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The Advent
Sunday, January 05 2020

It’s that time of the year when Christmas cheer is being exuberantly displayed across the land. From the many displays of things Christmas, the lights, the songs that play in the background of many retail stores, and our homes, what’s not to love? The merriment of many folks in an attitude of appreciation and thanksgiving, it’s no wonder they proclaim; it’s a wonderful life. It’s kind of like a crescendo of praise; it begins to build around Thanksgiving. That’s it right there; being thankful; there is so much to be thankful for, life in and from the Good Lord, families, health and home and food aplenty. By the time Christmas gets here, it’s time to shout, even kids know this. The Advent season is a period of time that include the four Sundays before Christmas; a time to celebrate the Birth of The Christ. This time of year should bring joy to the world as God’s Word says and song as well. I’m pretty sure a lot of folks take pictures and videos this time of the year of the kids and grandkids like me, my, how they have grown. For many it’s a time to reflect on the many years of celebration together, to appreciate those things that matter most. The 1st Advent of Christ made all this possible.

It seems incredible to me that many still debate the 1st Coming of Christ! I will just say this, with the many verses (57 verses that just reveal His suffering on the Cross alone) in the Bible that were written hundreds, some even thousands of years before Jesus came, declaring His coming; how in the world can one miss that? A good Christmas example is the birth place of Christ in Micah 5:2. (written 750 BC), It says He would be born in Bethlehem; it is interesting that Bethlehem means “House of Bread”. It is more interesting that Jesus said He was the Bread of Life that came down from Heaven (John 6:51). How is it that folks don’t connect the dots on this great truth? There are at least 56 more detailed prophesies to check, I checked them out; the evidence for Christ far outweighs the detractors against Him.

But there is also another thought that comes to mind as I write this article; it’s another year that is just about gone. With that thought, many people think, where in the world has time went, good question; I ask the same thing. I picked up on this thought quite a long time ago. As we all know, life is comprised of our past, present and future. Or maybe another way to look at life is; being a child, then adult and on to being elderly. Anyway you look at it, life seems segmented, and perhaps all the segments have relevance. Is it possible that at Christmas time we reflect more on the things that matter most, than at other times of the year? Maybe if we do, it’s because we have some much needed time off from work to do so, not sure. I’m living in my seventh decade of life; I think a lot about how many days the Good Lord will see fit to give me down here on the earth. The Bible does give us a clue; the days of our years are, three score and ten (70), and by reason of strength, fourscore (80) (Psalm 90:10).  I think I would rather dwell on a dear friend of mine that is 102 years old/young. Up until about ten years ago she had been going to the jail with us in the Ministry.

Christmas season has many routines does it not; the hanging of decorations, lights and a tree that adorns many homes. The “lights” are a witness of the coming of the Great Light, who is Jesus; the Light of the world. A Candlelight Service is another great illustration this lighting of lights. The Main Servant Candle (Jesus) lights the other candles and those candles light others, until the Church/room is totally illuminated, a beautiful sight. Another tradition for some is to watch the old movies; Jimmy Stewart, many other old movies (for the old folks here), the Home Alone series (for the young) is always good for a laugh, as the little guy punished the thieves unmercifully. But one of my all time favorites is the Scrooge, with the old British guy, a classic. Once again the pattern seems to come to light in the movie about the; past, present and future.

Do you ever think about your life, I mean past, present and future? Does not our past represent our childhood? What if we could look back to our “past” and see the play, the innocence, the joy of life. Somehow we could hear again the laughter, sing the Christmas songs again like we once did, experience the friendships of our youth again, you’re right it would be just a dream. What if an Angel came down and was able to show us such things? How would it impact our life? How about our life “now”; what have we become? Are we miserable, miserly, loveless, or are we caring, supportive, and loving. What would we see from the window from which we look out of? Are we happy with what we see, or are we a victim of poor choices in life? If only I had taken the other route, I would be somebody now, lament many. This is the time to make changes in direction. The last piece of the pattern is the “future”. I don’t mean being elderly this time, that’s past; it’s the end of life. What we have done with our life while in the land of the living will dictate our “future”. I must say; not everyone agrees on what the future of one’s life consists of, but; the Bible says; it’s appointed unto man; once to die, then the judgment (Hebrews (9:27). I am not taking any chances with my life; God says what He means and means what He says.

Since we know that Jesus came in what’s called the 1st Advent, will there be a 2nd Advent? You can bet on that, there are even more verses in the Bible that concern His 2nd appearing than His 1st. Jesus say this; If I go to prepare a place for you; I will come again (John 14:3)! We see many indicators of events that have been foretold that would happen just prior to His appearing. We have a great opportunity to address some things that need changing while we are still able, right now. It is the time to turn unto the Lord with all your heart, do a 180 on the world and worldly. Do you remember the old Scrooge movie; in what he did when he found out he wasn’t dead? He acted like a “new man”, that’s what the Word of God says will happen to us; if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, all things become new (II Cor. 5:17). For those that have received Christ, they know the true meaning of Christmas. And to that, I say: Merry Christmas to all.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

Saturday, November 09 2019


The world is about to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Book; Origin of the Species. On November 24th 1859 the world would forever change in some regards, yes, we can rest easy now, a great discovery has been obtained from the study of certain species of animals and plant life. The conclusion; we have evolved from a lower life form to a higher life form. It’s all there in that little book, Happy Thanksgiving world. This “theory” has been modified more than a little since its inception, but the direction has never changed, and what is that? It takes us from faith in what God said to faith in what science says. 
I think I am beginning to see some merit in Darwin’s thinking finally. Evolution seems to promote the idea that “in-vertebrate” (no backbone) life forms somehow crawled out of a primordial mud and over not just millions of years but billions of years now, viola; the ultimate “vertebrate” creature has emerged, man. I must admit, that does take a lot of faith to grab this, but none the less, science says it’s so. Admittedly I don’t buy all of this, but, a thought did come to me concerning this theory of evolution that seems to make more sense. If we can buy the idea of a no life becoming life and an in-vertebrate becoming a vertebrate, then we may also buy the idea of a vertebrate becoming an in-vertebrate. Sounds impossible/crazy, but isn’t that what Darwin’s theory is all about? I think before you finish this article you will see this makes perfect sense. 
Now that I have set the tone for what I really want to share, there is a modern movement going on right now that has the potential to derail all that most logical people hold dear. And when I say logical, that is also what is under attack as well. Do values still matter to anyone? I know they do to a lot of people. When I say values I mean a moral ethic that does not have to be legislated still exist within the soul of mankind? And if the answer is yes, where did these values/morality originate? If I say the Creator, the God of the Universe, I can hear the whines and wails of many right now, we don’t believe in your God, we actually hate the idea that someone or God can tell me what to do. Whether one accepts the fact that God exists or not and that one day according to Him we have a date with Him does not change the facts. If we eliminate the moral factor, remove the value system, or at least not adhere to it, you have moral chaos. Can we not see what God instituted thousands of years ago to humanity we know as the 10 Commandments is just as relevant now as when they were given? These Laws of God were not given to bring misery upon mankind, but actually just the opposite, a quality of life. When people make science their god, literally saying; these be our gods, and cast away the words of Almighty God, we have a problem. Are there ramifications toward a society that decides they no longer want to adhere to a moral code or maybe even change the moral code to their own liking? I think the answer may be going on all around us right now. 
People think it’s old fashioned to assume a marriage of one man and one woman anymore. God declares from the beginning that the family unit is perpetuated when this absolute is adhered to, and it has been that way for many millennia with no problems, until now. It’s a mixed bag in our day and time, men with men, women with women, women wanting to marry their pets, you get the point. The family unit is being destroyed. Look down the road, can we not see where this headed in just a short time? Also the transgender issue, you were born with what you are biologically. People need to get over it, if you are a woman, you are not and will not be a man. The same goes for the guys, you may act like someone you are not, but you cannot be who you were not born to be, (unless some radical surgery takes place I’m not aware of). Where is this headed, watch the pre trials to the Olympics, the guys are running with the girls and blowing them away thus calling this fair? In the wrestling arena it’s the same way, some monster against some poor girl. And don’t forget power lifting, same scenario. These people need mental help, why don’t someone just tell them, boys with boys and girls with girls. Here’s one that will disturb anyone, pedophilia, predators who prey on the vulnerable little children. Though not tolerated it seems, it’s becoming more bold and prevalent all the time. How do you feel about “drag queens” (big burley guys dressed as women) reading their homosexual agenda books to the kindergartners in school? Not that many years ago these people would have been run out of town; it’s a slippery slope this Country is on. Our heart should go out to those that are mentally challenged and try to help them get back on track, surely not promote such. There was a time when life was precious to most folks, enter 2019, the unborn may never see the light of day, body parts for sale on the open market. That which was right at one time is now considered wrong, and that which was wrong is now considered right. So, people think God’s Word is out of date with our modern culture; we can do better without God, really? 
This is where I make the connection about the vertebrate (backbone) creature becoming an in-vertebrate. I see many people, starting at the home level and progressing up toward the society level, and on to the Government level as going backwards in ethics, values, morality, in taking a stand. People have seemed to lose the collective backbone, hence; becoming an in-vertebrate. Why can’t people just speak up and say; for thousands of years we did fine following God’s Laws and precepts, and we are not going to alter it just for a few deranged thinkers. Where is the backbone nowadays that once made this Country the great Country that it is? If this ship isn’t righted soon, moral depravity will be the normal of the land. There are now parades that promote some of the most vile acts in public one could ever imagine, and the police are ordered to stand down. And if that were not bad enough, people are being vilified for saying this is vile. The time to stand up and be counted is now, ask yourself; is this the road we really want to go down? 
God help us to get a life before we squander the beautiful life He has given us. If you think this route that is being taken has no consequences, think again. Societies of old are buried in the sands of time bearing these words; Be not deceived, God is not is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries. 

The Purpose Of The Church
Saturday, June 29 2019

Has the Church outlived its time and place in our modern society? Have we come to a place in our lives where we no longer need or want any outside intervention in the affairs of our lives? From what I see going on in the world, I would say many have that mindset right now. Saying; let us shrug off the old Puritanical yoke of values and make a value system in our own image and likeness. In my last Commentary, the article was on; “What is the Church”? Admittedly a few pages of commentary could barely scratch the surface of the greatest event/subject in all of human history. So monumental was its affect that even the changing of the world’s calendars was to commemorate the event, BC to AD, (some have even changed that to BCE). So it would be superfluous to continue to add to the mountain of verifiable evidence concerning the validity of Christ and His Church. If you believe God exists as does the Church, then it would be no stretch of the imagination that He has a plan for His actions and a purpose for those plans. And since the Church is made up of a group up of a people; “The called out ones” (see previous Commentary) it would stand to reason the Lord would use this group to perform His purpose on planet earth. It is with that backdrop I want to provide the; “Purpose of the Church”.

To better understand the function, a slight brief of it’s foundation would be in order. The Bible presents the best explanation of events in Chronological order that describe the purpose of the Church. We’ll examine a few of the many “pictures” of events that transpired to form a mosaic of truth/s to form the back-drop for our study. In the beginning of the Gospel of Mathew, Jesus is seen in a confrontation with none other than the devil in person (Math 4). He knew who Jesus was, since the Lord is the one who cast him out Heaven long ago. I’m not sure if people don’t really believe there is a representative of the dark side, or are just plain deceived, nevertheless he exists, and he is not alone in his efforts to; kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) according to God’s Word. This particular account is called the temptations of Christ. In one of those temptations the devil tells the Lord; if thou be the Son of God, jump off the pinnacle of the Temple, Angels will save you from the rocks below. The devil still uses this strategy/trick on people; they call it suicide in our day and time. Have you ever felt very strongly to take your life, do harm to yourself? Now you know who is behind it, the consequences are not good if you fall for that line. If Jesus would have fallen for any of these temptations, plus any other for that matter, He would not have been able to perform His primary goal of being the Savior of the world.

The Lord would proceed on to calling a small group of men that would be called Disciples, or Learners, as they had much to learn in order to perform their God given mandate (Math 4:18). In time Jesus would have twelve Disciples that would form His inner circle and they would faithfully follow Him in Ministry. The Word says Jesus went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil (Acts 10:38). If folks ever come to realize it’s the devil and the demonic world that have been putting sickness and disease, insanity, perversions etc. on people for a long time, they would readily come to the Lord for help, I’m sure of that. It seems obvious the Lord was only one person in one place at one time, folks that needed help would have to wait on the Lord to show up personally for ministry to take place. In due time the Disciples having followed the Lord for a period of time were being trained to do just exactly what the Lord had been doing in ministering to the people all along. The Gospel of Luke records this; then He called His 12 Disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases. And He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick Luke 9:1,2). These 12 Disciples were to give the devil and his bunch a foretaste of what was to come. The devil’s days of control and adversity were coming to an end. Another group of outer circle disciples (70) (Luke 10:1) would be empowered for the same task and sent out in like manner, they would return rejoicing as well, saying; even the demons are subject to us through Thy Name (Luke 10:17). The idea was for this Ministry of healing and deliverance to continue after the Lord returned to Heaven.

In time the Lord would complete His mission and purpose and return to Heaven from whence He came. An interesting word would come forth, resultant of Jesus’ death on the Cross. The Apostle Paul declares; but we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory, which none of the princes of this world knew, for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory (I Cor. 2:7,8). In other words if the devil knew in advance that killing Jesus on the Cross would bring about his own destruction, he would have devised a different plan.

The Lord said; I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Math 16:18). These early Church leaders would lay the foundation for the on-going work of the Lord in the local Church and beyond. They were faithful in their commission even unto death. Every Disciple lost His life (martyred) in taking the Gospel message to the masses except one, the Apostle John, although they tried to kill him too. These Disciples were to continue the work the Lord started. The Bible says; for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil (I John 3:8). The purpose of Jesus coming was not just about saving souls, which was primary, but to deliver people from the miseries placed on them by the devil and his bunch.   

