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This Is A Test
Wednesday, April 29 2020

What a time to be alive, the Old Testament Prophet had it right of course, he said in the “last days”, knowledge would increase and people would run to and fro, (Dan. 12:4). One of the ways this knowledge explosion has taken place is through the internet, a veritable web of information. I think it looks and acts like an oversize human brain with all the circuitry functions. I find it to be a tremendous asset to the human race. As a matter of fact, who would argue that it may be the very vehicle Daniel alluded to in his prophesy of a knowledge explosion? Vast amounts of knowledge, right at your fingertip. Yes, Daniel had much to share about things that would happen in the last days. Daniel was called upon several times by the ruling Kings of his day to interpret certain things that were hidden to them, like the “writing on the wall”, and the huge statue with “ten toes” of which were to be Kingdoms of the world and so much more. Daniel also brought out the fact that in the last days a ruler would arise that would try to unite the world under a “One World Government”, many would know who this infamous person is; the anti-christ. And this is the point I want to make here, we have the main pieces to this vast puzzle of sorts, but many folks try, like myself, to place the other pieces in the puzzle, some fit rather well, many do not. We know what the picture is going to look like in the end, but we sometimes guess too much in trying to figure out what happens from this point forward to get to that end. There are a host of “sub-points” that will/must take place to bring forth the ultimate conclusion of the ages, we may even speculate what and when they will happen, but they will happen, that’s a certainty. It is with that thought that we hear and read of so many so-called “conspiracy theories”, alleged scenarios of something going on, perhaps behind the scenes, to bring about the end-time conclusion of all things. Many Bible Theologians have read (from Old Testament calculations) where Daniel gave the exact month and year the Messiah would be cut-off (rejected/Calvary) during His First Coming. It would be very strange if folks wouldn’t try to figure out from the Bible, the 2nd Coming.

The title to my Commentary is; “This is a Test”, you may remember on TV some years ago, during a program those words would be displayed across the screen. It was accompanied by a loud audible, get your attention sound. From what I remember, the words spoken during this interruption were: This is a test, this is only a test, if this were an actual emergency; you would be advised to contact your local Federal Emergency Management Agency. I’m quite sure that got most people’s attention. For some reason this test theme has been on my mind a lot lately. A lot of information is running around the internet right now about conspiracies. Most have been de-bunked, some not too far-fetched, and some sound quite credible. I consider myself a Watchman, kind of like the guy on the wall in the olden days. His job was to be a lookout, for danger, an approaching army and/or enemies etc. He may not always know what he sees approaching, but no matter, do your job; alert the folks inside the walls, something’s coming, out there.

With that said, I see something, out there, not sure what it is exactly, but it definitely doesn’t seem just right to me. Something about this whole pandemic thing just doesn’t add up. That’s why to me it looks like a giant worldwide test, information gathering, data bases being filled with information, fear tactics and control being foisted, the likes of which many have never seen before. I’m surely not the only one that thinks this; almost everyone I talk to see this response as overkill, no pun intended. I’m sure there are laws of natural consequences, (progressive actions) if something happens, such as an epidemic; I mean there are obvious steps to take to curb the effects of such a virus as quickly as possible. There are so many dedicated professionals and top leaders of Countries working long hours to protect the masses the best they know how, a heart-felt sense of gratitude to all of them. But some interesting facts have immerged concerning the handling of the virus within the masses. If this were a test of our response of such handling of the crisis, then who would be the benefactors and for what purpose, clandestine or otherwise? If I were the administrator; what observations would I have made so far in monitoring this on-going test? For one; I would take note of who abides by the rules/mandates set down by the Government/CDC and who doesn’t. That could be used in writing new rules and regulations for future use. I would also take note of the length of time before sequestered folks finally had enough and began to break out, break the rules etc. This could test mental thresholds within various geographical areas. Also I would note how long it took for the average household to run out of working capital, cash, and credit cards maxed out, to become dependent on the Government, food banks or both. Also noted would be the increase in crime, petty or otherwise, resultant of the monetary collapse. This test would also be a gauge concerning business, small and large, to judge the length of time for capital failure. Also, since school classes were suspended, multiple thousands of PC’s were handed out for home schooling thus providing a gauge for the suspension of normal school attendance from now on? This could be a huge money saver for future planners. Plus provide a single point curriculum rollout to all students across the Country, thus doing away with conservative areas of the Country or District involvement. Also being considered is the implementation of virus testing, whether one is sick or shows signs of sickness makes no matter, it is mandatory. And, if and when a vaccine becomes available, mandatory implementation, even if you have the flu or not, objections or not, this will be one of the most valuable questions to the test. Imagine a new technology implemented that will allow people to be monitored without even going to a health provider. An RFID micro chip is already available that can be inserted in one’s body that can send radio frequency to a receiver that holds all ones bio information. This could be the bonus question, will the masses line up for the shot and/or insertion? Did I hear any objections from the masses about what happens to the expended virus samples taken from people? Is there not DNA on these samples, I think most likely yes. The data bases could be overflowing with information from just such a test, and did I mention how many people to be tested? It looks like the whole Country could be a candidate, if this virus doesn’t subside. And one more of the many observations to glean from; the ATM’s are limiting how much cash can be withdrawn, how are folks with that? That’s happened before just prior to the Great Depression, do people remember the past, if not, you are destined to repeat it. In the end, new levels of control are being implemented, are you good with it? Do we see any signs of what the masses might do if they connect these dots? If this really isn’t a test, all is well, but if some clandestine scheme is behind all this activity, the stage is being set for the real thing at some point in the not so distant future. And what is that stage; and he causeth all, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their hand or in their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark (chip or equivalent), or the name of the beast (super-computer) or the number of his name, (Revelation 13: 16,17).

            The pieces to the puzzle are coming together. As each piece is inserted into its proper place, the overall picture will become much clearer. However; the Church does not get to stay here to finish the puzzle, that’s good news, because we already know what the picture looks like anyway. However, I’m still here, it hasn’t happened yet, there is still time to be prepared. How does one prepare for that? By following God’s plan to make sure you are not here when all this begins to happen. Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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