe there has always been division in the land, maybe even for a long time, but one thing that must not and I mean never happen is; to let that division destroy our homeland. We can bicker, fault find, (Americans are getting good at that), whine to no end, but never let it destroy the core of our society. This division across the land has caused many to ponder if we are still the United States of America. There are fearful ramifications if we cease to be united to the point of National Security and National interests. One could ponder, could there be some diabolical plot being foisted upon the populace of this great land, unbeknownst to the average citizen to disrupt our Paradise? Perhaps a plot by some foreign entity to take us over without as they say; never firing a shot, I say yes? It has been suggested before that such a plot is indeed plausible.

I have spent many hours watching old black and white DVD’s and reading books about WW II history, in so doing I have learned much about military strategy during those many campaigns. In the Pacific theater as it was called, the Japanese were a fierce fighting force. These people had no problem laying down their lives for their Emperor. The question was posed before the Joint Chiefs of Staff, what is the most efficient way to conquer these foes? They came up with the idea of “island hopping”, the idea was to “divide, conquer and isolate”. It makes good sense to me; if you can’t take on an enemy in force, divide them. Even in the European theater the Germans had a similar strategy concerning our Armed Forces to an extent. They would dress up as American G.I’s and infiltrate camps and cause misinformation to be spread among the troops, which caused division. They also would turn road signs in other directions to split up an armored division that would fall prey to an ambush. These moles caused a lot of confusion and division among the ranks, until they got caught. So, this is an old trick, cause division, it robs a family of its strength and potential, at work, you let a few whiners get started about the wages being too low, and before you know it, no one wants to work for what they agreed upon. The Church is no different, you let some division begin to take hold and see what happens, gossip is a good example, it leaves a trail of misery where ever it breeds. The same is true in Ministry; negative often cancels out much positive work. Take that to a Nation level and you have mayhem, which is where we are now.

If I am wrong, I am wrong, but I believe we have a plot under way in this Country to undermine the very foundation and fabric of our society. Who these perpetrators are and what their agenda is; is something for investigation. There is much talk that Soros, (the Greek money Magnet) is behind this plot to destroy this Nation, financially funding much of this wave of lunacy among the BLM and ANTIFA mayhem, not sure why he would want to do that, but if this is true, can we not put a stop to his plot? Is there an “army” of destroyers involved in this plot, if there is, can we not put the clamps on their efforts of destruction? The answer is yes we can, but the better question is; why don’t we do it? Wonder no more; it’s because it’s way above the heads of the people in power. I have read from a multitude of sources,   this Country, the USA is responsible for the holding back or holding up, of the going forth of the “New World Order”. There are people in the “highest places” of the world power structure that call the shots and we the minions do what they bid/want. I could name names, but think it better to be prudent here; you can research this on your own. As you may recall, President Trump tried his best to get the financial engine running again in this Country by bringing back the factories that had moved their works to other countries. From what we saw he was very successful in doing so, and that is exactly what the top thinkers in the NOW did not want, they want the US to be more of an international player, why, because the US is the largest economy in the world. Is it any wonder that the world plotters would do anything to get rid of Trump? If what I see is a result of the New World Order being implemented across the planet, and with it a One World Currency, (cashless society), a One World Government and a One World Religion, then drastic changes are on the way, like it or not. This is exactly what the Bible forecast is to happen before the One World Government comes to power; and with it a world leader known as the infamous anti-Christ. Make no mistake about it, there are “powers” involved here, (think dark side here) no doubt at the “principality level”. These deceived folks, those that are in supposed authority in our political realm are basically puppets under a much higher authority, and they thought they came up with this, yeah right.

There will be challenging times ahead for many folks, but there is a silver lining in a very dark cloud. It’s the “United We Stand” part, a, solidarity of people that will not compromise their moral values, their faith and their mission. These will be the ones that make their stand for truth, justice and the American way. They will not be moved by fad or foolishness or led astray by some smart talking politician that promises the world but bring misery. Yes, there is a moral fabric in this Country that is as mild mannered as any soul alive, but when pushed too far and with perversion pressing against their very front door, these brave souls will once again revive and stand for God and godliness. I envision a day not far removed from now, that people will once again draw nearer to the Lord, knowing that such things must happen prior to the Lord’s Return. And many that have straddled the fence will finally get serious about the Lord in their life. They too will get/be busy about the Lord’s business and not be moved from their primary mandate of; taking the Gospel to the world, and in so doing, help them (world) to see where this is headed and perhaps they will recognize the ruse being foisted upon an unsuspecting people and turn to Christ before it’s too late. The wrap is; we are admonished to pray for our Nation’s leaders, pray that their eyes will be open and the ears unstopped to see and hear what is going on and what is at stake. I don’t see this NWO being derailed forever, (I am actually surprised it’s taking this long), it has to come to fruition, it’s not time to roll over and play dead, so, let’s be the salt and the light we are called to be; and while laboring in the fields of the world don’t forget; keep looking up, because your redemption draweth nigh.


Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Tuesday, June 01 2021

It never fails to amaze me of how much history has a way of repeating itself. You would think people would be familiar with debacles of the past to never repeat them, but I guess not. Such is the case right now in our beloved Country. If I were the only person to see this phenomenon I wouldn’t be writing about it, a personal issue only; but from what I see, a host of other folks have the same concerns that I do at present. Many would remember the American Revolution from the history books I’m sure. As I read it; one of the main battle cries of which is the title to this article; No Taxation without Representation. It seemed the colonials of the day were up in the air about homeland Britain making decisions in Parliament that concerned U.S. soil and peoples, but our citizens had no say in those decisions, as having no representation in Parliament. The beef was; why take our money, if we don’t have any say so in our Country.  In other words, why should we pay your salary to be left out of the decision making process. Does this sound eerily familiar to our day and time? Obviously there were many issues that brought forth the independence of our great land. As they say, the rest is history, and what a history it has been, rising from a few colonial states of mostly immigrants, to per many, the greatest Country in the world. Be very sure in many Countries of the world, you run your mouth about the establishment I am doing, and you’ll find yourself  in a gulag or worse.

Has it been so long ago that people have forgotten what the road to freedom was paved with? Can such a situation as what brought about the American Revolution ever develop again? I surely hope not, but from the likes of what we have seen recently in the political realm anything seems possible. Part of being a great Country is to have people who are great representatives of its people.  If an elected official becomes less than a servant to his/her office/people, they have the potential to become a tyrant, a self serving despot. So, one must ask the question; can a person, who is duly elected to represent their constituents, choose not represent the voter’s wishes, maybe even have never intended to, be removed from office? It has happened before; maybe it needs to happen more often.

