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Moral Majority
Sunday, February 24 2019
      When I was a growing up, we, as a family didn’t attend Church. My folks had never been exposed to the Gospel until late in life. As a result they struggled along as best as they knew how in raising the family with values that they were taught when they were growing up. Of course this was during the forties and fifties when I guess you could say the country (U.S.A.) was still innocent for the most part. It has been noted that during the great world wars, people tend to pray much more, whether for their own daily sustenance or for a loved one in harm’s way in some foreign land. Resultant of all this, It didn’t seem to me things were too bad, we were poor, but so were a lot of other folks. What my point is, even though we didn’t attend Church, we all seemed to have a moral standard we didn’t cross. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do some things I regret. It seems back then you were either real bad, as in a criminal, of which we never heard of any in our town, or just some minor infraction that kids sometimes get into, that was it. Since we lived in small-town USA, what would you expect?
     In a little looking back, some no doubt would remember this, in school we were exposed to the Bible, in a Public School no less, not a misprint. In the morning they would read a Psalm and at lunch someone would pray over all our lunches, I mean life was good. Who wouldn’t like that? And guess what, if someone objected to the Bible being read or prayer, we never heard about it. Back then, it was majority ruled, after-all who would object to that which is good? How about this? Our local police didn’t have a gun, just a big stick, which, at the time seemed to be quite adequate. I remember my dad would tell of working on a road re-paving crew telling us this as kids. During times when a funeral procession of cars went by where they were working, they would stop work and remove their hat and respect the deceased and family as the procession passed by. Ball parks were respectful the same way, when it came time for the National Anthem to be played I don’t ever remember anyone not standing up and putting their hand over their heart in respect of Country until I got much older. Yes, we’ve come a long way since then, and I believe in the wrong direction.
     So, what’s my point you may ask. I believe there are many folks out there that were raised just like me, or maybe wish they had been or just hold those same ideals dear as well. What ideals is that? Their word is their bond, they tell you they will do something, they do it. They don’t cheat, lie or steal, you can buy something from them and it will be as they say, and if it’s not, they will make it right. And they don’t hate God, actually they love the Lord, like my folks they just hadn’t been exposed to the Gospel yet. Many of these dear folks have family Bibles passed down through the family tree. They work hard for what they have, they pay their fair share, they represent what’s right with America, God bless them. I believe they are what could be called the “moral majority”. This group has been the backbone of our society for a long time, actually a good many of them are getting up there in years now. They are a part of the “golden generation”, they served our Country in World Wars and stood up for our Country all along. If the real numbers were tabulated more than half of this country has core values that respect the Moral Code of humanity, the Ten Commandments. Most folks want their children raised with a value system that doesn’t shift with every law and whim of the land and moral opinions of some, the so called experts that seems bent on the destruction of the home and family environment/unit.
     Final point, I’m pretty sure things will never be as was fifty or sixty years ago in morality and values again, nor do I expect that. As the old saying goes; once the cat is out the sack, it’s hard to get him back in. But here it is, if you hold the freedom to raise your children with a moral code consistent with what the Bible declares as moral, then it’s imperative to take a stand, or continue to stand for these ideals.  As we well know, many have died in wars past to bring forth this great Country we call the United States. Don’t let anyone fool you, this Country started out Christian, the Sovereign God of the Universe has had a hand upon us for a long time. However, as we have seen in the past several years, many in our Country have done its best to run God out of everything we hold dear. They threw Him out of our schools, out of Government, Nativity scenes on public property being removed, the Ten Commandments on monuments and plaques also removed across the land. And if that’s not enough, they are trying to remove all the crosses from the grave yards of our fallen soldiers across this great land. Is this where we want to go? When I served our Country a half a century ago in the Army, did I ever envision a time would come that the very values I represented my Country for would come under such attack? Not on your life. God help us. 
     With that, I call upon the moral majority of folks that live, work, and stand, sometimes in the shadows, to rise up for what’s right, stand up for God and godliness. There are people running for political offices that not only don’t represent our values, they don’t even want these values to continue, thus promising to change the very fabric our Country. Let’s work together to keep this country on moral track, cast your vote for people with moral character, and be vocal at every level of Government, that’s the way I see it. God Bless.
Sr. Pastor Thomas Nosworthy
Light the Way Ministries.     
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