Our primary question in the beginning was; what is the Churches purpose? The Word tells us; Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15). This is a command from the Lord, as He gave His life for the world, not just few inside the Church (John 3:16). People need to have a chance to hear this Word, the Gospel (Good News) and make an evaluation of whether they want salvation or not. We are to be a soul winning station upon the earth, as the Church is a place where the Word and will of God is taught and practiced. The early Church leaders suffered much in performing their primary mission; it looks like the last days Church may not fare much better. It seems incredible that many people are so violent in not wanting to hear the message of the Cross. The Lord never said to beg the masses, just share the truth. Another function of the Church is to be a “light” to the world (Math 5:14). Through the illumination of the light of God’s Word (Psalm 119:105), the Church is to help navigate folks out of darkness and toward the True Light. For folks that have been in deep darkness, drugs, alcohol, demonic activity, occult, you know what I mean about darkness. The world is in darkness because of its leader. The Bible says the devil is the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world (Eph.2:2). The Church is also to be the salt of the earth (Math 5:13). The idea is to be a preservative, in other words to keep things from rotting and spoilage. And that is a major issue that is going on right now. Many think the Church, (its people) have no right to say anything concerning morality, life and death issues, what is right from what is wrong etc. I say, if the Church does indeed represent God and the will of God on planet earth, then we not only have a right but a mandate to do so. This all goes back to who has the sovereign right to make the rules, if there is no God, we are on our own, but if God exists, and evidence proves He does, then He makes the rules and we abide by them. One more thought; since there is a real Church, then is there a counterfeit Church? Yes there is, and very soon a character called the “anti-Christ” shows up to be the head of it. In the end, the Church is not just a place to get married and perform funeral services but a place to provide help and hope to the world. History shows that food and monies flow freely from the Church through good times and bad to the needy peoples of the world. One more of the many functions of the Church; it’s a place of worship, to hear from Heaven, to grow in the knowledge of God, receive healing and a place to raise one’s children with God given love and values.

Is the Church on borrowed time? The Church is scheduled to leave earth at some point, many Bible Scholars believe soon. So, yes there is a specified timeline given to the Church Age generation, it’s called the “Grace Age”. This period of time is believed to be about 2 thousand years in length. The Church has had a job to do during this time. The Word says; after once the Master has risen up and shut the door, no man shall enter in (Luke 13:25). That opens the door to one more function of the Church, and that is to be a voice of warning.  Right after the Church vacates planet earth, the dreaded tribulation starts. This is a time period of 7 years of unprecedented death and destruction that will be thrust upon the earth. The restrainer of this evil has been the Church (II Thes. 2:7), but when the Church is gone, this opens the door to the anti-Christ. The time is now to take God at His Word, get right with God by accepting His Son, you’ll be eternally glad you did.

One last thought, while the Lord was here in person His Words were often under severe attack, as He was speaking the Words of His Father in Heaven. As a result of Jesus speaking truth to the assembled folks they often wanted to do away with Him and His Word. The Church comes along and bears the same exact words, and what do folks want to do with it? Do I see a parallel here? To silence the witness does not silence the Word. The time to make evaluations is now. He that has ears to hear; let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church (Rev. 3:22)

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

The Spirit Within
Thursday, May 16 2019


It’s an amazing time in which we live, with all the incredible mechanical marvels such as the family car, electricity and air conditioning, the list is extensive, what’s not to love. However, one field of expertise that has really taken off is the medical field. I saw a documentary some time back about the Civil War, the brutality of battle, the loss of life, incredible. The part that got my attention the most was the lack of adequate medical care for some soul who wasn’t killed outright in battle. If a person were in need to be, shall we say unconscious while they were removing a bullet or the like, they were “put under” by a swig of whisky and a knock on the head with a mallet. The operation many times consisted of amputation; hence the nick name “saw bone” was given to a Doctor. Since the dawn of time when formal medicine was nonexistent until not really that long ago, in many cases a person would die of what would be deemed a minor condition nowadays. It seems modern medicine is a relatively new thing, I mean in the last Century or so. Up until this point in time the mortality rate was very high.

If we fast forward to where the medical field is right now, it’s incredible. The once impossible is now common place, a heart transplant is old news, we now transplant just about everything. Doctors in one location can perform operations with the aid of robotics in another location. There was a time when if a person lived to seventy, they were done, however, don’t tell that to our modern retirees. This long life thinking has permeated the minds of many for millennia. Now it is catching on with the medical field as well. You may have noted the use of robotics is replacing man in the workforce rapidly. With the age of AI, Artificial Intelligence, machines are getting smarter all the time. Androids were something we would see in the movies, like Star Wars or something. Not anymore, a video was shown in/of a factory where androids were being built, they were anatomically correct in every way. Both male and female androids could be deployed/used at the owner’s discretion. As they are being promoted in various markets; some people have said they didn’t realize they weren’t real people until it was disclosed. This is the part that I think we should take note of. There has been much research and development (RD) in the science of reading brain waves. One could see the potential for this concerning the crime in the Country, truth in courts etc. However consider this; what would happen if they were to perfect the ability to download your brain’s memory and place it on a hard drive? Next suppose you were to purchase an android that has AI hard/software already on board. All you have to do would be to upload your own mind into that machine. It then becomes you in machine/android form, except instead of being old and decrepit, it is a youthful, handsome him or beautiful her. Or maybe someone is paralyzed, or maybe has MS, they could trade the depleted body for new one. To some it would be same as an eternal life existence, but without God, welcome to the 21st Century. This is another example of knowledge increasing in these last days per Daniel 12:4.In this case not for good.

With all the modern medical marvels in existence today, there is an area where I believe the medical field hasn’t ventured too far into from I am aware of. It is true we know more about the human body than at any other time in the history of man. But one thing they don’t know too much about is the “spirit” within mankind. Does such a spirit exist, can it be seen, does it have sensory perception, can we examine it under a microscope? If these questions were answered affirmatively, then this article could be called old news. Just about everybody (based upon religions of the world) believes that when a person dies, there is something within that lives on. In many religious cultures things are placed with the deceased for use in an afterlife experience. This in no way answers the reality of such a spirit within someone, but raises the belief that such does exist per many. Are there facts or evidence/s of such a spirit from experiments or otherwise that point to its validity? Many years ago in a study, I can’t remember who performed it, but the question was being addressed concerning what happens to the human body at death, there is much documentation on this. A lot of studies have been performed over the years on this phenomenon, but the part that interested me was the part concerning the weight of a person at death. It was noted that in every occasion when a person died, a half pound of weight departed the body, no matter the size of the body. After extensive testing it became common knowledge something of unknown origin or condition was taking place. To further the investigation, they would weigh animals to see if a similar event takes place, it did not. The conclusion was; humans have something that happens in their spiritual or molecular makeup that animals don’t have. In another bit of information, I received this from a person who was a rocker, played in rock band. He said they would after a gig all go out and get wasted on drugs, wiped out, he told of times when his spirit would leave his body and float around until he started to come back down. He said sometimes he was scared his spirit wouldn’t find its way back into his body, (this would eventually bring him to the Lord). I’ve read where others have confirmed this same phenomenon. Another piece of evidence, the military during WWII had a top secret group that were used in what is called “remote viewing”. They would be administered some mind altering drugs or equivalent causing their spirit to depart their body (near death) and go on a mission during the experience to view enemy secrets (unseen). The military benefited from this intelligence greatly. One more note on this, certain types of thermal photography has shown something, an image of a ghost, energy force? It’s seems so hard to believe this, but none the less true, humans have something within that is unique.

Interesting enough the Bible as always is way ahead of everything, the medical field as well. In I Thessalonians 5:23; the Apostle Paul gives us the answer, he prayed that God would sanctify us wholly; our; “spirit, soul and body”, and I believe in that order. There it is, a three part man, you may wonder where God got that idea from. Actually that is easy, the Godhead is comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is of no great imagination that God who would make man in His own image and likeness would make man a three part; tri-unity being as well. It has been said; that man is actually a spirit, that inhabits a body, and possess a soul. The real you is not the body we see, the real you is your spirit within. This outer shell, our earthy tabernacle will one day die, hence the words; from the dust thou was created and to the dust thou shall return. A good point to inject here; God’s Word is the “only” authoritative place to go for this information. There is much deception that blinds folks in this present generation. It has come from the scientific community, the so called professionals, unbelief through the casting down of God and the Bible, which is our primary source of truth, and especially the truth about one’s spirit and soul.

The main reason for this article is to cause people to think about their future, when our present body wears out and we pass on, then what? Maybe you think; I’ll just up-load my marbles into an android and live some more. Don’t forget, your spirit and soul lives on, and we have a date with the Creator. You will either meet God on good terms or bad terms, all depending on what you did with His Son, Jesus, your choice, but make no mistake, you will meet God. Just as surely as there is a Father, Son and Holy Spirit, there is a spirit, soul and body concerning us. One more thought; is it possible that God may have placed a homing device within each and every soul? I mean a something that keeps telling me within, I need to get right with God, or I have let God down, maybe you know down deep inside, He’s coming back soon. I think it’s time to start listening to the Holy Spirit because He’s talking to your spirit, perhaps now.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

Signs of The Sign
Sunday, May 05 2019

Who wouldn’t believe we are living in incredible times. You may have noticed from reading or personal experience that there has been an exponential increase in knowledge over the past Century or so. Things really took off during the Industrial Revolution and the world hasn’t looked back since. I find it quite interesting that progress crawled at a snail’s pace for thousands of years and all of a sudden we are in the jet age. In retrospect the automobile came upon the scene in my grandparent’s day, late 1800’s. Considering man has always walked or rode an animal this is no small accomplishment. In 1903 the Wright brothers built and took to the sky in an airplane, just a hundred and sixteen years ago, incredible. The computer age has come and with it technology has exploded, can you believe it, man on the moon fifty years ago. For folks familiar with the Bible, these days were actually forecast to come. In the Old Testament, the book of Daniel says, But thou O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased (12:4).  These words were given to Daniel concerning the very times we live in right now, as the Bible puts it, the times of the end. These words would include not only the veiled mysteries of God in His master plan for the ages but also the mental capacity of man increased as well. You can see, this a major sign to the world for all to see, that something miraculous must have transpired/triggered in the minds of people living in this day and time. In this article I want to present some additional signs that are appearing that I feel people are not seeing. I believe people have a lot of knowledge about things, but for some reason aren’t connecting the dots.

Signs are a way of life, they point us in the right direction, tell us how fast to go, provide warning of dangers ahead, the list is long. There are other signs that are more subtle, if you are tuned in to these signs they can be most beneficial. You may remember in California some years ago, the animals at the zoo were noted to be acting quite strange, the Park Rangers couldn’t understand what their problems were, until a huge earthquake began to devastate the area. It would seem these creatures were able to sense something the humans weren’t.  But now we know, to forecast earthquakes future, keep watch over the zoo animals. In another case of events, certain people didn’t show up at work on a particular day. As a matter of fact the stock market showed some unusual activity as well, major stock in certain airlines was being dumped, what could this mean? In the days following the dots would be connected, certain souls were told not to show up at work on a certain day for their own well being, certain airliners would be used to crash into the World Trade Center, forever known as 911. The signs were there, but the problem was, they were not interpreted fast enough to do anyone any good. Were there lessons to be learned, you bet, are we listening?   

You may find it interesting that this topic of signs came up from time to time in Jesus’ day and time. The spiritual leaders of the day would come to the Lord and ask Him for a sign from Heaven or similar. The Lord would respond by saying; when it is evening you say, it will be fair weather, for the sky is red, and in the morning, it will be foul weather today; for the sky is red and threatening, O ye hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times? (Mathew 16:3)  I think it could be said of this text verse that it is easier to ask someone who knows what signs mean rather than try to figure them out for our self. It is obvious by now that signs are for our benefit, if we heed them, and this brings us to one more sign that needs to be addressed, the sign of not heeding/receiving the sign. Is it possible that no matter the evidence or sign/s, people would go headlong to their own destruction?

There is something very interesting going on right now on the world scene. As I write this article the news services of the world are lit up concerning a disaster that took place in Sri Lanka. Over three hundred souls perished in a mass terrorist attack on Easter Sunday. It has been found that the perpetrators of this deed were fanatic Islamists. If this were an isolated attack by a few fringe extremists that would be bad enough, but that is not the case at all, as somewhere in the world it is a daily occurrence. One has to ask, is there a pattern or perhaps a sign/s that there is something taking place before our very eyes that we either don’t see or refuse to believe that will affect the Sovereignty of, not only our Country, but others as well, and yes even our very own lives? I’m not the only person who can see something on a very large scale that is taking place across the world scene.

There are some incredible insights provided in the Book of Revelation that I think has a huge bearing on what we are seeing taking place across the world’s stage right now. This is a sign that I believe if we ignore it will be to our own peril. It says; and there are seven kings, five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and he goeth forth into perdition (Rev. 17:10,11). Admittedly, most folks reading that wouldn’t get much out of that. None the less, the Apostle John was shown a picture/vision of things to come in the last days of which we live. The Lord would show him/us that before his life (John’s) five kings/empires would have come and gone. The Bible and history reveals this; 1- The Egyptian Empire, 2- The Assyrian Empire, 3- The Babylonian Empire, 4- The Media- Persian Empire and 5- The Greek Empire. It also reveals that during John’s time (AD 95) “one is”, that would have been the 6th The Roman Empire. That leaves two remaining Empires, it is believed by Bible Scholars that the EU (European Union) which is alive and well right now is that Seventh Empire which is to come. At present there are twenty eight member States/Countries, with one, the British trying to leave the EU, so-called Brexit. It is also believed that this EU will somehow emerge and wield great world power and influence soon per some. But as the Word said, it only lasts for a short time, actually, up and through the first three and a half years of the Tribulation Period which lasts seven years total of which many Bible Scholars confer can’t be too far off. That leaves one more empire to make the scene in these last days, so identified as the eighth.

