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Pastor's Commentary

The Platform
Wednesday, September 30 2020

We live in a very unique time to say the least; extraordinary things are happening all around us, many folks are wondering what in the world is next? With the Presidential election just around the corner, you can bet your concerns will be justified. There are many scenarios that provide a glimpse in just what one might expect if certain directions come to pass. The very fabric of our society is being tested to the max, who or what social entity will emerge, only time will tell. I have spent many hours in study and research to try to figure out where all this mayhem is headed in order to place myself and family plus others in the best place strategically to survive the storms. And the word storm/s is the word I want to share in this article. Many years ago I had a dream, it was one of those dreams where you say; man I was there! I venture to say most people dream stuff, much of it not remembered, but there are those dreams that stand out, you never forget them, they seem to be prophetic, something  of a Divine nature (in rare cases).

Several years ago I had just such a dream; it was as real as if you were awake and were there. I must say, dreams to me are not rare, I have very good recollection of many dreams; the Mrs. always called me a Technicolor Dreamer. I should also say I have followed the Lord for over forty years now, and from time to time a very spiritual dream has come forth, and that was the case in this case. One more bit of information to add; I am No Prophet, just a common ordinary Christian. There didn’t seem to be anything of note that led up to this dream, just a normal day. In the dream I was standing in a wheat field, in life I don’t think I have ever seen a wheat field, much less stand in one. Anyway, I began to make my way through the wheat field which was ready for harvest. Then all of a sudden the wheat began to blow back and forth in the breeze, as the wind began to pick up. As I looked to the left I noticed way off in the distance, looking west, a very serious storm was making up. As I watched the storm, it grew in intensity, it looked like the storm of the Century in the making, I became very concerned as it seemed to be heading my way, or heading east. At that point I continued going forward through the field to perhaps find shelter or something of safety. It was at that point I came across a platform out in the middle of the field. I thought what a weird place for a platform, but I’ll take it. As I climbed on top of it, the storm was almost on top of me, the wind was blowing full force, I remember looking at the wheat field and saying these words; amber waves of grain, like from the song. The clouds that billowed overhead were like stuff from a movie, the lightening, the most intense I’ve ever witnessed, and the wind blowing so hard, I held fast to a huge column/pillar to keep from being blown away, it was a very fearful experience. Then, all of a sudden, just as I thought I was done for, I woke up; I was shaken, but glad to be alive, as, it was just a dream. Before long I went back to sleep, but this was the unusual part, I dreamed the exact same dream again, not one thing was different, and again woke up. I knew right then this was from the Lord, but what, what was being conveyed to me? I thought about the amber waves of grain, the platform, the storm, I just couldn’t seem to connect the dots that were presented. You can be sure I prayed about it, and this is what I felt the Lord showed me. In Genesis Chapter 41, Joseph; before he became a Jewish Patriarch was summoned from the dungeon (due to a false charge) to interpret a dream Pharaoh had. It seemed Pharaoh had dreamed two distinct dreams, the first one about seven fat kine (cows) and seven poor kine and in the other dream was seven good full ears of corn versus seven lean and poor corn. Joseph’s words from the Lord to Pharaoh were; the dream was about 7 good years and 7 bad years that were to come upon the land. And this is the part that pertained to me, “and for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice, it is because the thing is established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass. (Gen 41:32). I came to the conclusion that some type of judgment was coming, (the storm), but not sure exactly when. I learned my shortly and the Lord’s shortly are not the same length of time. I have shared this dream with many of my inner circle friends and all agree, it is some kind of warning that it portrays. I have for many years monitored social and political conditions looking for a precursor of the/a coming storm. However; finally, I have reason to believe something may be about to happen that may bring about the storm.  

I was in Church recently, for a regular service. Prior to the message from the Pastor, I always pray up and try to hear from Heaven. From time to time the Holy Spirit shares a word with me, so, I’m tuned in and I write it down. This word came to me; The Platform. I thought that was a strange word from the Lord, it had to do with the platform that Solomon built for the dedication of the Temple (II Chronicles 6). But there was more, all of a sudden the platform in my dream comes to mind, where I wondered what in the world was a platform doing in the middle of a wheat field? By now, this has my full attention. Was there a connection with the platform in my dream and the platform at Solomon’s dedication service? What are the parallels, the message, and the response from all attendant peoples? Is there a message in the platform itself?

As I began to research this, a part to the puzzle became very interesting; a parallel exists between the platform and the Brazen Alter of old. I find this amazing, the Brazen Alter and the platform of Solomon were the exact same size in dimension, each were 5 cubits long and 5 cubits broad, by 3 cubits high. This is no accident; because in Old Testament Typology, (study of types, shadows and patterns) Grace has always been known or alluded to by the number value of 5; such is the case of the Brazen Alter and platform, and other such items in the Temple. There are no arbitrary numbers with God; it is always God who provides the dimensions and even the color and material types for every item used in Temple worship to the builders. The height of 3 cubits is significant also in that the number 3 has always symbolized The Trinity; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. A good example of this typology is the number 6 as its representative of man; he was made on the 6th day (Gen. 1) and the number of man 666 (Rev. 13:18).

But there’s more; the Brazen Alter and the platform were both made of brass, per the King James Bible. However according to the Zondervan’s Bible Dictionary, bronze was a more accurate rendering of the word. Is there a significance to bronze being used to build these articles for Temple usage? Yes, many Bible Scholars say that bronze/brass in typology equates to humanity, and/or judgment. The Brazen Alter was the place where all the sacrifices in the Old Testament were brought to be offered to the Lord; hence, it has to represent Calvary, as Jesus was the ultimate and eternal sacrifice (Heb 10:10).

Putting this together; the Brass/Bronze Alter represents humanity, or judgment of same, where the 5 cubits by 5 cubits, surely represents the Grace of God to all people equally who place their trust in His Salvation Plan of Redemption (5), which is undergirded or upheld by the Trinity (3) not willing that any man should perish, but that all should come to repentance (II Peter 3:9b). So as we can see, this Alter and/or platform are not just an object, but represent symbolically a much greater truth.

Is that the end of the story concerning the platform? Is there a storm brewing on the horizon? Armed with the connection of my dream to Solomon’s platform I re-read the words in II Chronicles 6 and 7 again. Solomon builds a scaffold (KJV), really a brazen platform and he climbs upon it before the assembled congregation. The people are gathered by the masses, but, what does Solomon do next? He kneels down upon his knees, the King of Israel, before his people and before God, he humbles himself, and lifts his hands toward Heaven (II Chron 6:13). It’s time to get right; he makes prayer and supplication unto the Lord. He has built the Temple as a habitation for the Lord, but recognizes God is so huge he cannot be contained in a building (verse 16). Solomon presents many conditions before the Lord concerning hearing and answering prayer made from His House, all of which God agrees to, if His people will walk in His ways and be obedient. At the conclusion of the prayer, as they say; the fire came down, always significant of the approval or acceptance of God (II Chron. 7:1).

I wondered, why would the Lord give me this word about the platform right now after all these years? Was the storm finally taking shape, was some type of upheaval about to appear upon the horizon? To my amazement another platform would appear this last week of September. During the week and leading up to September 26 a huge platform was being erected in Washington DC, in a place called the Mall. It had been planned for many months, a huge gathering of peoples, from every tribe and nation to come for a National Day of prayer and rededication to the Lord. True, this platform was not made of bronze, but symbolically it didn’t matter. It was about a return of the people, a nation, to the Lord, a day of national repentance, a turning back. The Spiritual leaders and top Political leaders would bow before the Lord as of old, upon a platform; the amassed people would do the same in heart, all in anticipation of God seeing our hearts bowing before Him, and have mercy and not judgment upon us once again. There would be vows made, words of repentance spoken, hearts rented, thus the people of God doing what the Lord had commanded; If My people which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then, will I hear from Heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land (II Chron. 7:14). We as Christians know we can’t fix the world’s ills, but God didn’t ask us to, just make sure are right with Him. Proclamations were being made with each sounding of the Shofar by a leading Rabbi, just as it had been done in days of old. I believe it was an unprecedented act of God’s children in modern times.