Who would argue; we are a great Country, there is no doubt about that, if that were not true, why do so many people risk life and limb to get here? However, part of being great is being accountable to the people of this great land, not those passing through; but those whose families have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the well being of this land. Far too often the will of the people are being brushed aside, and a seemingly few inner cabal of people are making decisions for the masses against their will. There are so many instances that could be brought up, but I’ll share a few of the more disturbingly obvious. The wall down in our Southern borders is a hot topic. Would someone tell the people why in the world would we as a Nation open the door wide to any and all people to come into our Country and swamp our resources; bring crime, disease and who knows what? We have immigration laws on the books already, if you want to come, fill out the paper work and wait your turn. There is obviously an agenda here that is going on, I think it’s called votes, we’ll leave it at that. In another scene we have our troops being sent to who knows where this time and for what? I see this often on the news channel out of Tokyo, Japan, where the U.S. is sticking it’s nose in other Countries business. China is not happy about the U.S. intrusion in their neck of the woods concerning Hong Kong. It’s the same thing in Russia with the Crimea issue. These Countries are not the size of Cuba, (Russia, China); do we want or need another war? Shouldn’t the people of this Country have some say in this? I have read where these Countries in question hold no vital interest to the U.S., so, what’s the deal? Another issue is this transgender stuff; why in the world would anyone in their right mind promote an agenda like this, and pass laws to make the masses conform to a few people whose mental condition is suspect. Most people are furious of an attempt to steal their children’s innocence, me too.  Allowing boys/men in women bathrooms, co-ed showers in school, say it isn’t so. Most people are offended at this stance of Government intrusion/takeover. Even allowing it in sports events, tell me, someone is kidding right? But no, this agenda is being steamrolled through regardless of this Countries people wishes. But there is more, the pornographic images of perversion being shown and taught to defenseless little school children. This is pure insanity being foisted upon our most prized procession, our children. But, there’s more yet, the euthanizing of the innocents, get this, our taxpayer monies funding a murder mill of the unborn. It’s a known fact; the majority of the people in this Country disapprove of funding the murder mills. And if a baby somehow survives the murderous procedure, laws are passed, to provide zero assistance to rescue them, just let them die. This is America is it not, is this who we are? The wasting of trillions of dollars yearly is another main topic, literally spending us to certain disaster, who is behind this mayhem? They take our taxes alright, but we have no word in what or how it is to be spent.

This is not just a Federal level problem; this hard of hearing syndrome is also being done by those in office on the lower rungs of the political ladder as well. Since I can’t visit everywhere to make this determination, I’ll just speak of the area where I live. We seem to have people in local Government office who seem to care less what the people in their area wish, they do as they please. It’s incredible the size of the local Government has become, there are office buildings everywhere you look, it has turned into by far the biggest employer in the County. More taxes, mine go up 10% every year, and have been doing so for years. Of the many problems already is, drinking water supply, it’s a hot topic, what does the local leaders do; it’s called suburban sprawl, issue more building permits, build, build and more build. We the people have no say in what these people are doing to our beloved area. They went from two lane highways to 7 lanes, to accommodate the masses. We need some common sense, a moratorium on building, a rebuilding of infrastructure. Is what I am referring to taking place in your area?

The problems are many to be sure, but the real issue is that most leaders in office seem to care less about those that have placed them in office, at just about every level. And that is what we can call; No Taxation without Representation. We need to get back to a place where “we the people” have a say so in government at every level. Frustrations run high when people no longer feel they have a voice in Government, local or otherwise.

Most U.S. citizens love this Country, I know I do, but when I see us going in, what I believe to be is; off course, isn’t it part of my responsibility as a citizen to voice my concerns? Does it have to come to some type of conflict to arise before people take note? We all saw this on TV news; protestors marching and mayhem following, demanding something be done to reign in the local police brutality. There were meetings set up to hear the concerns of the populace, that’s good. Did it have to cost taxpayers and business owners millions of dollars in damage to get the Government to listen? In a free society, people can voice their concerns, I have voiced mine; is anyone listening? I saw a couple of days ago where a WND Columnist, voice his opinion on Face Book, immediately they shut him down; crime? He spoke the truth, the powers to be don’t want the truth spoken, and tyranny is at the door.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Sunday, May 02 2021

            You no doubt have heard the statement that history has a way of repeating itself. Some time back a Documentary was aired on TV that highlighted the time of the Great Depression in the U.S. As we all know, it was a devastating time for the people of this great land to endure. My parents went through this era; yes the stories told could fill a book. However, the Documentary on TV not only highlighted the loss of jobs and resulting wages and livelihoods but another just as bad event would come as well; the Great Dust Bowl of the thirties, where the land was dry as pulp due to a lack of rain, a most severe draught. It was bad enough to lose your job; at least you could live off the land, but what if you could not grow the needed crops to feed your family? Yes, the pictures that showed lives in despair gave a very revealing view of the misery those poor folks had to endure. But there was a certain look upon the faces of those souls that still stands out to me this day; it was a look of hopelessness, a feeling of nowhere to turn, no help provided, at least not until way down the road through various Government help projects were activated. I mentioned all this to say that I believe much of the turmoil and malady we see in our day and time could be attributed to a lack of hope in our society and especially the younger people. It may not be a Dust Bowl this time or as yet a total monetary collapse, but events, foundations and truths that are being dissolved is eroding the foundation of hope for many in our day and time.

            So, what is hope anyway; the dictionary doesn’t do much justice to the word; but hope is essentially; not just an expectation and/or desire, but a trust and confidence. The Bible says; for we are saved by hope; but hope that is seen is not hope; for what a man sees, what doth he yet hope for? (Romans 8:24) In other words, hope is not needed where the object of that hope is plainly seen already. These are good words. Hope is a necessary element for survival, hope is a sustaining power/force that says you can make it, a never give up attitude, the ability to believe for the seeming impossible. It gives us the strength to hold on to the rope a little longer, help is on the way. In the days of WW II, many prisoners were in death camps throughout Europe. They knew the chances of leaving such a place alive were slim to none, but hope in their deliverance was a sustaining force. I had read where toward the end of the war the prisoners could hear the American bombs raining down on areas close to camp, they knew their deliverance wasn’t far off, if they didn’t die starvation first, just hold on. In a Biography written by Elli Wiesel, a Death Camp attendee, he provided many accounts where Jewish fellow prisoners would have given up, but didn’t, he was one of the survivors. Where there is no hope, a fatalistic mindset creeps in; saying what’s the use, you might as well be dead.

