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Pastor's Commentary

What If I Were In-charge
Tuesday, December 03 2019

We live in a very volatile time in history; at present the world seems to be teetering toward some cataclysmic disaster/event. I’m not the only one that sees this from observance. I am also very disturbed about the direction far too many in this Country want it to go. History shows, I mean centuries; struggle was part of the landscape that brought for this great Country. This present generation has lived off others hard labors carefree and seems to be oblivious as to what it takes for these blessings to have come forth let alone continue. You could say many had life handed to them (younger generations) on a silver platter. It’s no mystery how we came to be so incredibly blessed; from God’s Divine Providence to the many lives that perished fighting for this great Country, even to the many paying the ultimate sacrifice. You can be sure not everyone agrees on the fix to what is needed to right the ship, and that is the premise to this article; what if “you” were appointed, elected, selected to be the one “In-Charge” to right the ship, could you do it, would you do it?

If I were the lucky or more accurately the unlucky one to be elected/selected to take over the helm, what would I do? Instead of wasting your time reading what I would do, let’s consider what the person that was duly elected to lead this great Country can do, should do, or use his best judgment and resources to do. However; I will give my two cents on what the President has done and see if it’s what I would have done; seems fair enough, as many of us are very opinionated.

That takes us to our duly elected, by the people; President, in this case Donald Trump. Some have declared the President of the USA as the most powerful man on the planet; His predecessors would also be considered as powerful in most cases. This power structure is not totally based on the “Man” in office, but the power of the Country in which he represents, economically and militarily. The President of our Country is “sworn in” at a special service; wherein he is supposed to; faithfully execute the office of the Presidency to the best of his ability and to; preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a mere 35 words that proclaim his allegiance to his Country, duty and task. At this point I inject this thought; if I were given just such a task as leading this great Country, guess what I would use as my guide, (besides the Lord), the United States Constitution, the very blueprint designed to lead our Nation. And the very Document that is part of the “swearing in” statement. Of course we shouldn’t forget the office of the President is just that, he is not a King, a Pharaoh or ruler like in some backward country. He is the leader or focal point of our Country from the Executive Branch of office. The Senate and the Congressional Branches round out the responsibilities of our Government, primarily. No one person was to be a ruler in the U.S., this is important to remember when considering why issues are not resolved more rapidly than they should be.

There was a time in this Country when Civics was taught in school. I’m told that it has went by the wayside years ago. Resultant; many in the younger generations have no idea what the Constitution is all about, the Bill of Rights and other most important Documents that have produced and provided for the many blessings we have and hold dear in this great Republic. Our elected President has the duty and responsibility to uphold these great ideals and is accountable to “the people” if he does not. With that in mind; his responsibilities are performed within the confines of these National Documents. There are so many responsibilities within the office of the President; it would take a book to cover them all in detail, with that a few of the more relevant to our times, issues will be discussed here.

Rest assured; if I were in a position of responsibility to protect this Country, I would do it to the best of my ability, you would too, or I would have to question your love and allegiance to the USA. One of the most important things a President is required to do while in office is the protection our Country, hence; he is the Commander in Chief. There are many arms of the Government that do just that; protecting us from a very hostile world anymore. Consider what happens if there is a lapse of such protections; as on 911, 3000 souls perished in a moment of time on our own soil no less. What would our resolve be to protect this Country from some foreign enemy? Do you think there may be some things the President would know that he could not divulge to its people in performance of his tasks, say yes? I would rather explain to the American people why I took out some depot bent on our destruction; that try to explain why we let some guy and his bunch murder hundreds of our people while I did nothing. With the rapid advance of technology, and delivery systems; we could have a barrage of nuclear missiles on our doorstep within an hour! The idea is to stop the threat before it shows up.

On another note we see a lot in the news about undocumented citizens entering our Country. Is that a problem, I say yes? If I were in office, I would follow the law and rules concerning such entry of people/s, as there are immigration laws on the books.  Does the President not have the right, ye, the responsibility to curtail such an influx into our Country? What is his first duty; to its citizens right? Statistics show many illegal/s are criminals that were in foreign jails before they show up here bringing misery to our own citizens. Don’t we have a sense of duty to protect our own citizens from the likes of this? That takes us to another malady with undocumented people, voting; why would these folks be eligible to vote? There is a great whine taking place right now about this very thing. There seems to be a certain political group; you guessed it, the Democrats who are bent on getting these illegal people the right to vote; it called “votes”. They’ll send you a ballot in the mail and show you who to vote for; you don’t even have to speak English. Does it make sense to see people that have worked hard, paid their fair share, labors/taxes, maybe even have personally or have had someone in their family serve our Country in the military, witness the big give away to people that could care less for our Country? We see people whine about curtailing this influx, but what happens if we don’t, we going deep in the red financially every year, bankruptcy is imminent, think Depression Days of old; is this what our people want? I think the President is doing his job well to curb this; people that love their Country would do no less.

We also hear a lot about the Stock Market, the economy, cash flow, etc. I would give the President high marks on what he has done to preserve this Country financially, for the most part; once again he is only one man of this Country’s leaders. Presidents past have given away the farm, so to speak. So much manufacturing has moved out of the US, many other Countries have gotten fat off the US, China is a good example. You’ve seen it; many of our own people occupying the Food Stamp lines, welfare, Medicaid, because the jobs were going overseas. That is until Trump shows up; he got this Country out of some of these worthless one sided Treaties and renegotiated others, all in order to level the playing field again. Take a look at the Stock Markets again, the highest ever seen. Consumer confidence that hasn’t been seen in recent years is booming. When I say confidence, I mean people feeling like they will have a job in the future because their Company isn’t going anywhere unless the Socialists take over.

No one person can share all the ills in one small article, but there is one more observation that I feel needs to be addressed. There is an old saying; United We Stand; Divided We Fall. Why is there so much animosity toward our Government as of recent? No matter what right is done, there is mass criticism? I believe it is because there are several “idealisms” that are being foisted against our way of life in this Country and whosoever stands against them is severely scrutinized. Our Country was founded upon Christ and Christians values. Many people in this Country don’t have a problem with that, and have taught these values to their children since this Countries inception. Being a Christian or Nation is not tolerated for many people of other persuasions, or no god group of persuasion, in the US or outside. You may have seen this on the news, somewhere in the Far East; ISIS murdered 11 Christians on Christmas Day, and posted the video, you know how, arms tied behind their back, most barbaric of tortuous methods possible, to them Christians are infidels, anyone that doesn’t align with their religion is to be murdered. In China right now, Churches are under attack, Christians are being beaten, Church building demolished, why, you know why. The rise repressive religions, and the rise of Communism, an ideology of Godlessness, (there is no God to them)! Also the rise “again” of Socialism, the idea that the Government is made up of nice people, they have our best interest at heart. It’s part of the Big Brother concept; you work, they take and control what you have worked for and mete it back to you, while the bureaucrats get fat and happy. The surveillance of society will keep growing until one day everybody will need to marked, a chip is already being offered to takers. Where have you heard that before? It is exactly what the Bible said was coming in the future; the future is here; why do you think they want to get rid of the Church? Do you see any of these destructive devices taking place in this Country? Yes, people voting in people that want the Social Government System in the USA, people running for office that are Socialists, even one candidate that is a known Communist, yes he can do that in the US. The idea is though; we don’t have to vote for him to be in office. And lest we forget the Global Agenda that is being rolled out by the UN as well. International Law; it will do away with our Constitution, our freedoms, our way of life. Many don’t even realize that the UN Agenda also includes disarming the public (take away your weapons) is part of the plan.

In the end Donald Trump seems to have come closest to what I would have done if I were in office. Make no mistake about this, the stakes are high, he has been beat up verbally, made fun of, threatened, maligned, but he has held strong. These truths I have shared isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s way past time to open your eyes and see where athis is headed. What happens in this Country in this Presidential Election Year will be far-reaching, we either continue to resist the darkness of Socialism and other destructive forces or we extinguish the Light. A resent commercial on TV for a Presidential candidate shows him being for women and women for him, he hails from a state that allows the unborn to be murdered at the very point of birth. These two faced people don’t love women, they love votes, how do I know that; he doesn’t even love life. Many voices out there are calling for your vote, what do I do? The Lord says to; choose life, that you may live; people that love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren’t prone to just give these blessings away.  

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Sunday, September 15 2019

 The world is about to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Book; Origin of the Species. On November 24th 1859 the world would forever change in some regards, yes, we can rest easy now, a great discovery has been obtained from the study of certain species of animals and plant life. The conclusion; we have evolved from a lower life form to a higher life form. It’s all there in that little book, Happy Thanksgiving world. This “theory” has been modified more than a little since its inception, but the direction has never changed, and what is that? It takes us from faith in what God said to faith in what science says.

I think I am beginning to see some merit in Darwin’s thinking finally. Evolution seems to promote the idea that “in-vertebrate” (no backbone) life forms somehow crawled out of a primordial mud and over not just millions of years but billions of years now, viola; the ultimate “vertebrate” creature has emerged, man. I must admit, that does take a lot of faith to grab this, but none the less, science says it’s so. Admittedly I don’t buy all of this, but, a thought did come to me concerning this theory of evolution that seems to make more sense. If we can buy the idea of a no life becoming life and an in-vertebrate becoming a vertebrate, then we may also buy the idea of a vertebrate becoming an in-vertebrate. Sounds impossible/crazy, but isn’t that what Darwin’s theory is all about? I think before you finish this article you will see this makes perfect sense.

Now that I have set the tone for what I really want to share, there is a modern movement going on right now that has the potential to derail all that most logical people hold dear. And when I say logical, that is also what is under attack as well. Do values still matter to anyone? I know they do to a lot of people. When I say values I mean a moral ethic that does not have to be legislated still exist within the soul of mankind? And if the answer is yes, where did these values/morality originate? If I say the Creator, the God of the Universe, I can hear the whines and wails of many right now, we don’t believe in your God, we actually hate the idea that someone or God can tell me what to do. Whether one accepts the fact that God exists or not and that one day according to Him we have a date with Him does not change the facts. If we eliminate the moral factor, remove the value system, or at least not adhere to it, you have moral chaos. Can we not see what God instituted thousands of years ago to humanity we know as the 10 Commandments is just as relevant now as when they were given? These Laws of God were not given to bring misery upon mankind, but actually just the opposite, a quality of life. When people make science their god, literally saying; these be our gods, and cast away the words of Almighty God, we have a problem. Are there ramifications toward a society that decides they no longer want to adhere to a moral code or maybe even change the moral code to their own liking? I think the answer may be going on all around us right now.

People think it’s old fashioned to assume a marriage of one man and one woman anymore. God declares from the beginning that the family unit is perpetuated when this absolute is adhered to, and it has been that way for many millennia with no problems, until now. It’s a mixed bag in our day and time, men with men, women with women, women wanting to marry their pets, you get the point. The family unit is being destroyed. Look down the road, can we not see where this headed in just a short time? Also the transgender issue, you were born with what you are biologically. People need to get over it, if you are a woman, you are not and will not be a man. The same goes for the guys, you may act like someone you are not, but you cannot be who you were not born to be, (unless some radical surgery takes place I’m not aware of). Where is this headed, watch the pre trials to the Olympics, the guys are running with the girls and blowing them away thus calling this fair? In the wrestling arena it’s the same way, some monster against some poor girl. And don’t forget power lifting, same scenario. These people need mental help, why don’t someone just tell them, boys with boys and girls with girls. Here’s one that will disturb anyone, pedophilia, predators who prey on the vulnerable little children. Though not tolerated it seems, it’s becoming more bold and prevalent all the time. How do you feel about “drag queens” (big burley guys dressed as women) reading their homosexual agenda books to the kindergartners in school? Not that many years ago these people would have been run out of town; it’s a slippery slope this Country is on. Our heart should go out to those that are mentally challenged and try to help them get back on track, surely not promote such. There was a time when life was precious to most folks, enter 2019, the unborn may never see the light of day, body parts for sale on the open market. That which was right at one time is now considered wrong, and that which was wrong is now considered right. So, people think God’s Word is out of date with our modern culture; we can do better without God, really?

