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The Writing On The Wall
Sunday, March 01 2020

In the days of ancient Israel there is recorded an account of something that took place that is so dramatic that its message must be told again and again. But before we get to the account of what transpired, a slight review of prior events that led up to it first. The year was 605 BC, the first group of Israelites had been carried off to Babylon for a seventy year captivity. The Old Testament Prophet Daniel would be one of the first people to be part of this group. Over a period of time God would use Daniel to interpret dreams for the King which resulted in his being promoted to third in command over the Kingdom of Babylon in time. In 538 BC an event would take place that would forever change the course of the Babylonian Kingdom. It was during this time that King Nabonitus of Babylon was absent that his son Belshazzar would throw a feast for a thousand of his lords, (Dan 5). Parties and feasts are a way of life for the rich and powerful one would think, but this party would forever go down in the history books.

As the account goes, Belshazzar invites all the lords and ladies for a huge bash at the Big House, the Banquet Hall. We are talking about unlimited food and drink, party time, lewd stuff; pretty sure morals were cast out the door. I remember reading somewhere this feast lasted for several days; it went from a feast to a drunken and sinful fest. It was during this time that Belshazzar called for the vessels that were taken from the Jewish Temple (Holy and Sacred Vessels) to be brought to the banquet hall to be used for unholy purposes, desecrated, even concubines drank from them. No problem with that right, just some old religious junk, who cares about Church stuff anyway? I quote from Daniel 5:4; and they drank wine and praised the gods of gold, silver and brass; iron, wood and stone. It would turn out this was not only a bad move, but a stupid one as well. In the “same hour” came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the King’s Palace; and the King saw the part of the hand that wrote. It seems they didn’t have to wait too long to get a response from God. Then the King’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, and his knees smote one against the other. Why was the King so fearful; because there was a written message in the plaster on the wall! What is interesting is; once again, the King, nor anyone else, could read what the message said. Eventually Daniel’s name would come up, as he had interpreted messages for Belshazzar’s grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar. By now Daniel is around eighty years old, a mighty man of God, he would interpret the message. The famous words of; MENE MENE- TEKEL-UPHARSIM, Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting! These words would be forever immortalized among those that believe there is a God that rules in the Heavens and over the affairs of man. That very night Belshazzar would be slain, the party was over, the Kingdom would be taken over by the Medes. I dare say many folks may think this account is just another religious story of some past event, saying; I could care less about it, it was a onetime event, forget it. To that I would bring to mind the wise words from someone in the past; those that forget the past are destined to repeat it.

Can we draw any conclusions or learn any lessons from what we read about the feast that brought down the Babylonian Kingdom? At a glance; the first thing I note is that, though it was the Babylonians that desecrated the Holy vessels that brought God’s judgment, it could have been any Kingdom or Country having done similar, could incur God’s judgment. The second thing I note was the King and his lords were not able to interpret the writing on the wall. As usual, the world, in this case the Babylonians never see that their actions are viewed upon by the Lord, until often times it’s too late to do anything about it. They just don’t see the writing on the wall spiritually, before the writing on the wall appears physically. I submit long before the writing on the wall, there were safeguards in one’s heart that says; you are treading on dangerous ground. The third glaring truth is to call upon someone who can tell us what it means. According to the account, soothsayers, astrologers and the like were all summoned to interpret the writing, of which, as usual none were able.  That would lead to calling upon the Church and/or its anointed people of God. Of which I may say is the last persons to ever be called upon in most cases. I believe there is much more to be gleaned from this account.

I have read over the years where some Bible Commentators have talked about three Babylon’s being listed in the Bible. The first one would be the physical Babylon in Iraq which is so called; “Political Babylon”. But the other two seem to be harder to identify. Some Bible experts believe the U.S.A is the second Babylon, so called; “Economic Babylon”, because of the location of the UN and Wall Street connection. The third Babylon, or “Mystery Babylon”, is believed to be Rome, in Italy. Each Babylon and location has merit as to where each name is/were derived from I’m sure. However I saw a person on a TV show quite some time back talk about how he thought the U.S. better fits the bill as “Mystery Babylon”. His thinking has merit as many of his talking points definitely could point to this Country.  Since our article is about the writing on the wall and how Babylon of old was judged (weighed) in the balances and art found wanting, that opens the door to this thought; if the U.S. is one of the three Babylon/s; are there any parallels of our Country to Babylon of old? Are we presently doing anything that would bring about judgment upon us?

You can be sure God is not wiping out Countries because they aren’t perfect, if that were the case, no Country would exist. But when a Country, a people deliberately desecrate the things God says are Holy, to that extent, the writing is on the wall. If I were asked to read or interpret what is going on in this Country right now, how would I interpret what I see? Are there any things in this Country we could say were Sacred, Holy, vessels or otherwise that we should handle with care and reverence? And if there are such objects and/or Holy things, how are we handling them? In analyzing what is sacred, I wouldn’t just look to some golden vessels to limit our judgment call to, as there are some items that are far above that in the list of Holy items. The first thing I see on the list is God Himself, nothing or no one more Holy. How have we handled Him, do we respect Him, give place to Him, reverence Him. No, we have or are trying to cast God out of just about everything in our Country. God’s Holy Word fares no better, to the removal of the 10 Commandments from public sight, from the class rooms of our schools, Government Buildings, remove the Cross’ from Military grave yards/sites, and upon Memorial sites, etc. But that is not all by any means, the sacredness of marriage the covenant is under attack. Even the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by our highest Courts in the land, thus opening the door of unholy unions. In yet another case, how do we handle one of God’s most precious gifts called life? We have relegated life to unimaginable levels of depravity in just a few short decades. The turning from God has brought the murder of the innocents, called infanticide. The Babylonians kind of flaunted judgment, I see that now with the homosexual community hijacking the “rainbow” and placing it upon their flag to promote a godless agenda. Need I remind you that the rainbow was a sign of God’s Covenant not to destroy the world by a flood “judgment” again! Once again, incredible desecration of the Holy, and people are good with it. Who or what is behind this mayhem; this throw God and His Word out of everything moral, downslide?

That takes us to Belshazzar himself of old. I believe he and his lords best represents the godless part of the Babylonian Kingdom. And since he was second in command may reveal a mystery of what is going on right now in the U.S. We have a President right now who has stood up for God and godliness in this Country since he took office. He has taken a stand against infanticide, by trying to defund the murder mills being supported by our tax dollars, he stands up for Israel, beefed up our military that had been depleted in recent years and stands with the Jewish and Christian community. But there is this fringe, “second in command” so to speak, that keeps trying to muscle in its progressive agenda. This group that wants to desecrate the Holy things of God, remove God from everything we call Holy and dear. It is called the “Deep State”, it is run by these progressives, some elected, many appointed. They have an alternate agenda, and it does not include God, they could care less about life and the promotion of it. These people either represent the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party, all of which are a godless party.

How do I interpret what I see coming? If the people in the U.S. love God and the liberty He has given to us all from the inception of this Country then we better stand against the tyranny these left wing progressives are trying to foist upon us. If this Country does indeed turn out to be “Mystery Babylon”, and a parallel does exist, it is because we have allowed the dark side of the Socialist/Communist Party to invade our fair shores and take us from within as they said they would, and never fire a shot. And if that happens, I believe that just as the Babylonians were over taken over by the Medes, this Country will be overtaken as well. We have time to read and interpret the writing on the wall, and to make right choices; we need to do it now. It’s time to turn back to God while you still can, Blessings

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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