The Bible talks about an individual called the anti-christ that will emerge in the end of days that will bring great devastation upon the earth. The identity of that person has led to much speculation for centuries. We may not have to wonder much longer, as it is interesting to note that Islamic folks also predict a person arising in these last days as well, they have given him the name; “Mahdi”, or the “Expected One”. You may remember Saddam Hussein was noted to have had many white horses, of which he was often seen riding while bearing a sword. He seems to have thought he was the one that would unite the Muslims for world dominance. Not to worry, there are other leaders of countries trying to unite the world under a “Caliphate” as well.  A Caliphate is an Islamic state. A Caliph is a chief Muslim civil and religious ruler regarded as the successor to Muhammad. This information is well documented among the Islamic world, as this end of days Mahdi will unite the 1.4 billion Muslims together for world domination. Much speculation was made concerning ISIS and their black flag, would this group of terrorists be the Mahdi’s Army? These facts have led some Bible Scholars to believe that the anti-christ and the Mahdi could be one and the same person. The rise of this eighth empire will exercise ruthless power and rule upon the world up until and especially during this last three and a half years of the dreaded Tribulation Period. Those that follow him will live, those that will not bow to his/its authority will be killed. And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast/anti-christ (Rev. 20:4). Do we see any signs/evidences that would identify such an empire arising across the world stage with an iron fist rule that are looking toward world dominance that fit this sign? Has anyone took notice of an explosion of mosques showing up everywhere, even schools promoting a Muslim agenda in teaching children the five Islamic pillars of their faith? You may also have noted, Christians trying to hold Bible studies on School property are forbidden to do so.  

We end up where we started, as there are signs all around us. The Revived Roman Empire, the seventh Empire, EU is alive and functional. The eighth empire is in the wings and about to make itself more fully known by spreading its dominance across the world and more so as we go forward. Are these signs a verifiable fact? Is the Bible accurate concerning these kingdoms past and present? Does the Bible give us a clue as to what happens if we miss these clues? The answer is yes on all counts. If you had pre-knowledge of a disaster that would bring serious harm upon you and your family would you not try to avert such? The Lord Jesus has made an escape route for humanity it’s called the Rapture of the Church. Yes if you are one of His children, Christians, we get to leave this place before this anti (in place of, or antithesis of) christ/mahdi shows up. I have mentioned the Tribulation Period often in this outline. What that is briefly, is a seven year time of judgment being poured out on the earth. It begins as soon as the Church has been Raptured/evacuated. Toward the  end of this seven years the Battle of Armageddon takes place and the Lord in person comes back to put a stop to the war of all wars. Unfortunately the folks that go through this are the ones left behind that have rejected the Lord’s plan of salvation to their detriment. It’s time to connect the dots; our life depends on it.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

A Time To Spring
Sunday, April 28 2019

If there was ever a time of the year that stands out above the rest it has got to be spring time. Winters may have been brutal in some parts of the Country but we have spring to look forward to. Who wouldn’t find it incredible that just about everything pops out at springtime? The four seasons the world experiences every year may come and go like clockwork but it seems to me there is more to this story than meets the eye. Is it possible these four seasons could be a mirror image of our lives? Consider; when we are born and through childhood, could it not represent the spring time of our lives, the summer could be our working years and fall may be our retirement years. Winter may equate to the time when a person is awaiting the resurrection after they have passed away. I want to touch on something that stands out to me at this point in my life, since I could be considered in the fall season of my life, perhaps you may see a parallel here as well.

This spring scenario reminded me of something I read from one of the smaller books in the Bible called Ecclesiastes.  It’s been well documented that King Solomon had the most wisdom of any person in the world of his day. This came about because he asked God for the wisdom to enable him to be a good King, and as history tells the story, this was so, as Israel was at peace during his reign. Of the many words Solomon penned in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, one critical point he made was this, to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven. He went on to say, there was a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted (Eccle. 3). These verses actually establish the fact that God has a timeline as well as a purpose for everything that exists. The part that affects us is that it provides a “parameter of existence” for each soul, a span of life portioned between being; born and death. Even if a person doesn’t believe in God, this vital truth still stands. If you were born you have a part to play on the timeline of eternity. When you were young, did you ever ask your parents; what is my purpose or reason for living? Many have, I know I did.

Another example of this parameter of life is what could be called the procreative process of life, as there is a time of/for child bearing, some a little more, some less. I’ve heard some lament; I wish I could turn the clock back some, as they had chosen a working career over being a mom. As the verse says, there is a time for everything under the Heaven. As one can well imagine our lives are representative of many things, one of which is the sowing (planting) of our talents in the marketplace of the world to reap a harvest which comes in the form of wages among other things. Some may have more opportunities than others, maybe even talents others don’t possess, but, all can and do make their contribution during their time of productivity. Once again we have a timeline of when this would happen in life. Many folks in the industrialized nations of the world have a working lifetime, around forty years then, they retire. During our working lives we have taken advantage of the many opportunities to work in the many and varied employments available. Some may have gone on to become a noted Doctor, maybe Mayor of a small town, or a policeman, teacher, or a host of varied occupations. The point is that, there is a window of opportunity for most folks to accomplish whatever it is that their call in life is. In other words, make their mark in life. Exceptions do exist as there aren’t many Colonel Sanders around, who at sixty-five years old started a Chicken Empire, KFC. Usually by that age you have already done all you’re going to do in the working world.

So far we have addressed the time to be born, your appearance on the timeline of eternity, of which you should know is no accident. It’s time to address the purpose of why you are here and one’s role in that part. To help understand this concept a little better consider if you would, the annual plant. It is a plant that lives only a year or so, a season if you will, like us, we are only here for a season, and as God’s Word says, our life is a vapor. The annual grows to its peak, bringing forth beautiful flowers, and when it’s done its part, (living a radiant life) it wanes, (fades) then dies. However, before it dies it must perform its prime directive. During its waning process it puts forth seeds, and that’s its fruit, of its body (I’m no botanist, just a Pastor), as a result it remains, the species lives on. The next season or year a new annual comes forth and does the exact same thing as its predecessor.  I see this as being exactly like us; we show up on the timeline of eternity, for a season, some longer than others. We have only been given a short period of time (considering eternity) to be fruitful, physically and spiritually, I dare say to perform our prime directive, and then we are gone into eternity. Once again we don’t have forever to perform our mandate of life, just a window of opportunity.

So, in examining our life, have we been given a prime directive, a mission, something that God would have me to do, or maybe something I’m supposed to do? Remember Solomon said; there was a purpose to everything under the Heaven. So, back to the question of; what is my purpose of being here? The idea is to bring forth fruit, and that the fruit should remain, or will follow you into eternity (John 15:16). I had a friend years ago; he has gone to be with the Lord, a mighty man of God who was a farmer if there ever was one.  He had the most beautiful place/farm around. Some of the most beautiful (versus poor and scrawny) livestock around, pigs, cows, chickens, a garden that was second to none around here. The corn stalks were nine feet tall, sugar cane a least ten feet, a sight to see. Many folks would drive by and look, and say wow, (I was one of them) wishing they had something like that! But, how did it get like that? He planted something, I dare say, a whole lot of something-s. And that is exactly the point that needs to be made; by planting your seed, your vision, your dream, your business for the Lord you can expect a harvest. You can take this to the bank; seeds that sit on the shelf of life never bring forth a harvest. We have been placed here for just such a time, plant now, it’s never too late. Many years ago I thought planting any trees here on my place was a waste of time, in my mind the Lord was coming back so soon, why bother. I decided to plant some trees, pines and red leaf maples anyway. I now have pine trees that are over sixty feet tall, oaks and maples a little smaller, am I glad I planted those seeds/lings, by the way, that was over thirty years ago.

There is of course a spiritual side to this story and that is when we showed up on this timeline of eternity we were alive physically, but not spiritually. The physical act of being born places one on this timeline, but the spiritual act of being born again by accepting Jesus as Lord of one’s life keeps them on that timeline for eternity. Whatever one decides to do for the cause of Christ must be done within the parameters of your existence on the timeline. Has God has placed something upon your heart? Do we have folks in the family that need to be brought into the Kingdom of God? Have you felt you should teach a Sunday School class at Church. How about holding a Bible Study in your home or maybe fulfill some office in your Church? Whatever it is, do it, maybe God has you uniquely placed for just such a time. Only the fruit done in Christ will follow you into eternity. The souls saved under your ministry, help given to a poor soul, a word shared with the downcast, these will be your Heavenly Investments that we and those we touch will be forever grateful. In the end we don’t have an eternity to do this, just our time on the line of life.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