In conclusion; my dream was prophetic, and yes, there is a storm brewing. The wheat field represents the people (Mathew 13:30) of this Country, the platform has to be representative of a place where Grace can be found, a place to climb/fall upon and receive God’s mercy and Grace, by name; Calvary, undergirded by none other than the Godhead personally and providentially. I believe the presence of the platform in the dream is God telling us, you have Grace available to you, repent, turn to Him, and allow Him to heal the land. It should also be noted that if there is no repentance, then the storm will overtake the land, to what extent the damage makes; only the Lord knows. The prudent thing to do would be to adhere to the warning of a storm coming, take all necessary precautions, climb upon the alter of God’s Grace.  Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

The Prophet
Saturday, August 29 2020

When I was a kid, a movie came out, in the early 50s’, it was called; “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. From what I remember a space ship landed in Washington D.C. (best of memory) and a guy and a robot came out with a message for the world. It seemed the invention of the nuclear bomb got some intergalactic police force’s attention. A stern warning was given in the usage of such armament in space. I’m thinking this movie may have been way ahead of its time. As I ponder on the ramifications of just such a scenario in our modern society, would we, as a people heed such a warning? Surely we would evaluate the evidence; consider, a space craft very unlike ours, coming from great distance (of course I speak hypothetically) with not only a message but a warning and credible evidence that they could make good on their promise of destroying planet earth. Quite a number of folks believe just such a scenario is probable, (remember SSDI) if not maybe a future reality. However from a Biblical perspective, that is not going to happen, but that opens the door to another thought; the warning part!

Has there ever existed a person that would emerge from perhaps obscurity, with a message from a higher Authority/Power proclaiming a judgment upon a nation or people? The answer to that question may surprise many folks, but a resounding yes, just such a person/s has existed. The Bible is the best source to unlock these great truths, but outside sources have also recorded such people having existed for historical record. So what is the role of just such a person; aka; the Prophet? The definition of this office of God is simply; they were a spokesman for God. And with that they often spoke; Thus saith the Lord; and speak what the Lord spoke to them. In the Book of Amos, of which he was a Prophet of God, it says; surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the Prophets, (Amos 3:7). This a most incredible bit of truth here, wonder no more if God communicates with mankind. The role of the Prophet in the Old Testament was quite dramatic, in those days people didn’t hear from God like we do in the New Testament. There is a reason for that, it is called the Cross of Calvary, Jesus’ vicarious death opened the door wide for the child of God to come in and sup with the Lord (Revelation 3:20). There were what was referred to as “major” Prophets and “minor” Prophets in the Old Testament, all important. Moses was a Prophet, most wouldn’t have known that, Elijah was a Prophet, Daniel, Samuel, and Isaiah; quite a number. When these guys spoke you better be listening. And yes, there were Prophetess’, Huldah was one of them; (II Kings 22:14), there were far less women than men occupying that office. As we have noted, the role of the Prophet was very important to a nation in being able to hear from God. They often prophesied of coming famines, judgment, blessings and even death of a certain person, maybe even the King. Of course they would bring some stern words from the Lord from time to time about their walk with the Lord; (a Nation) or lack of, as in giving themselves over to idols and the like.

Just like there were good Prophets (of God) in the Old Testament there were false prophets. These false prophets were often times prophets of Baal, a false god. The Israelites would worship this false god with lewd rites in high places thus provoking the anger of the Lord. By the way; God dealt very harshly with false prophets. Many real Prophets of God were either imprisoned or martyred, why? Many people and nations did not always like the words given by the Prophet, they wanted to do what they wanted to do, and would not receive the Word of the Lord, thus silencing the voice was what seemed to be a simple remedy, short term anyway.

Since the Old Testament has served its purpose well, there was to be a New Testament, and what is that, but a New Covenant, yes a New Will. That is the right word; we that are alive have a New Will to abide by, procured by none other than the Lord Jesus Himself. I like to ask folks if they have found out what God has in the Will for them yet. It amazes me the number of people that have no clue what is in the Will concerning their life with God. One of the things found in the New Testament is what is referred to as the 5 fold Ministry, or five offices that are held by people that God called and anointed to fulfill these roles. The first is the Apostle, the second is the Prophet, third is the Evangelist, forth is the Pastor/Shepherd and fifth the Teacher. Please note the 2nd office is the Prophet, yes; the office still exists and is a viable office in the Church of the living God. Did you know that John the Baptist was a Prophet? Jesus when He walked among us operated in the role of a Prophet. But He was much more than that, He was actually a Prophet (then), a Priest (now) as in High Priest and soon to be a King, as in King of Kings (Revelation 19:16). There were Prophets in the 1st Century Church, and no doubt Prophets all along the way since that time. But are there any Prophets in our day and time? I don’t see any reason for there not being a Prophet; actually I have met some folks that claim to be a Prophet. If you want to know if a Prophet is of God, does what they say come to past; regularly? It is paramount that we as a people and especially those within the Church hear from God and/or Heaven. The role of the Prophet often times bridges the gap from hearing and not hearing; just make sure we are adhering.

The question was raised; is or are there any Prophets among us now? Over the years I have looked for such a person or persons to emerge. I thought I had found one some years ago, he is a very sharp Bible Scholar, known by many across the world. One day on TV I heard him say; “I am no Prophet”. With that statement he was removed from the list. Some years ago another person emerged from seemingly nowhere. I saw him on TV as he was being interviewed; man, he connected some serious dots of knowledge together. I mean stuff that no one saw; it was amazing; he brought up things about the terrorists and the World Trade Center’s attack. He even told how all the Stock Market crashes over the years were tied to ancient Biblical patterns. I was spell bound at the knowledge this guy possessed. I have heard he has a new book coming out soon; I may need to look that over some. Once again, is this guy a Prophet of God? Actually many top Christian Leaders say yes. As important as a Prophet is, there is more to the story than the office held and the person in that office.

I remember an old Pastor one time came to our Church many years ago, a very distinguished gentleman. He spoke like a man of great authority and confidence. During his sermon he said something that for all these years I have never forgot. He said during WW II the Western Union was a telegraph company, sending and receiving notes of information, mostly about the war and events of note. One of their responsibilities was to take a communiqué in person from the war office in Washington concerning a family who had just lost a loved one in battle. It was noted that when a door bell rang and they recognized who was at the door, they knew the news would not be good. I wondered if this Pastor that told the story may have firsthand knowledge of just an event, as in having been there during that time. He said most would not remember details concerning the messenger, such as the color of his wear, or even if the person was red headed or dark haired. The only thing they remembered was the message he bore. It would be indelibly imprinted on their mind until the day they died, the message that a loved one is no longer with us.

That is exactly the point that needs to be heard, it is not the messenger, as in this case, the Prophet, but the message he/she bears. And what is that message? Is it smooth words to accommodate more sin and depravity, a green light that God is OK with casting down all that is Holy with no consequences? The words a Prophets shares, is right out of the Word of God. And what is that message again? It is time to turn back, to God, to His Word, to His Commandments, turn from vanity which is nothing more than idols. It’s time to stop the murdering, the stealing, the lying, and the cheating. One TV Evangelist said recently; where is the love? Good question, where is the love thy neighbor as thyself? The words of the Prophet are often a warning, stop, you are on the wrong path, turn around, the ship you are on is not a luxury liner, it’s a Titanic. As noted in the pages of history, the Captain and certain folks in command knew there were ice bergs seen in the vicinity, slow down, take precautions, do it now. I am NO Prophet, but, this is my chance to communicate a message to any that hear and read it, God does not want to bring judgment upon anyone, but, we must heed His Message, His Word. Will we as a people try to silence the Prophets, silence the Church, is that where this is heading? True, we may silence the messenger, but you will never silence the message.


Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

The Root
Friday, July 31 2020

We all have seen some tragic events make headlines over the past several years and wondered how in the world something like that could have happened in our day and time, among supposed civilized people no less. We have seen some deranged soul shoot up schools, night clubs, and concerts across the world, plus a host of other unimaginable mayhem and think, is there no end to the madness? Who would argue we live in the most illuminated generation of all time with the internet able to answer just about any question you can think of and still we see people act like barbarians in such a modern society.