This is where I make the connection about the vertebrate (backbone) creature becoming an in-vertebrate. I see many people, starting at the home level and progressing up toward the society level, and on to the Government level as going backwards in ethics, values, morality, in taking a stand. People have seemed to lose the collective backbone, hence; becoming an in-vertebrate. Why can’t people just speak up and say; for thousands of years we did fine following God’s Laws and precepts, and we are not going to alter it just for a few deranged thinkers. Where is the backbone nowadays that once made this Country the great Country that it is? If this ship isn’t righted soon, moral depravity will be the normal of the land. There are now parades that promote some of the most vile acts in public one could ever imagine, and the police are ordered to stand down. And if that were not bad enough, people are being vilified for saying this is vile. The time to stand up and be counted is now, ask yourself; is this the road we really want to go down?

God help us to get a life before we squander the beautiful life He has given us. If you think this route that is being taken has no consequences, think again. Societies of old are buried in the sands of time bearing these words; Be not deceived, God is not is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Love Grown Cold
Monday, September 02 2019

Having grown up in the 60’s as a teenager, I could say, I have seen just about everything. As I’ve read often, it was a time of transition, the old guard was stepping down, or being forced out may be closer to it. Those songs of the day still echo in my mind; what couldn’t be said from a podium was often spoken in song; it’s still that way I think. If you lived during that era, do you remember all the love songs? It’s easy to do a lyric search to retrieve that old song you loved so much, nowadays. For this article I checked out some of Jackie De Shannon’s famous hits like; Love, Sweet Love, or maybe the song in 1969; Put a Little Love in Your Heart, I really liked that one. Who would forget the old Elvis song; Love Me Tenderly, what passion? Yes, there was a lot going on back then, some of it even good.

It is with that thought; “this element of love”, that I want to share a brief on this most important subject. Like the song from Jackie D. above; “What the world needs now, is Love, sweet Love”, I agree 100%. It seems to me folks are better at singing the songs than being a participant in such an activity from recent observation. There seems to be such evil in the world, this is getting to be a deadly place anymore. It’s true I was no Angel growing up, I got in more than my fair share of scraps, but I never wanted to kill anybody, still don’t. I always tell folks nowadays that get on my wrong side, it looks like I may have to take you out, and buy you a hamburger for lunch that is, gets a good laugh some times, but none the less a good offer. What this world needs is love, a genuine love for one another, a heart that is not so easily offended, a place where we take the loss, rather than promote the issue. I wrote a book a few years ago that has a Chapter on our topic of love. I think it is a good read, hopefully you will as well.

The Bible has much to say on love, much of what I share is from that perspective. In Galatians 5: 22-23 The “Fruit of the Spirit” is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against such, there is no law. Fruit is the product of the branches, which are or can be connected to the main tree or vine, which is the Lord. What the Spirit does in and through us is to produce the fruit of which we, on our own could never produce. Just as its natural and normal for a healthy tree and vines to produce fruit, it should be just as natural for Christians to produce fruit as well. Once again the Holy Spirit’s ministry/job is to do this great work in us as willing and cooperative children of God. In Mathew 12:33b says; that every tree is known by its fruit. Perhaps you noticed the way the Fruit of the Spirit is listed, it’s not “fruits” as I have heard many make such reference. Having lived in Florida most of my life I am familiar with fruit trees having a variety of fruit growing on the same tree. Our orange trees can actually grow lemons, tangerines, as many as five different citrus products all at the same time. Talk about a tree that would be good for a small back yard. With the idea of a tree growing so many different fruit, the idea of the Fruit of the Spirit may be easier to grasp. In Psalm 1, it says we shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of living water, and as a result nine fruit will grow on/in our spiritual tree as well. I’m good with that, I don’t know about you but I wasn’t too happy with the way my tree looked before the Lord came on board. And that may where a lot of folks are in their life right now. We (humans) were born with a nature that is not overly loving; when pushed (our hidden nature), it comes out, ugly and all.

Love, the 1st fruit, quite a contrast exists between what the world calls love, and what God calls love. Concerning relationships; I would imagine many folks have heard the line, “I love you”. Is it genuine or shallow, time and commitment will tell? But take heart, there is help in finding the answer to that before one invests too time much in a relationship. If it doesn’t line up with what God says love is, beware. I heard an old saying once; “I hope that puppy love doesn’t turn into a dog’s life”. So, is there a pattern or more precisely a Divine pattern to determine what love really is from what it is not? You’re probably thinking by now, why didn’t I hear this a long time ago. So here are some thoughts on love, of all the fruit, it’s the most important. Please note, God’s love is the Gold Standard. If we are to know anything about this great phenomenon you need to learn it from the Lord and His Word. Agape Love is referred to as the God type of love. What is that to us you may ask?  It just so happens that by God placing His Holy Spirit in us when we got saved, it is now possible for us to demonstrate some of the attributes of God’s nature in us supernaturally. Don’t be surprised if you begin to look and act like Jesus more and more, no that’s not blasphemy, just walking out of darkness and into the Light. In the order of Divine attributes, Love is the # 1 supreme attribute of God, God is Love. It is His nature, In John 3:16 it says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son”. It’s not that God had a couple of dozen sons to give away so He wouldn’t mind giving one away. In Romans 5:8, “For God commended His love for us, in that we were sinners, Christ died for us. Can you comprehend that, I can’t, I just receive it. Much could be said, much has been written, who can know the depth of God’s love?

In I Cor 13: 2-8 Paul gives the best “outline” on what love is. This is what the Holy Spirit is trying to produce in us, all people for that matter. Did you know that most of the fruit of the Spirit is a product of love, the first fruit. The word charity is often interchangeable with the word love in the Bible. The Amplified Version of the Bible does much credit to these verses below. **** Verse 4 Love is patient, even tempered, not easily provoked. Love is kind, returns good for evil, puts itself in service of others. Love is not envious, never draws undo attention to itself. Love is not proud, it does not lord over others, does not demean others.  Love is not rude or indecent, never embarrasses anyone, Love is not self-seeking, demonstrates giving more than getting. Love is not easily angered, A mode of overcoming evil with good. Love keeps no record of wrongs, fast to forgive and forget. Love does not delight in evil, it never delights in someone’s failure. Love bares all, believes, hopes and endures all things. Maintains a positive performance based walk at all times. **** Tell me; don’t want some of that? When we walk in these attributes, we make better brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, moms and dads, Christians, workers on the job etc. This love never fails.

The 2nd of the Fruit is; Joy, not just a giddy feeling, we are talking about joy down in your soul. A joy that says, it is well with my soul, people would give anything for that. Do you need some joy, just give your life to the Lord, all can attest to the validity of this fruit. We all run into times when all isn’t well. But not to worry, Its a joy the world doesn’t give folks, resultant; the world can’t take it away. When all looks less than favorable, you can have something within. In Isaiah 61:10, I delight greatly in the Lord, my soul rejoices in God. The New Testament agrees, in I Peter 1:8, We are filled with an inexpressible joy, as being a victim or being victorious, I’ll take the joy filled life.

The 3rd Fruit is Peace; in the Old Testament it meant a greeting, a spirit of tranquility and freedom from either inward or outward disturbance. A peace with God brought about by right relationship through Christ. It’s a life of health, wholeness and harmony. In Psalm 4:8, I will lie and sleep in peace. In Psalm 29:11, The Lord gives strength and peace to His people. In the Gospel of John 14: 27, The Lord Himself says, My peace, I give you, not as the world gives. Paul in Romans 8:6, for to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. So, there you have it, the power twins, joy and peace.

            The 4th Fruit is; Longsuffering; equates to Patience, Endurance under trials, long suffering, is the act of enduring pains or trials without complaining. Manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain. The Word of God says having done all to stand, stand some more. This is a great spiritual fruit that will take you down the long road ahead. Most folks don’t get saved and die soon afterward, this is for the long haul. Some verses that help understand the patience needed for the journey, Luke 21:19, In patience possess ye your souls. Also Romans 5:3, Tribulation works patience in a believer. You read it right, next time you are going through a hard place, ask yourself, am I having some patience issues? Hebrews 6:12 in patience they inherited the Kingdom of God. Waiting on the Lord is part of the plan. Last, James 1:3, The trying of your faith works patience. Enough said.                            

            The 5th Fruit is; Gentleness, Kindness, Titus 3:4, but after that when the kindness and love of Christ toward man appeared. We should endeavor to do likewise. The manner of being gentle, mildness of manners or disposition are now possible to us. I heard a story one time of a fellow who came to Christ and got saved; He was a giant in stature, but what a gentle and humble soul in spirit he turned out to be.

            The 6th Fruit is; Goodness, More than the act of just being good, that’s a given. This goodness includes generosity that shares with those in need, Romans 12:13, James 2:15. If a brother or a sister be naked and destitute, it shares in practical ways as well as spiritual ways. Have you ever seen how Christians respond to a major calamity, or need, either in the Church or outside? Growth in the Lord will cultivate that in us as well. I heard it said somewhere, you can give without being a Christian, but you can’t be a Christian and not give.

The 7th is; Faith, Faithfulness, faithful, trustworthy, reliable, believing. More than outward conformity, Faithful despite circumstances, it comes from a life of faith in God and for His service, beyond the work that is being performed. It also implies loyalty, constancy, and freedom from arbitrariness or fickleness.  God’s faithfulness gives us hope and peace and demonstrates that God will carry out His promises just as His Word says. I Cor 4:2, moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

The 8th Fruit is; Meekness, Gentleness, humility, not to be confused with weakness, enduring injury with patience without resentment. It is not quarrelsome, does not need to defend itself. It is an encourager of others and per Apostle Paul to Titus 3:2, to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men. This is a quality to be admonished to all the brethren about subjection to higher authority and the like. I’ve seen many times where the world thinks Christians and especially guys are wimps, they don’t fight, they don’t cuss (no more), sissies, but nothing could be further from the truth. Consider the Lord Jesus Himself. He could have annihilated the world for rejecting Him (Angels were at the ready), God in the flesh, but what does He do? He allowed the world to humiliate Him unto death, even the death of the cross, that’s power controlled.  

The 9th Fruit is; Temperance- Self Control is last on the list, but not least. It’s the keeping of appetites and passions under control; moderation in action. Keeping yourself in subjection at all times, chastity. 