            So, where are we as a people on hope right now?  From my point of observation; we are in a pitiful place. I see several issues where hope has declined drastically over the last few years especially. The 1st I see is the foundation of our society. Though much could be said, I will limit it to a few of the more important issues at hand. The moral structure of the family is huge, the father (yes, a man) and mother, (a real woman), the original and only recognized family unit by the Lord. In our day and time, not only is the man and woman union is cast aside, but trying to figure out what a man or woman is seems too hard for folks nowadays. So much for mom and dad hoping to hold the grandkids, neither, two guys or two women can produce anything much but misery. Even in school the poor kids are told to address fellow students by what gender they feel they are on that day, good grief, say this isn’t so. Here’s another one that disturbs just about anyone, in women’s sports, guys can (that think they are a girl) can participate/compete in any sports events with the girls, and as you might expect kick their but. After the meet, they get a nice trophy, good work guys, yeh, you are stronger than women. There’s more, they also get to use the same showers the girls do, and bathrooms as well; do I smell a rat here, that may have been the plot all along. So, where does all this lead, the youth primarily are frustrated, they see a world that has gone mad, and don’t see any way of changing it. One more hope killer being foisted upon the young folks, teach them how miserable their Country is; that America never was great. And that our founding fathers were as worthless as the Constitution and Bill of Rights they brought forth that govern our Country. Where is the no hope illustration here you may ask, in not being able to right the ship, this moral decadence is taking us down, where will it end? Do I need to tell you?

            The 2nd issue that is driving down hope (not listed in order of importance) is the future, or lack thereof. Many within the millennial group of people don’t see anything but wars and rumors of wars; it is taking a toll on them, all of us. Who doesn’t know that many Countries of the world have the nuclear bomb? They feel like they are living in the cross hairs of the next World War, (3 this time). If that isn’t enough, the constant harping on the planet dying, food depravation, a world population out of control, it’s enough to wipe out any thoughts for a bright future. I’m sure these poor youth are also being fed in schools daily across the land about the melting ice of the Polar Ice Caps, the oceans are rising, nowhere to live in the future, even the oceans are dying, this not only saps our hope, but one’s faith if they have any. I think the college kids have finally figured out why they get Government loans to go to school/college, there isn’t enough jobs for all those graduating, so it postpones the problem of/for employment. They have heard the grandparents talk about the “golden years” in this Country, man it sounds good, too bad, we’ll never see it lament many, the National Debt is fast approaching 30 Trillion dollars, an amount the kids and grandkids will never be able to repay, they know that. That means a financial meltdown is coming, the Great Depression will pale in comparison. The list is long concerning lamentations that are being voiced across the land.

The 3rd issue that stands tall among the many valid complaints is the way truth has been denigrated to almost a point of non-existence. Does anyone know or even care that there are truths and absolutes that govern not only a people/society, but the Universe itself. Truth is NOT situational; it is an absolute, a standard, equivalent to weights and balances, the weight in the scale must be the exact weight it says it is, or it corrupt. We live in a day and time when sworn testimony may be anything but, lies have permeated our society to the point, no one knows what is true, so all words are being cast aside, as nothing can corroborated as true. This can have fatal consequences, as there are many truths we need to adhere to, (The Bible) now and for our future. A good example is the evening news, social media and the like; much of what is shared is slighted to downright lying. It has the potential to cause class (culture) turmoil, maybe wars, leading to injury or loss of life, as we see happening right now. Here is a great truth; Jesus says He is the Way and Truth and the Life, (John 14:6a) a truth you can believe.

The 4th issue facing us that comes to mind is what I believe to be the most important issue of all, the God issue. Ok, let me see if I got this right up until this point, the foundations of our great society are messed up, OK, that’s bad enough. The future looks bleak, world upheaval, it’s bad all right, and truth is done, lying is the new norm; but I can weather it, you know why; because I have hope in a better future, that’s right, not on earth, a place where no one has been to mess it up; beam me up Lord; this place (earth) is falling apart under my feet. So, what’s the last issue? Here’s part of it; we are taught the earth is 8 billion plus years old, and that we evolved over time, it’s called “evolution”, and that’s your/our god, per the scientific community. A steady diet of this garbage goes a long way; the damage caused with this lie from hell is almost incalculable. To live a life that is devoid of God (biggest G), is a life that is on life support at best, walking dead, one’s hope is dashed, his future has no meaning, no value or values, we are all no different than a rat, a dog, for a period of time, then nothing beyond. And that my friend creates a society of zombies, no hope, no future, nothing.

What’s wrong with all this is that people are using what hope they have alright; but they are placing it in the wrong place, it’s called misplaced hope. The problem is, one should never place their/your hope, your faith, your much of anything in “man”. He is prone to fail; he can only see temporal things for the most part, and not too good at that. The evidence for the existence of God, far outweigh the evidence against Him. Just as surely as Jesus came the first time, He said He would come again. He came to be the Saviour in His 1st Coming, in His 2nd Coming, He will be our Judge. The time is far spent; the day is at hand, time to turn from hopelessness to Hope in Christ, you’ll be glad you did.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Wednesday, March 31 2021

The Statement  

Do you realize it has been almost twenty years ago since Sept. 11, 2001? You would be right to think time is flying by, maybe even at warp speed. However fast time is going, this event has been indelibly etched in my mind, the events of that day, and perhaps most folks reading this article as well. Many great documentaries have been made highlighting the various peoples involved, the places that were struck by the planes and a host of other sub-titles too numerous to mention. I don’t intend to bring all these details up again in this article, but there is something that stands out that I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning during the course of events at that time, nor since. Actually; the way I see it, it may be as big event as the event itself, spiritually speaking.