A recent event has taken place that still has me stunned. In a small rural town in Central Florida; three young guys were going on an all night fishing trip at a local lake. The plan was to rendezvous at the lake with all the needed fishing supplies and go cat-fishing, (not the furry type) a great time envisioned; no partying, no alcohol, just fish and fun. Many a child has grown up fishing these Fla. lakes; mine included and have grown up to be good kids. Per the local Sherriff, one of the boys got there first to await the other two that would be there soon. This is where the tragedy begins; there were some guys already there at the lake. From the initial report the thugs that were there, murdered the first of the three fishing boys. Very soon the other two boys showed up in their truck not knowing what had happened, were violently murdered as well. As it turned out one of the boys that was shot was still barely alive and called his dad, who around midnight heard his phone ring and promptly drove to the lake. Among the mayhem he found his wounded son, who being barely alive told of what happened. This is the part that is hard to handle; while dad was holding his son, the boy died in his arms. My heart goes out to the families in this tragic event; I pray God will help them through this nightmare. The Sherriff would say on TV, it looked like the boys were “massacred”, and that all his years as a Sherriff, this was one of the worse scenes he ever saw. It wouldn’t be long before the perpetrators of this horrendous crime would be caught. Guess what; the trigger man was no stranger to jail, many altercations in his life with the Law.

What can we take away from this tragic event is a question that is being pondered by many no doubt. There may be many and various angles to consider while figuring out how to put an end to the madness. As a parent, Pastor, a fellow citizen of this great society, I too would like to see an end to these random acts of violence that is claiming the lives of far too many innocent people across, not only this land but the world as well. What should our recourse be; hide in our homes, bolt the doors, hire body guards for all the family. Many people advocate the confiscation of every weapon in the Country, would that work? Chicago is a gun free zone; guess what, they lead the Nation in violence with a weapon, just look at the number of murders that take place almost every weekend. No, taking a person’s defense system is not only a bad idea, but not Constitutional either. A question that has been brought up by many Nations of the world while considering the events leading up to WW II, can a Nation Legislate morality? To answer that question; what people think is moral, may not be moral anymore. Is there another angle to consider ridding the world of such violence and moral depravity?

The title of this article is “The Root”, and you might guess, it has something to do with the problem facing all of mankind. What does a Nation, a people do, how do we handle the moral decadence our society is mired in? Do we need more laws, build more jails, more Psychologists to tell us some poor soul has been abused, so now he just wants to abuse someone himself. How about some type of mind altering drugs to keep people with mental issues under control? I say a thousand times no; the problems cannot be fixed on the outside, the problem lies within, the root is where we need to deal with the problem. At the heart of everything, there is a root, its foundation, its beginning had a root, the family tree has an original root and down the road there are many roots. We didn’t just show up, we have roots, many people’s roots were/are in good ground, but many people’s roots are in bad ground. Society has tried to prune the trees of bad behavior, but the behavior isn’t just at the branch level, it is at the root level.

I’m sure many have heard this before, but here it is again, this needs to be told again and again, until we recognize the problem. In the beginning, yes, hard to believe for far too many folks nowadays; but there is God, He is the Creator, not of just everything, but also the original root stock of everything as well, and even God said it was good. That’s right, what God had initiated in the beginning was very good, but something happened to bring corruption to mankind. Many reading this up until now may consider this a valid read so far; but think; if only I hadn’t brought up the Lord. Make no mistake; If God isn’t part of the equation, He cannot be part of the answer. Something entered into the “root stock” of humanity long ago that has brought forth the problem, it is called sin, and it became the “nature” of mankind at all levels of depravity. In what seemed like no big deal to many alive in our day and time, is! When our original parents (Adam and Eve) partook of a tree they were forbidden to partake of, it changed everything. In that act of severe disobedience they obeyed the words of satan, more than the words of God, the/their Creator. It brought forth death, and sin entered the world, and satan became the god of this world. God’s Word says; In whom the “god of this world” hath blinded the minds of them which “believe not”, lest the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, who the image of God should shine unto them (II Cor 4:4). I have to give satan credit for this, he is good at blinding people eyes, they can’t even see what the problem is. Once again the Word says this; And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son “in his own likeness and image”.  Mankind couldn’t blame God for this mess, so, like it or not we were all born after the similitude of Adam. We, every person born has this fallen nature within, some exhibit the fruit of this fallen nature more than others. How long did it take before this fallen nature exhibited itself in Adam’s family? Cain would be born to Adam, then Eve bare Abel, the first two to be born, would be a testament to the depravity of the fallen state of which came upon the earth. And Cain rose up against his brother and slew him (Gen. 4: 8). And it hasn’t stopped since. I know, there are some very nice people that don’t commit the atrocities that are so rampant in our day and time, but nonetheless, we are “all” born with this fallen nature, and that is the root of the problem.

That brings us to this question; how do we fix the problem? In the natural, if some malady exists within our body, on the inside, an operation would be expected by a highly trained individual, a Doctor, to remedy the situation. And one might expect with that, a total confidence in this person’s ability to rectify the situation. As is the case; great amounts of money is usually afforded for such an operation. And why not; the person has been made whole, well. But how do we deal with a spiritual heart problem. I dare say most professionals do not believe such an element exists. They deem we are like highly modified animals, way up the food chain on the life chart, that you still die like an animal, no spirit, no soul, no hell, no Heaven; no problem. You don’t have to be a trained professional to know something within needs to be addressed and fixed.

As you might well expect, the Bible has the answer. How do we deal with the fallen nature, our sin nature? The Bible says this; Except a man be “born again”, he cannot see the Kingdom of God, (John 3:3). There it is; we were born the first time (fleshly birth) under Adam’s fallen state, but we can be born again, just like a newborn baby, this time in Christ, who died to remove our sin nature and fallen state. Once again the Bible says; For as by one man’s disobedience (Adam) many were made sinners, so by the obedience of One (Christ) shall many be made righteous, (Romans 5:19). When Christ died upon the Cross, He literally took back what the devil stole, thus providing mankind a way out of his fallen state/nature. But you must be born again, there is no other way; Jesus made the way, actually He says; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father but through me, (John 14:6).

The wrap; many folks that were hard core sinners at one time came to Christ for salvation, to be born again, to get a second chance. I have seen this personally thousands of time with over thirty years in Prison Ministry. Hard core criminals give their life to the Lord, (a great paradox of having gave their lives to the devil for too long) and sincerely repent, accepting God’s Pardon, I like that analogy. I say transformed by the power of His Resurrection Power, literally set free, from sin and degradation, a new heart, a new attitude, and new walk, talk, and a new direction. This is the answer; Christ and Christ alone, no worthless programs, mind altering drugs, shock therapy, endless days in jails with more criminals, just Christ; we become New Creatures in Christ. The root of the problem is fixed, no more murderer, rapist, felon, just lovers of God. Now you know the root of the problem, give it to the Lord; He’ll fix the root, the family tree, even our Nation.


Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

What is Truth
Monday, June 29 2020


            Most folks watching the events of the day are no doubt wondering like me; what’s next to make the world scene? Many years ago a guy was being interviewed in California during some very tragic events said; we have earthquakes, a deluge of rain, mudslides, and then he said; what’s next; locusts? His thoughts concerned Biblical proportions, no doubt. It seems sometimes when bad things happen, it comes in droves. With the mass media we have nowadays, bad news travels far too fast, what was once a localized story; can become a worldwide event. And that is part of the problem I see in our day and time, before stories can be corroborated as to accuracy and truth, the story has already hit the wire and opinions have been formed, the juries of the world have passed their judgment, good or bad, results follow.

            The title to this article is taken from the infamous words of one; Pontus Pilate. The occasion was when at Jesus’ trial, He stood before the Roman Governor and was asked the now famous words; “What is Truth”? If you have ever read the account, take note, Jesus never told him what truth was. At that point, Pilate turned and went back out to the crowds and said; I find in Him no fault at all. It may be debated why Jesus didn’t answer Pilate, concerning the word truth; perhaps it was because Jesus had already given the answer prior. Jesus said He was the way, the “truth” and the life, no man comes to the Father but by Him. And two thousand years later I now find myself asking the same question, but modifying it a little, does anyone care what truth is anymore? I have been around for over seven decades, and I have witnessed this personally, truth has been cast down, denigrated to the trash heap of time. When I was a kid growing up, truth meant something, a good tanning of the britches if dad caught me in a lie, or eating a bar of soap if I lied to mom. There was a time when a man’s hand shake was his bond, he was as good as his word, and he would rather die than renege on his word, (almost). A man’s word/s are only as good as the man who spoke them, I am still that way, the truth must be told, good, bad, or indifferent, you’ll feel better in the end.