What is My Purpose
Friday, April 12 2019
When I was a kid growing up we didn’t have TV at first, as it was a new item on the market, and, as poor as we were, we couldn’t afford one anyway. My brothers and I would often lie out under the stars at night and be amazed at all the stars and patterns they created - maybe a meteor from time to time passing by. It might have been at that time I would begin to wonder, “where am I in all the vast space of things?” I seemed so insignificant, and truth be known, still am. I had questions that were beyond me, as they say; “inquiring minds want to know.”
So, I determined my dad would be the first one I would consult in my mystery of life questions. I was just a kid, it’s been a long time since that time, but I can remember it well. So I said, “Dad, I have a question for you?”  He said, “what’s you got boy?”  “Why was I born and what is my purpose for being?” He didn’t know what to say, but finally said, “I don’t know,  go ask your mother.” It didn’t take me long to find mom, so I said to her, “Mom, I have a question dad didn’t know the answer to so he sent me to ask you.” As most of us know growing up, our folks were some of the smartest people around. So I asked mom the same question as I asked dad, which was, why was I born and what is my purpose for being?  She said; “where do you come up with this stuff anyway?” I didn’t know the answer to her question any more than she knew the answer to mine. I can say this, something deep down inside of me had questions, and I would continue to seek the answer until I found it.
In my studies over many years I was amazed at the number of folks that have shared having almost the exact same questions I had. In time I would find the answer - it would be quite liberating, and I was privileged to be able to go back and tell my folks before they passed away the truth of the matter.
I must admit, I didn’t come from a powerful Christian home where the answers I sought could have been addressed from anything other than a worldly point of view. I had heard about God, but I never knew God. In school it was popular to teach that we are a product of evolution, our ancestors, many thousands of years ago, were primates, monkeys, before that we climbed up out of the mud. With their reasoning, we just consume 60 or 70 years worth of natural resources on a depleted planet and eventually die, like a rat or dog, that’s it. No record of your value or worth, and who cares if you are gone, for the masses anyway. I thought there had to be more to life than that. That just didn’t seem to fit some kind of on board feeling that life is higher than that, it has value, more than something temporal.
Everything that happens has to have reason,  it’s the law of “cause and effect.” It is the foundation of science, logic and reason. Every effect has to have a cause. There are no small amount of books and papers written on this logic. Nothing can exist without a cause behind it. It would go against science, reason and logic. As previously mentioned, I used to look up into the night sky and observe all the star patterns …  like who hasn’t seen the pots and pans, aka, “the big dipper or little dipper?” As I found out years down the road from Zodiac Charts, there were many patterns/pictures - all of great significance.
As it turns out, the Gospel message is written in the stars. Before the Word of God was placed in the book we call the Bible, the star patterns revealed the plan of God and of salvation to the multitudes in ancient times. This is an enormous piece to the puzzle, for those stars to be in a pattern like that is not, and cannot be, an accident. I think, this cannot be ignored, who wouldn’t admit someone of great intelligence is at work here? And with that, my interest in whom He is also piqued. I must say the stars weren’t the only thing that got my attention, I was blown away at the myriad of different species of flowers, birds, animals, you name it, this just can’t be an accident. To be truthful about it, anyone able to create a universe seems too big to care for someone like me, or anyone for that matter. Nonetheless, I determined if He authored a book called the Bible, then I am going to search it to try to find the answers to my questions.
The quest for truth concerning life’s very important questions would not be found in man’s logic, the deification of man, (making oneself god), nor in trying to ignore the evidence of God’s vast creation. What do you think? Where there is a vast creation, there must be a vast Creator. Consider, the sun gives light to the earth, and the moon’s light is a reflection of the sun. This reveals a great picture of Christ, as He is the Light of the world, and we, like the moon, are illuminated by the Lord  -  spiritually speaking.
In the end, it would be in the pages of God’s Word that I would find these words; “therefore let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and ‘Glorify your Father’ which is in Heaven,” (Math. 5:16). By taking advantage of His great plan of salvation, I would find out what my purpose on earth was, and why I was born as well. When we give our life to the Lord and accept His plan of salvation, we no longer have to live in sin’s downward spiral. I can live a victorious life for God. I now make it a point to do those things that please and lift Him up. My life has meaning and value, not just now, but eternally.
I am happy to report that my folks would be pleased in my quest to find out what the purpose and meaning of life was all about. It amazed me they never gave it as much a thought as I did. A lot of folks are like that, they just operate out of some personal code of ethics they were most likely taught, and hope it all pans out in the end. What a blessing it was/is to be able to share Christ with the family. So, if you are looking for life’s answers, you might consider looking up into the stars, connect the dots, and get a copy of the Bible to explain it all to you. After all, these patterns aren’t just an accident.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
The Many Doors
Sunday, April 07 2019
Just a couple of years ago on October 31, 2017 the world celebrated the 500th year Birthday of the Protestant Reformation. The marked occasion would come about due in part of the efforts of a Catholic Reformer by the name of Martin Luther. He was born just outside Berlin Germany in 1483. Around his twenty first Birthday through a series of events, he decided he would become a monk. As he plunged himself into study of God’s Word with prayer and fasting he was to come to a place where he felt something was missing in his life. He would seek the Lord and try to find out what was missing. Suffice to say, he found out the way to God wasn’t about works of righteousness we have done, but, “the just shall live by faith”, (Rom. 1:17) a work done by God, not man as was being promoted. It was at that point he would write his 95 point theses of real Christian Doctrine and place it on the door of the Church at Wittenberg for all to see. As the news spread across Germany and beyond, the Door where the theses were placed would forever shadow a great spiritual door known as the Door of the Protestant Reformation. And as they say, the rest is history.
As one can well imagine doors have a story to tell, if they could speak, what they say may be a matter of conjecture to some, but there is a message to tell. In this article I want to share some insights into the importance of doors in one’s life, not just physical doors but spiritual ones as well. A door of significance is the door that was on Noah’s Ark. Considering the Ark was a huge vessel of some 450 ft. long and 45 ft. high and 75 ft. wide, the door was massive. As we all know mankind had reached a place where their hearts were evil continually, and God had seen enough (Gen 6:13). Noah would be employed to build a place of safety for him and family to escape the Judgment that was coming upon the earth, the Ark. As the Ark was completed, Noah and his family were instructed to enter the Ark. For seven days the door stayed open and anyone could have gone on board to escape the judgment that was to come. As history shows, they mocked Noah, and did not believe he had heard from God. At the end of the seven days, “God” closed the door. Only the eight souls on board would be saved, but all that were not on board would perish. This door would forever be referred to as a Door of Salvation or a Door of Judgment, depending on which side of the door you were on.
Another Door would come in the future that very much mirrored the door on the Ark of old. This door would come in the form of a person, none other than the Lord Himself; Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, Verily, I say unto you, I Am the Door of the sheep, (John 10:7). From this Door, entry into the Presence of God is offered, but once again it is exclusive. The Lord Jesus would say; I Am, the Way, the Truth, and The Life, no man comes to the Father but by me, (John 14:6). Just like the Ark of Noah’s day provided safety to all that entered, Jesus, our Ark of safety offers life and protection to all who call on Him.
However like the Ark of old the door didn’t stay open forever, as God would finally assume no one else wanted to be saved, He closed the door. The same as with Jesus, the Door by which man is saved, the Door is not to remain open indefinitely. There is a period of time by which one must decide what side of the door you want to be on. The Lord would say these words; When once the Master of the House has risen up, and hath to shut the door, and you begin to stand without and to knock at the door, saying Lord open unto us, and He shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence you are. The period of time in question is what is referred to as the Grace Age. It started with Jesus’ death and Resurrection and will run until the return of Christ for His Church at the Rapture. Leading Theologians don’t believe that event to be too far from now. The idea is to get on board (the Ark) while you can.
This takes us to another door, this door is located pretty close by, once again words from the Lord; Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any many man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto him, and sup with him, and he with Me, (Rev. 3:20). This is the door to your heart. Make no mistake about it, you have a door that can hear and respond to the Lord’s beckoning, your heart the real you. Have you ever felt, man I need to get right with God and quit this foolish stuff I’m doing, maybe someday. Procrastination, the art of postponing until tomorrow what we know to do today. The Door will not stay open forever, maybe even not much longer, Lord knows.
The last door on the list is a door that is dependent on what one does with the door of their heart, prior discussed. If you opened your heart’s “door” to the Lord’s knock and accepted Him in, you now have fellowship with Him; this is an optimum move on one’s part, as we’ll see why. In the Book of Revelation the Apostle John was given these words; After this I looked and behold a “door” was opened in Heaven, and the first voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me, which said “Come up Hither”, (Rev 4:1). These words are giving us a picture of the Rapture (snatching away, removal) of the Church. We have an appointment with the Lord in the clouds of glory. This event takes place just prior to the Tribulation Period of Judgment coming upon the earth. This Rapture is God removing His children before earth’s judgment, just like the flood of old, God made a way of escape.
Last thought, the Lord would say in the last days, it will be like as it was in the days of Noah, they ate, they drank, they married and gave in marriage until the day Noah entered into the Ark, and knew not until the flood came, (Matthew 24:37). Those times very much mirror where folks are nowadays, just going about their merry business, a, I could care less attitude. Have you felt a knock on your heart’s door, don’t ignore it, the Lord will not knock forever.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
The Great Deception
Sunday, March 31 2019
There is an old saying that says; they that forget the past are destined to repeat it. Many folks would remember the infamous words spoken by Neville Chamberlain in 1938, “Peace in our time”. Great Britain had sent their Foreign Minister to meet with Hitler to form the Anglo-German Pact that agreed, the countries should avoid war at all costs. The signing of this Pact was a classic example of a military strategy of deception, a ruse. As history reveals, Germany was looking at all of Europe and beyond, so much for peace. However they could not afford to go to war with all the countries at the same time. Taking out countries one at a time is a lot easier than taking out all the countries at the same time. The same deceptive peace deal was used on Russia to keep them out of the conflict until Hitler was ready to overrun them. If the U.S. hadn’t came to Great Britain and Russia’s aid when we did, the world’s main language might well have been German.
I believe we live in a time of unparalleled deception. If one doesn’t recognize the tools of the deception, he becomes a candidate for it. Webster Dict. defines deception as; act of deceiving, state of being deceived, something that deceives or intends to deceive, an artifice, a sham, a cheat. Have we lived long enough to have been on the losing end of something like that yet? It happens all the time. There is a sister word that also bears mentioning, deceive; Webster says; to mislead by false appearance or statement, to beguile or while away, ensnare. So what or who is the perpetrator to these shams that tries to ensnare us?
As we can see, deception is often used as a strategy to gain an objective. On the spiritual side, the application is much more far reaching. The Bible talks about deception and deceiving quite often. In Revelation 20:2; the Lord says there is an individual that will be cast into bottomless pit who has been known to deceive the whole world for a long time. We all know this character as the infamous satan. He is in the business of deception, that’s his method of operandi. He has done his job well as many find his existence fictional. I’ve never seen the wind either, but those living in tornado alley says it exists.
The art of deception is to deceive wherein the deceived are not aware of the deception. The Lord speaks of a time when just before the Church leaves that such a spirit of deception would be foisted upon the earth with all power, signs and wonders after the working of satan with all deceivableness, II Thessalonians 2:9. One would have to ask, why would the devil want to do something like that, what’s his gain? Here’s the Great Deception Plan. In the beginning there was a war in Heaven and satan got thrown out of Heaven. He had watched God get all the praise and glory and a spirit of pride welled up in his heart, he wanted that for himself. He even boasted of exalting his throne about the Throne of God. These were called the 5 “I wills”, of which would get anyone kicked out of Heaven, Isaiah 14. The devil wanted his own kingdom and he would be the ruler and king over it with the souls of mankind his subjects, hence the two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the devils. When people get saved and become a Christian, the devil loses one out of his kingdom as you were one of his. If a mass evangelism explosion happens, he loses many, be sure, he will not idly stand by and let that happen.
I believe part of the deception going on has to do with keeping people fighting among themselves. If he (devil) can keep the people busy with trivial matters in comparison to major matters, guess what, they will not be thinking about the real prize. it’s called majoring on the minors and minoring on the majors. And what is the real prize? Souls, it’s all about eternity. Think about it, the Lord is coming back soon, as He said He would, the devil knows that, but he doesn’t want you to know that, or if you do, be so pre-occupied with temporal things it chokes out the primary directive in one’s life, and that is to be saved. Consider, right now, the climate change issue is big to many folks. It is a huge political hot potato to many, they even have the kids across the world marching lock step in promotion of massive changes that are needed Now! But, that’s not all, immigration, intolerance, social media, opinion, thought police, the list is endless. What is the common denominator in all this? Many are so busy in what they believe to be in putting out the fires, they don’t see the down the road concerning their own well being in the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I care very much about the planet, as our stewardship is most important. But I do not put things in place of my walk with God, if you do, it could become your god. So, I ask, is it possible the human race could be deceived and not be aware they are being deceived?  
The Lord says He is coming back, it’s called the Rapture of the Church. If you believe that you are the minority, but that’s good in this case. There is but one major priority for the child of God, make sure you leave this place at the appointed time, and your family is part of it. There will no e-mail, phone calls or second chances, when you hear the “come up hither”, Rev. 4:1, it is time. When this event happens it will open the door to another deception. The folks that didn’t leave will be left behind, and at that point they will realize their worst nightmare has just begun. This will be an unparalleled time on the planet. Many will be receptive to a message that they didn’t want to hear when they should have listened. A message will be given, though not from the real Christ, but from the infamous anti-christ. He will deceive the world into worshipping him, and they will by the millions/billions, for those that refuse, they will be killed. The masses will be deceived, the Bible says even the very elect, (Israel).
By being enlightened to the devices of the devil is to be alert to deception. God has made a plan and a way of escape if heeded. If you are caught up in things, issues, anything you have allowed to replace the Lord in your life, it’s time to rid yourself of it. In the end, it’s about your soul, Jesus came to redeem our soul, not the earth, not fossil fuel, not pollution, no, He came to save your soul, and that is no deception.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
No Fear
Sunday, March 24 2019
     I was watching a TV show recently where there were some young folks, guys mostly but I did see a young lady traversing up the side up of a very tall mountain. They had back packs and various paraphernalia to make the climb to the top. It’s when they finally got to the top is where I would be amazed at what came next. They all put on this very thin zip up Velcro suit, to which they would dive off the mountain and fly like eagles to the mountain floor below. As they all jumped to what would surely be an untimely demise, it was revealed these were not some type of burial dressing they wore, but actually a flying squirrel suit made for just such a purpose. I used to consider myself when I was younger as much a man as anyone else, maybe even more so in my macho days of youth. But never in my wildest dreams would I ever have been seen jumping off a mountain wearing just a flying squirrel outfit. These folks must be on some serious monkey/ape hormones is my thinking. This happened as well, a person bailed out of an airplane thousands of feet up; guess what, a flat board, like a snow board was attached to his feet, like the Silver Surfer of comic days gone by. This guy flew through the air with the greatest of ease, literally surfing.  Close to ground he would pull the cord to a mini parachute, go figure. Is what I am looking at here a new level of fearless folks? Is there anything these people wouldn’t do? Is this new breed of young-in bent on pushing the envelope to see how far one can go without being taken out?
    Another guy many would remember was Steve Irwin the crocodile man. The guy was fearless to known danger. I’m sure he felt confident in what he was doing wouldn’t get him killed, although he did get killed. And that is the point I want to make. There are self defense mechanisms in our life, placed there by our Creator. When we chose to override this defense system, I think we are asking for trouble. We see many new words and phrases that have emerged with the same theme, such as; Fear Factor, Living on the Edge, No Fear, etc. This new thinking and/or drive may not be all bad, as it could be a motivator to excel. But all too often it is meant to take one to the extreme. Many squirrel suit flyers talk about the huge rush, I bet, it’s called near heart attack experience. It’s like drinking 20 bottles of High Energy Drink, one right after the other and boasting, it didn’t kill me.
     Healthy fear is not a bad thing, so what is fear? The Webster’s Dictionary says; it is an impending danger or evil, the feeling or condition of being afraid. I could add it’s an emotion intended to get my attention as to an impending peril, realized or not. As a result of the prompt I should take appropriate action to avoid the danger. When I was young and first starting out in the working world, our Company would from time to time have to work atop some very high structures. This was never one of my highlights of life, as I hate heights. I had some harrowing experiences up there to say the least. The internal defense system served me well, stay away from edge, and eventually seek employment elsewhere, of which I did.
    There is a spiritual side to this “No Fear Syndrome” that I think needs to be brought out. This no fear thing seems to have been given cult status. The participants are heroes, the most daring; they get the most accolades, endorsements. What’s behind this or is there something going on we need to be aware of? Is this concept of not fearing what we should fear, crept into other areas of life and causing alarm? The Lord reveals in Proverbs 9:10, that; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is no secret that we live in a day and time when God’s Holy Word is under great attack. Many people have no fear (reverential awe) of God, especially the younger crowd. As a result they have no fear of death either, it seems. So, what happens when people don’t receive the truth is, they receive a lie. One of those lies is about hell. There was a movie that came out some years ago about a Doctor who didn’t believe in hell, however and fortunately he had a friend who did. In the movie he would stage his own death to see what was on the other side, bad move. Before he actually took his life he installed a safeguard, the Doctor friend of his would be notified and come to revive him, lest he stay dead. When the heart monitor showed a flat line, he found out real quick hell is a real place. Thankfully he was brought back from his near stay dead experience of which he stole an ambulance and made his getaway to the nearest Church to get saved. Of course this just a movie, but don’t let that deter you, these types of experiences happen all the time for real. There are many books written about what is now termed; Near Death Experiences.
     An alarming statistic has been brought to light over the last few years that seem to be tied to what we talking about here. The concerns are a very sharp upswing in teen suicide going on around the Country. Some have surmised Social Media is to blame due to its bullying and attack platform to the young and vulnerable, can’t argue with that judgment. I believe it goes deeper than that, these kids don’t have a strong internal character base giving them the ability to fight off the personal attacks. The suicide idea comes to bare when the kids feel like they have no way out. That is where the “no fear” has entered the picture. Hell is being conceptualized as a place to party, an ultimate escape. Beautiful children are hanging themselves, one local person climbed a tower and jumped to their death. See if these words in the Gospel of John make sense? John 10:10; says; the thief (devil) cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy. Folks that destroy themselves don’t have the opportunity to get right with God, they’re dead. Is that not the motivator behind the malady, suicide, many think it was their own idea as that is far from the truth. There are forces of darkness that want you, me and us dead. I have read where many folks confess that they almost committed suicide, a voice deep within telling them to do it. You can be sure it wasn’t the Good Lord telling you that. Why? Because He gave His life so we could have life. Was the Lord excluded when He appeared in person long ago? Then the devil took Him up into the Holy City, and set Him on a pinnacle of the Temple, and said unto Him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written, He shall give His Angels charge concerning Thee, Matthew 4:5,6. As we can see, even the Lord Jesus was tempted to commit suicide by the satan/devil. However, He didn’t take the bait. If you are reading this article and have contemplated taking your own life, know this, the dark side is behind it, none other than the devil, demonic spirits, etc.
     We have all heard the statement; don’t play with fire or you get burned, great advice. But that is exactly what it is, advice, a safeguard to keep one safe, protected. As quoted prior; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Here is a bit of good information, the Lord speaking, but I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly, John 10:10b. Think about it, life from the Lord, the one who gave His life for us, or death from the one who hates God and you as well, satan. Fear is a self defense mechanism, don’t override it, it is there to keep you out of harm, now and forever. The next time you hear a voice about wiping yourself out, now you’ll know its source and direction, death. But, if you hear the voice of the Lord say come unto me all that heavy laden and I will give you life, take it, after all He is the source of all life, and the way out of the mess and malfunction.
Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.

