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The Many Doors
Sunday, March 24 2019

Just a couple of years ago on October 31, 2017 the world celebrated the 500th year Birthday of the Protestant Reformation. The marked occasion would come about due in part of the efforts of a Catholic Reformer by the name of Martin Luther. He was born just outside Berlin Germany in 1483. Around his twenty first Birthday through a series of events, he decided he would become a monk. As he plunged himself into study of God’s Word with prayer and fasting he was to come to a place where he felt something was missing in his life. He would seek the Lord and try to find out what was missing. Suffice to say, he found out the way to God wasn’t about works of righteousness we have done, but, “the just shall live by faith”, (Rom. 1:17) a work done by God, not man as was being promoted. It was at that point he would write his 95 point theses of real Christian Doctrine and place it on the door of the Church at Wittenberg for all to see. As the news spread across Germany and beyond, the Door where the theses were placed would forever shadow a great spiritual door known as the Door of the Protestant Reformation. And as they say, the rest is history.

As one can well imagine doors have a story to tell, if they could speak, what they say may be a matter of conjecture to some, but there is a message to tell. In this article I want to share some insights into the importance of doors in one’s life, not just physical doors but spiritual ones as well. A door of significance is the door that was on Noah’s Ark. Considering the Ark was a huge vessel of some 450 ft. long and 45 ft. high and 75 ft. wide, the door was massive. As we all know mankind had reached a place where their hearts were evil continually, and God had seen enough (Gen 6:13). Noah would be employed to build a place of safety for him and family to escape the Judgment that was coming upon the earth, the Ark. As the Ark was completed, Noah and his family were instructed to enter the Ark. For seven days the door stayed open and anyone could have gone on board to escape the judgment that was to come. As history shows, they mocked Noah, and did not believe he had heard from God. At the end of the seven days, “God” closed the door. Only the eight souls on board would be saved, but all that were not on board would perish. This door would forever be referred to as a Door of Salvation or a Door of Judgment, depending on which side of the door you were on.

Another Door would come in the future that very much mirrored the door on the Ark of old. This door would come in the form of a person, none other than the Lord Himself; Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, Verily, I say unto you, I Am the Door of the sheep, (John 10:7). From this Door, entry into the Presence of God is offered, but once again it is exclusive. The Lord Jesus would say; I Am, the Way, the Truth, and The Life, no man comes to the Father but by me, (John 14:6). Just like the Ark of Noah’s day provided safety to all that entered, Jesus, our Ark of safety offers life and protection to all who call on Him.

However like the Ark of old the door didn’t stay open forever, as God would finally assume no one else wanted to be saved, He closed the door. The same as with Jesus, the Door by which man is saved, the Door is not to remain open indefinitely. There is a period of time by which one must decide what side of the door you want to be on. The Lord would say these words; When once the Master of the House has risen up, and hath to shut the door, and you begin to stand without and to knock at the door, saying Lord open unto us, and He shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence you are. The period of time in question is what is referred to as the Grace Age. It started with Jesus’ death and Resurrection and will run until the return of Christ for His Church at the Rapture. Leading Theologians don’t believe that event to be too far from now. The idea is to get on board (the Ark) while you can.

This takes us to another door, this door is located pretty close by, once again words from the Lord; Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any many man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in unto him, and sup with him, and he with Me, (Rev. 3:20). This is the door to your heart. Make no mistake about it, you have a door that can hear and respond to the Lord’s beckoning, your heart the real you. Have you ever felt, man I need to get right with God and quit this foolish stuff I’m doing, maybe someday. Procrastination, the art of postponing until tomorrow what we know to do today. The Door will not stay open forever, maybe even not much longer, Lord knows.

The last door on the list is a door that is dependent on what one does with the door of their heart, prior discussed. If you opened your heart’s “door” to the Lord’s knock and accepted Him in, you now have fellowship with Him; this is an optimum move on one’s part, as we’ll see why. In the Book of Revelation the Apostle John was given these words; After this I looked and behold a “door” was opened in Heaven, and the first voice which I heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me, which said “Come up Hither”, (Rev 4:1). These words are giving us a picture of the Rapture (snatching away, removal) of the Church. We have an appointment with the Lord in the clouds of glory. This event takes place just prior to the Tribulation Period of Judgment coming upon the earth. This Rapture is God removing His children before earth’s judgment, just like the flood of old, God made a way of escape.

Last thought, the Lord would say in the last days, it will be like as it was in the days of Noah, they ate, they drank, they married and gave in marriage until the day Noah entered into the Ark, and knew not until the flood came, (Matthew 24:37). Those times very much mirror where folks are nowadays, just going about their merry business, a, I could care less attitude. Have you felt a knock on your heart’s door, don’t ignore it, the Lord will not knock forever.

Pastor Thomas Nosworthy

Light the Way Ministries.

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