            We live in a day and time when mass information is at our fingertips, a keyboard and a few clicks, and you can have a world of information before you. One would think with all this information available, we would be the better for it. But the opposite seems to be the normal. Let’s go to an older version of Webster’s Dictionary (70s) to find the definition of truth. The word true and truth go hand in hand; true= that agrees with fact, not false, real, genuine, that can be trusted, faithful, loyal. Truth= the quality of fact being true, honest, sincere, accurate, real facts. As one can see, truth is a virtuous element to ones well being. The Lord says; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. To that I would say; is it possible that people have cast down the truth to their own detriment and are suffering the consequences of their actions? If people are made free by not only knowing the truth, but walking in truth, then people can be in bondage to a lie for rejecting the truth, is that true? This statement is true; so many people tell untruths that they no longer know what truth is. This old one-liner has been around for a long time; if you hear a lie long enough, you will believe it true.

How has this affected not only us as a people personally, but all of us as a Nation? An example; there was at one time a push for what was called; truth in advertising, where you had to fairly represent the product you were selling. I well remember the days in buying a used car; the salesmen would not divulge the minuses of his vehicle as much as the pluses, I’m OK with some of that, just don’t lie to me. Have you ever seen a car broke down on the side of the road with a paper-tag? That can only mean one thing, some poor soul got took, bought junk. This has been rampant for far too long, where is truth in anything? Since media seems to control the masses far more than it should, they have not only a responsibility, but a mandate to tell the “unbiased truth”. I have no ax to grind here, but far too many believe everything they see and hear, that used to be called gullibility. And this has a very negative connotation upon any society. There was an article I read many years ago that said; he that controls the language; controls the people. This is why free speech is so important as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment. When controlled news outlets run biased news, so often, people can and often believe a lie. However when and with counter views, the truth is meted out or exposed, the wise person can see the light of truth and make a quality decision based on actual facts and not illusion. In another source of much misinformation that affects the masses is in the Political realm. There seems no level low enough to reach to get votes, or to stay in office for many politicians. The spinners of lies and mud casting, is at epidemic levels. This has had a devastating effect upon this Country, so much that many “good” people are fed up with the voting system and all those that run for office and departing the system all together. That bodes well for those political proponents that promote free handouts to all who do vote for them. When a people no longer believe what a politician says, they lose faith in the system. I believe that is one of the biggest reasons our beleaguered President has been under such an attack his whole Presidency, he was not a politician, the last thing a career politician wants is non- politician to show he can do a much better job than they can. There are so many examples of lies being promoted it is become epidemic. I just read where a statue of George Washington was toppled and desecrated, the Father of our Nation. This was an act of a select few that have bought into a lie, that somehow this person’s negatives outweighed his pluses; so therefore; he must be removed. And it seems the Authorities have bought into a lie as well, that these vigilantes are nice people, and must all bow down to them, because they are right and all the rest of the decent folks are in the wrong. Yes, believing a lie can place one in serious bondage, maybe a whole Country to a bunch of folks that could care less about our Country.

There are many examples of lies causing some serious side effects that could otherwise have been averted. Is it possible a lie could literally start a world war? I would find that hard to believe, until I saw this on German TV. When President Trump paid a visit to the Leader of North Korea, President Kim, something came out of that meeting that was very disturbing. The News outlet showed a video of what looked to be Pres. Trump; he was talking about the meeting with Kim. And another video was of Kim talking about Trump. What was the problem with that you may as; it was an animated video, neither person said what was said. It was digitally manufactured, all a lie. The Newscasters even talked of the seriousness of such an activity. Putting words in people’s mouths, they never said, incredible. Move the Doomsday clock again if this becomes the norm.

The last thing I wanted to mention about lies is more serious than all I have shared up until this point. There is a lie that has been promoted upon mankind for quite some time, but now in these last days, (Per God’s Word) has gained a lot of ground. The lie I’m speaking of is; there is no God, (big G). This one particular lie has a lot of appeal, people like the idea of no God, no answer to God, and no judgment; just do what seems right in your own eyes attitude. But there is one problem with that thinking; there is God, make no mistake about that. Just like when Jesus was asked; What is Truth; He was the Truth, and truth speaks for itself. Here is another truth, be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. When we sow a life of lies, we live in an illusion of no consequences, but here is another truth; justice delayed, is not justice denied. The lies that are spoken to the women who seek to terminate the little life within, told it’s just a blob of tissue, a lie from hell itself, it’s a life. This thing about lies and lying has its origin in none other than the devil himself. God said he was a liar, and the father of lies, no doubt the reason that lies are so prevalent. The Lord speaks of a time in end of days when lies seem to be descending to new depths. With the rise of an anti-christ spirit, the Lord says this; and with all unrighteous deception of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they received not “the love of the truth”, that they might be saved. And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, “that they should believe a lie”; that they all might be condemned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness (II Thessalonians 2:10-12). Did you notice the part about “that they should believe a lie, because they refused to believe the truth”? It seems that this is what has happened in our day and time. If that is not true, you tell me how in the world people claim a baby almost full term just before birth can be murdered and that is not the taking of a life. What I’m talking about is the willful and deliberate act of receiving lies over truths, it will have devastating consequences.

The truth is, God will judge the people and the Nations of the world. What do you believe; will it be the scientists, the news media, perhaps the plunderers of the land? The world is full of lies and all manner of evil; but, the truth is the only thing that will set you free. Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Patterns of The Past
Thursday, May 28 2020

History books are filled with events and accounts of great interest and value that at the time were front page stories of a host of topics. Anything from natural disasters like earthquakes to human disasters, from World Wars, to inventions, all have filled the pages of time. With the aid of the internet; the history of such events are all but a few clicks away on a keyboard; and often with graphic pictures and details as well. Not everyone is a history buff like me; as I spend many hours researching things most people could care less about. With that thought and from experience (whatever that’s worth); I believe we may categorize people who process (ponder, care, consider, etc) historical or world changing events into three base categories or levels of importance to the average person. The 1st category would be an event that though big at the time, most people reflect on it for the short term at best. Many years down the road the event isn’t even mentioned much anymore, let alone details of it. The 2nd category I believe would be the level where it seems an event or catastrophe is permanently etched into one’s mind, and with it are details of exactly what they personally were doing at the time of the incident would be shared by many. Who wouldn’t remember (older folks) the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or the day we landed on the moon in 1969? Or maybe the day the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up? Of course Sept 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were brought down. All these events are indelibly etched into the hard drives of our mind. However; I seem to think there is another category or 3rd level that I believe that could be considered here. It is what I would call a level, where-in a certain group of folks have an eye for hidden facts/truths, details or nuggets of great value. We not only look at the event as an historical happening, but we dig deeper, we sense the event may be bigger than the event itself. You might even see an event as a fore-shadow of a future something/event about to come. Have you ever had an occasion where you said to yourself; man I have seen this pattern or scenario before somewhere? If you were one of the people at the Zoo in Los Angeles, California some years ago, you would have noted as many did later that the animals were acting quite strange one particular day. As history would record, a massive earthquake was about to hit the area, the animals were picking up on it before the people of the area did. That’s what I‘m talking about here, an evaluation of evidence or events past that may hold a key for a future event.

            There was an event that happened over a hundred years ago that has been on my mind for over a year now. Last year I was going to write a Commentary about it, but just didn’t feel at the time it was the right fit for that time period. It was the account about the huge luxury liner the Titanic. This would be one of those events just about anyone would remember. There would be a host of movies made of this disaster; “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” of old and “The Titanic” of more recent years, all of which refresh ones memory of the event, perhaps circumventing the passing of time. I have watched all the movies, read much about the event and have often pondered, just how in the world could such a disaster have happened? Maybe you like me are part of my 3rd group that also has a critical eye for detail. Perhaps if you were a ship building Engineer you would be especially interested in designing a vessel that was more robust, perhaps a double hull of sorts. Better electronics to see the waters ahead and make onboard calculations to divert before contacting hidden structures. From what I have read and seen in Documentaries on TV, this vessel may not have been as impervious to disaster as they once believed. I used to think maybe hitting the iceberg head-on would have been a better alternative to having the side opened up. Upon further review that idea would not bode well either, the last thing you would want is to have the engine ripped from its mounts and being driven through the forward hull like a giant torpedo. Books have been written, new techniques are being adhered to, and always more could be said.

