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Our Uniqueness
Sunday, April 21 2019

Something that makes the news a lot lately has to do with the gender issue. I used to think this was just one of those passing fads that would one day disappear and with it, I would say good-by and good riddance. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all, as it seems to be quite entrenched. I’m not quite sure what to make of this sudden and baffling mindset that lurks behind the scenes here, but I’m pretty certain the damage it will cause will outweigh any personal gratification any participants will gain. I have seen where major Department stores have bought into this mindset as well, to the providing of “gender neutral” clothing and other amenities that promote such a life style. To the average bystander, this deviance from normal behavior has fast lost its appeal in being a cute lifestyle of a few confused souls in light of a recent court case as of late. It seems a fellow deemed himself to now be a woman, albeit he still looked, talked and for all practical purposes was/is a man. One of his peers at work still referred to him as a man, upon which the fellow filed a lawsuit for not referring to him as a woman now. Incredible as it may seem the guy won his/her lawsuit and was awarded over fifty thousand dollars in defamation damages. In another occasion, a storyline that happens far more often than one realizes, imagine if you (a real woman) were to use a public restroom and all of a sudden a big dude just walks in, legally, claiming he’s a woman today, 99 % would say, this can’t be right, but it is being promoted as right.

In this brief article I want to bring out some common knowledge facts that can be found in any book on basic biology that will clearly show just how unique people really are. You might agree I think,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that David in the Book of Psalms was right when he declares; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are “Thy” works (Ps.139:14). That’s it right there, when you know your origin and that your ancestors didn’t swing from trees, you are on the right path. Consider this, each one of us came from a single fertilized cell. Within that minute cell is what’s called our DNA, of which contains our “genetic blueprint” for the yet undeveloped person we are yet to/will become. Within every human cell, twenty-three pairs of chromosomes are intertwined together within the nucleus. Within the DNA are molecules that contain thousands of genes that program all living things to perform everything within their prescribed function. Our DNA genes control not only the building our body and its parts (through mass multiplication of cells), but also control inherited traits, height, color, gender, everything that makes us a human is in the DNA. It is hard to grasp this bit of information, but an adult human is comprised of around a hundred trillion cells, (just quoting scientific facts here) all working together in unison for the life of the body. One more bit of information I find interesting is there are around 6500 different genetic “differences” between the male and female human genome. So, you were born to be what you are; now you have more than six thousand reasons to believe that. This vast blueprint called DNA is proof positive we are not an accident in an evolutionary process, but a deliberate life form with plan and purpose. Do you think within our DNA God would place a homing device, a something that keeps telling us to seek the Lord? I do. For I know the thoughts and plans for you says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome (Jeremiah 29:11).

            It is true all people look alike in that they have eyes, ears and nose and so forth. However in case you haven’t noticed people get fingerprinted, why, because they say “no” two fingerprints are identical. That is hard to fathom, but according to the police dept. true, how unique is that? But that’s not all, at work, airports and other places they are using retinal (eye) scanners, it seems there are no two retinas alike here either. But there is more, according to the NSA, (National Security Admin) your voice pattern can be made into a digital format and no two voices are the same either. That is one way they can trace calls back to its owner, you just speak some words, if your voice is in their data base, you are recognized. This abundant information reveals just how unique we are as humans, there is not another “you” on this planet. Why people haven’t seen the great treasure of being who they were not only born to be, but being loved and appreciated for who you/they are is beyond comprehension. In our shallow world of vanity, if all you see in life is what your eyes see, you become blind to the things that really matter in life.

We are already witnessing some serious problems that are arising across the world in not only confused souls not using a bathroom consistent with their plumbing but in the sports realm as well. I foresee the Olympics just about going bankrupt. Who in the world would pay to watch some guy pummel some poor girl in boxing? Or maybe in the swimming events, what woman has ever had the muscle strength of guys routinely, very few exceptions have been noted. Or the wrestling matches, power lifting, you name it. This is happening and no one seems to stand up and be counted by saying, you compete where your hardware is. I see the cancelling of all women’s events future if this isn’t addressed forthwith. To counter these mentally confused guys, the girls and/or young women are trying to counter with looking and acting like the guys? Yes, even to genital mutilation, double mastectomy (wanting to look like guys) and who knows what else.

What is the deal with this gender confusion? It depends on who one asks, to the folks that promote the life style it is about personal expression, not depriving a child the right to be whatever their heart wants to be. I personally believe it goes far deeper than that. I believe it goes way back many millennia ago, in the beginning to be exact. So God created man in His own image and likeness created He him, male and female created He them (Gen 1:27). Doesn’t it seem logical there is a force at work to corrupt the very words of God and the foundation of the family unit? There seems little doubt the lines are being deliberately blurred between boys and girls at a young and impressionable age. And this is creating gender confusion, a loss of identity of personal acceptance and worth as well as corporate interaction with friends and peers. Considering this gender confusion, God’s Word says; God is not the author of confusion (that’s the devils job), but of peace. If these folks didn’t feel good about who/what they were born to be, what makes them think they will feel better about who they are not?  In the U.S. right now, in at least 200 hundred schools, major debate is taking place by outraged parents voicing their concerns over a “perverted” agenda and curriculum being foisted upon their children. In one recent case at a PTA meeting where this was being discussed/debated, the very heated meeting went until 1 A.M. in the morning. In the end the PTA board members voted “for” this shameless agenda to be used in the school regardless of parental concerns. What is referred to as “drag queens”, are being invited into school libraries across the country during story time for kindergartners. They are telling these impressionable little kids, how they were born on the outside to look like boys/men, but their brain is that of a woman, saying they were born that way, even to giving themselves a woman’s name. Incredible that this would take place in a Country that claims God at the helm.

Last, I would remind folks of something that took place in the days of Israel when they were enslaved to the Egyptians. Around 1571 BC, God would raise up a deliverer whose name was Moses. Before Moses’ birth the Egyptians decreed that all male babies would be cast into the Nile River, thus becoming crocodile food. Moses was hid for 3 months until he could be hid no more and was placed among the bulrushes to be found and rescued. The point is, a pattern would ensue from there forward, when God raises up a deliverer, the children were always murdered or suffered greatly. Fast forward to the time of Christ’ birth, You may remember Herod inquired of the Lord’s birth of the Wise Men, telling them to bring him word where the young child, Christ was. The Wise Men were informed of God to go home a different route and not to tell Herod anything. Herod felt mocked and ordered all the babies two years old and under to be killed, hence a second slaughter of the innocents during the rise of, The Great Deliverer, Christ. We’ll have to fast forward one more time, to where we are now. Jesus promised He would return; the return of the world Deliverer. Signs abound of His return, not to stay on the earth as yet, but return to remove the Church, the people of God. Has there been any signs of the children under an attack that would indicate a deliverer is about to appear? The answer is, yes, the absolute proliferation of the innocents, the unborn, being slaughtered, across the world at large. Is there another sign of children under attack? Yes, children molestation, child pornography, child sex slaves, now children in school exposed to materials that not so long ago would get you put in jail. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

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