The Democratic Party
Sunday, March 17 2019
     I have heard it said, there is nothing like a crisis to unite a people, or on a grander scale, a country. The USA has seen more than its share of things that have proved to unite, or divide, as too often is the case. However, with very talented and patriotic individuals at the helm we have, by the Grace of God, steered the old good ship the “United States,” to safe waters on many occasions - a big thanks to all, alive and deceased, for your love of country and fellow man. With that being said, I feel our country is at critical juncture in time right now. It is my effort in this brief column to highlight some of the great obstacles our country has faced in earlier years, and with a spirit of united passion and love for this great country, try to pull the forces together again for the good of the whole, our Nation.
     Without going too far into the history books regarding the founding of our system of government, the two main branches that have emerged, as we know, are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party emerged on January 8, 1828 and the Republican Party some years later on March 20, 1854.
     This Country has had many other far lesser political entities plying for general acceptance to no real avail. This two party system has served our country well for the most part. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t impassioned pleas or maybe battles from both sides that sometimes erupt into all out fighting, like two brothers, but always making up in the end - that’s good politics. I have seen in some countries where the junior leaders come together in chamber, an all out fist fight breaks out, and folks have to be separated. I hope we don’t go down that road!
     As mentioned prior, our country is at a crossroads in its existence, and I believe fighting for its very life. There would be times past where many wondered if the country could pull out of a proverbial death spiral or not, the Civil War is one such case. However, there is one particular low spot that I believe brings to light the great resolve of the leaders of our country that may well provide a classic example of what we can do if we work together.
     The Great Depression in 1929 was a period of time in our Nation’s history that would try the hearts of men as the old quote goes. On March 4, that year, Herbert Hoover would become the 31st President of the United States. By the end of the year, Oct. 29th, the Stock Market crashed. Many would lay blame on Hoover for the Depression of which he personally may have had no part, depending on whom you ask.
     The depression would affect all areas of life - employment, food and necessities, all of which would become scarce. As food sources began to dwindle, people would resort to living off the land, such as hunting, resulting in the lowly armadillo making great table fare, thus the creature would be nicknamed the “Hoover hog,” as they resembled a little pig of sorts and tasted as well according to some. By the 3rd year of President Hoover’s term in 1931, the State of the Union was still in serious shape. Almost 3,000 more banks would fail that year, nearly double the previous year. Would there be any hope for a turnaround in the economy, the job market and direction of the Country? Hopes were high in 1932 that the Presidential election would bring in new thinking, thus a new direction to get the train back on track.
     The Presidential election of 1932 had indeed brought a new face to the White House, Franklin D. Roosevelt, FDR, a name which will long be remembered. The Democratic hopeful had now become the country’s new leader, sworn in on March 4, 1933. He had been elected in one of the worst times a person could be called upon to serve. However, with his warm personality, coupled with great oratory skills, he would bring hope to an otherwise hopeless populace. He would be remembered much for his “fireside” chats over radio during these troubled times, talking directly to the people, offering reassurances and explanation of his plans for the Nation’s recovery in words they could understand. I want to highlight some of the great ambitious efforts of not only FDR, but I believe the resolve of the Democratic Party in working together with all Party members during a very tough time in our American history.
     During FDR’s first 100 days in office, some 15 plans, designed to bring relief to the impoverished Nation, were rolled out. One such plan was the formation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., FDIC, the protecting of personal deposits up $5,000, as people were losing every cent they had. Also, to get people back to work, the initiative known as PWA - Public Works Administration. This would provide paychecks for works that were much needed in building a strong infrastructure such as dams for hydroelectric power, roads, airports, etc. The Civil Works Administration, CWA,  put another 4 million people to work, and was yet another example of providing constructive help to folks in dire straits. The Civilian Conservation Corps, the CCC as it was known, provided work for the younger workers in reforestation, flood control and park construction.
     In 1935 came The Social Security Act, designed to protect Americans from financial difficulties in old age. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (welfare) provided assistance to another 16 million people.  Through many such programs and Government jobs/helps, the economy got rolling again and the country did get back on its feet. It would be no surprise that FDR would handily win re-election in 1936. By the time this four years was over the economy would have a few ups and downs, but overall was obviously in recovery.
      In October of 1938 during the “mid-terms,” an ominous voice would proclaim over a radio show, “Martians have landed.” Orson Wells’, “War of the Worlds,” sent people into panic and mass hysteria ensued. A movie of the same would follow. Within a year, this movie would be a precursor of another war of the worlds, WW II.  Another election would provide the answer to who would be at the helm during the war that was looming large. As it turns out FDR would win again, convincingly, with 449 electoral votes to 82, giving him a 3rd term in office.
     The man who had led the country out of the Great Depression would be called upon to lead us out of a great world conflict. Many remember the almost immortal words spoke by FDR after the attack at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. “This is a day which will live in infamy.” During this war, even in failing health and body, he would be re-elected to an unprecedented 4th term in office. What a shame he never saw the victory parades that he would have been such a major part of. One could only wonder what his words would have been if he had lived to celebrate that victory!
      As I look back at the history of events that shaped the world in which we live, the aforementioned contributions of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Democratic Party, plus all the other participants, I have only tremendous admiration for the efforts of these great statesmen. It is true that some things that were implemented during those troubled times have come back to haunt us, like big Government and welfare to name a few. But in the end, I liked FDR. I would have voted for him again (not that I was old enough to have). When the country was in need, he stepped up. You could say he gave his life for his country having died while on the job.
     Do I agree with everything he and/or the Democratic Party did? Of course not! However, there seemed to be core values, good direction and overall judgment that the people were onboard with. I believe that is one of the reasons people still vote within Party lines, thinking they used to be good, maybe ignoring some very serious issues they may not be aligned with now.
     That was then and this is now. What in the world has happened to the Democratic Party? As a lifelong member, I find very few areas where I agree with the direction this Party has taken. I can’t, for the life of me, understand how a platform could include the murdering of innocent unborn children. Any group, organization or Party that can do and/or promote this type of genocide has lost its moral compass. And any Party that would do that to a human child, and feel good about it, would have no trouble killing anything or anybody, old, feeble, infirmed … you name it.
     And if that is what the Socialist agenda is all about, you can keep your Socialism as well. Have they forgotten what Russia’s name was not that long ago? Does USSR ring a bell? It stands for United Soviet “Socialists” Republic - a communist agenda, which believes in no God, (big G).  I had wondered if a few fringe left wingers have sneaked into the Dem Party causing this reverse in trend within the Party, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as the majority seem to adhere to this new thinking and direction. I think the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights has the right idea about human rights and the promotion of property rights and voice of any Country of the world. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind want to trade freedom for repression? Why give what you worked hard for to a Socialist regime that’s bent on what they call equal distribution which is anything but. I venture to say most immigrants of old, came to the USA in order to work and keep what they earned, not have it redistributed by the Government or outright confiscated.
     As a U.S. Army veteran of this great country, I was sworn to uphold the Constitution of this land, and that meant keeping communism out. Within my lifetime the Democratic Party was a good Party for the most part, as far as I can tell. However, in the end I will have to cast my vote for life and the promotion of that life. A country is defined by how it treats its citizens and helps those in need. My appeal is, repent of this path of wickedness, death and destruction the Democratic Party is taking. Who knows, you may not only preserve your Party, but it may save the country as well.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
Moral Majority
Monday, March 04 2019

     When I was a growing up, we, as a family didn’t attend Church. My folks had never been exposed to the Gospel until late in life. As a result they struggled along as best as they knew how in raising the family with values that they were taught when they were growing up. Of course this was during the forties and fifties when I guess you could say the country (U.S.A.) was still innocent for the most part. It has been noted that during the great world wars, people tend to pray much more, whether for their own daily sustenance or for a loved one in harm’s way in some foreign land. Resultant of all this, It didn’t seem to me things were too bad, we were poor, but so was a lot of other folks. What my point is, even though we didn’t attend Church, we all seemed to have a moral standard we didn’t cross. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do some things I regret. It seems back then you were either real bad, as in a criminal, of which we never heard of any in our town, or just some minor infraction that kids sometimes get into, that was it. Since we lived in small-town USA, what would you expect?                                                                                                                                                                                  In a little looking back, some no doubt would remember this, in school we were exposed to the Bible, in a Public School no less, not a misprint. In the morning they would read a Psalm and at lunch someone would pray over all our lunches, I mean life was good. Who wouldn’t like that? And guess what, if someone objected to the Bible being read or prayer, we never heard about it. Back then, it was majority ruled, after-all who would object to that which is good? How about this? Our local police didn’t have a gun, just a big stick, which, at the time seemed to be quite adequate. I remember my dad would tell of working on a road re-paving crew telling us this as kids. During times when a funeral procession of cars went by where they were working, they would stop work and remove their hat and respect the deceased and family as the procession passed by. Ball parks were respectful the same way, when it came time for the National Anthem to be played I don’t ever remember anyone not standing up and putting their hand over their heart in respect of Country until I got much older. Yes, we’ve come a long way since then, and I believe in the wrong direction.                  So, what’s my point you may ask. I believe there are many folks out there that were raised just like me, or maybe wish they had been or just hold those same ideals dear as well. What ideals is that? Their word is their bond, they tell you they will do something, they do it. They don’t cheat, lie or steal, you can buy something from them and it will be as they say, and if it’s not, they will make it right. And they don’t hate God, actually they love the Lord, like my folks they just hadn’t been exposed to the Gospel yet. Many of these dear folks have family Bibles passed down through the family tree. They work hard for what they have, they pay their fair share, they represent what’s right with America, God bless them. I believe they are what could be called the “moral majority”. This group has been the backbone of our society for a long time, actually a good many of them are getting up there in years now. They are a part of the “golden generation”, they served our Country in World Wars and stood up for our Country all along. If the real numbers were tabulated more than half of this country has core values that respect the Moral Code of humanity, the Ten Commandments. Most folks want their children raised with a value system that doesn’t shift with every law and whim of the land and moral opinions of some, the so called experts that seems bent on the destruction of the home and family environment/unit.               Final point, I’m pretty sure things will never be as was fifty or sixty years ago in morality and values again, nor do I expect that. As the old saying goes; once the cat is out the sack, it’s hard to get him back in. But here it is, if you hold the freedom to raise your children with a moral code consistent with what the Bible declares as moral, then it’s imperative to take a stand, or continue to stand for these ideals.  As we well know, many have died in wars past to bring forth this great Country we call the United States. Don’t let anyone fool you, this Country started out Christian, the Sovereign God of the Universe has had a hand upon us for a long time. However, as we have seen in the past several years, many in our Country have done its best to run God out of everything we hold dear. They threw Him out of our schools, out of Government, Nativity scenes on public property being removed, the Ten Commandments on monuments and plaques also removed across the land. And if that’s not enough, they are trying to remove all the crosses from the grave yards of our fallen soldiers across this great land. Is this where we want to go? When I served our Country a half a century ago in the Army, did I ever envision a time would come that the very values I represented my Country for would come under such attack? Not on your life. God help us.  With that, I call upon the moral majority of folks that live, work, and stand, sometimes in the shadows, to rise up for what’s right, stand up for God and godliness.                                                                                           There are people running for political offices that not only don’t represent our values, they don’t even want these values to continue, thus promising to change the very fabric our Country. Let’s work together to keep this country on moral track, cast your vote for people with moral character, and be vocal at every level of Government, that’s the way I see it. God Bless.

Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.     