In most battles isn’t it a military against a military that decides the outcome of the battle/war? Although many civilians are killed and wounded on both sides during any war, they are not the primary target according to what I have read about the protocols and ravages of war. As we know all too well; 911 brought a new type of enemy to the table, his method of operation would not be a war machine of sorts like a tank or some other battle armament necessarily. His methodology was terror; hence the word terrorist would become synonymous with these non-combatants. And from what we know all too well, it is a most effective weapon against any foe. A spirit of fear and dread immobilizes even the strongest of men; I’ve read you can be defeated before a shot is fired. How many know a huge jet-liner loaded with jet fuel makes a very formidable flying bomb? And who or what was the target; civilians, for all practical purposes and reasoning; innocent people. People just going to work as they do every day, basically minding their own business; have now become the new targets of aggression. So, the word is, terrorist; is that a new word just invented by these criminals or is there precedent for this type of behavior long before 911? You may be surprised to know that there was a group that lived seve

There was a group that would fit such a diabolical role as a terrorist that lived almost 3 thousand years ago, actually during the 8th Century BC. These people had a Capital City; you may have heard of it; Nineveh, not far from modern day Mosul, Iraq. These people were the Assyrians, a polytheistic bunch, as they worshipped just about everything. From the history of these people, you would think they were giants, but they were not, just fierce murderers. From research on these folks, the word terrorists may fit their methodology well. They instilled fear into the hearts of anyone that stood in their way. No one even wanted to battle these foes, it was bad enough to be killed by these people, but don’t let them capture you alive. They were known to skin people alive, cut off body parts, put out your eyes, impale captives on stakes outside a captured cities walls to instill fear on the folks in the city. Do I have to say that their tactics were most effective? By knowing a few of these facts concerning the Assyrians, you can see why Jonah didn’t want anything to do with them. As a matter of fact, they warred against Israel from time to time. It is also revealed in the written account of Jonah; that even the Lord would say; their wickedness has come up before me, (Jonah 1:2). The reason for Jonah going to Nineveh was to tell them; in forty days, God will overthrow you, “judgment”, (Jonah 3:4). I must say; what person is there among us that don’t think terrorists need to be eliminated or at least removed as a threat to society?


As Jonah finally heeds God’s instructions, he goes to that wicked City and “perhaps” gladly proclaims; your days are numbered, God will overthrow you in forty days. I find the number 40 interesting; Jesus was in the wilderness 40 days tempted of the devil, the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years, plus several more accounts. The number 40 has always alluded to a time a testing or trial. Perhaps this was Nineveh’s trial, to see what they would do with the message of Jonah. And what did they do? They heeded the words of the forthcoming judgment and repented. I’m talking about a real repentance, from the King down to the lowest animal in the stall, none were to eat or drink until the King gave the order. The King declared man and beast put on sackcloth and ashes as a sign of repentance. Obviously their repentance meant they were not to be terrorists anymore. We all know what happened, the Lord took note of their repentant heart and withdrew His judgment. In other words, they were spared. Did they not deserve judgment, stern judgment, yes, but God saw their repentant heart. Did I mention these people were considered the worst of the worst, murderers, and butchers?

            Let it be written down for all the world to see in the annuls of time, though these Assyrians deserved judgment by most any human standard, God shows mercy on them. Did God use these people to make a “Statement” to the world, then and forever? And what is that Statement? That Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners, not “just” the nice people of the earth, but the up and outers, the down and outers, and yes the wicked as well. The Bible says; that God is not slack as men count slackness, but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that “all” should come to repentance, (II Peter 3:9). This should be the statement heard around the world; though we deserve judgment, God accepts the repentant heart. I can’t say I have read about this great news in the leading media outlets of the world. I would think, this should deflate the idea that God is a mean God, that He could care less for humanity. Far too many people feel that God can’t wait to cast people into hell, nothing could be further from the truth, as our Nineveh example reveals. If God would spare the worst of the worst; anyone can be spared, even me, and so can you. As we/many celebrate Easter this year, we would do well to reflect on the “Passion of the Christ”, His life, His shed blood, His death, in my place, His forgiveness, His mercy. Be sure to accept His pardon, Nineveh proves God is as good as His Word. And that is a statement that should be heard around the world.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Sunday, February 28 2021

We live in a day and time when many people think themselves very smart, well educated. And why not you might ask; after all, this generation has had the computer in operation for over thirty years now, anything and everything they ever wanted to know is but a few clicks away. Forget the old Encyclopedias of days gone by; you couldn’t give folks a set of those dinosaurs in our day and time. However good the computer has been for our learning, take note; it was created by a smart person/s, and “programmed” with the knowledge you receive as true. In the end, it and you will only be a smart as the ones who programmed it, and maybe programming you. We are smart enough to realize something as complex as a computer had a designer, someone came up with the idea to make such a mechanical marvel; of course that would go for the automobile, skyscrapers and bridges and everything in between. Lets’ be honest, these things didn’t create themselves, I know; we know that.

With the advent of the space telescopes and satellites, that roam the cosmos, you would think since mankind has a better look at science than any of its predecessors, and we do for the most part; I think. However, some bazaar statements have been made by the scientific community over the last several years that in my estimation have not served mankind well. One such comment from the science community some years ago; We have searched the cosmos, there is no God! If you were to view the pictures captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, you would quite fascinated at what they saw. Most people have heard of Darwin no doubt. He wrote a Book; Origin of the Species, it had to be a top sell back then, why? It had an answer to the God question, there is No God; Darwin proved it. The damage that book done is still being calculated. Now the very smart scientists of the world further add their two cents to prove there is no God, per them; we are a product of billions of years (8.5 billion per them) of genetic refinement.

Here is a word you can believe; The Heavens declare the Glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork, (Psalm 19:1). The word Glory refers to the exhibition of His Divine attributes and perfections. Anyone with any intelligence at all can see plainly there is vast design in the expanses of the Universe, not just here on earth, made by/with Intelligent Design. And where there is intelligent design, there is an Intelligent Designer, namely God. I saw a program on TV recently, where a famous Architect designed his own home. It was a lavish place, the home itself a mansion, the landscape, all beautiful, a homemade waterfall in the front yard, flowers and tree lined sidewalks, a work of art. All those that viewed the picture of the home could easily see a serious designer had done a masterful job by the detail of his work. However good the Architecture was, it didn’t really reveal anything much about the person himself. One could guess that he was meticulous, maybe a perfectionist, loved beauty, but nothing about him personally could be ascertained beyond that. However; it was noted that he had written an autobiography of himself, it could be obtained very reasonably. Within his autobiography you could find out all you ever wanted to know about him, his family and his various points of interest, it would be a good read. Concerning the Divine Designer already mentioned; The Lord; His handiwork can be read about as well, how is that? He too has written an Autobiography, it’s called the Bible; you can read all about Him.

So, what’s the deal, we can read about someone who builds a mansion and writes a book about himself, sell it for money and everyone who reads it says; what an incredible Architect, a veritable master builder. But when we look at the myriad of creatures, flowers, trees, bugs, and yes, humans, why is it that this great work doesn’t seem to give testimony to a Master Builder, a Creator, a Divine Creator to be exact?