            I mentioned earlier about some people seeing through a different lens. I and others have taken note that the Titanic disaster has some interesting patterns that have been revealed, not necessarily steel and icebergs here. And if that is so, could these patterns be used as “models” in other scenarios, such as people’s lives, maybe the course of whole nations and countries? You can make your own judgment call on that. Remember; patterns transcend people, places, objects, time. Consider; the weather in the Mid-West is prone to tornadoes. We have seen these patterns many times; to use this knowledge is what we call forecasting. People that heed the warning of such weather patterns may live another day, those that don’t suffer the consequences.

As mentioned the Titanic exhibited many patterns that if not heeded could/may bring certain destruction. Could it be that the Titanic tragedy may mirror events that are taking place right now in our beloved Country, perhaps the world? Is it possible that physical facts and events may have moral implications? I say there can be no other way. The first of the many glaring examples was a term that was used by the shipping company; “This ship is so invincible, God couldn’t even sink it”; this speaks of a spirit of pride and arrogance. It is where many people are in their lives even now. Defiance in the face of God! Our Country was founded on God, based upon God and His Law, (big G). However over a period of years many have rose up in defiance to God, even to the removing of God. It is basically a placing of one’s trust; more in “things” you can’t trust, than in God who you can. Rhetorically saying; we can make it without you, or in spite of you, in my mind, bad move. If this Country were a ship, I would say; reverse course now, imminent danger ahead.

The next note of interest is the blindness to known danger. Incredible, the Captain and others in command had received warning prior of the danger ahead. This may be deemed a reckless and wanton abuse of power at work. Would there be a vote; should we break the Atlantic crossing at record speed while placing you in peril? The Lord would use the Church to speak His Word to our leaders/captains. Are they receptive, are they appreciative for the warnings being given to them to help all of us get through the ice berg infested water? I wish I could say they were, the Churches of the world are being marginalized across the world, even persecuted. Not only are Countries headed to disaster but the whole world as well. Is anyone listening?

In another take from the survivor record of events was, the band played on. I can’t imagine me playing on if I were in the band. What was the motivation behind this? Was it a distraction to get your mind off dying, a loss of mental faculties on the bands part, I can’t really say for sure. But I can say this, music seems to be everywhere in our day and time. So many people think they have to always be hearing something; I’m not talking about a good sermon here. Music, It can be a serious distraction to many folks, message music, pumping the head full of stuff, a; don’t think for yourself mentality, just play on. No concentration to or on real issues, little deep thought, just stay on top of all the hits. The things in life that really matter, don’t think about it, drown out the reality.

In yet another point a great lesson is gleaned. There were a lot of wealthy people on board, some of the wealthiest on the planet of that day. There were also many that were poor, hence the class system. There was 1st class and the rest class. They were to be separated, that is usually the case. Wealth is not evil; the Bible says; the “love” of money is root of all evil, not the money itself. If we make money our goal, it becomes our god. Here’s the point, even though there was class separation, tragedy and judgment knows no such boundaries in the end.

I think by now just about any person reading this could see some validity to the reasoning of patterns and to the ones listed so far. But there is one more interesting point to bring out of the many before we conclude our review. In Church there is usually a phrase that is used very often in referring to humanities spiritual condition. The phrase is “Saved or Lost”, referring to a departed soul. If they were right with God; saved, if not, lost/perished. I saw a sign in one of the movies of Titanic that had just those words on it concerning the people that were aboard that fateful ship. It even posted the names of the saved and those that were lost. That phrase sums up life, saved or perished, did you accept Jesus’ offer of salvation when you had the chance or did you put that off until it was too late? The theme song for the latest Titanic Movie was; “Our heart will go on”, true, but where? The Lord said in the last days it would be as in the days of Noah. The Lord’s statement reveals another pattern of the past; it’s going on right now; wickedness abounds. Is this Country on a collision course, ye the world, I think yes; will we heed the warnings before it’s too late? Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

This Is A Test
Wednesday, April 29 2020

What a time to be alive, the Old Testament Prophet had it right of course, he said in the “last days”, knowledge would increase and people would run to and fro, (Dan. 12:4). One of the ways this knowledge explosion has taken place is through the internet, a veritable web of information. I think it looks and acts like an oversize human brain with all the circuitry functions. I find it to be a tremendous asset to the human race. As a matter of fact, who would argue that it may be the very vehicle Daniel alluded to in his prophesy of a knowledge explosion? Vast amounts of knowledge, right at your fingertip. Yes, Daniel had much to share about things that would happen in the last days. Daniel was called upon several times by the ruling Kings of his day to interpret certain things that were hidden to them, like the “writing on the wall”, and the huge statue with “ten toes” of which were to be Kingdoms of the world and so much more. Daniel also brought out the fact that in the last days a ruler would arise that would try to unite the world under a “One World Government”, many would know who this infamous person is; the anti-christ. And this is the point I want to make here, we have the main pieces to this vast puzzle of sorts, but many folks try, like myself, to place the other pieces in the puzzle, some fit rather well, many do not. We know what the picture is going to look like in the end, but we sometimes guess too much in trying to figure out what happens from this point forward to get to that end. There are a host of “sub-points” that will/must take place to bring forth the ultimate conclusion of the ages, we may even speculate what and when they will happen, but they will happen, that’s a certainty. It is with that thought that we hear and read of so many so-called “conspiracy theories”, alleged scenarios of something going on, perhaps behind the scenes, to bring about the end-time conclusion of all things. Many Bible Theologians have read (from Old Testament calculations) where Daniel gave the exact month and year the Messiah would be cut-off (rejected/Calvary) during His First Coming. It would be very strange if folks wouldn’t try to figure out from the Bible, the 2nd Coming.

The title to my Commentary is; “This is a Test”, you may remember on TV some years ago, during a program those words would be displayed across the screen. It was accompanied by a loud audible, get your attention sound. From what I remember, the words spoken during this interruption were: This is a test, this is only a test, if this were an actual emergency; you would be advised to contact your local Federal Emergency Management Agency. I’m quite sure that got most people’s attention. For some reason this test theme has been on my mind a lot lately. A lot of information is running around the internet right now about conspiracies. Most have been de-bunked, some not too far-fetched, and some sound quite credible. I consider myself a Watchman, kind of like the guy on the wall in the olden days. His job was to be a lookout, for danger, an approaching army and/or enemies etc. He may not always know what he sees approaching, but no matter, do your job; alert the folks inside the walls, something’s coming, out there.

With that said, I see something, out there, not sure what it is exactly, but it definitely doesn’t seem just right to me. Something about this whole pandemic thing just doesn’t add up. That’s why to me it looks like a giant worldwide test, information gathering, data bases being filled with information, fear tactics and control being foisted, the likes of which many have never seen before. I’m surely not the only one that thinks this; almost everyone I talk to see this response as overkill, no pun intended. I’m sure there are laws of natural consequences, (progressive actions) if something happens, such as an epidemic; I mean there are obvious steps to take to curb the effects of such a virus as quickly as possible. There are so many dedicated professionals and top leaders of Countries working long hours to protect the masses the best they know how, a heart-felt sense of gratitude to all of them. But some interesting facts have immerged concerning the handling of the virus within the masses. If this were a test of our response of such handling of the crisis, then who would be the benefactors and for what purpose, clandestine or otherwise? If I were the administrator; what observations would I have made so far in monitoring this on-going test? For one; I would take note of who abides by the rules/mandates set down by the Government/CDC and who doesn’t. That could be used in writing new rules and regulations for future use. I would also take note of the length of time before sequestered folks finally had enough and began to break out, break the rules etc. This could test mental thresholds within various geographical areas. Also I would note how long it took for the average household to run out of working capital, cash, and credit cards maxed out, to become dependent on the Government, food banks or both. Also noted would be the increase in crime, petty or otherwise, resultant of the monetary collapse. This test would also be a gauge concerning business, small and large, to judge the length of time for capital failure. Also, since school classes were suspended, multiple thousands of PC’s were handed out for home schooling thus providing a gauge for the suspension of normal school attendance from now on? This could be a huge money saver for future planners. Plus provide a single point curriculum rollout to all students across the Country, thus doing away with conservative areas of the Country or District involvement. Also being considered is the implementation of virus testing, whether one is sick or shows signs of sickness makes no matter, it is mandatory. And, if and when a vaccine becomes available, mandatory implementation, even if you have the flu or not, objections or not, this will be one of the most valuable questions to the test. Imagine a new technology implemented that will allow people to be monitored without even going to a health provider. An RFID micro chip is already available that can be inserted in one’s body that can send radio frequency to a receiver that holds all ones bio information. This could be the bonus question, will the masses line up for the shot and/or insertion? Did I hear any objections from the masses about what happens to the expended virus samples taken from people? Is there not DNA on these samples, I think most likely yes. The data bases could be overflowing with information from just such a test, and did I mention how many people to be tested? It looks like the whole Country could be a candidate, if this virus doesn’t subside. And one more of the many observations to glean from; the ATM’s are limiting how much cash can be withdrawn, how are folks with that? That’s happened before just prior to the Great Depression, do people remember the past, if not, you are destined to repeat it. In the end, new levels of control are being implemented, are you good with it? Do we see any signs of what the masses might do if they connect these dots? If this really isn’t a test, all is well, but if some clandestine scheme is behind all this activity, the stage is being set for the real thing at some point in the not so distant future. And what is that stage; and he causeth all, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their hand or in their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark (chip or equivalent), or the name of the beast (super-computer) or the number of his name, (Revelation 13: 16,17).