Do They Represent You?
Sunday, February 24 2019
Do They Represent You?
     When I was in school quite a long time ago, Civics was being taught as a core course. I mean, who doesn’t want to understand our Government and its leadership process and formation? Along with that, the voting process has come up from time to time in how people are elected to an office. One such case is the office of the President. And at issue, being debated at length, is the Electoral College. In brief, it’s a system of vital importance within the voting process in determining our President, and in some cases overturning popular vote. Many wonder how can that be, the majority vote should rule, right? Let’s not rush to a hasty decision on this. To understand the logic of the Electoral College, consider this brief.
     Hypothetically speaking, we’ll say in the United States there are about six States that have a huge population. They vote predominately within a certain Party line regardless. In a National election these six States voted as predicted, overwhelmingly for a certain candidate, while the entire remaining forty-four States voted for the other candidate. However, since these States had such a large voting bloc, their votes managed to win the popular vote for their representative, (maybe barely.) The person who didn’t win by the “most” votes overall was voted for, and carried by, all the other forty-four States. This is where the Electoral College votes come in play. They would cast their vote for the person who wins the States’ vote. In so doing, their vote could/would overturn the popular vote. It was a brilliant concept that was created to keep, in this case, six States from “overruling” forty-four States. If this type of voting were in place in other countries, it may keep the despots out of elected office, and allow for a more fair election. Be on your guard for anyone or any political Party that wants to do away with this valuable process.
     At the State and local level, there are some things that have been done over the years that I feel may have escaped the eyes of the voting populace for the most part. I have always wondered how certain people get elected in certain areas that seem outside the normal bounds of the area, until I saw how the voting blocs are cut up. The voting areas are shaped or reshaped, (not just a nice square shape) to fit a majority of the peoples in that demographic. These people may or may not be a people that have “assimilated” into our culture, (who may not want to be part of our culture) but nonetheless have formed a voting bloc and can or are often voted into a political position. Now you know why some people in office can be so ill fitted to represent the masses, but fit very well their demographics. From this platform they can promote their worthless, or dangerous,  culture (in some cases), to a much larger audience.
     This brings us to a hot topic being debated in this country right now. In recent elections we have seen some of the people that have run for our highest office in the land. As a result, we got to see firsthand what they stand for, what they believe, what their agenda is and so forth. Based upon our own moral fabric, we choose, most often, those who best align with what we believe will do us the most good, or promote our agenda - whether that is good or bad. Hopefully not just our own good, but the good of all.
     In recent weeks, we have seen several names that are beginning to emerge to make a run for the Whitehouse in 2020. Do they have the qualifications, the knowhow, and the integrity to occupy such an office? Only God knows! But this one thing I do know, how one feels about life is the most important thing I care about.
     It’s understandable, we would like a brilliant people-type person, in bringing together the political sides so that progress can be made in problem solving, not beating up one another. I remember when Eisenhower was Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in Europe. He was able to bring all the Generals’ efforts together to defeat a common enemy. No wonder he was a five star General. That would serve him well as President in bringing political figures to a common table to bargain and work together. Additionally, many are currently motivated by a leader with a capability toward the economy. We need to work, can’t fault that. Would I be for such a person that would put money ahead of morals? Not on your life.
     What have we heard from those that are vying for our vote? I hear some people are promoting a Socialist agenda. If elected, they want to put in place a 70% plus income tax to be placed upon us, a free people. Everything will be free to our people they claim, heath-care, Government services, Education, College, all-inclusive while taking away most of your money. I remember a word spoken by Gerald Ford, President past; “Any Government big enough to give everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” There are some that have built a platform as being a spokesperson for championing women’s rights as to what they can do with their bodies. This can be good for votes as the population is presumably close to half women. This could be a sure win – but at what price?
     Let me see if I get this right? The mother of a precious little baby that is expecting to make his/her entrance into the world can be murdered up and until the time of delivery? Is that what some of these agents of infanticide are promoting? In Florida we have sea turtle nests along our vast beach areas. At certain times of the year huge turtles come up on the beach and deposit their eggs under the surface of the sand. There are signs, and in some cases fences, posted as to “not” disturb these eggs. If you disturb these nests, fines, maybe even jail time, can accompany your activities. Lest we forget, eagles, alligators and all manner of fauna are also protected by State and Federal Laws. I must be missing something - babies, the highest creation of God’s creatures are relegated to garbage level. Yes, after aborted, they used to be cast into a dumpster. And, if that were not bad enough, open markets in several countries now sell baby body parts on the open markets of the world.
     This country not only stands at another looming fork in the road, but a precipice as well. Will we as a people cast our “lot,” yes our vote, for morality or purveyors of the murdering of the innocents and promoting of the immoral? Where one casts their vote is where they stand in their heart. It reflects who we are and what we represent.
     A political party has what is called a platform - you have seen this when the Delegates show up at Conventions. The gathering of these Delegates is in determining the platform for what their party stands for. In the platform are boards. These boards represent the issues and/or tenets of their credo/faith etc. The Democratic platform has for the last many years stood for “pro-choice,” which means death to the innocents in most cases. They stand strong for that. Conversely, the Republican platform stands for “Pro-Life.” They do not support indiscriminate murder of the innocents.
     There are many issues besides this main topic of life and death to be sure, but in all these boards that make up the platform, it forms the flavor/direction a people, a Country, want to head in. The sum total of the people’s choice not only directs the course of their elections, but the course of their destiny as well. What will be written for all posterity to see concerning our views and values toward our fellow man? In other words, what will have defined your vote? Will it be, they were lovers of life and cherished it as a gift of God, or relegated themselves as the scientists’ claim, where the fit of the fittest will be the only survivors? In voting/choosing which platform best represents you and your family just remember; the boards you choose are the boards you get to walk on.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.

The 75 Year Plan
Sunday, February 17 2019
     I saw some pictures recently where the ISS, International Space Station had taken pictures of planet earth for many years. Nothing new about that, as most would agree, after all, that’s a big part of what they do. But what was interesting was the pictures were taken during the darkness, when the sun was not illuminating the earth in the areas being photographed.
     The idea was to show how much the planet had become illuminated as a result of light from electricity. They had created a collage of the photos from old to new. It revealed the speed in which the planet was being illuminated. I thought this is valuable information, so I did some research on my own - I took an old Atlas of the United States and compared it with a newer version of the same, of around forty years between them. I was amazed at the number of highways and roads that appeared all across this country in such a seemingly short time. The most noticeable was out West. From what I saw, no more desolate areas to speak of. Of course, I didn’t need an Atlas to tell me this country is multiplying at breakneck speed. Actually, all I had to do was look out my back door - two new homes being built right by my back fence.
     I watch PBS pretty often, and as of late there has been no small amount of shows on sustainable living. I like the idea and concept of being better stewards of the planet. So what is sustainable living? It’s a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or societies’ use of earth’s natural resources, thus reducing our carbon footprint. What a novel idea, absolutely no fault with that whatsoever.
     At present, the population of the world stands at 7.7 billion people, give or take a few million. It is projected that by 2022 the planet will be at the 8 billion mark, around 3 years from now. According to the scientists, they believe the planet can only support around 9 to 10 billion people. Many people in the supposed “know” seem to envision the planet heading toward a world-wide catastrophe if measures aren’t taken soon. I’m pretty sure most of the population would have no problem with that logic.
     I agree there are measures that need to be adhered to. However, in the U.S., there is so much waste, as in restaurants, where food is cast into a trash can at the end of the day. Even local farming where crops aren’t being harvested and sold are plowed into the ground - wasted. Where I live, orange trees that are loaded with fruit are just left to let it drop on the ground and rot in the earth. I bristle when I think of when we were growing up, nothing was wasted.
     I submit that we could feed the planet with no trouble with all of the the food that is discarded. I am aware that much in the way of crops is being discarded in order to keep the prices up so the farmers can make a decent profit margin. You may remember in the news some years ago a whole herd of pigs was slaughtered and buried in protest of market prices. Being good stewards means finding better solutions to present problems. So, this brings us to a place where one has to wonder what can be done at the Government level down to State and local efforts to avert such an imminent situation before it becomes catastrophic.
One way to stem the overpopulation problem was covered in a news story that I recently viewed on TV from Tokyo, Japan,  that I watch on NHK News. Although their idea isn’t new by any means of the word, it did have a few new twists I felt were very interesting. It seems Japan is what you could call, landlocked. In W.W.II Japan had aspirations of land expansion and acquisition, that if not stopped would have included China. With the help of the U.S., China’s people would prevail in protecting their homeland from the aggressors. So what does that have to do with today?
     Japan, it seems, has outgrown its natural boundaries. The impending problems resultant of that are feeding the masses, although not a real problem as yet, since they buy much from the open markets of the world. But the real problem is the elderly. They occupy the nursing homes in great number. The modern medicines have done their job well, people live much longer than their support lines allow. When infrastructure is spread thin, ideas are fomented to fix the problems.
     This new idea that is being floated is what was promoted in this article. On the news last month they ran a rather long news article on; termination of life at 75 years old. I couldn’t believe it. They were interviewing many older folks, and younger as well, as to what they thought about being terminated at 75 years old. What was even just as incredible was that most everyone was good with it. Words spoken by the poor old souls were; we don’t want to be a burden on society, family, spouse, etc. Another would say; I’m no longer productive, I’ve lived a good life. I am in no way judging these poor souls hearts, as only the Lord knows that, but the Lord says this; judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment. So I find fault with the  thinking that life can only be of worth if it has marketable good. It means that we have become like a pair of worn out shoes only to be discarded. There have been movies based on this theme years ago. Just watch a nice movie, maybe family video and when you’re ready, push the button, or we’ll push it for you.
     Many countries of the world are promoting euthanasia, the word is “murdering,” the halt, the unprofitable, feeble, too old - you get the point. They have, or think so anyway, become a god. They even want to murder the “just born,” run tests on your newborn to see if they were born with a defect, if yes, then death. This is going on in the world routinely, right now. What we do about this will go a long way toward how this will affect you and your loved ones. Is there a spiritual side to this story? To answer that we can look at Israel’s history to see if any parallels exist.
     In the days leading up to Israel’s captivity by the Babylonians, there were signs along the way. The first sign was that Israel was being led away from the true God by false gods. The first was “Baal,” as in Baal worship. This demi-god had a lot to do with materialistic things, wealth, material objects, favor in farming/crops, a long list of ills. Another god (small g), was Ashtoreth, a Cannonite goddess. Lewd sexual rites were performed in worship of this goddess, hereafter noted as sexual sins and vices ascribed to this non-deity. Last was the god Molech, of the Ammonites. This false god was worshipped by the sacrificing of children. They had a man-made object resembling a seated figure with body and head with outstretched arms. Under the bottom rear of this object they would build a fire which would superheat the object. When that thing reached sufficient heat (glowing) Israel and Ammonites would take their precious children babies and lay them in the arms of this miserable supposed god, thus sacrificing their innocent children to Molech. The children would be murdered on the altar of Molech. Was God happy? No - He is the God of life. Now you know why Israel went into captivity for 70 years in Babylon.
     There is one more piece to the puzzle, the USA. We have been a Country blessed by the God of our founding fathers ever since we were a country. I’m providing a few excerpts from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn below.  Some ominous signs have appeared on our great land. In New York City a couple of years ago, an arch was erected. Pictures of the structure are obtainable. Guess who/what it was dedicated to? Before I say who, one more bit of information. You may remember when the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was being grilled on Capital Hill. Something was taking place outside on the Washington Mall area, another arch was being erected/placed facing the Capital Building. It was another arch of Baal. How can this be? Someone or something is behind this sinister setup. However, I must ask; are there any parallels in our society that compare to ancient Israel? Are the people of America materialistic? Bent on “things” more than God? The problem isn’t so much as owning things, as is, do they own you? Need I remind folks the 1st Commandment is still valid; Thou shalt not have any gods before me. The god of sports, pleasure, all manner of toys - you get the point.