Think about this, the human being has the potential to reason, right? You tell me, who hasn’t tried to imagine what God looks like; is He a gaseous cloud like I have heard some say, is He very old looking, have a body shaped like nothing we have ever seen? We can speculate forever on this subject, but herein lies what I believe is the real issue at hand. Many seem to try to make God in their/our image rather than acknowledge that we were made in His image. Identifying God is nothing new, consider these words; Depart hence and go into Judaea that Thy Disciples also may see the works that Thou doest. For there is no man that doeth anything in secret and He Himself seeketh to be known openly. If Thou do these things, show Thyself to the world, (John 7:3,4). That’s it right there; we want God to reveal Himself like we want Him to reveal Himself. You can be sure the world; ye, the scientific community; and just about everyone on the planet wants the Lord; God; to show up in Regal Form. In some type of craft not of this world, with an entourage of huge Angels, lightening radiating off Him, eyes that glow red like fire, you’re right; that’s what we are looking for. Did someone say God was going to build a Temple on the earth to personally dwell there, oh, that’s scheduled for a later date. The problem for many is; God just doesn’t cooperate, He wants to stay veiled; for an appointed time anyway, His timing; not ours. His silence is unacceptable to the masses; we have blasphemed His Name, removed His Ten Commandments, killed His people, and still no words from Him. Why doesn’t He blow a fuse, shake the planet like an over sized toy or something; that’s not God’s way of dealing with matters. There an appointed time for Judgment, it’s called the Great White Throne Judgment; that is when all things and people will be judged. However; he will at a point not too distant future remove the veil; Behold He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him, and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him, even so; Amen, (Revelation 1:7).

This takes me to where I really wanted to go in the beginning of this article. The people of this world, and now far too many in this Country, the U.S. have hearkened to the voice of another god, the world and scientific community more than the voice of God. They have believed a lie, the Bible said long ago they would, it’s happening right now before our eyes. There seems to be mass mayhem, the defying of authority, rampant sin and crime in a Country that once knew God and has now forsaken Him. Conversely; have you noticed what is going on in many of the impoverished Countries of the world concerning the Gospel message? These dear souls have not been polluted and bombarded with the lies that are being promoted concerning God from just about every venue; Schools to Universities, TV, just about everywhere. No, they are coming to Christ by the droves, receiving salvation, healing, and deliverance. These precious people come from miles away, walking, wearing their Sunday best, just to hear the Good News of the Gospel. With great signs of contrition and humbleness of heart, God is doing a great work in their midst, while many in the same world deem His non-existence, go figure. It seems almost vogue in our day and time to bash what God holds dear, bash the conservative voice, the righteous walk, a holy walk before God. I submit this world doesn’t really want to see or meet God right now. The first time Jesus came as a Saviour, the next time He comes, He will bring Judgment.

This is the time to consider where you are with the Lord, time is short, what should you do; rely upon the world system and science community of our day, or believe what the Lord says in His Word? If it were me; I would say; trust your heart, that’s where the Lord is speaking.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Sunday, January 31 2021

            I have had about enough political jargon to last me a lifetime, so; something different this time around. I consider myself a   part of the moral fabric of this great Country, with that thought I want to share some thoughts of what I believe to be, is a missing element in many people’s lives in this great land we call America. Obviously if one were to live in some of the more depressed or impoverished countries of the world their quality of life could be diminished greatly, but this should only serve as a reminder to us, that one should never take freedom and liberty for granted. It is true, we all don’t think alike, act the same or even live the same, but you would think we would all embrace life as a the great gift it is, to be lived out in appreciation of/for that gift. In this brief space I would like to share some thoughts and/or observations from personal and perhaps Biblical viewpoint of this miracle that is called life. 

I am a lover of life, I live life to the max each day, I enjoy each day, I see life as a great gift from the Creator. I don’t know how long I will get to live this life on earth, the Lord has said 70 to 80 years, but no matter; I will enjoy just about every moment of it. When I say live life to the max, that doesn’t mean I will jump off a mountain wearing a flying squirrel suit and dodge obstacles before touching down on terra firma for thrills. Nor does it mean swimming with great white sharks or hiding in a shark cage under the boat just for fun. No, it doesn’t have to be quite that dramatic to have a fulfilling life. My family; the children and grandchildren make up such a huge part of this wonderful life. The love they exude, giving me big hugs and/or a picture they drew just for me, it just touches your heart, yes; life is worth living. I think many folks get caught up thinking if they were to go on that “big” vacation, life would be good, (can’t say it wouldn’t be nice) or if I could afford some; huge new home, big boat, new 4x4 truck, some worldly “stuff”, life would somehow automatically be worth living, be more fulfilling, you get the point. Since I live in a rural part of our County, there is much wildlife to see and appreciate, I see deer, hogs, turkey, chicken hawks, rabbits; you name it. One of the things I find that enhances my quality of life is sitting under the oak trees on the edge of my field with coffee in hand and watching squirrels scurrying all about me looking for acorns, and the many birds that come to the feeder. It brings a sense of peace and serenity to one’s life. It doesn’t take huge things, constant entertainment, always have to do “something” to be quite happy I’ve found.

            I wish I could say that I have always been a lover of life, (my life) as life hasn’t always been enjoyable. There were reasons, yes, always reasons. When I was younger, I went through a period of time right after I got home from the Army, when life was terrible, or so I thought. I actually had got to a place where, if you can believe this, I hated life. I said, if this is all there is to life, you can keep it. How many know that type of thinking leads to other types of thoughts, most of them not very good. This is a path to be careful of, there should have been signs posted along this path; stay away; do not enter; surely someone has been down that path before. But no, if anyway had ever been down that road, they never warned me, so down that worthless stretch I went. You could have guessed it, misery has many friends, one of them was the alcohol parasite, its drugs for many others as well, which all of these are known to be quite a depressant all by its self, I was depressed enough already, I didn’t need more of that. You may already know that depression is a great tool of the dark side; many have fallen prey to that destructive weapon of his. Perhaps someone reading this would say; don’t forget about thoughts of; nobody likes me, I don’t like me, the world hates me, God hates me, yes it’s a deep hole and getting deeper all the time. At this; isolation begins to enter in, suicidal thoughts, just end it all, I can’t take it anymore. Once again, the dark side is there to help you with that thought. How I wished I could find a better path to take.