As one can readily see, if folks were to walk in this level of love, the killings would stop over night, the criminal activity would disappear as well. The lock makers would go out business as the thief would steal no more. This would change the world, the nukes would be dismantled and the Nations Leaders would be content with their land and not someone else’s. Marriages would last forever, lawyers would become extinct, the rule of law would need no more police and judges as everyone would readily obey the law of the land. How far do you want to go, we want to go? The song of old needs to be the songs of now; “What the world needs now; Is Love, Sweet Love”. It can happen, but we need God’s help. The world is a living example that man cannot do this on its own or apart from God. It’s time seek the Lord now, with all your heart, and remember God wrote the Book on love.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

The Elephant
Sunday, August 18 2019

Some time back I was traveling along a back road with my teenage grandson. It was a wooded area of some thousands of acres, a beautiful country scene, where I happen to spot some deer not far off the fence line. I told my grandson; hey look over there at all the deer, to which he looked and looked and just couldn’t see them. He asked me, how do you do that; you seem to see things I just don’t see? I must admit I do have a knack for that, but, in reality I am attuned to wildlife’s shapes and patterns of movement more than the average person having spent much time in the woods camping when I was younger. It is also true many creatures seem to blend in with their surroundings very well, that of course is no accident as their very survival depends on it.

In the case of the elephant he is not much attuned to camouflage, he’s huge, he’s obvious and that’s the nature of the beast. There was a phrase that came out back in the early 1950’s called; “Elephant in the Room”. The idea behind it was from what I read, it was like a metaphor for something so obvious that it was not, nor cannot be overlooked, but was. They chose to not recognize its glaring presence. This metaphor would forever reveal a process by which people, people groups, maybe cities and yes, even nations may do exactly the same thing, ignoring the obvious, even to their own detriment.

            As I write this article our Country has just experienced three mass shootings in a little over a week. With over thirty souls perishing in the aftermath and scores more injured, many are asking; what in the world is going on? Many intelligent people are looking at this glaring problem and asking themselves; what can be done to stem this violence? I have read where one political side believes the answer lies in removing the weapons from the populace; as surely that will irradiate the problem for good. Of course this doesn’t take into account that weapons can be obtained from many under the counter establishments, cons, just about anywhere. If someone is so consumed with mass murder they will find a way seems obvious, remember the big truck in Paris. Whereas the other political side seems to believe we just need to be more vigilant in identifying people with corrupt minds and signs of instability, can’t argue with that. Many of the collective voices are saying we will not be a Nation based on hatred. That sounds good, but it’s already imbedded in our society/culture. Unless I’m wrong, people are still allowed to think what they want, just don’t let your personal ills and prejudices overflow into society. And where is this violence coming from? Much of it can be attributed to the violent images people see on a daily basis. I’m told the video games are one of the worst purveyors of violence imaginable; images of death and destruction are the normal in many of the games. And what age group is caught up in this, you guessed it, the same age as the shooters in the recent mass shootings. But this is not the elephant in the room by any means. Our beloved Country seems also to have a love affair with alcohol, and drugs and just about anything that can bring harm either to oneself or one another, as bad as this is, it is not the elephant either.

            The last time I checked or watched the news, serious crime such as murder is against the Law. I’m quite sure, people that do such acts are aware of this, but seem to justify their acts anyway. The point is, the Law, written words with the authority to enforce such law, has no power in itself to change the heart of the person. The highways of any city has speed limits to safeguard all that travel these roads, but it’s just a number on a sign, the power to obey that law has to come from within. In order to stop this serious crime against the citizenry, people are demanding steps to be taken. Along with that thought, consider a movie that came out years ago called; “Minority Report”. If I remember the plot, crime had gotten to place where public outcry demanded action to be taken. The police department was able to monitor the population through mental telepathy (? two girls), that even thoughts of potential crime were enough to incriminate folks. Is that where we are headed, let’s hope not, but don’t think this isn’t a possibility with all the intelligence networks available in our day and time.

            This takes us back to the question of what is the; “Elephant in the Room”? History has a way of revealing things past that may portend to events in the future. As the old saying goes; they that forget the past, are destined to repeat it. In a book written in 1738 by Bishop George Berkeley; Discourse Addressed to Magistrates and Men in Authority concerning morality in old England, early 1700’s. It was during this time people were not being exposed to the Gospel message as a result of governmental suppression, that moral decline had taken root. In order to stem the crime rate, severe punishment was meted out by the state, even capital punishment for the smallest of criminal acts, as children as young as ten years old were being hung along with adults. Interesting quote from Bishop seems to fit our day and time; the youth born and brought up in wicked times without any bias to good from early principal; or instilled opinion, when they grow ripe, must be monsters indeed. And it is to be feared that the age of monsters be not far off. In other words, where values are instilled in the youth as they grow up, values will be part of their life when they have grown up, or the opposite takes place. There was another occasion where depravation took its toll, as most would remember the book; Mutiny on the Bounty. There were nine mutineers plus native men and women islanders that went ashore on the Pitcairn Island in 1790. It wasn’t long before they discovered they could distill alcohol, resultant, it didn’t take long after that before they descended in moral depravity. Amazing how that stuff works, no one is excluded from its deadly grip once it has you. In just ten years, there remained only one the original mutineers, plus the women and children. It looks like that would be the end of the story, but, I just read where there was a surprise ending to the story from world famous author Jonathan Cahn. That takes us to our last part of what the Elephant is.

            As I quoted the downward slide of Old England in the early 1700’s, there would be a turnaround. One would think the country itself provided the answer, could they not have come up with some type of draconian punishment that even the most hardened criminal would never dare to commit any crime, after all, was this not where the “iron maiden” came from? Here is what happened, in 1769 after many years of absolute decadence, God raised up the Wesley brothers, John and Charles, Protestant Pastors, Bible Teachers to rescue the perishing. They preached to and prayed for the masses, bringing them back from the depths of despair through the Gospel message, not man’s wisdom, but God’s Word. They set up a Sunday School System to teach the masses the Word of God. Did it work? History reveals crime almost disappeared; alcohol disappeared, if there had been drugs in that day and time they too would have vacated the scene. Yes, the magnetic power of evil had been broken, laws weren’t needed where people will voluntarily want to do what is right, are we listening? In the case of the mutineers, something most magnificent happened on that island as well. The last surviving mutineer was looking through the Bounty’s Treasure Chest, no there were no jewels and gems to be found, but there was a treasure that far exceeded all they had ever hoped to find. He found the old ship’s Bible; that had been stashed away all those years, and began to read it, share it; obey it. The Islanders were transformed, the distillery was destroyed, hope was instilled, and reverence for the Eternal God in whom we must all stand before one day was accepted by all.

            The “metaphor” for the Elephant in our present time has to be the Presence and Person of God! We can talk forever on curbing violence, bad behavior, but it all starts in the heart of man. Until we recognize that only the Lord can fix the ills of the heart, it matters little how many laws one passes. Mankind without the Presence of God will not get better, we will only destroy ourselves. Ask yourself, have we adhered to God’s directives outlined in His Word, have we sought His help, or have we refused to admit He is even part of the equation? To the extent we have removed God, is to the extent we will allow the vacuum of an anti god spirit to control the hearts of men. Go ahead and say it; he’s right, but we don’t want the fix. God cannot be ignored forever. God has always demonstrated an open arms policy to all that come with a repentant heart. It’s time for a change of heart to fix this mess we are in.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

Borrowed Time
Saturday, July 27 2019

Some years ago I watched a movie called “Time Changer”, it was of a Biblical nature. The plot was that the head of a Bible Seminary had inherited (I think) a Time Machine in which he kept under wraps in his barn. There was a certain Professor within the Seminary group who was invited to take a trip into the future, who at the time was quite reluctant, as he couldn’t believe such a device could be functional, but finally agreed. The dial was set for the future, interestingly the time in which we live. The setting of the movie was in the early 1900’s, so the era of time would be some 120 years in the future. The Professor upon his arrival to the future was quite shocked to see the deterioration of society in just a short time. One more relevant part was brought out in the movie. When the Professor had returned from his, in the future visit, the Time Machine was set to see just how far “the future was”, I’ll just say, it’s a must see movie.

So my opening thoughts have given rise to more thoughts. As was depicted in the movie mentioned above, is there a time when God, The Creator, has seen enough, sin has run its course, depravity has become the rule; society has cast itself off from the moral compass of God’s Holy standard? It has happened before, will it happen again, or maybe is happening right now. And if such a premise is tenable, are there signs that would indicate maybe planet earth is living in the days just prior to a cataclysmic judgment as was before? To answer these questions a look at the past may be in order to see if it may reveal a painting/picture of our future.

Before I share some of these historical events, one more thought needs to be considered. We live in a day and time where many folks live in a, “make believe”, world devoid of absolutes, if I don’t believe it, it doesn’t exist. Just close my eyes and it all disappears. An old one liner says; don’t clutter the issue with facts. We hear this often; the Holocaust didn’t happen, it’s a farce. Although I have personally seen one of the death camps while in Germany, infallible evidence is everywhere, but many still debate of it being a lie. Another that surfaces from time to time, the Moon Landing in 1969. I had a neighbor who said the day we all watched it on TV, it’s a lie, the moon is flat like a saucer, you can’t land on that, right, and the Earth is still flat too. Recently on TV, there were still some who doubted the landing. In the end, to ignore verifiable evidence is folly. It is not my intent to try to establish what level of sin and depravation mankind needs to fall to before judgment is levied. My main purpose of inquiry is to see if parallels exist to the past that point to an imminent judgment, not to be the judge. If just such patterns exist, it is my hope that people will not ignore them.

The flood that took place in Noah’s day and time was a judgment, make no mistake about it, God was making a statement that should have bode well for all future generations. To debate the validity of such an event isn’t worth the time and effort in our study here. What is important is to see what happened to cause God to bring this judgment in the first place. From the time of Adam and Eve to the flood was around 1500 years. As incredible as it may seem, the first of many children born to Adam and Eve, one would be a murderer of his own brother, we all know the story, Cain slew Able. There is so much that could be said concerning this period of time, but a brief only. As people populated the earth, chaos would ensue. There were no laws, jails, and the like, everyone done that which was right in their own eyes. This is what God saw; that the wickedness of man was great in the earth (Gen 6:5). To better understand this earthly condition more fully; wickedness means; sinful, immoral, vicious, harmful, destructive and vile, plus more. If this were attended by a few, not that big a problem, but note; God would reference the wickedness of “man” at large. There was another grievance brought out, who but God would know this; that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. That is a condition which speaks of the depravity of the human soul. If this so far wasn’t bad enough, the Lord looked upon the earth and said it was corrupt, (to rot, or induce rottenness, decay), something that is dead (Gen. 6:12). One more fault levied upon mankind; the earth will filled with violence (ruthlessness, fierce, malice), Gen. 6:13). At this point God said; the end of all flesh is come before me (Gen 6:13), make thee an ark, (ship) (Gen 6:14). As we all know, this command was given to Noah, as he found grace in the eyes of the Lord. From the command to build the Ark/ship until judgment came was about 120 years. Noah was a preacher of righteousness (II Peter 2:5) and was ridiculed during the building of the Ark, but continued faithful to his task. Once the Ark was complete God would fill the Ark with what could be called seed stock to remain after the waters assuaged. Anyone that listened to Noah concerning the judgment that was coming could have gone aboard the Ark to be saved. The written record shows, only 8 souls were on board, even thou the door were left open for seven straight days after Noah had entered the Ark. Spiritually speaking Noah and family must represent the Church, the Ark would have to represent the Lord Jesus, and the judgment was a type and shadow of a greater judgment to come. The same words are being spoken again from the righteous few, judgment is coming, get into the Ark, this time it’s not a giant boat, but the Body of Christ, His Church and be saved. But now like then, many think the Church is a farce, or saying; we have heard that judgment junk until we’re tired of it, at any rate; that’s just your religion, thinking, I’ve got my own thank you.

