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What If I Were In-charge
Tuesday, December 03 2019

We live in a very volatile time in history; at present the world seems to be teetering toward some cataclysmic disaster/event. I’m not the only one that sees this from observance. I am also very disturbed about the direction far too many in this Country want it to go. History shows, I mean centuries; struggle was part of the landscape that brought for this great Country. This present generation has lived off others hard labors carefree and seems to be oblivious as to what it takes for these blessings to have come forth let alone continue. You could say many had life handed to them (younger generations) on a silver platter. It’s no mystery how we came to be so incredibly blessed; from God’s Divine Providence to the many lives that perished fighting for this great Country, even to the many paying the ultimate sacrifice. You can be sure not everyone agrees on the fix to what is needed to right the ship, and that is the premise to this article; what if “you” were appointed, elected, selected to be the one “In-Charge” to right the ship, could you do it, would you do it?

If I were the lucky or more accurately the unlucky one to be elected/selected to take over the helm, what would I do? Instead of wasting your time reading what I would do, let’s consider what the person that was duly elected to lead this great Country can do, should do, or use his best judgment and resources to do. However; I will give my two cents on what the President has done and see if it’s what I would have done; seems fair enough, as many of us are very opinionated.

That takes us to our duly elected, by the people; President, in this case Donald Trump. Some have declared the President of the USA as the most powerful man on the planet; His predecessors would also be considered as powerful in most cases. This power structure is not totally based on the “Man” in office, but the power of the Country in which he represents, economically and militarily. The President of our Country is “sworn in” at a special service; wherein he is supposed to; faithfully execute the office of the Presidency to the best of his ability and to; preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a mere 35 words that proclaim his allegiance to his Country, duty and task. At this point I inject this thought; if I were given just such a task as leading this great Country, guess what I would use as my guide, (besides the Lord), the United States Constitution, the very blueprint designed to lead our Nation. And the very Document that is part of the “swearing in” statement. Of course we shouldn’t forget the office of the President is just that, he is not a King, a Pharaoh or ruler like in some backward country. He is the leader or focal point of our Country from the Executive Branch of office. The Senate and the Congressional Branches round out the responsibilities of our Government, primarily. No one person was to be a ruler in the U.S., this is important to remember when considering why issues are not resolved more rapidly than they should be.

There was a time in this Country when Civics was taught in school. I’m told that it has went by the wayside years ago. Resultant; many in the younger generations have no idea what the Constitution is all about, the Bill of Rights and other most important Documents that have produced and provided for the many blessings we have and hold dear in this great Republic. Our elected President has the duty and responsibility to uphold these great ideals and is accountable to “the people” if he does not. With that in mind; his responsibilities are performed within the confines of these National Documents. There are so many responsibilities within the office of the President; it would take a book to cover them all in detail, with that a few of the more relevant to our times, issues will be discussed here.

Rest assured; if I were in a position of responsibility to protect this Country, I would do it to the best of my ability, you would too, or I would have to question your love and allegiance to the USA. One of the most important things a President is required to do while in office is the protection our Country, hence; he is the Commander in Chief. There are many arms of the Government that do just that; protecting us from a very hostile world anymore. Consider what happens if there is a lapse of such protections; as on 911, 3000 souls perished in a moment of time on our own soil no less. What would our resolve be to protect this Country from some foreign enemy? Do you think there may be some things the President would know that he could not divulge to its people in performance of his tasks, say yes? I would rather explain to the American people why I took out some depot bent on our destruction; that try to explain why we let some guy and his bunch murder hundreds of our people while I did nothing. With the rapid advance of technology, and delivery systems; we could have a barrage of nuclear missiles on our doorstep within an hour! The idea is to stop the threat before it shows up.