            I have noticed that many folks didn’t traverse the same path as I and a host of others had done, were haters of life as well. What was their problem, they hated the work load of life, the responsibility of life, the poverty in many cases, the mindlessness of going to work every day, coming home to the mundane life, the kids, what? The kids, the family, thinking it’s all just a stinking rut, why couldn’t I be rich, no work, and no worry; dream on. There is something wrong here, we love things that destroy and hate things that should be a joy, its a whacky world all right. Is there any hope for these folks, or is it more therapists, more drugs, more misery?

            Then something happened along the road that got my attention. I ran into a guy, actually two fellows. We had a chess tournament at work, many of us played a pretty mean game of chess, I actually won the tourney pot of money once. As we played chess and chatted along the way, I found these guys to be some of the most incredible lovers of life you’d ever find. One of the guys was a big dude, around 6’ 6”, well over three hundred pounds; he looked like a big mountain man, longer hair and beard, an imposing figure to say the least. At some point in our chess playing the conversation turned to the Lord. I had no qualms about hearing words about Jesus, not I knew Him back then; say on. The big guy shared how he was heavy into drugs much of his early life, bombed out of his mind, wasted, high on just about anything you could get your hands on. Then one day he was having a serious crash, (not sure how all that works), he may have got of glimpse of hell. I have had some of these guys tell of out of body experiences, seeing things in the spirit realm; that scared the “hell” out of them. They couldn’t wait to get right with the Lord after what they saw. These two brothers shared the Lord with me, answered all sorts of questions I had, and gave me a Bible to read, which I did. That was over forty years ago. Yes, I wanted what these guys had, a love for life, a peace that I had never had and not only a better road, but, the best road you’ll ever walk.

            As a Pastor, I have been blessed with the opportunity to point people in the right direction; you could say I have some insights on that. Yes, I have found so long ago that life is a gift from God. As a matter of fact, Jesus said exactly that; I (Jesus) have come to give you “Life” and that more abundantly (John 10:10b). I have seen so many people that look alive, they breathe, they talk, they walk and work, but they are dead inside. No real reason for the life they live, just another day, life -----; (you fill in) or lifelessness, if that’s you. It wasn’t until I found out that our life is gift of God and has value, purpose, a plan that I wanted all that life has to offer. I asked the Lord this question as a young Christian long ago; Lord, why was I born, what is my purpose for being? Guess what, He answered it; you were born to “Glorify Me”, that meaning God. Yes, I love it, (Math. 5:16). When people want life more than they do death, Jesus stands at the door ready for us to open it unto Him. If you are reading this and have said; man this guy is talking about me. Please understand this, I am not pushing religion, that stuff will get one a ticket in hell, I am talking about the One that came to earth, performed His mission to “rescue” mankind from the ravages of sin and death and the clutches of the devil, died on Calvary, rose from the dead and went back to Heaven, mission accomplished. When you find out that there really is a life to have, to hold, to cherish, to appreciate, that it is a gift of the highest order, it will change your life. It will not only change the way you live and perceive life, but you will have a deeper appreciation for the sanctity of life, people, things, creatures, and guess what; you’ll never want to go back to a meaningless life of death, bondage, insecurity, make no mistake about it; its supernatural. One more truth; Jesus said; I am the Way, The Truth and The Life, no man comes to the Father, but by ME, (John 14:6) and with that truth, life is within your grasp.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

The 3 R's
Sunday, January 03 2021

            Happy New Year from LTWM, we are optimistic this year has to be better than the last one; however, factors remain to be seen as yet. A new year brings time to reflect upon the past, and to assess where we are heading in the up-coming year/s ahead. In navigation, a few degrees off course could take one many miles in a direction not intended. It is par for any course to make adjustments along the way; I hope the people of the good old U.S.A do just that. Assuming there is a course to take for a good and expected end, part of the discernment process has to be analyzing what it is that has altered our; as a Nation’s course. Many folks are no doubt wondering, how in the world did we end up “here”? It is with that thought I would like to present some thoughts that I believe have went a long ways to bring us as a Nation to this point in time. There is little doubt the spiritual side of this equation has much to with the over-all direction of any people, but there is another side to this issue I would like to present in this brief column that I think has played a major role in altering our over-all direction.


I admit I am old school, born in the forties and attended school in the 50’s and 60’s, many have called these the golden years of our Nation. This group of people has been referred to as the original baby boomers. We “war babies” (people born of returning WW II veterans) flooded the school system back in our day, and are now flooding the Social Security System nowadays. Yes; that means, we are the senior citizens of our day now. But the point I want to make is this, even though we maxed out or stretched the school system; we got a good education (the norm back then). There were basics to learn, not waste of time garbage one would never use or need. We not only learned what was needed to make a decent living after we graduated, but we learned how to think, process information. Many folks reading this would say, you have to be kidding, I didn’t get that in school. We had shop classes that taught us a trade; you didn’t have to pursue that trade if you decided later something else was more you’re calling. There was a slogan that I was given to place in my school/class notebook that I never forgot to this day; “He that hath a trade, hath an estate”. In other words, a trade you could always fall back on, something you learned; make a living doing etc. So what are the basics you may ask, what is the base line of information that opens doors to not only life’s opportunities in the work force, but opens doors to a world of information, no it’s not the cell phone, or the internet, though powerful tools for sure. It is the title of this article; the 3 R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic.

            The 1st one of the basics is the reading part, an amazing ability to absorb information. This great gift and or ability opens vast doors of knowledge to everyone, as you no longer have to take someone else’s word for truth or instruction, you can read it for yourself. I need not belabor the benefits of being able to read, as anyone reading this already has the knowledge of that. However, the point that I would like to make is that though the U.S. boasts of an 86% literacy rate, what has it done for our society? If you can read, what are you reading? I dare say that if people were more informed of world history and current events, they would surely not vote for a repressive rule of government. How can a Country of such a high literacy rate be so ignorant of things that are so vitally important? I submit, reading is not the ability to call out words, but the ability to discern what one is reading. People squander the gift of reading when they have no desire to read and discern from quality sources and materials that which not only benefits them personally but a society as well. A good example is the Bible; I dare say most kids nowadays know more about their cell phone and all the worthless apps than they know about their eternal existence. This will be our Nation’s undoing if people don’t wake up to what is important from the peddlers of untruth and garbage.