     As mentioned, the 2nd god Israel worshipped was Ashtoreth, the god of sensuality, sex, perversion. The U.S. leads the WORLD in pornography. Have we seen any signs of this spirit over the years? Can there be any doubt? The last to materialize is; Molech. Remember, this demi-god spirit was/is about the death of children. I submit, based upon observable evidence, this Molech spirit is at work in these last days. This Molech spirit was the last nail in Israel’s spiritual coffin. I have no doubt this could be the final knell for this country if we don’t make course directions soon. There are no small amount of folks in this country that could care less about these issues I have addressed, but, if you feel I have made valid points in my commentary, please forward it to a friend, pass it around, we need a turnaround in this country NOW.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
What In The World is Going On
Sunday, February 03 2019
     In this week’s commentary I want to address something that has made the headlines far too often as of late. Most folks have noted the number of shootings, whether it is in a school, public places like a bank where five people just lost their lives. If that weren’t bad enough, private homes have also recently seen three, five or six or more people killed as well, all of various ages from the elderly down to children, just incredible. People are feeling vulnerable, fearful, is it safe to even venture far from the home? The police departments are working overtime in trying to stem the violence to what seems no avail. After all, you call the police after a crime has been committed, right? In the professional realm, criminologists have to be scratching their heads trying to figure out what in the world is going on, along with the rest of the populace. Is there a common thread that one could point to as the prime reason behind most of this brutality?
     I believe there is, and I believe it is spiritual in nature. Before you write this off as just some spiritual ramblings, let me appeal to what I believe to be a common sense approach in trying to shine light on the matter. We live in a culture where folks believe themselves to be enlightened for the most part. After all, look at all the graduates from higher learning institutions. The age of the computer has ushered in a host of information at ones fingertips. We boast of landing on the moon almost fifty years ago and many countries are planning on doing so again. With this great age of enlightenment, have we begun to write our own chapter on what we believe to be the real truth of the matter? By that I mean, we are so enlightened as a people we reject certain truths and absolutes and have begun to write our own, what we believe is the truth. There was a time not that long ago when I dare say, a majority of people believed what the Lord said in the Bible was the truth. There has never been a Book like the Bible that covers the existence of God, Heaven and hell, Angels, good and bad, Judgment and a host of other topics. From what I have seen people are too smart for that now, unless of course one uses a Christian lens. To obtain critical judgment on a given matter, shouldn’t one examine all the facts in an objective manner, then make your best call per the evidence revealed?
     Many theories are promoted as to what the root causes are, from drugs, violent video games, weapons in the hands of maniacs, the list goes on and on. Many believe that if you remove these elements from the unstable people the problems will be solved, just like that. I suggest the problem is way above the manifestation. Our culture prides itself on science, that’s good, as long as it promotes the true facts as presented. I read an article years ago that has made indelible impression of my thinking and processing of information, hopefully you will see the validity as well, (as memory serves me, a brief here-in).  It was the account of a certain verbal exchange Albert Einstein had with a Professor of Philosophy in his college days that made the rounds some years ago. It would seem the Professor was sharing his thoughts on the non-existence of God due to what’s referred to as “empirical evidence concerning the five senses” to his class. The Prof. asked if anybody had ever seen God? No one in the class could say they had, to that he asked, if anyone had felt, tasted, smelled or ever had any sensory perception of God? No one responded with an affirmative. With that the Professor would counter, based on all demonstrable protocols of empirical evidence, I submit there is no God! At that point the Professor called on one the students, Albert Einstein as to what he thought of that? At that point Einstein would defend his faith in the Lord by cautioning one to not rely upon physical observation only. From that he would give an example by saying to the Professor and class, has anyone ever seen the Professor’s brain, or heard the Professor’s brain? Has anyone in the class touched or smelled the Professor’s brain? No one appears to have done so, So, according to the established rules of empirical, stable, demonstrable protocol, science says you have no brain, sir, so, how can we trust your lectures? You don’t have to be an Einstein to see that some things exist you don’t see with the naked eye, and sensory perception. Consider the wind, I have never seen it, does that mean it doesn’t exist, don’t tell the folks living in tornado alley in Kansas it was their imagination that their house blew away. The same with the atom, not until less than a hundred years ago, it didn’t exist either. Did that mean it wasn’t there all along? We know better than that.
     Now the rest of the story as they say. Has anyone ever seen satan and his bunch? Have you ever felt this guy, smelled him or even touched him? Who wouldn’t say no to all of the above? However, like the air we breathe, though not seen, it and he exists. He has cloaked himself well, as many have said, you don’t believe that, do you? The evidence is overwhelming. Much like the trail left by a tornado, one can follow its path back to its source. Consider this, the Bible speaks of a case in point about a guy who is referred to as the Gadarean demonic. This guy lived in a graveyard, he was strong beyond himself, he was dangerous, most stayed away from him They even tried to bind him with chains, of which he just broke and cast aside. Here’s the point, when Jesus showed up, the demonic spirits would use this guys vocal ability to confront the Lord and ask Jesus if He had come to torment them before their time? Whatever molecular signature these creatures possess they were real then as much as now. I must add this, we have seen movies of Hollywood creatures that are depicted vastly different than we ourselves are, fictional characters, bent on mass mayhem and our destruction, and they seemed so real didn’t they? Why then do we not believe something of the same nature that the Bible says exists? I think I know why, if we believe what it says, then what other things does it say that are equally true? The Lord cast these evil spirits that were in this guy out. The spirits then entered into the swine, and they ran down the embankment and drowned in the sea. Obviously, something, whatever was in the guy left him and entered into the herd of hogs. The hogs thus proving something of unknown origin entered them, became so disoriented they cast themselves headlong in the sea to their own demise, very uncharacteristic a hog would do that, let alone a whole herd. Another piece to the puzzle that corroborates the story, the farmer told what happened to the town’s people, whereupon they came out and confronted Jesus and told him to leave, as He wasn’t welcome around there. This bit evidence is probably the most profound, the guy no longer needed to be chained, he was clothed and in his right mind after that. He even wanted to follow the Lord after that.  I submit these spirits are still around, going from host to host inhabiting people to do some of the most heinous acts imaginable. These spirits are not friendly; they operate within the dark side as a part of satan’s cohorts in this present age.
     A recent wire story talks about a sharp increase in satanic rituals and activities taking place in the U.S. right now. What was once looked down upon has reached cult status, witchcraft, curious demonic arts, dark side stuff. People are dabbling in things that has opened serious doors that they will in the future wish were never opened. This dark side spirit brings an “inteligencia”(my new word) to the world forum. In other words a very intelligent plan is being promoted and implemented upon this planet. There is a calculated direction in all this mayhem of the world. In case you didn’t notice, there is a satan church in the world, and in this Country. I have heard this myself, via a taped interview, their leaders (warlocks and top occult leaders) readily admit they lost the first battle. And what battle was that?  They admit, “we should never have killed Jesus on that Cross”, which was our un-doing. But they vehemently believe the next battle they will win, Armageddon. That’s incredible because that is the very battle the Lord speaks of as the armies of the world being engaged in. This battle will not be a flesh and blood battle only, but will also include the forces of darkness, the fallen angels meeting the forces of Light, the good Angels. Read Revelation 19 for details on this battle. Right now satan is manipulating the peoples of the world to side with him in this battle, sides are being taken, make sure you are on the right side.
     John’s Gospel gives us the Mission Statement concerning Jesus, the Light of the world and satan, the prince of darkness; For the devil (satan) cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that you may have life, and that you may it more abundantly. John 10:10. Not only what I have shared in this brief is accurate Biblically, but I think it makes sense to the natural mind as well. There is definitely something going on, more prescriptions at the drug store will not fix this. There is a battle taking place for the souls of humanity, as mentioned, satan believes he will win, I’m putting my faith in the Lord.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
Saturday, January 26 2019
     Boundaries are a lot like guardrails. As in highways, they are there to keep one from careening off a curve or mountain road with disastrous results. So, one could say they are our friends in life, as they protect our very life and limb. I suppose some may think of them as an unsightly nuisance. You may have noticed the many speed limit signs on just about any road you drive. For the masses that drive within these boundaries, life is a nice drive, but when some refuse to drive within these limitations it brings unwarranted peril to all indiscriminately.   In this week’s Commentary I want to present some food for thought brief on the boundaries of life that affect all of us in one way shape or form.
     The first boundary, although not necessarily first, is the “moral” boundary. I dare say most people have been raised with a moral code of ethics to some extent. The ability to recognize right from wrong, good from bad, things that promote life and things that will destroy you and others around you is knowledge put to good use. The teachings we receive along these lines were not to suppress us as much as to help us to live a quality of life. Various vices people learn outside the moral boundaries have consequences. Having been born in the forties, as I look back, there was a strong moral code taught to me from my family, and everybody else I knew were cognizant of their moral expectations as well. We would never think about bringing disrespect to our family I assure you. Yes, it’s obvious, things have changed much in the world.
     The second boundary is in the news every day. That has to be the “Geographical” boundary. In most countries of the world there are natural boundaries that identify and provide borders such as mountain ranges, vast oceans that separate, islands separated by water, and the like. Whatever the layout of the geography, the people make up the country and its culture. As is often the case people are as varied as their country itself. If people’s culture and identity stay within their established boundary, all seems well, unless civil upheaval is at work. That brings us to where a major concern is in the world right now, many are being displaced and are fleeing to into other countries for help and asylum. When displaced peoples and their inherent cultures migrate to another country and its culture, often there is a clash, reasons abound for such. As we have seen of late, a wall seems to be the answer to stop the flow of people coming into this Country from the South. Is that a good idea, are there valid reasons to stop the influx, the answer is yes on all counts. Not all folks are innocent women and children as portrayed on TV, many are violent criminals, bent on taking what they want and leaving a path of destruction behind. I would question anyone’s sense of duty to this Country if they don’t see the need to stem this influx. I wish everyone would live in peace and love for their fellow man, until we do, a wall or boundary has to be in place.
     The next I see is the “Spiritual” boundary. Although not everyone would agree with this, none the less there is “The Sovereign God of the Universe”. He makes the rules, we abide, and yes He makes the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. Man’s Moral Code is the 10 Commandments. These basic guidelines are much like the guardrails I mentioned earlier. When we adhere to this Moral Code all is well. When folks refuse to respect God and His Laws, this can never be good. When a person violates certain absolutes in life there are repercussions. If you don’t believe in gravity does that change the fact there is gravity? So, yes there are spiritual boundaries, and like it or not they are there for ones good. Where do we find ourselves in this spiritual boundary? From my point of observation, many have cast God aside, they have gone the way of satan’s lies that says, we, humanity is god. Some believe the earth is god, bugs and animals are gods, anything but God is god. Forget the guardrails, they were cast into the rubbish heap of world and scientific opinion long ago. There is a time coming when people will search for the guardrails again, but will it be too late? A better idea is, resurrect God’s Holy Word and re-establish the guardrails back in your life.
     This brings us to the last boundary I see, which is the “No” boundaries of life, life. It’s the casting aside of all restraint. This is the most sinister all the previous boundaries in that it recognizes no one or nothing as having any right or authority to make the claim for a boundary. There is no right, so therefore there can no wrong. No God, no Heaven, hence no hell. If this pattern stayed at the personal level that would be one thing, but if we as a people cast aside the moral compass all together, this will produce chaos. This is exactly what took place before when God had seen enough. It is written, “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. Genesis 6:5. Depraved minds do depraved things. Do people not see where this heading already? Are you comfortable with perversion being introduced to your children at school, and laws being enacted to keep you from doing much about it? It’s been said the pen is mightier than the sword, so, as for me, I will not be silent. It is time for the moral majority to rise up and get involved and say enough is enough, or this place we call home, our Country, ye, the world will go by the way as did Sodom and Gomorrah of old. Make no mistake, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. I’m just a watchman on the wall, I see something coming!
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries
Global Agenda
Sunday, January 20 2019

