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Local News and Events

Our On-Line Church promotes and encourages multiple Ministry efforts, offering them more opportunity for their words to be heard across several platforms and reach a larger audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Ministry Watchmen Report

In our Ministry Watchman Report I scan the news line and incoming mail for issues that have a direct bearing on our lives, most of the time the news is good. Most of these articles are of a spiritual nature the others are still vital information to know and beware of. Our On-Line Church promotes many platforms that will offer opportunity to the many voices vying for their words to be heard. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible to promote their Ministry efforts we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Another Note

It may be true these articles below may not have a direct link to things spiritual, but it does have a link to extinguish our ability to shine our light, the Gospel message, not only personally but corporately as a Country.

Newer News

Freedom Alliance;

You can always tell when a person loves his Nation, he/she serves it, defends it, and in some/many cases, give their life for it. Memorial Day is approaching fast; a time to remember and reflect upon those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for their Country. Our friend Oliver North is a retired Marine Colonel, served his time in uniform, and is still serving; my hat is off to him. He brings out some very important information concerning military preparedness, funding of various projects to keep our Country at the top of the list in man, equipment and intelligence power. In administrations past, there was a serious financial gutting taking place, reducing the military effectiveness across the board. Ollie brings out many such deficiencies. You may have noticed, Russia hasn’t disappeared, and they seem to still test the limits of reaction and preparedness not only in our National air space, but over the UK, and other northern free countries as well. You can also add the oceans of the world to the list. But they are not the only major players any more, add China to the list, their growth and power has caught the eye of many war strategists across the world. Now is not the time to defund, or downsize. Is there Biblical reference for this? Check out Ezekiel 38, 39, Revelation 6, primarily, a host of verses talks about wars and rumors of wars. It’s time to pray for the Nations of the world, and our own as well.  

National Committee Against the UN Takeover;

Immigration is a not only a hot button topic, it is a critical issue. Who comes into our Country, how long they stay, their purpose, motivation and so forth is of vital importance to all of the citizens of our great homeland. It is evident, not all come here to love, work and raise their loved ones in our Freedom based society. Our democrat/s, elected officials seem very liberal in who they want to come into our Country, even to the extent of a multitude of benefits, being doled out, even to the detriment of the already U.S. citizenry. Many people think tends to vote pandering, after-all, wouldn’t you vote for the hand that feeds? If that’s not bad enough, the United Nations feels it has the power and the right to tell this sovereign Nation who gets to come in, and who doesn’t. What do you think, should a bunch of folks not of this Nation have the power to open our doors to the world? I don’t, most folks do not either, for now anyway. If you stand for America, like I do, take action, stand with them that hold this Nations values, freedoms, and direction. Pray for and support those that have our Countries best at heart. And pay close attention who doesn’t stand for our Nation, that way, when it comes time to vote, you’ll know what to do.

FRC; Family Research Council;

Once again, I have to report; one of most precious gifts from God is under severe attack, our children. Where this time, in the classrooms across this Nation? The purveyors of downright obscene materials, is being foisted upon out little children as young as eleven. Our friends at FRC are in the spiritual trenches in this ungodly battle to bring to light what is happening in our modern day schools across America. Who is doing this, what can possibly be their not so hidden agenda, only the devil knows. Can you imagine parents showing up at school board meetings confronting these groups face to face, only to have their voice cast aside, and officials do what they well please. One such place in Fairfax, Va, school district, voted 10-1 to pass godless, sexually perverted material to be part of school curriculum. Most folks are not rich enough to send their kids to Christian school, they say only about 13% are able. What can we do to stop this onslaught? Hold elected or appointed officials accountable, show up at School Board meetings, (while you still can), be kind, but be direct, tell them in no uncertain terms that their godless manifesto is not welcome. Pray hard for Godly people to be elected, for the Church to be the salt and light, for people like FRC battling demonic forces, for us, our children. God Bless you as you do!

Older News

National Committee to Defend America;

Once again, we don’t make this stuff up; we just share what is going on in our Country and abroad. I have seen this brought up before some years ago when our former President was in command. This time Cliff Kincaid is sounding the alarm; it is no secret that there are “many” mosques in the U.S. As matter of fact, most Countries of the world have many mosques; is that bad, is there a problem? What happens when people come to a Country and despises its people and culture and refuse to assimilate in that culture? That’s bad enough, but when verifiable evidence exists that the same people are training their children to bring harm to the Countries people they inhabit, that is a different matter all together. A petition is circulating to have the U.S. Attorney General, William Barr investigate the radical Islamic presence in this Country. Is this a threat; does this need to be done? The answer is yes; Christian Action Network brought out video where he personally witnessed terrorists in this Country firing military grade weapons and called the police. What is wild is the police didn’t care enough to even come out and investigate. It is reported that there are over thirty such training facilities in this Country. Doesn’t anyone care of the danger to our populace; or is there something going on that will be revealed one day to our detriment? Watchmen are only relevant if the people they are warning care enough to do something. The next article adds another piece to the puzzle.

National Liberty Federation;

I have written about this before, and it needs to addressed again, we have enough laws already on the books in every state of the Union. Plus we have Federal Laws, Congress makes laws, local laws, you get the point. There may be, if we don’t act promptly and decisively another set of laws that are being foisted upon the people of our great Country. Our friends at NLF are sounding the alarm concerning the implementation of Shariah Law in our Country. What is Shariah Law; it is a draconian set of barbaric laws muslim people use and live by. If you are caught stealing, even petty theft, they chop off your hand, (I have seen videos of this). You can be stoned, lashed, murdered, punished most unmercifully. But that is not all, these folks and some leaders in our Country don’t have a problem using Shariah Law along with our existing laws. I have a problem with it. This is fact, it has already gained ground in this Country, pictures abound of a muslim police force operating in New York City areas. They drive Ford Taurus police cars and wear a police uniform. Once again; is something going on in this Country? People better wake up soon, a lot more could be said. it’s way past time to get involved, pray, get involved, sign petitions and help fund the effort to stop this before it’s too late. 

Alliance Defending Freedom;

What a time to be alive, OK; I have to ask this; is there a physical difference between boys and girls, men and women? I know; we all know the answer, or do we? Right before our eyes, men (biological men) are showing up in women’s events, sports, track and field, wrestling, power lifting, swimming, saying they identify as a women mentally. And get this; are allowed to compete?????; yes; say it’s not so? Not only that, but when they outperform the   girls/women, they actually post the numbers in the record books. I should have been gone by now, getting my reward. How can this be? These cross over-s even demand to use the girls/women bathroom and showers. There has to be something so diametrically out of whack in this Country or anywhere that would allow such derangement to exist. Once again; I have another petition to be signed, people rising up to stop the non-sense, the madness; can we do that? Please pray, the devil seems to have an all out onslaught against the human race to destroy it.


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