            The pieces to the puzzle are coming together. As each piece is inserted into its proper place, the overall picture will become much clearer. However; the Church does not get to stay here to finish the puzzle, that’s good news, because we already know what the picture looks like anyway. However, I’m still here, it hasn’t happened yet, there is still time to be prepared. How does one prepare for that? By following God’s plan to make sure you are not here when all this begins to happen. Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Saturday, March 28 2020


I, like many folks have read a lot about this virus pandemic and have seen much on TV; perhaps way more than I needed to see and hear. The reason for this is to try to comprehend just what is going here, and not just from single source of information. I not only watch the local news but watch the news out of Berlin, Germany and even more news out of Tokyo, Japan, and yes; the internet, people that I have found credible over many years with a good track record. In all this information gathering, I’m still no expert. I have seen people ask this question often in various briefings; how does this corona-virus compare with other flu viruses?  Good question, I actually wondered that myself.

I looked up this information on the CDC (Center for Disease and Control) web-site, as of this writing 540, 832 people infected by the corona virus, so far; 24, 903 have died. That is quite a number of lives to be infected, but how does that compare to the “regular” if such a word is acceptable, that catch the yearly influenza virus? Once again the CDC posts the numbers; from Oct 2019 to present day; 38 to 54 “million” people ill, (you read that right, million) 390,000 to 710,000 people in hospitals, 23,000 to 59,000 deaths, these are worldwide stats, (not sure of all the variation). One of the reasons this corona virus is being taken so seriously is because it has “unknown qualities” therefore unknown projections can only be made. It is always prudent to err on the side of caution where lives are at stake. It is being compared to the pandemic of 1918 known as the Spanish Flu in which 50 million people died (estimated). Historians believe it helped bring an end to WW I, troops were too sick to fight. If what I read is true, this virus is 10 times more contagious than the regular flu, and the germs stay active for up to 10 days on infected surfaces. Though this virus is comparatively small at present, it has had a huge impact upon the world so far.

You may have noticed the “fear factor” involved across the world and in your town. In some places hysteria may be a better word, panic, what in the world is driving this type of reaction in so many people? In a word; hype, the news outlets of the world are doing most folks a disservice in so much over the top hype. It has caused the local grocery store shelves to be stripped, as in barren. It seems the virus is making people hungry, more than sick. And vast amounts of toiletries, once again are in short supply, I still don’t see the connection to that yet. The other day a big cargo trailer was found to be chock full of toilet tissue, it seems the perpetrator was going to make a handsome profit with his thievery. I wonder if all this panic buying has led to depleted pocketbooks where folks are not even able to go a couple or few weeks without a paycheck to the tune of the Federal Government having to provide a stimulus package to bail folks out. I am quite sure someone; somewhere is tracking this “most revealing” trend, perhaps with ulterior motives, more on that later.

            Who hasn’t noticed the Stock Markets of the world lately? This downward trend started a few weeks ago, since that time some of the biggest economies of the world, the U.S, China, Germany and the EU, Japan, have lost almost 1/3 in value. Incredible; trillions of dollars wiped off the markets, just like that! I have wondered, maybe you as well, how can that be, how can the markets be so volatile? The “Circuit Breaker” on Wall Street, as it is called has been tripped three times since the slide, or it could have been worse they say. I have to ask this; how can we have allowed this to happen? We are intelligent people are we not? In comparison to other flu viruses where millions of people have perished; why wasn’t those flu epidemics even considered headlines in our local paper. Is there more to this than meets the eye? I see where Germany is going to pump 150 billion dollars into their economy, compared to the U.S. that’s nothing. The U.S. has passed a resolution to add a whopping 2 Trillion dollars into our economy. This is to avert a monetary meltdown per the elected officials. This was done before we even reached a local flu level worldwide. I must admit I may be missing something here, but to me, the response to this level of disaster at this point is way over-kill. So, that makes me wonder if there is more to this than we see at our level of observation? I read a headline the other day that got me thinking about this thought. The headline read; Is the cure worse than the virus? To which I could add; If the economies of the world go under, roll over, world- wide financial pandemic, bankrupt world goes bust; you get the point, how many will die as a result of that? Who knows, but all one has to do is look at third world countries to see many folks dying of hunger. At this point I can’t say I know for sure what is going on in the world with this Global Pandemic; we’ll see. But I am positive of something that is coming to this world that will make the Great Depression pale in comparison.

            For those folks that believe what the Bible says, and for those that will one day wish they had, some very relevant truths abound. Does the Bible have anything to say about a financial meltdown on a worldwide scale? I wish it didn’t, but it does. In the Book of Revelation (The Final Book of the Bible) covers these end-time events.

I’m sure many folks have heard of the NWO; the New World Order. Many past Presidents have hawked it, leaders of other Countries have called for it, it’s part of a Global Agenda, for reference see Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. Overall; its part of what the Bible reveals that is coming; a One World Government, a One World Currency and a One World Religion. Do we see any signs these events are coming to past? Could a global pandemic be used to usher in the NWO, not sure, but something about world financial instability could surely be used to usher in some type of new order. One more thought; 2 trillion dollars will be added to the National Debt. In 2008 the National Debt was just over 8 trillion dollars, in just 12 years it has ballooned to over 23 trillion dollars. The bubble will burst, when, how bad, how devastating, it will be worldwide you can bet on that.    

            The Bible says this will happen in the end of days (not the end of the world) just in the end times. Revelation Chapter 6: 5; And when He had opened the 3rd Seal; I heard the 3rd beast say; come and see. And I beheld, and lo a “Black Horse”; and he that had sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. Verse 6; And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say; a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. I can only provide a brief here as it pertains to what I feel is relevant to our discussion. Many folks have heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is not some fictional rambling of Bible thumpers as many might assume. Let’s consider the Black Horse and its rider, the guy with a pair of balances or scales in his hand. The world is being judged at this point, but something has happened to the economies of the world. The Word declares in no uncertain terms that it will take a day’s wages to buy just a loaf of bread. In the days when these words were penned a penny (days wages) would buy a loaf of bread. Many may have read in the history of Germany in the 1930’s, people would have a wheel barrow of money just to eat lunch at a local restaurant. In other words money was worthless, a financial meltdown. Whether money is worthless or scarce, the bottom line is that it will take a day’s wages to just buy a loaf of bread, if you are lucky enough to find that. There is more to this account that is important for us to know. This Black Horse rider shows up after the Church has been removed from planet earth. The Church leaves in Chapter 4:1; the; Come up hither of the Church. It is at this precise time of the Churches leaving that Chapter 6 begins; concurrently. When does the Church leave? Good question; so it pays to b ready at all times.

            Something is coming, and soon per many in the know. Is this the pre-cursor to the big Global Meltdown, not sure, I find it very significant. However, I’m still here, it hasn’t happened yet, there is still time to be prepared. How does one prepare for that? By following God’s plan to make sure you are not here when all this begins to happen.


Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

The Writing On The Wall
Sunday, March 01 2020

In the days of ancient Israel there is recorded an account of something that took place that is so dramatic that its message must be told again and again. But before we get to the account of what transpired, a slight review of prior events that led up to it first. The year was 605 BC, the first group of Israelites had been carried off to Babylon for a seventy year captivity. The Old Testament Prophet Daniel would be one of the first people to be part of this group. Over a period of time God would use Daniel to interpret dreams for the King which resulted in his being promoted to third in command over the Kingdom of Babylon in time. In 538 BC an event would take place that would forever change the course of the Babylonian Kingdom. It was during this time that King Nabonitus of Babylon was absent that his son Belshazzar would throw a feast for a thousand of his lords, (Dan 5). Parties and feasts are a way of life for the rich and powerful one would think, but this party would forever go down in the history books.