  Is there a shift in global sovereignty taking place? And if so is it possible that one day in

the future, all the nations of the world could be under a single government rule? That would
include a single leader and/or body to govern such. Maybe I am not the only one who has noticed
this world trend. Before we answer that question, some general information may be in order to
bolster such a premise.
      As history reveals, World Wars have always changed the balance of power on the world
scene, as once powerful countries/nations are no more. More and more we see alignments of
countries with other countries taking place through trade pacts etc. The European Union is a
classic example. What stared out as an agreement between coal producing nations opened the
door to partnerships that would include far more than coal in their future. The EU has at present
28 member states, with Great Britain making a bold move to exit, called Brexit. Many countries
are finding out the cost to be a member out weighs the goods received. As the British have
learned, it may be harder to exit the EU than they thought. Has the EU built roadblocks to
prevent moves like this, we’ll see. But that seems to be the modern trend, making agreements
that compromise one’s borders, their national sovereignty for their own governance  to include
laws that govern their own people and in many cases nullifying their Constitutional rights. I can’t
see where that is in the best interest of any country, unless of course you were one of the
countries with the lowest GDP and under threat of takeover by an aggressor country.
     New words and acronyms like (NWO), New World Order, Global Co-Existence or
International Order and Big Brother are common place in governments and media outlets of the
world. There is much that could be said about where this thinking originated and how it will get
to where it is heading that is beyond the scope of this article. However, many have taken note
that some U.S. Presidents past, have in their speeches offered their blessings for the NWO and/or
global governance. Most people that have been in the U.S. Armed Forces of this country can
attest to the fact that they fought for this Country and it’s Constitution in order to fly our Stars
and Stripes of this country and are not supportive of giving our sovereign rights to another world
entity in the controlling of our affairs. We dishonor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for
the freedoms we have enjoyed in this country if we were to just hand over to some world organi-
zation, the authority to control our life and livelihood.
     The U.S. has been the number one economy in the world for a number of years and
wields great monetary weight in the world. In Presidential administrations past, global inter-
action has not been in our best interest financially. As a result many jobs were lost, factories
relocated overseas etc. The President has made it plain that he is no globalist. I personally
believe this has thrown a proverbial  fly in the soup of the globalists and their agenda. As many
have taken note, battle lines have been drawn, those for the globalist mindset and those against it.
Where this will lead in the interim I’m not sure, but in the end the globalists thinking will most
likely prevail. In order to sell the virtues of this global mindset, I have noted in one case over the
years, travel shows on PBS. Travel hosts traversing Europe with seamless ease and hawking the
advantages of the Euro as a single currency for monetary exchange. Many products sold on-line
through outlets such as Amazon could be considered International products, or global products,
as they scan the world markets looking for the cheapest deals.. This semi-new thinking seems to
have been introduced to us over a period of many years and has permeated our mindset.
    Right after WW I the League of Nations was formed to keep the peace and provide
assurances to Nations that world wars would no longer be necessary. That of course didn’t
materialize, in less than twenty years WW II would make the scene and decimate the world once.
     Shortly after the war, the United Nations would be formed and is still in existence today.
Countries of the world are recognized according to their GDP, (gross domestic product). There
are around 220 countries that have sufficient GDP to be recognized as a country at the world
monetary  level. Of these countries, the last time I checked, 193 countries were part of the UN.
That’s interesting, as most of the world is already under a world governance of influence to some
degree. So, does the UN wield any power and/or influence in the world? They have a military,
basically an International Peace keeping force. At present they act more in a defensive mode
rather than offensive. Will that change in the future, there seems no doubt to me. Of the many
arms of the UN, one particular arm is the International Criminal Court. At times selected Chief
Justices (SCOTUS) participate in this International Court System. An International Tribunal
sounds good to many folks, unless this Tribunal is stacked with people that are biased against
certain people groups or countries, then it doesn’t sound good at all. Does the U.S. Constitution
need to be modeled after a U.N. Constitution? One of our Chief Justices says our Constitution is
outdated, we need to adhere to the International Law. I do not agree with that logic at all, as the
U.S. is one of the oldest Countries to still be in existence today. Something very major will have
to happen to cause this Country to give up its Constitution and sovereignty. World wars have a
way of changing the power structures of the world. The UN seems poised to be a central
command post to the world and has a bold agenda to go with it. For some interesting reading of
where this is headed please read the UN’s Agenda 2032. It’s global plans are far reaching, I
might say, the whole world.
   At the beginning of this article I asked if there could be a world governance that would
one day encompass the world, a One World Government? We have seen movies that promote
such a scenario and books of the same theme. From what I see, it looks very much like a global
networking is taking place already. I have read where folks in the know say, the world is at a
point, that all we need is some world leader to emerge to take the helm of an already in place
functional mechanism. The reason for this article is not entirely about the rise of a New World
Order or a One World Government. There is something far more important that lies under the
surface of this headline story. I believe there is no doubt the world is hurdling headlong toward a
world ruler-ship. This issue itself would be big enough, however the real issue at hand would be
who is at the helm of this New World Order. You can bet when it happens this will make the
front page of every news outlet of the world. From my observations, most people could care less.
It seems their priorities are elsewhere. A story on this would do well if it were even in the last
page of your local paper. There are some important people in the world whose names have come
up already to  head up just such a government. However, at this point the names aren’t the real
issue, what is important is the agenda. The real purpose of the one world ruler-ship is to unite the
world under three main objectives, political, religious and monetary. This is one of the reasons
I’m sharing this information. With that said, unless what I’m sharing in this article can be
validated by Biblical truths of the same, it’s just some peoples opinion. Below is a brief
overview concerning some of the scenarios discussed.
     Ezekiel Chapt. 38 & 39; These major player nations will unite in confederation to attack
Israel. It has happened to Israel several times since they became a nation in 1948, and it will
happen again. Russia and Iran are the leaders in leading a coalition of nations in their attempt to
annihilate Israel once and for all. Note, per these passages, God shows up in Israel’s defense.
If we are Israel’s friend, why isn’t the U.S.  mentioned, coming to Israel’s aid? Excellent ques-
tion, reasons abound. This battle is called by many in the know, as WW III, or Biblically
speaking the Battle of Gog and Magog. Ask yourself, have you seen any signs, heard on TV, or
other sources concerning these nations verbal attack against Israel of late? Subsequently in
Daniel 9:27; a world leader emerges during this battle “claiming” to have stopped the battle
himself. In so doing he will offer a 7 year Peace Pact to Israel and the world. This person
emerges as the One World Leader that ultimately brings forth the New World Order, he is the
infamous anti-christ. The last Book of the Bible; Revelation Chapter 6, talks of a person with a
crown and a bow, a person with authority and military power. This person is the same one who
Daniel refers to as the one who makes the Peace Pact, the anti-christ. When this person shows
up, the Church will have just left, as the Lord promised. The word anti-christ actually reveals his
mission, he is the “antithesis” of the real Christ. It’s amazing, the Bible says the world accepts
this guy, however to their own detriment. I don’t think anyone knows all the exact details of
how this all plays out in the end, I surely don’t know it all, but I know enough to know that when
the anti-christ shows up, I want to be far away from here as possible, the Lord’s plan looks good
to me. One way to know if the material I have shared is accurate is, if millions of people dis-
appear off the planet followed by mass chaos, that was the Rapture of the Church. Please refer to
BIBLE, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
Sunday, January 13 2019
     Many books have been written over the years on the history of our great country -  the United States of America. Many have gone so far as to say it would have made a great model for just about any country to desire to emulate. However, some would disagree. There are no doubt reasons for this country’s greatness. Although all might not agree, our appreciation of, and adherence to, the Sovereign Hand of God upon America, is one of the most important. With our freedoms and open borders, when I say open, I mean you can apply for citizenship for legal entry, after which, all have been welcomed.
    For the immigrants of years past, whether fleeing tyrannical despots or just seeking a new and better way of life, all have been welcome for the most part. I can only imagine the impression the Statue of Liberty presented to those in the early 1900s coming by ship into the port of entry in New York Harbor - it must have been overwhelming. Although those newly arrived immigrants would most likely start at the bottom in most areas of substance and livelihood, our capitalistic work-place would generously reward them for their hard work and effort given.
      I remember during the late 60s and 70s an influx of folks coming in from Cuba. Many might remember Fulgencio Batista, the leader of Cuba for several years. He was ousted in the late 50s by strongman Fidel Castro. Castro would run things patterned after the communist model for decades to come.  Because of this many would flee the island looking for safer shores. I was privileged to befriend a couple of guys who were from Cuba at that time, as they worked for our same company.
     They exhibited a deep and sincere appreciation of, and patriotism for, the USA. They came into this country at the bottom of the social ladder, but no matter, through hard work and determination they made ends meet. At some point they applied for a job at our company and were offered a position in the maintenance department at the lowest pay scale. That wasn’t bad considering their English wasn’t all that good and they had no real skills to do much better. After all, what do you have to know to mop and wax floors in office buildings?
     After several years of doing what most would consider menial work, an opportunity opened up to apply for a job in our higher pay scale of employment. They passed the test, and were placed in our highest hourly pay scale. They worked hard, were faithful to country, company and task. No country could ask for more from any coming to its shores. They didn’t come here to be a burden or milk the system, but to work and raise their families… and to pay their fair share. This country was an answer to prayer for them. Yes, they learned the language, loved the people, and the people loved and accepted them with open arms. This country, as a whole, has over its course of time, promoted the Christian model in governance, although not in every area to be sure. So, in the end, it’s not just the country that is the role model, but its citizens.
     Has the light in the torch of Lady Liberty gone out? Will the words of Emma Lazarus be covered at some point as its meaning is no longer a valid statement of our Country’s direction? No, this country has a proven track record of gladly opening its arms to the tired, the poor and huddled masses.
     What I do think the problem is - is that many of our citizens are tired of people that come to our shores and forget this is America. The problem is one of  “assimilation,” which means, at the social level, the merging of cultural traits from previously distinct cultural groups. What has been going on for several years and has picked up speed of late are groups of people that come to America who have no love for, or allegiance to, our Country - or so it seems. Not all thankfully! They bring their own culture and religion and live in sub-entities within our society without wanting to be a part of our society. Far too many hate our culture, our lifestyle and freedoms in some areas, and refuse to be a part of the over-all system.
     In years gone by, when Germans came to this Country, they were migrants from Germany, but now they are U.S. Citizens. The ones I knew never called themselves German Americans, or the Polish, Polish Americans, British Americans, Norwegian Americans, from which I hail. You get the point. I surely don’t suggest this could be all bad, but I could see where this might reveal one’s true allegiance. Whatever my family once was is history - I am an American and very proud of it.
     Recently a person visiting Disney World had a heart attack on one of the roller coaster rides. He plans on suing the Park for the lack of a sign in his language concerning the possible hazards of the ride to his health. If he wins that case, should there be a sign for every possible language on the planet to be posted from now on?  Recently, I find it incredibly galling that some people are bashing our country.
     A woman recently elected, wouldn’t even place her hand upon the Holy Bible to be sworn in. Then she unleashed filthy remarks of insult to our standing President! I would remind people, this country is not a godless country - even our money says “In God we trust.” I would encourage folks that if you don’t like that, and can’t abide by that, then don’t run for office in this country.
     So, is this where we are as a country? This person just represents the tip of the iceberg, as there were people of this country who voted her, or people like her, into office. I tend to believe some folks have come into this country with ulterior motives. They do not represent the people of America in values or patriotism, nor do they represent the good for the country.
     America is at a crossroads right now. There is an element that has risen up recently challenging the very roots our country was founded upon. How passionate are we of what we hold dear? Do we roll over and play dead in the face of this tyranny, or do we rise up as we have always done and confront the conflict in the trenches, the prayer closets and the Churches across this great land. If in our battle we fail to show the love, grace and resolve we hold so dear even to those of differing thoughts and persuasions, then the battle is already lost. The light in Lady Liberty’s great torch might as well be put out, as we are no different than any country with a godless society.
     So, I say to my fellow Americans, no matter your origin or ethnicity, if you feel our country is worth fighting for, then fight the good fight of faith, and let’s keep the light of this country shining brightly. In so doing, America will still be a beacon to the free world.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.
The Crystal Ball
Sunday, January 06 2019

          Many were on hand to witness the crystal ball drop in New York City. The weather may have been wet and cold but that didn’t seem to dampen the atmosphere of the attending party-goers. For the masses the past was being ceremoniously closed and a new and brighter day was being ushered, at least the hope for a prosperous New Year. In retrospect 2018 wasn’t that bad a year I don’t think. The employment sector posted higher than normal numbers across the board. Elections were still being held in this Country and no foreign flags were flying atop the good old USA. However there are some rumblings of things that are not so well. When Donald Trump took office in 2017 many had taken note of a civil unrest that has yet not abated, some even going so far as to call it a 2nd Civil War brewing, per some commentaries.

        What this New Year will hold for us is not totally clear, as there are many variables that could effect it’s outcome dramatically. However, if there is a word that describes where we are in this country right now, it has to be the word “division”. Many things can bring division, but I tend to think that much of the division we see in the social and political realm is deliberate. If one political side does something that is right and good for the Country the other side seems intent on finding fault with it and persuades others to do the same. There is little doubt multiple ideologies are clashing, all vying for it’s voice to be heard and/or adhered to.

As the Crystal Ball dropped upon the land for yet another year, is there a possibility we can look into the future to see where this may end? Surely no crystal ball will tell us that, but some common sense (if that’s still a good term) should provide some valuable insights I’m sure. I want to share three scenarios that I believe effects the majority of the people in this Country in one way, shape or form. These indicators should provide a snap shot of where we are headed if not heeded.

        The first has to be the monetary side of the equation. With the National Debt at close to twenty two (22) trillion dollars, we are not even making any principal payments from what I read, all the money goes to interest. I’m no economist, but I imagine its quite like a credit card that gets so high, you can never pay it off, it’s in thermal run a way. This can not go on indefinitely. It amazes me that the most wealthy Country in the world is borrowing money to make ends meet. Another piece to the financial puzzle is the baby boomers are retiring at an alarming rate. This of course puts more strain on an overwhelmed Social Security System, and this doesn’t even include Medicare, another Federally funded subsidy. You can see why many are dismayed at bringing foreigners into this Country to further drain a system they had no part in paying into. I read last year that around fifty million Government checks go out every month.  This would be unsustainable in any country. Problems similar to this are happening in other countries of the world as I write this column. In some of the EU Countries they are postponing retirement to folks that were ready to retire. There is no money set aside to pay the benefits to recipients, maybe you saw them rioting in the streets. You may have noticed the retirement age in the U.S. is at 70 I believe for young folks. It takes no crystal ball to see where this heading and that a monetary collapse is coming, whether this year or next, not sure, but soon.

         The second critical issue is in the political realm. I wonder if anyone involved in the social unrest acts across the Nation realizes that when a country becomes destabilized it becomes vulnerable not only from within but from foreign intrusion as well. From what I have read and observed myself, this social mayhem is being orchestrated from outside forces at work in an effort to topple this Country. For some excellent information on this topic, the Freedom Center does an excellent work. I’ll go on record, I think Donald Trump has done an admirable job in the face of severe scrutiny not only to himself but his family as well in the two years he has been in office. I believe one of the reasons Trump is under such a continual attack from Washington establishment is that he was never a politician, ever, he is a businessman. He didn’t need the office of the President to be a success, he already was one. I applaud his efforts and tenacity. However to the establishment he is a great threat. Trump proves you don’t have to a politician to do good in politics. So that makes him a threat to them that want to stay in office. When the voters figure this out, heads will role for career politicos. Since Trump is a business man he has dismantled some of the worst trade agreements we have ever brokered in this Country. In past administrations we have sold the farm and the tools along with it. Through hard bargaining and sound negotiating we have seen American factories and jobs come back home, thus making America Great Again in some respects that is. One more thought on the political side. Politicians direct the Military in most countries of the world, unless it’s ruled by the Military. With that said many countries have nuclear technology, and some threaten to use it against this Country as noted in the past years. One of the reasons that doesn’t happen is because we are strong country, thus a balance of power keeps everyone in check. In WW I and II, lessons were learned, meekness is a sign of weakness and appeasement will get your country destroyed. Trump is a strong leader, most of the countries of the world knows that, I believe he is the right man for the job in the interim. I question the motives of those who would try to change that.

        The third issue on the list is the Religious issue. History books document this Countries good times and bad times alike. As noted prior we have suffered a Civil War and by the Grace of God are still here. Not many would doubt this Countries Christian heritage as it goes back to the Puritans and founding fathers. The laws of our great land were formulated from the Word of God and even our currency bear the name of the Almighty. Much prayer had went up to God for His protective hand over this great Nation, thus protecting us through two world wars and a host of other maladies along the way. With all that said, a dark pall has appeared on our great shores that seem bent on the removal of all vestiges of God from our midst. The very beacon of hope to the world, the land of religious freedom, which has been a shining light to the world, is now fighting for it’s very existence. I never thought in my life I would see leaders of our free Country force the removal of God’s Moral Law, the basics of moral fabric to the world, the 10 Commandments removed from view across this great land. And if that isn’t enough, the removal of most anything of God from schools, school activities, Bible studies from school property, which is being funded all by tax paying Americans, this just can’t be. The excuse of one person doesn’t want their child subjected to anything related to God is incredible. This was just the vehicle used to further a godless agenda against this Country by some powerful forces that have a different agenda. In other instances World War Memorials where a giant cross stands marking the area as holy ground for those have paid the ultimate sacrifice for life and liberty of this great land are being covered or removed, God help us. The list goes on, Chaplains in the military losing their rank and/or job in the military because they will not violate the Word of God in performance of their God given duties. Where this will all end up is a critical question. I will say this, if this Country manages to finally remove God from it’s midst and He is no longer welcome here, I believe this marks the end of the USA. God’s Word says, “Blessed is the country whose God is the Lord”. Without Him, the blessing is removed.

       Last thought, I have provided three brief summaries of what I believe to be critical issues facing this Country at present. The reason I believe they are relevant is I have, as they say, read the last chapter in the book prior. The Book I am referring to, is the Book of Revelation in the Bible. In Chapter 6 it reveals a monetary collapse will come. In the same Chapter a One World Government leader will appear soon after what many refer to WW III, he will be the iron fisted ruler known as the anti-christ. This guy will have a helper called the false prophet that will handle all the religious activities, to include forcing the planet to worship the anti-christ. And for those who refuse, lets just say they will be eliminated. You may have noted I mentioned the crystal ball dropping several times in this article. This was deliberate, it’s because if people do not heed these warnings given by God, the ball will serve as a reminder of not only the ball dropping but those that dropped the ball as the old saying goes. Happy New Year.


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