            Number 2 on the list of the 3 R’s is; writing, it goes hand in hand with reading. With the advent of the computer and the keyboard, it has transformed our society into a texting mode, an email mode but not an old fashioned snail mail mode. Even all occasion cards are taking a beating in sales. With the number of electronic cards that can be sent via email and the like, why pay 5 dollars for a card and a 50+ cent postage to send someone a greeting when all they will do is toss it in the trash anyway (except me) as I save every card. The ability to write opens many doors, and closes them just as fast if you can’t write. And once again, it is not ability to write words, but articulate information, write from the heart, not just read a quality book, but maybe write one as well. I for one am glad they invented the keyboard and computer; this has become an invaluable tool in communication for me, as I write a lot of materials on a regular basis. Take time to communicate, yes, it takes time to share, to care, to provoke to good words and works; it’s a good part of life.

            The 3rd on the list is arithmetic, the ability to crunch numbers. In school it was my favorite class. I guess I was just a natural when it comes to working with numbers, I still to this day remember many of the formulas for calculating measurements of objects and the like. It makes sense I guess, as I attended a Trade School, and the trade I chose was Machine Shop, per those in the know; a thinking man’s trade. Did I mention, it takes a lot of math to be able to work in this trade? Mathematics is like certain foods; it a staple of life. From being able to decipher your paycheck or checkbook to doing your taxes or a host of just about everything in life, math is part of the equation. Is it a required subject in school anymore? From what I have observed from the younger generation, and far too many middle aged peoples; I guess not. Why do I say that? It seems from my observation point, many have forgotten how to do basic math in calculating their check book, savings account etc. They seem to believe you can continue to write checks even if there is no money in your account. We live in an over spend society; never save for anything if you can charge it now. This has caused many to have spent their pay check long before they even see their paycheck. Thus enter the credit card, the maxing out of the card; then apply for another card to do the same. Then pay minimal payments, which causes thermal runaway of indebtedness, the unfortunate result in never being able to pay off the card. One would think this malady is just a personal level issue, but it isn’t. This endless money thinking has permeated our society to the extent that, far too many think our Government has money to burn, trillions of dollars just lying around awaiting distribution to the masses. Unfortunately our Government Leaders seem to think the same thing. Do people not realize that not only do people file for bankruptcy on a regular basis, but governments of the world have done the same? Can we figure it out that goods and services cost money and someone has to pay the bill? I remember these words of wisdom from my school years; math is the only subject where you can’t lie. So, do the numbers add up, unfortunately they do, and the numbers provide some disturbing facts. There is a payday coming, and we are not going to like our wages I’m afraid. It’s far past time to do the math, live within our/your means, quit thinking the government is God. I read this last year, that the U.S. Government sends out apprx. 50 million checks per month to it’s citizens, I’m not sure if that includes EBT cards as well. No Country can continue this course of irresponsibility without derailment. Please take note; what will you do when there is no more money for the Government to squander or give away? That means your EBT welfare card comes up with a 0 balance from now on, and it means that Government Social Checks are not sent out or deposited in your account. We are talking mass mayhem, no money to buy food, this will get ugly real fast. The list of ills is long, are we listening?

            So, there you have it, the 3 R’s, the basics, the doors to an enlightened life, people/s lives. What we do with it is up to us, empowered or the continued dumb-ing down of our/a society. It’s one thing to not be able to read and be illiterate, it’s quite another thing to be able to read and choose to be illiterate. I can help the one, but the latter is much more difficult to help. God help us!

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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Special Guest Commentary





You might be wondering what prompted the writing of this bodacious quotation book? What better time than now to be reminded of how both essential and fragile our country is. America is experiencing one of its darkest periods in recent history.  For over three years, we have witnessed some truly vicious and ugly political unrest.

          A ceaseless cacophony of accusations, innuendo, and intrigue have kept those in Washington and the media ever busy. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, to watch the daily news and social media, one would never know that the stock market had hit all-time highs numerous times in the last 54 months, or we’d had the lowest unemployment numbers in decades, and the lowest unemployment rate among blacks ever!  President Trump also renegotiated trade deals that  were fairer to America.

          Then, in January 2020, our nation was rocked when the Coronavirus landed on our shores and ended our way of life as we know it. Soon there were daily press briefings from the White House and various doctors. Each day virus information was plentiful, contradictory, and confusing. People were dying. We heard that hospitals were going to be overrun with COVID cases.

          The army set up hospital tents in various cities to handle the tens of thousands that were expected to land there. It didn’t happen. Hospitals were going to be inundated and unable to care for all of the sick. The army hospitals were never used – not one patient was seen in many of these. They were eventually dismantled. What happened? All non-essential surgeries and doctors’ visits were canceled. Hospitals were virtually emptied. And now? Many health care workers have been terminated or furloughed because the hospital's operating capital has vanished.    

           Now, thousands have died! Our elderly, who were not adequately protected in nursing homes, have had the most significant number of deaths. The actual numbers of COVID deaths cannot be relied upon because of highly questionable methodologies for assigning the cause of death. The rationale for this might be related to government funding to hospitals for each COVID case.     Time will tell as we compare data from previous years for various causes of deaths to see if the other numbers are in line with past years, OR if there's been a sharp decline in other categories, and they have been pushed into the COVID category.  And, suddenly, in the last several weeks, cases have begun to spike again. There is substantial debate on if it’s because many more people are getting tested. There is so much information out there – unreliable at best, that there’s no sense in discussing it at this point.

          Governors in many states issued draconian lock-down orders threatening people with arrests and the closure of businesses, or cancellation of necessary licenses if they didn’t abide by these rules. Masks and gloves were donned, not in hospitals, but stores and any public places. We even saw a parent handcuffed and arrested in front of his little girl because he dared to play ball with her in an empty field. A salon owner was arrested and jailed for opening her salon to pay her bills and put food on her table. Many other Gestapo tactics, such as these, were used to keep people in line. YES, I am talking about America!

            Americans have turned against one another. Some believe everything that the CDC, World Health Organization, and government say. Others believe there is a conspiracy to subjugate the people as a test to see how much they'll tolerate and for how long. It's been, in my opinion, a phenomenal success. People hate each other more than ever. Make no mistake; the various powers have observed very carefully to see how we've all responded. Unfortunately, it's been too much for many, and suicides have skyrocketed. Prescriptions for mood-altering drugs to cope with the crisis have also gone up dramatically (as if we didn't already have an opioid epidemic.)

          Younger Americans seem to be suffering more than most from deep depression, isolation, and loneliness.  I find this completely paradoxical since they are the generation that is so disconnected from one-on-one relationships, and so completely connected to their phones and other electronic devices. You can’t sit in the same room, or at the same table with them, without sharing their time with their hand-held devices! And yet, they are  the ones suffering from their own self-created lack of meaningful relationships with others.  