As the account goes, Belshazzar invites all the lords and ladies for a huge bash at the Big House, the Banquet Hall. We are talking about unlimited food and drink, party time, lewd stuff; pretty sure morals were cast out the door. I remember reading somewhere this feast lasted for several days; it went from a feast to a drunken and sinful fest. It was during this time that Belshazzar called for the vessels that were taken from the Jewish Temple (Holy and Sacred Vessels) to be brought to the banquet hall to be used for unholy purposes, desecrated, even concubines drank from them. No problem with that right, just some old religious junk, who cares about Church stuff anyway? I quote from Daniel 5:4; and they drank wine and praised the gods of gold, silver and brass; iron, wood and stone. It would turn out this was not only a bad move, but a stupid one as well. In the “same hour” came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the King’s Palace; and the King saw the part of the hand that wrote. It seems they didn’t have to wait too long to get a response from God. Then the King’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, and his knees smote one against the other. Why was the King so fearful; because there was a written message in the plaster on the wall! What is interesting is; once again, the King, nor anyone else, could read what the message said. Eventually Daniel’s name would come up, as he had interpreted messages for Belshazzar’s grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar. By now Daniel is around eighty years old, a mighty man of God, he would interpret the message. The famous words of; MENE MENE- TEKEL-UPHARSIM, Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting! These words would be forever immortalized among those that believe there is a God that rules in the Heavens and over the affairs of man. That very night Belshazzar would be slain, the party was over, the Kingdom would be taken over by the Medes. I dare say many folks may think this account is just another religious story of some past event, saying; I could care less about it, it was a onetime event, forget it. To that I would bring to mind the wise words from someone in the past; those that forget the past are destined to repeat it.

Can we draw any conclusions or learn any lessons from what we read about the feast that brought down the Babylonian Kingdom? At a glance; the first thing I note is that, though it was the Babylonians that desecrated the Holy vessels that brought God’s judgment, it could have been any Kingdom or Country having done similar, could incur God’s judgment. The second thing I note was the King and his lords were not able to interpret the writing on the wall. As usual, the world, in this case the Babylonians never see that their actions are viewed upon by the Lord, until often times it’s too late to do anything about it. They just don’t see the writing on the wall spiritually, before the writing on the wall appears physically. I submit long before the writing on the wall, there were safeguards in one’s heart that says; you are treading on dangerous ground. The third glaring truth is to call upon someone who can tell us what it means. According to the account, soothsayers, astrologers and the like were all summoned to interpret the writing, of which, as usual none were able.  That would lead to calling upon the Church and/or its anointed people of God. Of which I may say is the last persons to ever be called upon in most cases. I believe there is much more to be gleaned from this account.

I have read over the years where some Bible Commentators have talked about three Babylon’s being listed in the Bible. The first one would be the physical Babylon in Iraq which is so called; “Political Babylon”. But the other two seem to be harder to identify. Some Bible experts believe the U.S.A is the second Babylon, so called; “Economic Babylon”, because of the location of the UN and Wall Street connection. The third Babylon, or “Mystery Babylon”, is believed to be Rome, in Italy. Each Babylon and location has merit as to where each name is/were derived from I’m sure. However I saw a person on a TV show quite some time back talk about how he thought the U.S. better fits the bill as “Mystery Babylon”. His thinking has merit as many of his talking points definitely could point to this Country.  Since our article is about the writing on the wall and how Babylon of old was judged (weighed) in the balances and art found wanting, that opens the door to this thought; if the U.S. is one of the three Babylon/s; are there any parallels of our Country to Babylon of old? Are we presently doing anything that would bring about judgment upon us?

You can be sure God is not wiping out Countries because they aren’t perfect, if that were the case, no Country would exist. But when a Country, a people deliberately desecrate the things God says are Holy, to that extent, the writing is on the wall. If I were asked to read or interpret what is going on in this Country right now, how would I interpret what I see? Are there any things in this Country we could say were Sacred, Holy, vessels or otherwise that we should handle with care and reverence? And if there are such objects and/or Holy things, how are we handling them? In analyzing what is sacred, I wouldn’t just look to some golden vessels to limit our judgment call to, as there are some items that are far above that in the list of Holy items. The first thing I see on the list is God Himself, nothing or no one more Holy. How have we handled Him, do we respect Him, give place to Him, reverence Him. No, we have or are trying to cast God out of just about everything in our Country. God’s Holy Word fares no better, to the removal of the 10 Commandments from public sight, from the class rooms of our schools, Government Buildings, remove the Cross’ from Military grave yards/sites, and upon Memorial sites, etc. But that is not all by any means, the sacredness of marriage the covenant is under attack. Even the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by our highest Courts in the land, thus opening the door of unholy unions. In yet another case, how do we handle one of God’s most precious gifts called life? We have relegated life to unimaginable levels of depravity in just a few short decades. The turning from God has brought the murder of the innocents, called infanticide. The Babylonians kind of flaunted judgment, I see that now with the homosexual community hijacking the “rainbow” and placing it upon their flag to promote a godless agenda. Need I remind you that the rainbow was a sign of God’s Covenant not to destroy the world by a flood “judgment” again! Once again, incredible desecration of the Holy, and people are good with it. Who or what is behind this mayhem; this throw God and His Word out of everything moral, downslide?

That takes us to Belshazzar himself of old. I believe he and his lords best represents the godless part of the Babylonian Kingdom. And since he was second in command may reveal a mystery of what is going on right now in the U.S. We have a President right now who has stood up for God and godliness in this Country since he took office. He has taken a stand against infanticide, by trying to defund the murder mills being supported by our tax dollars, he stands up for Israel, beefed up our military that had been depleted in recent years and stands with the Jewish and Christian community. But there is this fringe, “second in command” so to speak, that keeps trying to muscle in its progressive agenda. This group that wants to desecrate the Holy things of God, remove God from everything we call Holy and dear. It is called the “Deep State”, it is run by these progressives, some elected, many appointed. They have an alternate agenda, and it does not include God, they could care less about life and the promotion of it. These people either represent the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party, all of which are a godless party.

How do I interpret what I see coming? If the people in the U.S. love God and the liberty He has given to us all from the inception of this Country then we better stand against the tyranny these left wing progressives are trying to foist upon us. If this Country does indeed turn out to be “Mystery Babylon”, and a parallel does exist, it is because we have allowed the dark side of the Socialist/Communist Party to invade our fair shores and take us from within as they said they would, and never fire a shot. And if that happens, I believe that just as the Babylonians were over taken over by the Medes, this Country will be overtaken as well. We have time to read and interpret the writing on the wall, and to make right choices; we need to do it now. It’s time to turn back to God while you still can, Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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Special Guest Commentary





You might be wondering what prompted the writing of this bodacious quotation book? What better time than now to be reminded of how both essential and fragile our country is. America is experiencing one of its darkest periods in recent history.  For over three years, we have witnessed some truly vicious and ugly political unrest.

          A ceaseless cacophony of accusations, innuendo, and intrigue have kept those in Washington and the media ever busy. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, to watch the daily news and social media, one would never know that the stock market had hit all-time highs numerous times in the last 54 months, or we’d had the lowest unemployment numbers in decades, and the lowest unemployment rate among blacks ever!  President Trump also renegotiated trade deals that  were fairer to America.

          Then, in January 2020, our nation was rocked when the Coronavirus landed on our shores and ended our way of life as we know it. Soon there were daily press briefings from the White House and various doctors. Each day virus information was plentiful, contradictory, and confusing. People were dying. We heard that hospitals were going to be overrun with COVID cases.

          The army set up hospital tents in various cities to handle the tens of thousands that were expected to land there. It didn’t happen. Hospitals were going to be inundated and unable to care for all of the sick. The army hospitals were never used – not one patient was seen in many of these. They were eventually dismantled. What happened? All non-essential surgeries and doctors’ visits were canceled. Hospitals were virtually emptied. And now? Many health care workers have been terminated or furloughed because the hospital's operating capital has vanished.    