Let’s fast forward to where we are right now in the timeline of eternal events. Are there any signs in our day and time that we may have ticked the Lord off one too many times? Some twenty five hundred years later, after the flood; the Apostle Paul writing under the inspiration of God would record these words. People would pervert themselves once again; they burned in their lust one for another and changed the natural function of the body into the unnatural doing that which is unseemly. The very first institution of God was the family unit, is now being cast away as an archaic waste of time. But there is more; they would be proud, boastful, haters of God, inventors of evil things, further down the list; who knowing the judgment of God, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them (Romans 1). The very thing God sent His Son to earth to give was life, His own life, has now been thrown into heap of things least appreciated. Enter the indiscriminate killing of the unborn. But wait, there’s more, they want to murder an infant after it is born as well, decrying; it’s my body, it’s my right! God help us. Now, recently again, another poor soul in Britain being left to starve to death while in a hospital no less, depriving forcefully his own mother and father to take him home to care for him, actually I have read where this happens hundreds of times a year. It’s a slippery slope to depravation; can there be anything other than judgment for such actions? You may have heard this remark at some time in your life; if God doesn’t judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. I wouldn’t look for that to happen, since everyone has to give account for their own sin. Paul said one more thing I want to bring out here; because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were they thankful. Have we seen this trend where they remove just about every vestige of God? This is pandemic across the land, Crosses are being removed, the Ten Commandments covered or removed, listen God can take a hint, He will not dwell where He is not welcome. These are parallels that cannot be ignored.

A great word of hope is recorded in the Book of Jonah. In around 862 BC, God spoke to the Prophet Jonah and told him to go; arise go to Nineveh and cry against it, for their wickedness is come up before Me (Jonah 1:2). Make no mistake about it these people of Nineveh were a fierce bunch. Just the name of these people wrought fear in the lives of any they would encounter. They were known to literally skin captives alive, the most brutal of the bunch, and yes, they were an enemy to Israel. Bible Scholars point out one of the main reasons Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh was he knew the mercy of God. If these people repented, God would spare them and not destroy the Assyrian city. Jonah went forth and preached; and said “yet forty days Nineveh shall be destroyed” (Jonah 3:4). An amazing thing happened, the people upon hearing of the judgment of God coming repented in sackcloth and ashes, they neither ate not drank, and withheld the same even from livestock. From the King down to the lowliest got humble on their faces. God saw their repentance and withheld His judgment. That is not just a lesson for Nineveh, or the USA, but for everyone that will repent, change direction, will find God is merciful.

In conclusion, I mentioned the movie I had seen in the beginning of this article. The movie though fictional was very much non-fictional in its depiction of events. I mentioned the time line the movie was cast in, the early 1900’s and going into the future to a distant time in 2020, some 120 years. I also noted that from the time God told Noah to build the Ark to the flood judgment was another 120 years. Incredible as it may seem, another 120 year pattern exists with Nineveh. From the time they repented and were spared judgment to the time when they once again went back to their old ways and were finally destroyed was 120 years. Is there a pattern in this for the USA? For students of the Bible, an event took place in an upper room 10 days after the Lord Jesus ascended back to Heaven. It was the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, who would believe it, but there were 120 souls on hand to receive the initial infilling of the Holy Spirit. What does that have to do with the U.S? It has been documented that there was a series of events that took place in the U.S. in early the 1900’s. Once again a huge out-pouring of the Holy Spirit was manifest. The Azusa Street Outpouring, West Virginia coal mines, many consider this a “last days outpouring”. That happened 120 years ago, was that our wake-up call/warning? Better yet, don’t worry about dates, the patterns say; it’s time turn back to God, now.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

What Is The Church
Sunday, June 02 2019

A lot of people, perhaps most people on the planet could be called “religious” to some extent, in that they have and hold to certain tenets of a perceived or real truth based upon a faith of which point to an external or higher influence that affect their life. Actually Pew Research polls show only about 16% of the world’s population is atheist, and China has the honors with the most, maybe because they lead the world in population. According to Webster’s Dictionary religion is; a belief in and a worship of God, or god/s, a specific system of belief and/or worship built around God, a code of ethics, a philosophy of life. If you watch the news much, you may notice a lot of what happens in the world is religious based, whether it being good or bad. As a result of such a negative face on religion, many question the validity of any religion. Many may wonder who really knows what the truth is, maybe even pondering if there is any truth at all. To that extent I would like to explore one particular group of people that represent the “Church”. For such a large group of people that call themselves Christians and as a result are some of the most persecuted people on the planet, someone better know the truth.

            We’ll begin with this “entity” called the Church. Just what does this word imply and is there in fact a group representative of the Church? First the word Church is often thought of as a building, a place where you will most likely find a Cross, Bibles, Christians and the like. However, the real Church is not a building as it is comprised of a people. Although many do call a House of Worship a Church building, it is in fact a place where the real living people of the Church gather in corporate fellowship. The people that make up the Church are what is called the; “ecclesia”, a Greek word, for; “called out ones”. In other words they have been called out of the world and at least spiritually speaking are no longer part of the world, or its worldly system, but still obviously live in it. This can  be derived from this verse; wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you, and I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty (II Cor. 6:17,18).

            The “called out ones” can be no more valid a people than the One doing the calling seems to be a fair assumption. Is there verifiable evidence that Jesus the Christ is in fact who He says He is and is qualified to call people out unto Himself to offer what He says He offers? I inject this thought, people that believe what the report of the Lord says; His written Word, Divine manifestations (in some cases), the evidence and witnesses are called believers. These people have come to a place in their life where most have sifted through the heaps of supposed truth/s and came to a solid conclusion that Jesus is in fact who He says He is. Conversely there are folks that no matter the evidence refuse to accept any evidence as truth and as such are called unbelievers.

            The evidence concerning the reality of Jesus really doesn’t need one to prove His existence, however a few examples seem to be order here for our purpose of inquiry. One of the most profound evidences in the entire world is God’s “prophetic word”. It is beyond comprehension, but there is found written in the Word of God, “prophesies”, what many Bible Scholars call; history written in reverse.  Incredible events that have not happened as yet, but were recorded in the Bible, hundreds of years or in many cases thousands of years in advance. I have read where many Bible Scholars believe the Bible is up to one-third prophetic, that alone distances God from all else. As in the case of Jesus’ 1st Coming, so many prophesies (written details) that told of His coming, pertinent facts surrounding His death, the cross, His burial, all in the Bible. There were forty-eight specific and detailed prophesies that would provide verifiable evidence that Jesus was who He said He was when He showed up two thousand years ago. Grant Jeffrey, Bible Scholar; Signature of God, details just seventeen of these prophesies that were fulfilled “to the letter”. With conservative estimates given concerning the odds of (each) individual prophesies fulfillment, Grant derived at an (accumulative) number of all 17 coming to past as; 1 chance in 4.8 trillion X 1 billion X 1 Trillion that all these prophesies could have occurred in one and the same person, Jesus Christ, but it happened. I have seen the math in his calculation, incredible but true. Insurance companies across the world us this same calculator to sell insurance policies.

In another example, some say Jesus was only a good spiritual leader, prophet, teacher, not much else. If that were the case He would take his place among one of the many grave sites or mausoleums of the world where such are presently interred. But the Biblical and historical record shows that His grave is empty, wherein the other great so-called spiritual leaders of the world are dead and still dead. The Romans soldiers became one of the best witnesses concerning Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. They killed Him, they provided security over the Garden Tomb, and were on hand when He arose, even to the giving of detailed accounts of Heavenly music, glowing light, and those that were dead, now seen alive in grave clothes shouting the victory. This information can be corroborated/ obtained in historical archives, check under letters by Pontius Pilate to Caesar. So much more could be said, but the evidence speaks for itself. I believe the written report to be representative of the facts portrayed.

Once again, the; “called out ones”.  This is not a new concept, as it has its origin back in the days of Abraham, some two thousand years before Christ came the first time. In the days of the Old Testament, God would call a group of people out from the rest of the world to follow Him and be His chosen people. That’s not to imply God had no use for the rest of the people on the planet, but He had a special purpose for His chosen ones. Most folks have never heard this before, but long before God revealed Himself to Abraham, He revealed Himself to mankind. We live in a time where we people have been taught to believe things happened randomly, random life, the many random life forms, intricate detail, all random, everything. But here is something that blows the random foolishness out the window. When the Universe was created, (not exploded), God in His infinite wisdom placed the star system in a Divine pattern. It’s called the Zodiac, these patterns, everything from pots and pans to a “lion” and a “serpent”, a virgin as in Virgo all reveals a timeless message. By connecting the dots, pictures are formed, it’s where dot to dot coloring books came from, I think. The story of the plan of salvation was being revealed on the biggest screen in world, the Universe. It would tell of how a serpent (devil) would try to kill a child (Jesus), and in the end, the serpent gets slain, plus so much more, space here too limited to share. These planet configurations would forever be an “object lesson” to humanity of someone, somewhere is bigger than us a/The Creator. Now back to how God would call a chosen people to Himself, ye a forerunner of the Church.

            History shows mankind failed to connect the dots of the celestial plan of God as moral decadence and violence ruled the planet. God would send a flood and basically start over with the exception of 8 people, Noah and family, who were found righteous. In due time God would raise up Abraham who would be a Father to a Nation of people who would become God’s chosen ones (the called out ones). These chosen ones of old would “represent” God in the world. They were to walk a different walk, talk a different talk (talk in light of His Word) worship God a certain way, and be very obedient in every way to the will and purpose of God. In this another object lesson, a contrast would develop in that there were those that would follow the plan of God from those that did not, or refused to do so. Fast forward to Jesus’ day and time. He would call out people and say follow Me, and they did. As a matter of fact in John’s Gospel; as many as received Him, to them gave He power (authority) to become the sons of God, even to them which believe on His name (John 1:12). And those that respond to the call of, coming out of the world and being separated unto Him are the believers, the called out ones, the Christians, the ones that make up the Church in discussion.

            When a person accepts the Lord as his/her Savior, they willfully and deliberately want to follow the Lord and be a part of the called out group of people that we call the Church. A good many of these folks are rough in the beginning, as they were deep in the world and its ways, maybe for a long time. Though the Church should be exemplary in action and deed always, none are perfect, though striving for perfection is the goal, but in the end there is only one who was perfect, that is the one who called us out to follow Him, Jesus. Those that are part of the Church, the called out ones, are actually part of the Body of Christ Himself. As our human bodies are made up billions of cells, so is the Body of Christ made up of million/billions of Christians. And because of this, the people of Christ are able to be what they are called out to be, and that is a peculiar people unto the Lord. And like the Old Testament Church we represent Christ to the world. In my opening paragraph I mentioned the Church being persecuted across the world, what’s behind that I wonder? In conclusion, if we accept the existence of God, then we have to accept the fact that He has a people as He says, and if He has a people, then they have a purpose and a message. To silence the messenger is silence the message.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

Our Uniqueness
Sunday, April 21 2019

Something that makes the news a lot lately has to do with the gender issue. I used to think this was just one of those passing fads that would one day disappear and with it, I would say good-by and good riddance. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all, as it seems to be quite entrenched. I’m not quite sure what to make of this sudden and baffling mindset that lurks behind the scenes here, but I’m pretty certain the damage it will cause will outweigh any personal gratification any participants will gain. I have seen where major Department stores have bought into this mindset as well, to the providing of “gender neutral” clothing and other amenities that promote such a life style. To the average bystander, this deviance from normal behavior has fast lost its appeal in being a cute lifestyle of a few confused souls in light of a recent court case as of late. It seems a fellow deemed himself to now be a woman, albeit he still looked, talked and for all practical purposes was/is a man. One of his peers at work still referred to him as a man, upon which the fellow filed a lawsuit for not referring to him as a woman now. Incredible as it may seem the guy won his/her lawsuit and was awarded over fifty thousand dollars in defamation damages. In another occasion, a storyline that happens far more often than one realizes, imagine if you (a real woman) were to use a public restroom and all of a sudden a big dude just walks in, legally, claiming he’s a woman today, 99 % would say, this can’t be right, but it is being promoted as right.

