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The 75 Year Plan
Sunday, February 17 2019
     I saw some pictures recently where the ISS, International Space Station had taken pictures of planet earth for many years. Nothing new about that, as most would agree, after all, that’s a big part of what they do. But what was interesting was the pictures were taken during the darkness, when the sun was not illuminating the earth in the areas being photographed.
     The idea was to show how much the planet had become illuminated as a result of light from electricity. They had created a collage of the photos from old to new. It revealed the speed in which the planet was being illuminated. I thought this is valuable information, so I did some research on my own - I took an old Atlas of the United States and compared it with a newer version of the same, of around forty years between them. I was amazed at the number of highways and roads that appeared all across this country in such a seemingly short time. The most noticeable was out West. From what I saw, no more desolate areas to speak of. Of course, I didn’t need an Atlas to tell me this country is multiplying at breakneck speed. Actually, all I had to do was look out my back door - two new homes being built right by my back fence.
     I watch PBS pretty often, and as of late there has been no small amount of shows on sustainable living. I like the idea and concept of being better stewards of the planet. So what is sustainable living? It’s a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or societies’ use of earth’s natural resources, thus reducing our carbon footprint. What a novel idea, absolutely no fault with that whatsoever.
     At present, the population of the world stands at 7.7 billion people, give or take a few million. It is projected that by 2022 the planet will be at the 8 billion mark, around 3 years from now. According to the scientists, they believe the planet can only support around 9 to 10 billion people. Many people in the supposed “know” seem to envision the planet heading toward a world-wide catastrophe if measures aren’t taken soon. I’m pretty sure most of the population would have no problem with that logic.
     I agree there are measures that need to be adhered to. However, in the U.S., there is so much waste, as in restaurants, where food is cast into a trash can at the end of the day. Even local farming where crops aren’t being harvested and sold are plowed into the ground - wasted. Where I live, orange trees that are loaded with fruit are just left to let it drop on the ground and rot in the earth. I bristle when I think of when we were growing up, nothing was wasted.
     I submit that we could feed the planet with no trouble with all of the the food that is discarded. I am aware that much in the way of crops is being discarded in order to keep the prices up so the farmers can make a decent profit margin. You may remember in the news some years ago a whole herd of pigs was slaughtered and buried in protest of market prices. Being good stewards means finding better solutions to present problems. So, this brings us to a place where one has to wonder what can be done at the Government level down to State and local efforts to avert such an imminent situation before it becomes catastrophic.
One way to stem the overpopulation problem was covered in a news story that I recently viewed on TV from Tokyo, Japan,  that I watch on NHK News. Although their idea isn’t new by any means of the word, it did have a few new twists I felt were very interesting. It seems Japan is what you could call, landlocked. In W.W.II Japan had aspirations of land expansion and acquisition, that if not stopped would have included China. With the help of the U.S., China’s people would prevail in protecting their homeland from the aggressors. So what does that have to do with today?
     Japan, it seems, has outgrown its natural boundaries. The impending problems resultant of that are feeding the masses, although not a real problem as yet, since they buy much from the open markets of the world. But the real problem is the elderly. They occupy the nursing homes in great number. The modern medicines have done their job well, people live much longer than their support lines allow. When infrastructure is spread thin, ideas are fomented to fix the problems.
     This new idea that is being floated is what was promoted in this article. On the news last month they ran a rather long news article on; termination of life at 75 years old. I couldn’t believe it. They were interviewing many older folks, and younger as well, as to what they thought about being terminated at 75 years old. What was even just as incredible was that most everyone was good with it. Words spoken by the poor old souls were; we don’t want to be a burden on society, family, spouse, etc. Another would say; I’m no longer productive, I’ve lived a good life. I am in no way judging these poor souls hearts, as only the Lord knows that, but the Lord says this; judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment. So I find fault with the  thinking that life can only be of worth if it has marketable good. It means that we have become like a pair of worn out shoes only to be discarded. There have been movies based on this theme years ago. Just watch a nice movie, maybe family video and when you’re ready, push the button, or we’ll push it for you.
     Many countries of the world are promoting euthanasia, the word is “murdering,” the halt, the unprofitable, feeble, too old - you get the point. They have, or think so anyway, become a god. They even want to murder the “just born,” run tests on your newborn to see if they were born with a defect, if yes, then death. This is going on in the world routinely, right now. What we do about this will go a long way toward how this will affect you and your loved ones. Is there a spiritual side to this story? To answer that we can look at Israel’s history to see if any parallels exist.
     In the days leading up to Israel’s captivity by the Babylonians, there were signs along the way. The first sign was that Israel was being led away from the true God by false gods. The first was “Baal,” as in Baal worship. This demi-god had a lot to do with materialistic things, wealth, material objects, favor in farming/crops, a long list of ills. Another god (small g), was Ashtoreth, a Cannonite goddess. Lewd sexual rites were performed in worship of this goddess, hereafter noted as sexual sins and vices ascribed to this non-deity. Last was the god Molech, of the Ammonites. This false god was worshipped by the sacrificing of children. They had a man-made object resembling a seated figure with body and head with outstretched arms. Under the bottom rear of this object they would build a fire which would superheat the object. When that thing reached sufficient heat (glowing) Israel and Ammonites would take their precious children babies and lay them in the arms of this miserable supposed god, thus sacrificing their innocent children to Molech. The children would be murdered on the altar of Molech. Was God happy? No - He is the God of life. Now you know why Israel went into captivity for 70 years in Babylon.
     There is one more piece to the puzzle, the USA. We have been a Country blessed by the God of our founding fathers ever since we were a country. I’m providing a few excerpts from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn below.  Some ominous signs have appeared on our great land. In New York City a couple of years ago, an arch was erected. Pictures of the structure are obtainable. Guess who/what it was dedicated to? Before I say who, one more bit of information. You may remember when the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was being grilled on Capital Hill. Something was taking place outside on the Washington Mall area, another arch was being erected/placed facing the Capital Building. It was another arch of Baal. How can this be? Someone or something is behind this sinister setup. However, I must ask; are there any parallels in our society that compare to ancient Israel? Are the people of America materialistic? Bent on “things” more than God? The problem isn’t so much as owning things, as is, do they own you? Need I remind folks the 1st Commandment is still valid; Thou shalt not have any gods before me. The god of sports, pleasure, all manner of toys - you get the point.
     As mentioned, the 2nd god Israel worshipped was Ashtoreth, the god of sensuality, sex, perversion. The U.S. leads the WORLD in pornography. Have we seen any signs of this spirit over the years? Can there be any doubt? The last to materialize is; Molech. Remember, this demi-god spirit was/is about the death of children. I submit, based upon observable evidence, this Molech spirit is at work in these last days. This Molech spirit was the last nail in Israel’s spiritual coffin. I have no doubt this could be the final knell for this country if we don’t make course directions soon. There are no small amount of folks in this country that could care less about these issues I have addressed, but, if you feel I have made valid points in my commentary, please forward it to a friend, pass it around, we need a turnaround in this country NOW.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
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