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Sunday, September 15 2019

 The world is about to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Book; Origin of the Species. On November 24th 1859 the world would forever change in some regards, yes, we can rest easy now, a great discovery has been obtained from the study of certain species of animals and plant life. The conclusion; we have evolved from a lower life form to a higher life form. It’s all there in that little book, Happy Thanksgiving world. This “theory” has been modified more than a little since its inception, but the direction has never changed, and what is that? It takes us from faith in what God said to faith in what science says.

I think I am beginning to see some merit in Darwin’s thinking finally. Evolution seems to promote the idea that “in-vertebrate” (no backbone) life forms somehow crawled out of a primordial mud and over not just millions of years but billions of years now, viola; the ultimate “vertebrate” creature has emerged, man. I must admit, that does take a lot of faith to grab this, but none the less, science says it’s so. Admittedly I don’t buy all of this, but, a thought did come to me concerning this theory of evolution that seems to make more sense. If we can buy the idea of a no life becoming life and an in-vertebrate becoming a vertebrate, then we may also buy the idea of a vertebrate becoming an in-vertebrate. Sounds impossible/crazy, but isn’t that what Darwin’s theory is all about? I think before you finish this article you will see this makes perfect sense.

Now that I have set the tone for what I really want to share, there is a modern movement going on right now that has the potential to derail all that most logical people hold dear. And when I say logical, that is also what is under attack as well. Do values still matter to anyone? I know they do to a lot of people. When I say values I mean a moral ethic that does not have to be legislated still exist within the soul of mankind? And if the answer is yes, where did these values/morality originate? If I say the Creator, the God of the Universe, I can hear the whines and wails of many right now, we don’t believe in your God, we actually hate the idea that someone or God can tell me what to do. Whether one accepts the fact that God exists or not and that one day according to Him we have a date with Him does not change the facts. If we eliminate the moral factor, remove the value system, or at least not adhere to it, you have moral chaos. Can we not see what God instituted thousands of years ago to humanity we know as the 10 Commandments is just as relevant now as when they were given? These Laws of God were not given to bring misery upon mankind, but actually just the opposite, a quality of life. When people make science their god, literally saying; these be our gods, and cast away the words of Almighty God, we have a problem. Are there ramifications toward a society that decides they no longer want to adhere to a moral code or maybe even change the moral code to their own liking? I think the answer may be going on all around us right now.

People think it’s old fashioned to assume a marriage of one man and one woman anymore. God declares from the beginning that the family unit is perpetuated when this absolute is adhered to, and it has been that way for many millennia with no problems, until now. It’s a mixed bag in our day and time, men with men, women with women, women wanting to marry their pets, you get the point. The family unit is being destroyed. Look down the road, can we not see where this headed in just a short time? Also the transgender issue, you were born with what you are biologically. People need to get over it, if you are a woman, you are not and will not be a man. The same goes for the guys, you may act like someone you are not, but you cannot be who you were not born to be, (unless some radical surgery takes place I’m not aware of). Where is this headed, watch the pre trials to the Olympics, the guys are running with the girls and blowing them away thus calling this fair? In the wrestling arena it’s the same way, some monster against some poor girl. And don’t forget power lifting, same scenario. These people need mental help, why don’t someone just tell them, boys with boys and girls with girls. Here’s one that will disturb anyone, pedophilia, predators who prey on the vulnerable little children. Though not tolerated it seems, it’s becoming more bold and prevalent all the time. How do you feel about “drag queens” (big burley guys dressed as women) reading their homosexual agenda books to the kindergartners in school? Not that many years ago these people would have been run out of town; it’s a slippery slope this Country is on. Our heart should go out to those that are mentally challenged and try to help them get back on track, surely not promote such. There was a time when life was precious to most folks, enter 2019, the unborn may never see the light of day, body parts for sale on the open market. That which was right at one time is now considered wrong, and that which was wrong is now considered right. So, people think God’s Word is out of date with our modern culture; we can do better without God, really?

This is where I make the connection about the vertebrate (backbone) creature becoming an in-vertebrate. I see many people, starting at the home level and progressing up toward the society level, and on to the Government level as going backwards in ethics, values, morality, in taking a stand. People have seemed to lose the collective backbone, hence; becoming an in-vertebrate. Why can’t people just speak up and say; for thousands of years we did fine following God’s Laws and precepts, and we are not going to alter it just for a few deranged thinkers. Where is the backbone nowadays that once made this Country the great Country that it is? If this ship isn’t righted soon, moral depravity will be the normal of the land. There are now parades that promote some of the most vile acts in public one could ever imagine, and the police are ordered to stand down. And if that were not bad enough, people are being vilified for saying this is vile. The time to stand up and be counted is now, ask yourself; is this the road we really want to go down?

God help us to get a life before we squander the beautiful life He has given us. If you think this route that is being taken has no consequences, think again. Societies of old are buried in the sands of time bearing these words; Be not deceived, God is not is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.                                          

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