           Now, thousands have died! Our elderly, who were not adequately protected in nursing homes, have had the most significant number of deaths. The actual numbers of COVID deaths cannot be relied upon because of highly questionable methodologies for assigning the cause of death. The rationale for this might be related to government funding to hospitals for each COVID case.     Time will tell as we compare data from previous years for various causes of deaths to see if the other numbers are in line with past years, OR if there's been a sharp decline in other categories, and they have been pushed into the COVID category.  And, suddenly, in the last several weeks, cases have begun to spike again. There is substantial debate on if it’s because many more people are getting tested. There is so much information out there – unreliable at best, that there’s no sense in discussing it at this point.

          Governors in many states issued draconian lock-down orders threatening people with arrests and the closure of businesses, or cancellation of necessary licenses if they didn’t abide by these rules. Masks and gloves were donned, not in hospitals, but stores and any public places. We even saw a parent handcuffed and arrested in front of his little girl because he dared to play ball with her in an empty field. A salon owner was arrested and jailed for opening her salon to pay her bills and put food on her table. Many other Gestapo tactics, such as these, were used to keep people in line. YES, I am talking about America!

            Americans have turned against one another. Some believe everything that the CDC, World Health Organization, and government say. Others believe there is a conspiracy to subjugate the people as a test to see how much they'll tolerate and for how long. It's been, in my opinion, a phenomenal success. People hate each other more than ever. Make no mistake; the various powers have observed very carefully to see how we've all responded. Unfortunately, it's been too much for many, and suicides have skyrocketed. Prescriptions for mood-altering drugs to cope with the crisis have also gone up dramatically (as if we didn't already have an opioid epidemic.)

          Younger Americans seem to be suffering more than most from deep depression, isolation, and loneliness.  I find this completely paradoxical since they are the generation that is so disconnected from one-on-one relationships, and so completely connected to their phones and other electronic devices. You can’t sit in the same room, or at the same table with them, without sharing their time with their hand-held devices! And yet, they are  the ones suffering from their own self-created lack of meaningful relationships with others.  

           The mainstream media, who now chooses to cherry-pick what they report, excluding vital details, has become an op-ed machine rather than a fair and unbiased media. What was once the actual news is now a daily dose of propaganda. And fear mongering. I once believed everything I heard on the evening news! I now question absolutely everything I hear on the evening news! I have no faith in the honesty, integrity, or intentions of what is being "reported." Who exactly can we turn to for the facts and not opinions? I don't know.

           Just when we were beginning to see the light, and the states were opening things back up, one rogue cop, caught in the horrendous act of murdering a black man by kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes, captured the country’s attention.  The anger and outrage at this injustice rocked every corner of our nation. But, within the black community, it ignited a firestorm of rage and anger. That moment symbolized, for many, both black and white, the brutality of a small percentage of police that has unfairly tarnished ALL police officers. To believe this of an entire segment of people is blatantly untrue and unfair.

           That was the tinderbox that erupted into the scenarios we are now witnessing, hour by hour, day after day, that could be right out of the movie “Escape from New York.”  Cities are burning. Businesses looted. People are being shot, and armed citizens are patrolling their neighborhoods to keep looters out and their areas safe with their weapons.

          A six-block area has been taken over by anarchists. Checkpoints have been established for entering and exiting, and there are check-points to allow people in or out. They are extorting business owners, and the Mayor of Seattle seems to think it’s a “summer block party.”  I guess she is not aware that a new country has been set up in a six-block area now known as CHAZ/CHOP – Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. You can’t make this stuff up!

          All across our country,  statues and monuments are being defaced and torn down – while those in charge sit on their hands and let the anarchists destroy America, insisting there is nothing they can do. Every day the frenzy continues as the calls for changing names of military bases, schools, colleges, sports teams, etc., escalates. It is complete insanity.

           Right on cue, the media and politicians have seized upon the opportunity to stoke the coals of division and hatred. I cry for our nation and what we have allowed ourselves to become.  I don't know the people seen on T.V. I don't come in contact with the level of black, or white,  Americans seen on there – they don't represent those with whom I daily interact.  People with thinking brains understand that these broad generalizations are not only untrue, but inherently harmful to us individually, and collectively as a nation.    

          Many officials of these large cities have refused to address the rioters and insist upon calling them, protesters. They seem to have limited knowledge of vocabulary for no one in their right mind would equate a protester and a rioter who burns, loots,  and harms people, as the same thing.        The very thing that the black community, what all communities need, are jobs and businesses. Now, thousands have seen their streets and businesses burned and destroyed, some of which will never return. Those jobs are permanently lost.  Those black communities will again know the pains of hopelessness and living in burned-out hulls of their former cities.

           But take hope. While all of this has happened, America's elite have raised over twenty million dollars – wait for it – not to help rebuild those cities, but to bail out the “protesters” who have destroyed those cities. Yes, this is where we are. There seems to be no help for those who work and play by the rules. No support is arriving from Hollywood elites and wealthy athletes for those people. One must question why?

           I’m watching this and feeling astounded, and at times utterly hopeless. The Washington leadership (can we call it that?) is still dividing us, still trying to rush through bills that are an atrocity, and I'm thinking to myself, has pandering and appeasement ever gotten anyone anywhere?'  Has that given people jobs and hope? Has that lifted them out of poverty? And, I feel, most importantly, has that increased their self-respect and self-reliance?  That I can answer with a resounding NO! To deny any human being the chance to work and produce, to feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done, is to deny a basic human need – to feel valued.

          I don’t understand all of the machinations of politics (I couldn’t sleep at night if I did). I do know one thing as a person who loves their country – that we can’t, we must not give up on America. Too many people have given their lives for our America. We are in a fight for the very soul of this country. That might sound dramatic, but it is a fact. Many want to tear it apart – rebuild it into what they “envision” would be a better place. The founding fathers had a profoundly inciteful vision for the greatest country that the world has ever known. They knew history, and they sought to use their knowledge to create a more perfect union. (Where have we heard that before?)

            There are days when I question everything. At moments I give up hope and want to surrender. Times when I think if that is what THEY want, then they can have it. But it is not ours to give away! We owe a debt to our country to protect it from enemies, both foreign and domestic. That is our duty as a patriotic American who is willing to speak up and stop the insanity.

           I call upon my strong faith in God, knowing that whatever He has in store, He is with us. When America turned Him out of their schools, their homes, and their hearts, our decline began.  That is what happens when we shrugged our shoulders and said, “Oh well, what can you do?” Or, “Live and let live.” Now you can see the left doesn’t want people to live and let live. They want to control us. There seems to be no middle ground. This indeed is something new.

            I have seen the thousands of crosses marking graves of our soldiers who fought for democracy around the world and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I mourn with families who have known the pain of losing those heroes. I remind myself that I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that America is a country of citizens who deserve to live in peace and prosperity, fellowship, and understanding. Abraham Lincoln was well aware, as our country teetered on the brink of civil war, that "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  (Mark 3:25)

            America is equivalent to a marriage. Sometimes we see all the best she has to offer, and we're starry-eyed and optimistic. Other times, we see everything as irreconcilable and dark. Then, it's as though we would like a divorce.  But saving America is worth the fight. We have a lot of work ahead of us. A great deal of understanding and healing needs to be done.

          We need to commit to providing more opportunities for all. And, more of a commitment to make each person responsible for their actions. We must step up to the plate and take personal responsibility – stop pointing the finger and passing the buck. Even though it seems impossible through the lens of the current crisis, I do believe in miracles. It's going to take courage, strength, consistency, fairness, rules for all, and laws that everyone must follow - not just a few. It will also necessitate a commitment from those in Washington to come together and serve America – not themselves. I don’t believe they will do that willingly. Their strength lies in our discord!

            How could I express all of these thoughts and feelings in a small book? I've always been enamored with quotations! With just a few carefully chosen words strung together like a beautiful strand of pearls, they present a profound concept. These BODACIOUS quotations have been hand-picked for an important point or reminder about freedom, honesty, politicians, government, personal duty, economics, liberty, and above all else, man's responsibility to think for himself. History has gifted us with brilliant people, whose insightful reasoning and words of wisdom have proven ageless. They deserve to be heard once again as valuable reminders to each of us.

          It is my sincere hope that you will become even more bodacious in your patriotism. I hope that you will find meaningful ways to become a better, more involved citizen. I pray that this will stimulate conversation and inspire each of you to understand your unique "Power of One" and step into your new bodacious life! America is depending upon you.


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