In this brief article I want to bring out some common knowledge facts that can be found in any book on basic biology that will clearly show just how unique people really are. You might agree I think,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that David in the Book of Psalms was right when he declares; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are “Thy” works (Ps.139:14). That’s it right there, when you know your origin and that your ancestors didn’t swing from trees, you are on the right path. Consider this, each one of us came from a single fertilized cell. Within that minute cell is what’s called our DNA, of which contains our “genetic blueprint” for the yet undeveloped person we are yet to/will become. Within every human cell, twenty-three pairs of chromosomes are intertwined together within the nucleus. Within the DNA are molecules that contain thousands of genes that program all living things to perform everything within their prescribed function. Our DNA genes control not only the building our body and its parts (through mass multiplication of cells), but also control inherited traits, height, color, gender, everything that makes us a human is in the DNA. It is hard to grasp this bit of information, but an adult human is comprised of around a hundred trillion cells, (just quoting scientific facts here) all working together in unison for the life of the body. One more bit of information I find interesting is there are around 6500 different genetic “differences” between the male and female human genome. So, you were born to be what you are; now you have more than six thousand reasons to believe that. This vast blueprint called DNA is proof positive we are not an accident in an evolutionary process, but a deliberate life form with plan and purpose. Do you think within our DNA God would place a homing device, a something that keeps telling us to seek the Lord? I do. For I know the thoughts and plans for you says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome (Jeremiah 29:11).

            It is true all people look alike in that they have eyes, ears and nose and so forth. However in case you haven’t noticed people get fingerprinted, why, because they say “no” two fingerprints are identical. That is hard to fathom, but according to the police dept. true, how unique is that? But that’s not all, at work, airports and other places they are using retinal (eye) scanners, it seems there are no two retinas alike here either. But there is more, according to the NSA, (National Security Admin) your voice pattern can be made into a digital format and no two voices are the same either. That is one way they can trace calls back to its owner, you just speak some words, if your voice is in their data base, you are recognized. This abundant information reveals just how unique we are as humans, there is not another “you” on this planet. Why people haven’t seen the great treasure of being who they were not only born to be, but being loved and appreciated for who you/they are is beyond comprehension. In our shallow world of vanity, if all you see in life is what your eyes see, you become blind to the things that really matter in life.

We are already witnessing some serious problems that are arising across the world in not only confused souls not using a bathroom consistent with their plumbing but in the sports realm as well. I foresee the Olympics just about going bankrupt. Who in the world would pay to watch some guy pummel some poor girl in boxing? Or maybe in the swimming events, what woman has ever had the muscle strength of guys routinely, very few exceptions have been noted. Or the wrestling matches, power lifting, you name it. This is happening and no one seems to stand up and be counted by saying, you compete where your hardware is. I see the cancelling of all women’s events future if this isn’t addressed forthwith. To counter these mentally confused guys, the girls and/or young women are trying to counter with looking and acting like the guys? Yes, even to genital mutilation, double mastectomy (wanting to look like guys) and who knows what else.

What is the deal with this gender confusion? It depends on who one asks, to the folks that promote the life style it is about personal expression, not depriving a child the right to be whatever their heart wants to be. I personally believe it goes far deeper than that. I believe it goes way back many millennia ago, in the beginning to be exact. So God created man in His own image and likeness created He him, male and female created He them (Gen 1:27). Doesn’t it seem logical there is a force at work to corrupt the very words of God and the foundation of the family unit? There seems little doubt the lines are being deliberately blurred between boys and girls at a young and impressionable age. And this is creating gender confusion, a loss of identity of personal acceptance and worth as well as corporate interaction with friends and peers. Considering this gender confusion, God’s Word says; God is not the author of confusion (that’s the devils job), but of peace. If these folks didn’t feel good about who/what they were born to be, what makes them think they will feel better about who they are not?  In the U.S. right now, in at least 200 hundred schools, major debate is taking place by outraged parents voicing their concerns over a “perverted” agenda and curriculum being foisted upon their children. In one recent case at a PTA meeting where this was being discussed/debated, the very heated meeting went until 1 A.M. in the morning. In the end the PTA board members voted “for” this shameless agenda to be used in the school regardless of parental concerns. What is referred to as “drag queens”, are being invited into school libraries across the country during story time for kindergartners. They are telling these impressionable little kids, how they were born on the outside to look like boys/men, but their brain is that of a woman, saying they were born that way, even to giving themselves a woman’s name. Incredible that this would take place in a Country that claims God at the helm.

Last, I would remind folks of something that took place in the days of Israel when they were enslaved to the Egyptians. Around 1571 BC, God would raise up a deliverer whose name was Moses. Before Moses’ birth the Egyptians decreed that all male babies would be cast into the Nile River, thus becoming crocodile food. Moses was hid for 3 months until he could be hid no more and was placed among the bulrushes to be found and rescued. The point is, a pattern would ensue from there forward, when God raises up a deliverer, the children were always murdered or suffered greatly. Fast forward to the time of Christ’ birth, You may remember Herod inquired of the Lord’s birth of the Wise Men, telling them to bring him word where the young child, Christ was. The Wise Men were informed of God to go home a different route and not to tell Herod anything. Herod felt mocked and ordered all the babies two years old and under to be killed, hence a second slaughter of the innocents during the rise of, The Great Deliverer, Christ. We’ll have to fast forward one more time, to where we are now. Jesus promised He would return; the return of the world Deliverer. Signs abound of His return, not to stay on the earth as yet, but return to remove the Church, the people of God. Has there been any signs of the children under an attack that would indicate a deliverer is about to appear? The answer is, yes, the absolute proliferation of the innocents, the unborn, being slaughtered, across the world at large. Is there another sign of children under attack? Yes, children molestation, child pornography, child sex slaves, now children in school exposed to materials that not so long ago would get you put in jail. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