           The mainstream media, who now chooses to cherry-pick what they report, excluding vital details, has become an op-ed machine rather than a fair and unbiased media. What was once the actual news is now a daily dose of propaganda. And fear mongering. I once believed everything I heard on the evening news! I now question absolutely everything I hear on the evening news! I have no faith in the honesty, integrity, or intentions of what is being "reported." Who exactly can we turn to for the facts and not opinions? I don't know.

           Just when we were beginning to see the light, and the states were opening things back up, one rogue cop, caught in the horrendous act of murdering a black man by kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes, captured the country’s attention.  The anger and outrage at this injustice rocked every corner of our nation. But, within the black community, it ignited a firestorm of rage and anger. That moment symbolized, for many, both black and white, the brutality of a small percentage of police that has unfairly tarnished ALL police officers. To believe this of an entire segment of people is blatantly untrue and unfair.

           That was the tinderbox that erupted into the scenarios we are now witnessing, hour by hour, day after day, that could be right out of the movie “Escape from New York.”  Cities are burning. Businesses looted. People are being shot, and armed citizens are patrolling their neighborhoods to keep looters out and their areas safe with their weapons.

          A six-block area has been taken over by anarchists. Checkpoints have been established for entering and exiting, and there are check-points to allow people in or out. They are extorting business owners, and the Mayor of Seattle seems to think it’s a “summer block party.”  I guess she is not aware that a new country has been set up in a six-block area now known as CHAZ/CHOP – Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. You can’t make this stuff up!

          All across our country,  statues and monuments are being defaced and torn down – while those in charge sit on their hands and let the anarchists destroy America, insisting there is nothing they can do. Every day the frenzy continues as the calls for changing names of military bases, schools, colleges, sports teams, etc., escalates. It is complete insanity.

           Right on cue, the media and politicians have seized upon the opportunity to stoke the coals of division and hatred. I cry for our nation and what we have allowed ourselves to become.  I don't know the people seen on T.V. I don't come in contact with the level of black, or white,  Americans seen on there – they don't represent those with whom I daily interact.  People with thinking brains understand that these broad generalizations are not only untrue, but inherently harmful to us individually, and collectively as a nation.    

          Many officials of these large cities have refused to address the rioters and insist upon calling them, protesters. They seem to have limited knowledge of vocabulary for no one in their right mind would equate a protester and a rioter who burns, loots,  and harms people, as the same thing.        The very thing that the black community, what all communities need, are jobs and businesses. Now, thousands have seen their streets and businesses burned and destroyed, some of which will never return. Those jobs are permanently lost.  Those black communities will again know the pains of hopelessness and living in burned-out hulls of their former cities.

           But take hope. While all of this has happened, America's elite have raised over twenty million dollars – wait for it – not to help rebuild those cities, but to bail out the “protesters” who have destroyed those cities. Yes, this is where we are. There seems to be no help for those who work and play by the rules. No support is arriving from Hollywood elites and wealthy athletes for those people. One must question why?

           I’m watching this and feeling astounded, and at times utterly hopeless. The Washington leadership (can we call it that?) is still dividing us, still trying to rush through bills that are an atrocity, and I'm thinking to myself, has pandering and appeasement ever gotten anyone anywhere?'  Has that given people jobs and hope? Has that lifted them out of poverty? And, I feel, most importantly, has that increased their self-respect and self-reliance?  That I can answer with a resounding NO! To deny any human being the chance to work and produce, to feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done, is to deny a basic human need – to feel valued.

          I don’t understand all of the machinations of politics (I couldn’t sleep at night if I did). I do know one thing as a person who loves their country – that we can’t, we must not give up on America. Too many people have given their lives for our America. We are in a fight for the very soul of this country. That might sound dramatic, but it is a fact. Many want to tear it apart – rebuild it into what they “envision” would be a better place. The founding fathers had a profoundly inciteful vision for the greatest country that the world has ever known. They knew history, and they sought to use their knowledge to create a more perfect union. (Where have we heard that before?)

            There are days when I question everything. At moments I give up hope and want to surrender. Times when I think if that is what THEY want, then they can have it. But it is not ours to give away! We owe a debt to our country to protect it from enemies, both foreign and domestic. That is our duty as a patriotic American who is willing to speak up and stop the insanity.

           I call upon my strong faith in God, knowing that whatever He has in store, He is with us. When America turned Him out of their schools, their homes, and their hearts, our decline began.  That is what happens when we shrugged our shoulders and said, “Oh well, what can you do?” Or, “Live and let live.” Now you can see the left doesn’t want people to live and let live. They want to control us. There seems to be no middle ground. This indeed is something new.

            I have seen the thousands of crosses marking graves of our soldiers who fought for democracy around the world and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I mourn with families who have known the pain of losing those heroes. I remind myself that I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that America is a country of citizens who deserve to live in peace and prosperity, fellowship, and understanding. Abraham Lincoln was well aware, as our country teetered on the brink of civil war, that "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  (Mark 3:25)

            America is equivalent to a marriage. Sometimes we see all the best she has to offer, and we're starry-eyed and optimistic. Other times, we see everything as irreconcilable and dark. Then, it's as though we would like a divorce.  But saving America is worth the fight. We have a lot of work ahead of us. A great deal of understanding and healing needs to be done.

          We need to commit to providing more opportunities for all. And, more of a commitment to make each person responsible for their actions. We must step up to the plate and take personal responsibility – stop pointing the finger and passing the buck. Even though it seems impossible through the lens of the current crisis, I do believe in miracles. It's going to take courage, strength, consistency, fairness, rules for all, and laws that everyone must follow - not just a few. It will also necessitate a commitment from those in Washington to come together and serve America – not themselves. I don’t believe they will do that willingly. Their strength lies in our discord!

            How could I express all of these thoughts and feelings in a small book? I've always been enamored with quotations! With just a few carefully chosen words strung together like a beautiful strand of pearls, they present a profound concept. These BODACIOUS quotations have been hand-picked for an important point or reminder about freedom, honesty, politicians, government, personal duty, economics, liberty, and above all else, man's responsibility to think for himself. History has gifted us with brilliant people, whose insightful reasoning and words of wisdom have proven ageless. They deserve to be heard once again as valuable reminders to each of us.

          It is my sincere hope that you will become even more bodacious in your patriotism. I hope that you will find meaningful ways to become a better, more involved citizen. I pray that this will stimulate conversation and inspire each of you to understand your unique "Power of One" and step into your new bodacious life! America is depending upon you.


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