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The Root
Friday, July 31 2020

We all have seen some tragic events make headlines over the past several years and wondered how in the world something like that could have happened in our day and time, among supposed civilized people no less. We have seen some deranged soul shoot up schools, night clubs, and concerts across the world, plus a host of other unimaginable mayhem and think, is there no end to the madness? Who would argue we live in the most illuminated generation of all time with the internet able to answer just about any question you can think of and still we see people act like barbarians in such a modern society.

A recent event has taken place that still has me stunned. In a small rural town in Central Florida; three young guys were going on an all night fishing trip at a local lake. The plan was to rendezvous at the lake with all the needed fishing supplies and go cat-fishing, (not the furry type) a great time envisioned; no partying, no alcohol, just fish and fun. Many a child has grown up fishing these Fla. lakes; mine included and have grown up to be good kids. Per the local Sherriff, one of the boys got there first to await the other two that would be there soon. This is where the tragedy begins; there were some guys already there at the lake. From the initial report the thugs that were there, murdered the first of the three fishing boys. Very soon the other two boys showed up in their truck not knowing what had happened, were violently murdered as well. As it turned out one of the boys that was shot was still barely alive and called his dad, who around midnight heard his phone ring and promptly drove to the lake. Among the mayhem he found his wounded son, who being barely alive told of what happened. This is the part that is hard to handle; while dad was holding his son, the boy died in his arms. My heart goes out to the families in this tragic event; I pray God will help them through this nightmare. The Sherriff would say on TV, it looked like the boys were “massacred”, and that all his years as a Sherriff, this was one of the worse scenes he ever saw. It wouldn’t be long before the perpetrators of this horrendous crime would be caught. Guess what; the trigger man was no stranger to jail, many altercations in his life with the Law.

What can we take away from this tragic event is a question that is being pondered by many no doubt. There may be many and various angles to consider while figuring out how to put an end to the madness. As a parent, Pastor, a fellow citizen of this great society, I too would like to see an end to these random acts of violence that is claiming the lives of far too many innocent people across, not only this land but the world as well. What should our recourse be; hide in our homes, bolt the doors, hire body guards for all the family. Many people advocate the confiscation of every weapon in the Country, would that work? Chicago is a gun free zone; guess what, they lead the Nation in violence with a weapon, just look at the number of murders that take place almost every weekend. No, taking a person’s defense system is not only a bad idea, but not Constitutional either. A question that has been brought up by many Nations of the world while considering the events leading up to WW II, can a Nation Legislate morality? To answer that question; what people think is moral, may not be moral anymore. Is there another angle to consider ridding the world of such violence and moral depravity?

The title of this article is “The Root”, and you might guess, it has something to do with the problem facing all of mankind. What does a Nation, a people do, how do we handle the moral decadence our society is mired in? Do we need more laws, build more jails, more Psychologists to tell us some poor soul has been abused, so now he just wants to abuse someone himself. How about some type of mind altering drugs to keep people with mental issues under control? I say a thousand times no; the problems cannot be fixed on the outside, the problem lies within, the root is where we need to deal with the problem. At the heart of everything, there is a root, its foundation, its beginning had a root, the family tree has an original root and down the road there are many roots. We didn’t just show up, we have roots, many people’s roots were/are in good ground, but many people’s roots are in bad ground. Society has tried to prune the trees of bad behavior, but the behavior isn’t just at the branch level, it is at the root level.

I’m sure many have heard this before, but here it is again, this needs to be told again and again, until we recognize the problem. In the beginning, yes, hard to believe for far too many folks nowadays; but there is God, He is the Creator, not of just everything, but also the original root stock of everything as well, and even God said it was good. That’s right, what God had initiated in the beginning was very good, but something happened to bring corruption to mankind. Many reading this up until now may consider this a valid read so far; but think; if only I hadn’t brought up the Lord. Make no mistake; If God isn’t part of the equation, He cannot be part of the answer. Something entered into the “root stock” of humanity long ago that has brought forth the problem, it is called sin, and it became the “nature” of mankind at all levels of depravity. In what seemed like no big deal to many alive in our day and time, is! When our original parents (Adam and Eve) partook of a tree they were forbidden to partake of, it changed everything. In that act of severe disobedience they obeyed the words of satan, more than the words of God, the/their Creator. It brought forth death, and sin entered the world, and satan became the god of this world. God’s Word says; In whom the “god of this world” hath blinded the minds of them which “believe not”, lest the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, who the image of God should shine unto them (II Cor 4:4). I have to give satan credit for this, he is good at blinding people eyes, they can’t even see what the problem is. Once again the Word says this; And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begat a son “in his own likeness and image”.  Mankind couldn’t blame God for this mess, so, like it or not we were all born after the similitude of Adam. We, every person born has this fallen nature within, some exhibit the fruit of this fallen nature more than others. How long did it take before this fallen nature exhibited itself in Adam’s family? Cain would be born to Adam, then Eve bare Abel, the first two to be born, would be a testament to the depravity of the fallen state of which came upon the earth. And Cain rose up against his brother and slew him (Gen. 4: 8). And it hasn’t stopped since. I know, there are some very nice people that don’t commit the atrocities that are so rampant in our day and time, but nonetheless, we are “all” born with this fallen nature, and that is the root of the problem.

That brings us to this question; how do we fix the problem? In the natural, if some malady exists within our body, on the inside, an operation would be expected by a highly trained individual, a Doctor, to remedy the situation. And one might expect with that, a total confidence in this person’s ability to rectify the situation. As is the case; great amounts of money is usually afforded for such an operation. And why not; the person has been made whole, well. But how do we deal with a spiritual heart problem. I dare say most professionals do not believe such an element exists. They deem we are like highly modified animals, way up the food chain on the life chart, that you still die like an animal, no spirit, no soul, no hell, no Heaven; no problem. You don’t have to be a trained professional to know something within needs to be addressed and fixed.

As you might well expect, the Bible has the answer. How do we deal with the fallen nature, our sin nature? The Bible says this; Except a man be “born again”, he cannot see the Kingdom of God, (John 3:3). There it is; we were born the first time (fleshly birth) under Adam’s fallen state, but we can be born again, just like a newborn baby, this time in Christ, who died to remove our sin nature and fallen state. Once again the Bible says; For as by one man’s disobedience (Adam) many were made sinners, so by the obedience of One (Christ) shall many be made righteous, (Romans 5:19). When Christ died upon the Cross, He literally took back what the devil stole, thus providing mankind a way out of his fallen state/nature. But you must be born again, there is no other way; Jesus made the way, actually He says; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father but through me, (John 14:6).

The wrap; many folks that were hard core sinners at one time came to Christ for salvation, to be born again, to get a second chance. I have seen this personally thousands of time with over thirty years in Prison Ministry. Hard core criminals give their life to the Lord, (a great paradox of having gave their lives to the devil for too long) and sincerely repent, accepting God’s Pardon, I like that analogy. I say transformed by the power of His Resurrection Power, literally set free, from sin and degradation, a new heart, a new attitude, and new walk, talk, and a new direction. This is the answer; Christ and Christ alone, no worthless programs, mind altering drugs, shock therapy, endless days in jails with more criminals, just Christ; we become New Creatures in Christ. The root of the problem is fixed, no more murderer, rapist, felon, just lovers of God. Now you know the root of the problem, give it to the Lord; He’ll fix the root, the family tree, even our Nation.


Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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