On another note we see a lot in the news about undocumented citizens entering our Country. Is that a problem, I say yes? If I were in office, I would follow the law and rules concerning such entry of people/s, as there are immigration laws on the books.  Does the President not have the right, ye, the responsibility to curtail such an influx into our Country? What is his first duty; to its citizens right? Statistics show many illegal/s are criminals that were in foreign jails before they show up here bringing misery to our own citizens. Don’t we have a sense of duty to protect our own citizens from the likes of this? That takes us to another malady with undocumented people, voting; why would these folks be eligible to vote? There is a great whine taking place right now about this very thing. There seems to be a certain political group; you guessed it, the Democrats who are bent on getting these illegal people the right to vote; it called “votes”. They’ll send you a ballot in the mail and show you who to vote for; you don’t even have to speak English. Does it make sense to see people that have worked hard, paid their fair share, labors/taxes, maybe even have personally or have had someone in their family serve our Country in the military, witness the big give away to people that could care less for our Country? We see people whine about curtailing this influx, but what happens if we don’t, we going deep in the red financially every year, bankruptcy is imminent, think Depression Days of old; is this what our people want? I think the President is doing his job well to curb this; people that love their Country would do no less.

We also hear a lot about the Stock Market, the economy, cash flow, etc. I would give the President high marks on what he has done to preserve this Country financially, for the most part; once again he is only one man of this Country’s leaders. Presidents past have given away the farm, so to speak. So much manufacturing has moved out of the US, many other Countries have gotten fat off the US, China is a good example. You’ve seen it; many of our own people occupying the Food Stamp lines, welfare, Medicaid, because the jobs were going overseas. That is until Trump shows up; he got this Country out of some of these worthless one sided Treaties and renegotiated others, all in order to level the playing field again. Take a look at the Stock Markets again, the highest ever seen. Consumer confidence that hasn’t been seen in recent years is booming. When I say confidence, I mean people feeling like they will have a job in the future because their Company isn’t going anywhere unless the Socialists take over.

No one person can share all the ills in one small article, but there is one more observation that I feel needs to be addressed. There is an old saying; United We Stand; Divided We Fall. Why is there so much animosity toward our Government as of recent? No matter what right is done, there is mass criticism? I believe it is because there are several “idealisms” that are being foisted against our way of life in this Country and whosoever stands against them is severely scrutinized. Our Country was founded upon Christ and Christians values. Many people in this Country don’t have a problem with that, and have taught these values to their children since this Countries inception. Being a Christian or Nation is not tolerated for many people of other persuasions, or no god group of persuasion, in the US or outside. You may have seen this on the news, somewhere in the Far East; ISIS murdered 11 Christians on Christmas Day, and posted the video, you know how, arms tied behind their back, most barbaric of tortuous methods possible, to them Christians are infidels, anyone that doesn’t align with their religion is to be murdered. In China right now, Churches are under attack, Christians are being beaten, Church building demolished, why, you know why. The rise repressive religions, and the rise of Communism, an ideology of Godlessness, (there is no God to them)! Also the rise “again” of Socialism, the idea that the Government is made up of nice people, they have our best interest at heart. It’s part of the Big Brother concept; you work, they take and control what you have worked for and mete it back to you, while the bureaucrats get fat and happy. The surveillance of society will keep growing until one day everybody will need to marked, a chip is already being offered to takers. Where have you heard that before? It is exactly what the Bible said was coming in the future; the future is here; why do you think they want to get rid of the Church? Do you see any of these destructive devices taking place in this Country? Yes, people voting in people that want the Social Government System in the USA, people running for office that are Socialists, even one candidate that is a known Communist, yes he can do that in the US. The idea is though; we don’t have to vote for him to be in office. And lest we forget the Global Agenda that is being rolled out by the UN as well. International Law; it will do away with our Constitution, our freedoms, our way of life. Many don’t even realize that the UN Agenda also includes disarming the public (take away your weapons) is part of the plan.

In the end Donald Trump seems to have come closest to what I would have done if I were in office. Make no mistake about this, the stakes are high, he has been beat up verbally, made fun of, threatened, maligned, but he has held strong. These truths I have shared isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s way past time to open your eyes and see where athis is headed. What happens in this Country in this Presidential Election Year will be far-reaching, we either continue to resist the darkness of Socialism and other destructive forces or we extinguish the Light. A resent commercial on TV for a Presidential candidate shows him being for women and women for him, he hails from a state that allows the unborn to be murdered at the very point of birth. These two faced people don’t love women, they love votes, how do I know that; he doesn’t even love life. Many voices out there are calling for your vote, what do I do? The Lord says to; choose life, that you may live; people that love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren’t prone to just give these blessings away.  

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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