The Witness
Friday, April 12 2019
The role of the witness has always played a vital part in the court systems across the world in determining truths that would otherwise be unknown to the authorities. As is often the case people lived or died depending upon the credible voice of the witness. So it was imperative of a witness to be truthful in their delivery of events as they would provide sworn testimony to its validity. We have heard such terms as; witness tampering, wherein certain unscrupulous folks would in some way, shape or form, threaten a witness to prevent certain truths from becoming known. Obviously when these facts were to be found out it further substantiated the guilt of the criminal, thus bolstering the witness’ voice. It’s common practice in our day and time to discredit the witness, albeit in some cases a person’s credibility may be suspect, thereby making his/her testimony in-valid or inadmissible as evidence. There is one piece of evidence that is critical in our quest to obtain truth and that is not silencing the testimony of the witness. To discount the words of the credible witnesses of certain facts is to undermine the very foundation of truth for which one stands. To cast aside verifiable evidence is not only folly at its highest level but total deception or delusion on a grand scale.
One may think the testimony of the witness is a relatively new thing, however that is not the case, it goes back to Biblical days. The Lord says; in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established (Matt 18:16). A last thought on this should be taken in account, being a false witness had severe penalties. It is with this backdrop I want to present some incredible accounts of events past that that have taken place whereupon the attendant crowds that witnessed it never perceived the significance of it. I dare say that multiple thousands were on hand as the events unfolded, but seemed oblivious to the truth that played out before their very eyes. If as they say, hind-sight is 20-20, we in our day and time should with great visibility perceive the significance of not only this historical event, but as an event that affects our very own lives.
The first event is an event that has taken place in Israel for millennia, so called the Day of Atonement as it took place once every year. In 1490 BC God would give the Nation of Israel explicit instructions concerning the atonement (covering of one’s sins) for the sins of the people for a whole year. This physical act would forever be an “object lesson” to the people of Israel in how the Lord would deal with their sins, in other words, there has to be an atonement. On this great day, once a year, the High Priest would take two goats and stand before the door of the Tabernacle of the people with a goat on either side. At that point he would reach into a small box or bag and retrieve two lots, one for each hand. Each lot had a different word inscribed on it, of which he would place one on the head of the goat to the right and the other on the head of the goat to the left. One goat would have the stone about his neck that said sacrifice and the other the word, scapegoat. The goat that had the word sacrifice would be slain and sacrificed upon the Alter in the Tabernacle/Temple that day. The other goat would have the sins of the people confessed over it and become the scapegoat to be released into the wilderness (Lev. 16). The importance of this ceremony cannot be overstated, as God received the sacrifice, the sins of the people were covered for the year. Now let us journey into distant future and view another event that would take place. At the trial of Jesus before His countrymen and rulers an event would play out that seemed to miss the attention of those at hand. At a certain point in Jesus’ trial, two individuals were presented to the crowds at hand, Jesus and Barabbas. Before we go further a point needs to be made, Jesus said God was His Father, and the Father proclaimed it so, when at Jesus’ Baptism a voice was heard from Heaven saying; “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt 3:17). It would seem Barabbas has a story to tell too, Bar in Hebrew means; son of, and Abba means father. To put this together, Jesus was the Son of His Father, accordingly Jesus lived a sinless life and Barabbas was the son of his father who lived a life of sin. As mentioned prior concerning the Day of Atonement, two goats were to be presented to the people, one to be marked sacrifice and the other marked scapegoat. At a certain point leading up to the Crucifixion, Pilate would declare; whom will you that I should release unto you? Barabbas or Jesus which is called Christ? (Matt 27:17). The Priests and the attendant masses would say; give us Barabbas, multiple times in fact. Thus marking and/or identifying the one who would die upon the alter/cross and the other who would be set free. Jesus would become the sacrifice and Barabbas would represent the scapegoat. In my mind it seems incredible these folks at hand didn’t pick up on the events and realize that they have been re-enacting this very event for over 1500 years with goats. We may surmise, a credible witness should be able to discern what he is seeing also.
There is as they say another piece to the puzzle. Israel was given another “object lesson” just prior to receiving of the Day of Atonement instruction. These instructions were for the daily sacrifices that would be offered upon the Alter of the Tabernacle/Temple day by day, continually. They were to take two lambs of the first year, one was to be sacrificed in the morning, the 3rd hour, and the other in the afternoon or the 9th hour (Ex. 29). Any/all other sacrifices were offered between these two main early and late sacrifices. This event would take place for millennia. Now we fast forward to another time and event way in the future, the Jewish Priests were still performing their duties in offering up lambs twice daily as God instructed. However on this particular day it was the Passover. On this great day they were to call to remembrance their miraculous deliverance from Egypt. As you may know the blood of a lamb was placed upon the door’s mantle to their home, top and both sides. When the death Angel passed through that dreadful night in Egypt, if he saw the blood he passed over you (Ex. 12). It was at this Passover that there stood one before the crowds who had been tried and found guilty of crimes for which He was innocent. As previously discussed they would choose a known felon named Barabbas to be set free, thus the scapegoat, but the other, Jesus would become the sacrifice. Something very interesting would transpire before their very eyes. It was while the Romans were busy taking Jesus through the streets for all to see and ultimately to the Golgotha, then the cross, that the Temple Priests were busy preparing the morning sacrifice in the Temple of Jerusalem. And what was that sacrifice, a lamb, without spot or blemish. The Temple lamb was slain for the morning sacrifice at the 3rd hour or nine a.m. at the same time exactly the Lamb of God was placed upon the cross for the sins of mankind. There is more, Jesus’ life was poured out, His blood was shed and when His mission was complete He yielded up the Ghost, died. When Christ died some amazing things happened in the Temple, the huge rug/veil was torn from top to bottom, locomotives couldn’t have ripped that thing apart. Something else very significant also happened, Jesus died at the exact time the Temple Priests were offering up the 9th hour, 3p.m. sacrifice of another little lamb. This information is incredible; this can be no accident of events that portray exactly what the Ministry of Jesus came to fulfill. Couldn’t they have connected the dots and seen something very unique is going on here? How about us in the 21st Century? Do we see the relevance of these great witnesses of historical facts? I have one more witness to bring to the table of truth, this is from an outside source.
One of the main players in the trial of Jesus was Pilate, a Roman Governor at the time. He was an important figure in Roman politics and much could be said of his role overall in his governing of affairs between Rome and the Jewish Nation. As always the case when important people say or write something it is usually written down and kept for future posterity or reference in an archive or chamber vault. In many cases these written words have been found from various safe storage places and placed in museums across the world. It may amaze most folks to know that Pilate had written letters of his time in office. Many of those letters are in safe storage at the Vatican, Rome and Constantinople, Turkey. From a book written in 1887 by Dr. Mahan titled; The Archko Volume, a trove of information concerning letters written by Pilate’s own hand to Caesar. A few of the many excerpts concerning his take on Jesus.  This is the only time I ever read where someone ever gave a description of Jesus. Pilate’s take on Jesus leaning against a tree, he said he had no doubt who He was, he looked celestial with His golden colored hair and beard. In another letter Pilate would speak of his encounter with the Lord in his basilica, he said upon meeting Jesus there face to face, he (Pilate) trembled in every limb as does a guilty culprit, though the Nazarene was calm as innocence itself. On the occasion of the day of the Crucifixion, Pilate would note the crowds assembled demanding the death of Christ. He said he never witnessed such mass frenzy of howling screams and shrieks being delivered to anyone. In another letter he describes a great noise which he thought borne of the winds seemed to announce an agony such as was never heard by mortal ears and the darkness that appeared over Golgotha. One of the Romans would exclaim; either the author of nature is suffering or the universe is falling apart at the time of Christ’ death. In another letter from Pilate to Caesar; the words from Ben Isham, a sentry at the tomb of Christ. He said at the beginning of the fourth watch, they saw a soft and beautiful light over the sepulcher. While giving thought to what that might be all of a sudden the whole place lit up, there appeared crowds of the dead in their grave clothes. All seemed to be shouting and filled with ecstasy while all around was filled with the most beautiful music he had ever heard. The whole air was filled with the praises of God. I wonder what Caesar thought when he read that report? One more letter of note from Pilate’s concluding remarks to Caesar, I am almost ready to say, as did Manlius at the cross, “Truly this was the Son of God”!
Where do we go from here? Historical facts bear record as a witness of truth. Was Pilate as a hardened Roman Governor lying in his words to Caesar or was he another credible witness to the facts? There can be only one responsible conclusion; Jesus is who He says He is.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
What Is My Purpose of Being
Sunday, April 07 2019
When I was a kid growing up we didn’t have TV at first, as it was a new item on the market, and, as poor as we were, we couldn’t afford one anyway. My brothers and I would often lie out under the stars at night and be amazed at all the stars and patterns they created - maybe a meteor from time to time passing by. It might have been at that time I would begin to wonder, “where am I in all the vast space of things?” I seemed so insignificant, and truth be known, still am. I had questions that were beyond me, as they say; “inquiring minds want to know.”
So, I determined my dad would be the first one I would consult in my mystery of life questions. I was just a kid, it’s been a long time since that time, but I can remember it well. So I said, “Dad, I have a question for you?”  He said, “what’s you got boy?”  “Why was I born and what is my purpose for being?” He didn’t know what to say, but finally said, “I don’t know,  go ask your mother.” It didn’t take me long to find mom, so I said to her, “Mom, I have a question dad didn’t know the answer to so he sent me to ask you.” As most of us know growing up, our folks were some of the smartest people around. So I asked mom the same question as I asked dad, which was, why was I born and what is my purpose for being?  She said; “where do you come up with this stuff anyway?” I didn’t know the answer to her question any more than she knew the answer to mine. I can say this, something deep down inside of me had questions, and I would continue to seek the answer until I found it.
In my studies over many years I was amazed at the number of folks that have shared having almost the exact same questions I had. In time I would find the answer - it would be quite liberating, and I was privileged to be able to go back and tell my folks before they passed away the truth of the matter.
I must admit, I didn’t come from a powerful Christian home where the answers I sought could have been addressed from anything other than a worldly point of view. I had heard about God, but I never knew God. In school it was popular to teach that we are a product of evolution, our ancestors, many thousands of years ago, were primates, monkeys, before that we climbed up out of the mud. With their reasoning, we just consume 60 or 70 years worth of natural resources on a depleted planet and eventually die, like a rat or dog, that’s it. No record of your value or worth, and who cares if you are gone, for the masses anyway. I thought there had to be more to life than that. That just didn’t seem to fit some kind of on board feeling that life is higher than that, it has value, more than something temporal.
Everything that happens has to have reason,  it’s the law of “cause and effect.” It is the foundation of science, logic and reason. Every effect has to have a cause. There are no small amount of books and papers written on this logic. Nothing can exist without a cause behind it. It would go against science, reason and logic. As previously mentioned, I used to look up into the night sky and observe all the star patterns …  like who hasn’t seen the pots and pans, aka, “the big dipper or little dipper?” As I found out years down the road from Zodiac Charts, there were many patterns/pictures - all of great significance.
As it turns out, the Gospel message is written in the stars. Before the Word of God was placed in the book we call the Bible, the star patterns revealed the plan of God and of salvation to the multitudes in ancient times. This is an enormous piece to the puzzle, for those stars to be in a pattern like that is not, and cannot be, an accident. I think, this cannot be ignored, who wouldn’t admit someone of great intelligence is at work here? And with that, my interest in whom He is also piqued. I must say the stars weren’t the only thing that got my attention, I was blown away at the myriad of different species of flowers, birds, animals, you name it, this just can’t be an accident. To be truthful about it, anyone able to create a universe seems too big to care for someone like me, or anyone for that matter. Nonetheless, I determined if He authored a book called the Bible, then I am going to search it to try to find the answers to my questions.
The quest for truth concerning life’s very important questions would not be found in man’s logic, the deification of man, (making oneself god), nor in trying to ignore the evidence of God’s vast creation. What do you think? Where there is a vast creation, there must be a vast Creator. Consider, the sun gives light to the earth, and the moon’s light is a reflection of the sun. This reveals a great picture of Christ, as He is the Light of the world, and we, like the moon, are illuminated by the Lord  -  spiritually speaking.
In the end, it would be in the pages of God’s Word that I would find these words; “therefore let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and ‘Glorify your Father’ which is in Heaven,” (Math. 5:16). By taking advantage of His great plan of salvation, I would find out what my purpose on earth was, and why I was born as well. When we give our life to the Lord and accept His plan of salvation, we no longer have to live in sin’s downward spiral. I can live a victorious life for God. I now make it a point to do those things that please and lift Him up. My life has meaning and value, not just now, but eternally.
I am happy to report that my folks would be pleased in my quest to find out what the purpose and meaning of life was all about. It amazed me they never gave it as much a thought as I did. A lot of folks are like that, they just operate out of some personal code of ethics they were most likely taught, and hope it all pans out in the end. What a blessing it was/is to be able to share Christ with the family. So, if you are looking for life’s answers, you might consider looking up into the stars, connect the dots, and get a copy of the Bible to explain it all to you. After all, these patterns aren’t just an accident.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
The Many Doors
Sunday, March 24 2019

Just a couple of years ago on October 31, 2017 the world celebrated the 500th year Birthday of the Protestant Reformation. The marked occasion would come about due in part of the efforts of a Catholic Reformer by the name of Martin Luther. He was born just outside Berlin Germany in 1483. Around his twenty first Birthday through a series of events, he decided he would become a monk. As he plunged himself into study of God’s Word with prayer and fasting he was to come to a place where he felt something was missing in his life. He would seek the Lord and try to find out what was missing. Suffice to say, he found out the way to God wasn’t about works of righteousness we have done, but, “the just shall live by faith”, (Rom. 1:17) a work done by God, not man as was being promoted. It was at that point he would write his 95 point theses of real Christian Doctrine and place it on the door of the Church at Wittenberg for all to see. As the news spread across Germany and beyond, the Door where the theses were placed would forever shadow a great spiritual door known as the Door of the Protestant Reformation. And as they say, the rest is history.

As one can well imagine doors have a story to tell, if they could speak, what they say may be a matter of conjecture to some, but there is a message to tell. In this article I want to share some insights into the importance of doors in one’s life, not just physical doors but spiritual ones as well. A door of significance is the door that was on Noah’s Ark. Considering the Ark was a huge vessel of some 450 ft. long and 45 ft. high and 75 ft. wide, the door was massive. As we all know mankind had reached a place where their hearts were evil continually, and God had seen enough (Gen 6:13). Noah would be employed to build a place of safety for him and family to escape the Judgment that was coming upon the earth, the Ark. As the Ark was completed, Noah and his family were instructed to enter the Ark. For seven days the door stayed open and anyone could have gone on board to escape the judgment that was to come. As history shows, they mocked Noah, and did not believe he had heard from God. At the end of the seven days, “God” closed the door. Only the eight souls on board would be saved, but all that were not on board would perish. This door would forever be referred to as a Door of Salvation or a Door of Judgment, depending on which side of the door you were on.

Another Door would come in the future that very much mirrored the door on the Ark of old. This door would come in the form of a person, none other than the Lord Himself; Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, Verily, I say unto you, I Am the Door of the sheep, (John 10:7). From this Door, entry into the Presence of God is offered, but once again it is exclusive. The Lord Jesus would say; I Am, the Way, the Truth, and The Life, no man comes to the Father but by me, (John 14:6). Just like the Ark of Noah’s day provided safety to all that entered, Jesus, our Ark of safety offers life and protection to all who call on Him.

However like the Ark of old the door didn’t stay open forever, as God would finally assume no one else wanted to be saved, He closed the door. The same as with Jesus, the Door by which man is saved, the Door is not to remain open indefinitely. There is a period of time by which one must decide what side of the door you want to be on. The Lord would say these words; When once the Master of the House has risen up, and hath to shut the door, and you begin to stand without and to knock at the door, saying Lord open unto us, and He shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence you are. The period of time in question is what is referred to as the Grace Age. It started with Jesus’ death and Resurrection and will run until the return of Christ for His Church at the Rapture. Leading Theologians don’t believe that event to be too far from now. The idea is to get on board (the Ark) while you can.

