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What is My Purpose
Friday, April 12 2019
When I was a kid growing up we didn’t have TV at first, as it was a new item on the market, and, as poor as we were, we couldn’t afford one anyway. My brothers and I would often lie out under the stars at night and be amazed at all the stars and patterns they created - maybe a meteor from time to time passing by. It might have been at that time I would begin to wonder, “where am I in all the vast space of things?” I seemed so insignificant, and truth be known, still am. I had questions that were beyond me, as they say; “inquiring minds want to know.”
So, I determined my dad would be the first one I would consult in my mystery of life questions. I was just a kid, it’s been a long time since that time, but I can remember it well. So I said, “Dad, I have a question for you?”  He said, “what’s you got boy?”  “Why was I born and what is my purpose for being?” He didn’t know what to say, but finally said, “I don’t know,  go ask your mother.” It didn’t take me long to find mom, so I said to her, “Mom, I have a question dad didn’t know the answer to so he sent me to ask you.” As most of us know growing up, our folks were some of the smartest people around. So I asked mom the same question as I asked dad, which was, why was I born and what is my purpose for being?  She said; “where do you come up with this stuff anyway?” I didn’t know the answer to her question any more than she knew the answer to mine. I can say this, something deep down inside of me had questions, and I would continue to seek the answer until I found it.
In my studies over many years I was amazed at the number of folks that have shared having almost the exact same questions I had. In time I would find the answer - it would be quite liberating, and I was privileged to be able to go back and tell my folks before they passed away the truth of the matter.
I must admit, I didn’t come from a powerful Christian home where the answers I sought could have been addressed from anything other than a worldly point of view. I had heard about God, but I never knew God. In school it was popular to teach that we are a product of evolution, our ancestors, many thousands of years ago, were primates, monkeys, before that we climbed up out of the mud. With their reasoning, we just consume 60 or 70 years worth of natural resources on a depleted planet and eventually die, like a rat or dog, that’s it. No record of your value or worth, and who cares if you are gone, for the masses anyway. I thought there had to be more to life than that. That just didn’t seem to fit some kind of on board feeling that life is higher than that, it has value, more than something temporal.
Everything that happens has to have reason,  it’s the law of “cause and effect.” It is the foundation of science, logic and reason. Every effect has to have a cause. There are no small amount of books and papers written on this logic. Nothing can exist without a cause behind it. It would go against science, reason and logic. As previously mentioned, I used to look up into the night sky and observe all the star patterns …  like who hasn’t seen the pots and pans, aka, “the big dipper or little dipper?” As I found out years down the road from Zodiac Charts, there were many patterns/pictures - all of great significance.
As it turns out, the Gospel message is written in the stars. Before the Word of God was placed in the book we call the Bible, the star patterns revealed the plan of God and of salvation to the multitudes in ancient times. This is an enormous piece to the puzzle, for those stars to be in a pattern like that is not, and cannot be, an accident. I think, this cannot be ignored, who wouldn’t admit someone of great intelligence is at work here? And with that, my interest in whom He is also piqued. I must say the stars weren’t the only thing that got my attention, I was blown away at the myriad of different species of flowers, birds, animals, you name it, this just can’t be an accident. To be truthful about it, anyone able to create a universe seems too big to care for someone like me, or anyone for that matter. Nonetheless, I determined if He authored a book called the Bible, then I am going to search it to try to find the answers to my questions.
The quest for truth concerning life’s very important questions would not be found in man’s logic, the deification of man, (making oneself god), nor in trying to ignore the evidence of God’s vast creation. What do you think? Where there is a vast creation, there must be a vast Creator. Consider, the sun gives light to the earth, and the moon’s light is a reflection of the sun. This reveals a great picture of Christ, as He is the Light of the world, and we, like the moon, are illuminated by the Lord  -  spiritually speaking.
In the end, it would be in the pages of God’s Word that I would find these words; “therefore let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and ‘Glorify your Father’ which is in Heaven,” (Math. 5:16). By taking advantage of His great plan of salvation, I would find out what my purpose on earth was, and why I was born as well. When we give our life to the Lord and accept His plan of salvation, we no longer have to live in sin’s downward spiral. I can live a victorious life for God. I now make it a point to do those things that please and lift Him up. My life has meaning and value, not just now, but eternally.
I am happy to report that my folks would be pleased in my quest to find out what the purpose and meaning of life was all about. It amazed me they never gave it as much a thought as I did. A lot of folks are like that, they just operate out of some personal code of ethics they were most likely taught, and hope it all pans out in the end. What a blessing it was/is to be able to share Christ with the family. So, if you are looking for life’s answers, you might consider looking up into the stars, connect the dots, and get a copy of the Bible to explain it all to you. After all, these patterns aren’t just an accident.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
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