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Local News and Events

Our On-Line Church promotes and encourages multiple Ministry efforts, offering them more opportunity for their words to be heard across several platforms and reach a larger audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Ministry Watchmen Report

In our Ministry Watchman Report I scan the news line and incoming mail for issues that have a direct bearing on our lives, most of the time the news is good. Most of these articles are of a spiritual nature the others are still vital information to know and beware of. Our On-Line Church promotes many platforms that will offer opportunity to the many voices vying for their words to be heard. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible to promote their Ministry efforts we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Another Note

It may be true these articles below may not have a direct link to things spiritual, but it does have a link to extinguish our ability to shine our light, the Gospel message, not only personally but corporately as a Country.

Newer News

Ben Shapiro

            I received a letter from Ben recently concerning a speaking engagement he was to have at a University in California. With death threats from the students, to paid thugs, his life was in peril most of the time. They had to order special guards and security for him to exercise his right to free speech and the people who wanted to hear him, their right to do so. Where in the world is this Country headed? Do thugs and miscreants have the right to tear down and destroy personal property and create mayhem and havoc without recourse? ONLY IF THEY ARE ALLOWED TO! Find out who or what political group supports this and respond at the voting polls. 

 Jews for Jesus

            Is there no end to the plight of the Jews; was it not enough to be cast to the four corners of the earth as cast a ways? Many have read of the pogroms of the past for toward the Jews, many believe it warranted, even until this day. Attacks against God’s chosen people still abound, as a matter of fact it is on the rise again. Jews for Jesus are a Messianic Christian Group that love the Lord and are talking the Gospel to their people, the Jews. But not without personal attacks against them from a fringe of society that blame the Jews for the ills of the world. Please pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, as we all know, there will be no real peace until the Prince of Peace comes, even so Lord Jesus; come quickly, Amen. And pray for these soldiers of the Cross in their effort to reach the Jewish people for Christ. 

The Eagle Reports

            Can we be rid of this blight known as the COVID- 19 bug? Not until all the repression obtainable can be gleaned from it. People in the know say we should have conquered this dumb virus months ago. How, by using a simple medication that is being used in other Countries like Honduras, Costa Rico, some of the poorer countries on the planet. Why can’t the U.S. use the same medication they get; and what is that? Hydroxychloroquine, it’s cheap, it works great, and it’s been tested for over fifty years!!!!! I say it again, there is something fishy going in any society that willfully keeps it subjects in the darkness of fear. And get this; they are still working on a vaccine, one that it will be mandated for everyone to receive. I wish people could see where this is headed, please read your Bible; Rev. 13:17; a mark upon your body is coming, will you take it? You better not, what a time to know the Lord; better yet; that He knows you!

Older News


            How does a Country go from a God loving and honoring Country to a godless society? It is often one step at a time over a period of time. What seemed to be something we never condoned, but we didn’t rise up strong against has now became the “new normal”, and I for one still hate it, strong words for sure, but accurate. Eagle Forum brings to light something else most folks will surely find distasteful, the tracking of our every move, through electronic surveillance, cell phone technology with tracking modes, cameras everywhere, you name it. Is it an accident of good technology that cell phones do a lot more than connect people via air the waves? This virus bug that is making the scenes is being used to promote some serious privacy concerns, yes, tracking people via their cell phone is one of them, since even kids have cell phones nowadays. I’ve known this for years that cell phones have “backdoor” technology, where outside groups (Gov, police, others) can turn on a phone that is turned off, listen, look around your home or office, whatever. If this sounds Orwellian, it is. Where does this lead, is a good question. For more info on this I refer you to your local Bible; please read Revelation 13:15-18, the “mark of the beast”, the technology is here. Primarily Christians are the only ones that care enough to be concerned about the direction our Country is headed in. With that we need to be concerned about our fellow citizens being warned of what is ahead, like a Titanic disaster is coming. The casting of our votes, the sharing of this disturbing information with our friends, relatives and co-workers, just being used of God where we are to be the salt and light of which we are called is paramount right now. The hour is late, as of now, the Lord’s coming for His Church is the next big event on the spiritual plate. Can Christians make a difference? We have in the past, not sure we have done too good a job over the last several decades, but the potential still exists. Please pray hard, be revived, as this last days Church per Rev. 3 is in a lukewarm condition, help those that are working hard to repress the darkness and if possible send an offering to further the Gospel message. God Bless you as you do.

Freedom Center

            David Horowitz Founder of the Freedom Center brings to light the issues behind the rioters and looters agenda. Are these looters and violent criminals really interested in the fairness and justice they claim to promote? Not a chance, they have another agenda, are they puppets for another, behind the scenes money machine group or persons bent on an overthrow of our way of life in the U.S.A.? The answer to that question would get one a lot closer to the truth for the cause of the mayhem. But here is something not making the news, huge banks cutting off credit card donations to “conservative groups” that stand up exposing the lies and fraud of these people and their financiers causing the mayhem in this Country. This is a weird time to be alive right now, unless of course you have read the “last chapter”, in the Book of Revelation that is. The Bible says perilous times shall come, folks they are here, will we the Church roll over and play dead, I hope not. If the conservative voice is silenced, watch out, what comes next is the silencing of the people. Pray your best prayers, this is frontline warfare; and please help support those that stand up and speak the Word of God and stand with and for us. God Bless you as you do.

JVI; Jack Van Impe Ministries;

Many Christians are aware of the passing of Dr. Jack Van Impe at the first of this year. I would like to give tribute to this great man of God. He was a mighty man of God if there ever was one. I have many of his books and heard countless sermons and/or studies from him, and yes, he impacted many lives. He of course is survived by his faithful wife Rexella. Like they say; behind every good man is a good woman, and this lady fits that bill. She is faithfully serving the Lord in her long time capacity as host of JVI Presents and Ministries, may God bless her in her every effort.

Very recently JVI Ministries is making available a book that is written by Radio Bible Teacher, Erwin Lutzer, another name many folks would remember well. This book was written in 2009, but as we all know truths are timeless. If there was ever a time to reflect on what is happening in this U.S.A., even the whole world, the time is now. This book highlights the plight of the Church in Germany during the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. The book title is; “When a Nation Forgets God”. I would like to call attention to the very things that are happening in the U.S. right now has its roots in a Socialist and or Marist manifesto that was the inspiration of the Nazi Regime. The part that should give a wakeup call to the Church is the manner in which the Church was silenced, and/or marginalized. People’s rights, the Churches place as the moral standard is being swept aside by a radical and godless agenda, thus promoting abominable ideologies. This book should act as a wakeup call to all conservative thinking peoples of any faith. Once again, thank you JVIM for your tireless efforts to awaken a sleeping nation to the perils that lies just ahead, if we are not vigilant. 


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