This takes us to another door, this door is located pretty close by, once again words from the Lord; Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any many man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto him, and sup with him, and he with Me, (Rev. 3:20). This is the door to your heart. Make no mistake about it, you have a door that can hear and respond to the Lord’s beckoning, your heart the real you. Have you ever felt, man I need to get right with God and quit this foolish stuff I’m doing, maybe someday. Procrastination, the art of postponing until tomorrow what we know to do today. The Door will not stay open forever, maybe even not much longer, Lord knows.

The last door on the list is a door that is dependent on what one does with the door of their heart, prior discussed. If you opened your heart’s “door” to the Lord’s knock and accepted Him in, you now have fellowship with Him; this is an optimum move on one’s part, as we’ll see why. In the Book of Revelation the Apostle John was given these words; After this I looked and behold a “door” was opened in Heaven, and the first voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me, which said “Come up Hither”, (Rev 4:1). These words are giving us a picture of the Rapture (snatching away, removal) of the Church. We have an appointment with the Lord in the clouds of glory. This event takes place just prior to the Tribulation Period of Judgment coming upon the earth. This Rapture is God removing His children before earth’s judgment, just like the flood of old, God made a way of escape.

Last thought, the Lord would say in the last days, it will be like as it was in the days of Noah, they ate, they drank, they married and gave in marriage until the day Noah entered into the Ark, and knew not until the flood came, (Matthew 24:37). Those times very much mirror where folks are nowadays, just going about their merry business, a, I could care less attitude. Have you felt a knock on your heart’s door, don’t ignore it, the Lord will not knock forever.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

Moral Majority
Sunday, February 24 2019
      When I was a growing up, we, as a family didn’t attend Church. My folks had never been exposed to the Gospel until late in life. As a result they struggled along as best as they knew how in raising the family with values that they were taught when they were growing up. Of course this was during the forties and fifties when I guess you could say the country (U.S.A.) was still innocent for the most part. It has been noted that during the great world wars, people tend to pray much more, whether for their own daily sustenance or for a loved one in harm’s way in some foreign land. Resultant of all this, It didn’t seem to me things were too bad, we were poor, but so were a lot of other folks. What my point is, even though we didn’t attend Church, we all seemed to have a moral standard we didn’t cross. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do some things I regret. It seems back then you were either real bad, as in a criminal, of which we never heard of any in our town, or just some minor infraction that kids sometimes get into, that was it. Since we lived in small-town USA, what would you expect?
     In a little looking back, some no doubt would remember this, in school we were exposed to the Bible, in a Public School no less, not a misprint. In the morning they would read a Psalm and at lunch someone would pray over all our lunches, I mean life was good. Who wouldn’t like that? And guess what, if someone objected to the Bible being read or prayer, we never heard about it. Back then, it was majority ruled, after-all who would object to that which is good? How about this? Our local police didn’t have a gun, just a big stick, which, at the time seemed to be quite adequate. I remember my dad would tell of working on a road re-paving crew telling us this as kids. During times when a funeral procession of cars went by where they were working, they would stop work and remove their hat and respect the deceased and family as the procession passed by. Ball parks were respectful the same way, when it came time for the National Anthem to be played I don’t ever remember anyone not standing up and putting their hand over their heart in respect of Country until I got much older. Yes, we’ve come a long way since then, and I believe in the wrong direction.
     So, what’s my point you may ask. I believe there are many folks out there that were raised just like me, or maybe wish they had been or just hold those same ideals dear as well. What ideals is that? Their word is their bond, they tell you they will do something, they do it. They don’t cheat, lie or steal, you can buy something from them and it will be as they say, and if it’s not, they will make it right. And they don’t hate God, actually they love the Lord, like my folks they just hadn’t been exposed to the Gospel yet. Many of these dear folks have family Bibles passed down through the family tree. They work hard for what they have, they pay their fair share, they represent what’s right with America, God bless them. I believe they are what could be called the “moral majority”. This group has been the backbone of our society for a long time, actually a good many of them are getting up there in years now. They are a part of the “golden generation”, they served our Country in World Wars and stood up for our Country all along. If the real numbers were tabulated more than half of this country has core values that respect the Moral Code of humanity, the Ten Commandments. Most folks want their children raised with a value system that doesn’t shift with every law and whim of the land and moral opinions of some, the so called experts that seems bent on the destruction of the home and family environment/unit.
     Final point, I’m pretty sure things will never be as was fifty or sixty years ago in morality and values again, nor do I expect that. As the old saying goes; once the cat is out the sack, it’s hard to get him back in. But here it is, if you hold the freedom to raise your children with a moral code consistent with what the Bible declares as moral, then it’s imperative to take a stand, or continue to stand for these ideals.  As we well know, many have died in wars past to bring forth this great Country we call the United States. Don’t let anyone fool you, this Country started out Christian, the Sovereign God of the Universe has had a hand upon us for a long time. However, as we have seen in the past several years, many in our Country have done its best to run God out of everything we hold dear. They threw Him out of our schools, out of Government, Nativity scenes on public property being removed, the Ten Commandments on monuments and plaques also removed across the land. And if that’s not enough, they are trying to remove all the crosses from the grave yards of our fallen soldiers across this great land. Is this where we want to go? When I served our Country a half a century ago in the Army, did I ever envision a time would come that the very values I represented my Country for would come under such attack? Not on your life. God help us. 
     With that, I call upon the moral majority of folks that live, work, and stand, sometimes in the shadows, to rise up for what’s right, stand up for God and godliness. There are people running for political offices that not only don’t represent our values, they don’t even want these values to continue, thus promising to change the very fabric our Country. Let’s work together to keep this country on moral track, cast your vote for people with moral character, and be vocal at every level of Government, that’s the way I see it. God Bless.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.     
The 75 Year Old Plan
Sunday, February 10 2019

     I saw some pictures recently where the ISS, International Space Station had taken pictures of planet earth for many years. Nothing new about that, as most would agree, after all, that’s a big part of what they do. But what was interesting was the pictures were taken during the darkness, when the sun was not illuminating the earth in the areas being photographed.

     The idea was to show how much the planet had become illuminated as a result of light from electricity. They had created a collage of the photos from old to new. It revealed the speed in which the planet was being illuminated. I thought this is valuable information, so I did some research on my own - I took an old Atlas of the United States and compared it with a newer version of the same, of around forty years between them. I was amazed at the number of highways and roads that appeared all across this country in such a seemingly short time. The most noticeable was out West. From what I saw, no more desolate areas to speak of. Of course, I didn’t need an Atlas to tell me this country is multiplying at breakneck speed. Actually, all I had to do was look out my back door - two new homes being built right by my back fence.
     I watch PBS pretty often, and as of late there has been no small amount of shows on sustainable living. I like the idea and concept of being better stewards of the planet. So what is sustainable living? It’s a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or societies’ use of earth’s natural resources, thus reducing our carbon footprint. What a novel idea, absolutely no fault with that whatsoever.
     At present, the population of the world stands at 7.7 billion people, give or take a few million. It is projected that by 2022 the planet will be at the 8 billion mark, around 3 years from now. According to the scientists, they believe the planet can only support around 9 to 10 billion people. Many people in the supposed “know” seem to envision the planet heading toward a world-wide catastrophe if measures aren’t taken soon. I’m pretty sure most of the population would have no problem with that logic.
     I agree there are measures that need to be adhered to. However, in the U.S., there is so much waste, as in restaurants, where food is cast into a trash can at the end of the day. Even local farming where crops aren’t being harvested and sold are plowed into the ground - wasted. Where I live, orange trees that are loaded with fruit are just left to let it drop on the ground and rot in the earth. I bristle when I think of when we were growing up, nothing was wasted.
     I submit that we could feed the planet with no trouble with all of the the food that is discarded. I am aware that much in the way of crops is being discarded in order to keep the prices up so the farmers can make a decent profit margin. You may remember in the news some years ago a whole herd of pigs was slaughtered and buried in protest of market prices. Being good stewards means finding better solutions to present problems. So, this brings us to a place where one has to wonder what can be done at the Government level down to State and local efforts to avert such an imminent situation before it becomes catastrophic.
     One way to stem the overpopulation problem was covered in a news story that I recently viewed on TV from Tokyo, Japan,  that I watch on NHK News. Although their idea isn’t new by any means of the word, it did have a few new twists I felt were very interesting. It seems Japan is what you could call, landlocked. In W.W.II Japan had aspirations of land expansion and acquisition, that if not stopped would have included China. With the help of the U.S., China’s people would prevail in protecting their homeland from the aggressors. So what does that have to do with today?
     Japan, it seems, has outgrown its natural boundaries. The impending problems resultant of that are feeding the masses, although not a real problem as yet, since they buy much from the open markets of the world. But the real problem is the elderly. They occupy the nursing homes in great number. The modern medicines have done their job well, people live much longer than their support lines allow. When infrastructure is spread thin, ideas are fomented to fix the problems.
     This new idea that is being floated is what was promoted in this article. On the news last month they ran a rather long news article on; termination of life at 75 years old. I couldn’t believe it. They were interviewing many older folks, and younger as well, as to what they thought about being terminated at 75 years old. What was even just as incredible was that most everyone was good with it. Words spoken by the poor old souls were; we don’t want to be a burden on society, family, spouse, etc. Another would say; I’m no longer productive, I’ve lived a good life. I am in no way judging these poor souls hearts, as only the Lord knows that, but the Lord says this; judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment. So I find fault with the  thinking that life can only be of worth if it has marketable good. It means that we have become like a pair of worn out shoes only to be discarded. There have been movies based on this theme years ago. Just watch a nice movie, maybe family video and when you’re ready, push the button, or we’ll push it for you.
     Many countries of the world are promoting euthanasia, the word is “murdering,” the halt, the unprofitable, feeble, too old - you get the point. They have, or think so anyway, become a god. They even want to murder the “just born,” run tests on your newborn to see if they were born with a defect, if yes, then death. This is going on in the world routinely, right now. What we do about this will go a long way toward how this will affect you and your loved ones. Is there a spiritual side to this story? To answer that we can look at Israel’s history to see if any parallels exist.
     In the days leading up to Israel’s captivity by the Babylonians, there were signs along the way. The first sign was that Israel was being led away from the true God by false gods. The first was “Baal,” as in Baal worship. This demi-god had a lot to do with materialistic things, wealth, material objects, favor in farming/crops, a long list of ills. Another god (small g), was Ashtoreth, a Cannonite goddess. Lewd sexual rites were performed in worship of this goddess, hereafter noted as sexual sins and vices ascribed to this non-deity. Last was the god Molech, of the Ammonites. This false god was worshipped by the sacrificing of children. They had a man-made object resembling a seated figure with body and head with outstretched arms. Under the bottom rear of this object they would build a fire which would superheat the object. When that thing reached sufficient heat (glowing) Israel and Ammonites would take their precious children babies and lay them in the arms of this miserable supposed god, thus sacrificing their innocent children to Molech. The children would be murdered on the altar of Molech. Was God happy? No - He is the God of life. Now you know why Israel went into captivity for 70 years in Babylon.
      There is one more piece to the puzzle, the USA. We have been a Country blessed by the God of our founding fathers ever since we were a country. I’m providing a few excerpts from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn below.  Some ominous signs have appeared on our great land. In New York City a couple of years ago, an arch was erected. Pictures of the structure are obtainable. Guess who/what it was dedicated to? Before I say who, one more bit of information. You may remember when the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was being grilled on Capital Hill. Something was taking place outside on the Washington Mall area, another arch was being erected/placed facing the Capital Building. It was another arch of Baal. How can this be? Someone or something is behind this sinister setup. However, I must ask; are there any parallels in our society that compare to ancient Israel? Are the people of America materialistic? Bent on “things” more than God? The problem isn’t so much as owning things, as is, do they own you? Need I remind folks the 1st Commandment is still valid; Thou shalt not have any gods before me. The god of sports, pleasure, all manner of toys - you get the point.
     As mentioned, the 2nd god Israel worshipped was Ashtoreth, the god of sensuality, sex, and perversion. The U.S. leads the WORLD in pornography. Have we seen any signs of this spirit over the years? Can there be any doubt? The last to materialize is; Molech. Remember, this demi-god spirit was/is about the death of children. I submit, based upon observable evidence, this Molech spirit is at work in these last days. This Molech spirit was the last nail in Israel’s spiritual coffin. I have no doubt this could be the final knell for this country if we don’t make course directions soon. There are no small amount of folks in this country that could care less about these issues I have addressed, but, if you feel I have made valid points in my commentary, please forward it to a friend, pass it around, we need a turnaround in this country NOW.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries
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Special Guest Commentary





You might be wondering what prompted the writing of this bodacious quotation book? What better time than now to be reminded of how both essential and fragile our country is. America is experiencing one of its darkest periods in recent history.  For over three years, we have witnessed some truly vicious and ugly political unrest.

          A ceaseless cacophony of accusations, innuendo, and intrigue have kept those in Washington and the media ever busy. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, to watch the daily news and social media, one would never know that the stock market had hit all-time highs numerous times in the last 54 months, or we’d had the lowest unemployment numbers in decades, and the lowest unemployment rate among blacks ever!  President Trump also renegotiated trade deals that  were fairer to America.

          Then, in January 2020, our nation was rocked when the Coronavirus landed on our shores and ended our way of life as we know it. Soon there were daily press briefings from the White House and various doctors. Each day virus information was plentiful, contradictory, and confusing. People were dying. We heard that hospitals were going to be overrun with COVID cases.

          The army set up hospital tents in various cities to handle the tens of thousands that were expected to land there. It didn’t happen. Hospitals were going to be inundated and unable to care for all of the sick. The army hospitals were never used – not one patient was seen in many of these. They were eventually dismantled. What happened? All non-essential surgeries and doctors’ visits were canceled. Hospitals were virtually emptied. And now? Many health care workers have been terminated or furloughed because the hospital's operating capital has vanished.    

           Now, thousands have died! Our elderly, who were not adequately protected in nursing homes, have had the most significant number of deaths. The actual numbers of COVID deaths cannot be relied upon because of highly questionable methodologies for assigning the cause of death. The rationale for this might be related to government funding to hospitals for each COVID case.     Time will tell as we compare data from previous years for various causes of deaths to see if the other numbers are in line with past years, OR if there's been a sharp decline in other categories, and they have been pushed into the COVID category.  And, suddenly, in the last several weeks, cases have begun to spike again. There is substantial debate on if it’s because many more people are getting tested. There is so much information out there – unreliable at best, that there’s no sense in discussing it at this point.

          Governors in many states issued draconian lock-down orders threatening people with arrests and the closure of businesses, or cancellation of necessary licenses if they didn’t abide by these rules. Masks and gloves were donned, not in hospitals, but stores and any public places. We even saw a parent handcuffed and arrested in front of his little girl because he dared to play ball with her in an empty field. A salon owner was arrested and jailed for opening her salon to pay her bills and put food on her table. Many other Gestapo tactics, such as these, were used to keep people in line. YES, I am talking about America!

            Americans have turned against one another. Some believe everything that the CDC, World Health Organization, and government say. Others believe there is a conspiracy to subjugate the people as a test to see how much they'll tolerate and for how long. It's been, in my opinion, a phenomenal success. People hate each other more than ever. Make no mistake; the various powers have observed very carefully to see how we've all responded. Unfortunately, it's been too much for many, and suicides have skyrocketed. Prescriptions for mood-altering drugs to cope with the crisis have also gone up dramatically (as if we didn't already have an opioid epidemic.)

          Younger Americans seem to be suffering more than most from deep depression, isolation, and loneliness.  I find this completely paradoxical since they are the generation that is so disconnected from one-on-one relationships, and so completely connected to their phones and other electronic devices. You can’t sit in the same room, or at the same table with them, without sharing their time with their hand-held devices! And yet, they are  the ones suffering from their own self-created lack of meaningful relationships with others.  

           The mainstream media, who now chooses to cherry-pick what they report, excluding vital details, has become an op-ed machine rather than a fair and unbiased media. What was once the actual news is now a daily dose of propaganda. And fear mongering. I once believed everything I heard on the evening news! I now question absolutely everything I hear on the evening news! I have no faith in the honesty, integrity, or intentions of what is being "reported." Who exactly can we turn to for the facts and not opinions? I don't know.

           Just when we were beginning to see the light, and the states were opening things back up, one rogue cop, caught in the horrendous act of murdering a black man by kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes, captured the country’s attention.  The anger and outrage at this injustice rocked every corner of our nation. But, within the black community, it ignited a firestorm of rage and anger. That moment symbolized, for many, both black and white, the brutality of a small percentage of police that has unfairly tarnished ALL police officers. To believe this of an entire segment of people is blatantly untrue and unfair.

           That was the tinderbox that erupted into the scenarios we are now witnessing, hour by hour, day after day, that could be right out of the movie “Escape from New York.”  Cities are burning. Businesses looted. People are being shot, and armed citizens are patrolling their neighborhoods to keep looters out and their areas safe with their weapons.

          A six-block area has been taken over by anarchists. Checkpoints have been established for entering and exiting, and there are check-points to allow people in or out. They are extorting business owners, and the Mayor of Seattle seems to think it’s a “summer block party.”  I guess she is not aware that a new country has been set up in a six-block area now known as CHAZ/CHOP – Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. You can’t make this stuff up!

          All across our country,  statues and monuments are being defaced and torn down – while those in charge sit on their hands and let the anarchists destroy America, insisting there is nothing they can do. Every day the frenzy continues as the calls for changing names of military bases, schools, colleges, sports teams, etc., escalates. It is complete insanity.

           Right on cue, the media and politicians have seized upon the opportunity to stoke the coals of division and hatred. I cry for our nation and what we have allowed ourselves to become.  I don't know the people seen on T.V. I don't come in contact with the level of black, or white,  Americans seen on there – they don't represent those with whom I daily interact.  People with thinking brains understand that these broad generalizations are not only untrue, but inherently harmful to us individually, and collectively as a nation.    

          Many officials of these large cities have refused to address the rioters and insist upon calling them, protesters. They seem to have limited knowledge of vocabulary for no one in their right mind would equate a protester and a rioter who burns, loots,  and harms people, as the same thing.        The very thing that the black community, what all communities need, are jobs and businesses. Now, thousands have seen their streets and businesses burned and destroyed, some of which will never return. Those jobs are permanently lost.  Those black communities will again know the pains of hopelessness and living in burned-out hulls of their former cities.

           But take hope. While all of this has happened, America's elite have raised over twenty million dollars – wait for it – not to help rebuild those cities, but to bail out the “protesters” who have destroyed those cities. Yes, this is where we are. There seems to be no help for those who work and play by the rules. No support is arriving from Hollywood elites and wealthy athletes for those people. One must question why?

           I’m watching this and feeling astounded, and at times utterly hopeless. The Washington leadership (can we call it that?) is still dividing us, still trying to rush through bills that are an atrocity, and I'm thinking to myself, has pandering and appeasement ever gotten anyone anywhere?'  Has that given people jobs and hope? Has that lifted them out of poverty? And, I feel, most importantly, has that increased their self-respect and self-reliance?  That I can answer with a resounding NO! To deny any human being the chance to work and produce, to feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done, is to deny a basic human need – to feel valued.

          I don’t understand all of the machinations of politics (I couldn’t sleep at night if I did). I do know one thing as a person who loves their country – that we can’t, we must not give up on America. Too many people have given their lives for our America. We are in a fight for the very soul of this country. That might sound dramatic, but it is a fact. Many want to tear it apart – rebuild it into what they “envision” would be a better place. The founding fathers had a profoundly inciteful vision for the greatest country that the world has ever known. They knew history, and they sought to use their knowledge to create a more perfect union. (Where have we heard that before?)

            There are days when I question everything. At moments I give up hope and want to surrender. Times when I think if that is what THEY want, then they can have it. But it is not ours to give away! We owe a debt to our country to protect it from enemies, both foreign and domestic. That is our duty as a patriotic American who is willing to speak up and stop the insanity.

           I call upon my strong faith in God, knowing that whatever He has in store, He is with us. When America turned Him out of their schools, their homes, and their hearts, our decline began.  That is what happens when we shrugged our shoulders and said, “Oh well, what can you do?” Or, “Live and let live.” Now you can see the left doesn’t want people to live and let live. They want to control us. There seems to be no middle ground. This indeed is something new.

            I have seen the thousands of crosses marking graves of our soldiers who fought for democracy around the world and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I mourn with families who have known the pain of losing those heroes. I remind myself that I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that America is a country of citizens who deserve to live in peace and prosperity, fellowship, and understanding. Abraham Lincoln was well aware, as our country teetered on the brink of civil war, that "A house divided against itself cannot stand."  (Mark 3:25)

            America is equivalent to a marriage. Sometimes we see all the best she has to offer, and we're starry-eyed and optimistic. Other times, we see everything as irreconcilable and dark. Then, it's as though we would like a divorce.  But saving America is worth the fight. We have a lot of work ahead of us. A great deal of understanding and healing needs to be done.

          We need to commit to providing more opportunities for all. And, more of a commitment to make each person responsible for their actions. We must step up to the plate and take personal responsibility – stop pointing the finger and passing the buck. Even though it seems impossible through the lens of the current crisis, I do believe in miracles. It's going to take courage, strength, consistency, fairness, rules for all, and laws that everyone must follow - not just a few. It will also necessitate a commitment from those in Washington to come together and serve America – not themselves. I don’t believe they will do that willingly. Their strength lies in our discord!

            How could I express all of these thoughts and feelings in a small book? I've always been enamored with quotations! With just a few carefully chosen words strung together like a beautiful strand of pearls, they present a profound concept. These BODACIOUS quotations have been hand-picked for an important point or reminder about freedom, honesty, politicians, government, personal duty, economics, liberty, and above all else, man's responsibility to think for himself. History has gifted us with brilliant people, whose insightful reasoning and words of wisdom have proven ageless. They deserve to be heard once again as valuable reminders to each of us.

          It is my sincere hope that you will become even more bodacious in your patriotism. I hope that you will find meaningful ways to become a better, more involved citizen. I pray that this will stimulate conversation and inspire each of you to understand your unique "Power of One" and step into your new bodacious life! America is depending upon you.


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