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Local News and Events

Our On-Line Church promotes and encourages multiple Ministry efforts, offering them more opportunity for their words to be heard across several platforms and reach a larger audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Ministry Watchmen Report

In our Ministry Watchman Report I scan the news line and incoming mail for issues that have a direct bearing on our lives, most of the time the news is good. Most of these articles are of a spiritual nature the others are still vital information to know and beware of. Our On-Line Church promotes many platforms that will offer opportunity to the many voices vying for their words to be heard. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible to promote their Ministry efforts we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Another Note

It may be true these articles below may not have a direct link to things spiritual, but it does have a link to extinguish our ability to shine our light, the Gospel message, not only personally but corporately as a Country.

Newer News


Another report from Jay Sekelow; many folks do not realize that much on job, school, college and other harassment to Christians is due to intimidation. Most of Christians do not know where they stand concerning God given and Government rights. In a case mentioned here an FBI Agent was told to remove a Bible verse from his work station. The 1st Amendment says we are allowed free speech, plus other important privileges. Often times a superior demanding a removal of the verse may not even realize they are violating ones human rights. In the end, ACLJ has to come the aid of many discriminated to right wrongs, and stop harassment at work and other places of violation. And because of that, the door of liberty is still open.

In yet another example of helping Christians endure an onslaught of persecution, an American Pastor was arrested in India on a bogus charge. If there were no one to step in to bring this matter to the forefront, the poor Pastor would still be in jail in a foreign country. Once again thanks be unto God and the efforts of ACLJ; the Pastor was released from jail, and on his way back to USA.

These are frontline issues that are not going away it seems. In some part of the world persecution of Christians is happening every day. To sit back and think, it’s not here in the U.S. yet, not my problem is wishful thinking. I encourage Christians to pray for our brothers and sisters in harm’s way and support Ministries that provide front line help to those afflicted not only in the U.S. but around the world.


Whatever one’s thoughts are about the Pandemic, does it really match the truth of the matter? I must admit I have been critical about the numbers being shared; the fear factor involved in implementing the lockdown and one of the biggest concerns along with loss of life is the economic effects, short term and long term. With the number of people alive right now on the planet at nearly 8 billion and the proximity of each person to one another as a result, you would think there would be maybe a half billion dead by now. They say this virus is one of the most contagious of all viruses, if so; where are all the deaths? Of course we are all thankful there aren’t more deaths, but that is the point that needs to be stressed. Who are the most vulnerable; it turns to be the elderly, the weak already and the like. I am not the only one promoting this train of thought, there are even political cartoons suggesting that the virus will disappear right after the General Election in November. Distractions abound, even blaming the President for the pandemic. I hope the Church is smarter than to believe much of the press on the issue. Fear and intimidation is a great weapon; it has been in practice for eons of time. Someone figured out it was an acronym long ago; False Evidence Appearing Real. By taking prudent actions to safeguard one self and walk in the Word of Truth, we should do just fine.

ACLJ; American Center for Law and Justice

I would like to share some good news from Jay Sekelow to counter much of the negative news we are all bombarded with daily. Once again these are issues that you wouldn’t think we would have to confront in a Godly Society, but unfortunately we do. You may remember President Trump boldly moved to stop/withhold funding to Planned Parenthood to the tune of 60 million dollars; that caused a legal battle to ensue. By the Grace of God, the withholding of the money was upheld in Court.

In another confrontation with the purveyors of infanticide, and other Socialistic Funding efforts, another major blow was dealt again. The Democrats promoted a 2nd stimulus package to hide pet projects and serious pork barrel garbage to be paid for the American public. Not only was millions ascribed to Planned Parenthood, but no monies went to these deals either; the New Green Deal, No Mandated Corporate Diversity, No Airline Emissions Requirements. These Socialistic Deals would have had devastating effects upon this Country, not to mention economy.  

Older News

CWA; Concerned Women of America


As a Christian we love life, stand up for life and defend life. That is the Ministry of CWA, many years ago I came upon this Godly Ministry and have (in a small way) send my support for their great effort/s. Penney Nance heads up this great group of folks that are determined to take the Gospel to the Leaders of this Nation, in standing up for the born, unborn, promotion of Godly values and just about everything else the Word of God gives us to do. These folks have Prayer Chapters across the Country, helped in getting quality Judges appointed, (is that Biblical?), yes and amen. Took the fight to the abortion industry, stand up for women athletes in competition, to keep the guys from stealing the show (transgender/s). Help sign up people to be responsible voters and so much more. Please pray for this Ministry and if you can be a part of their effort, contact;

National Association for Gun Rights

I know, you are thinking what in the world is a Christian Ministry doing supporting gun rights. For one reason, actually a very big reason, it is the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution. If it is not supported, by the masses, Christians included, then what do they want to get rid of next, I’ll tell you; the 1st Amendment in the same Constitution, yes, the one about free speech. If the free speech is taken away, guess what that means concerning sharing the Gospel message? It means you just lost it, as a matter of fact, some Ministries were told to send copies of their sermons to the State so they review it for “hate speech”. This is fact, derived from historical records over many years. In every Country of the world where their weapons were seized/confiscated, the people were left defenseless; the next thing was government repression. It happened in Russia, millions of people were murdered by government thugs, North Korea was the same thing, Germany same thing, Viet Nam, I saw a picture that surfaced some years ago where a huge pile of skulls were piled up from the brutal atrocities of their thug leaders. The 2nd Amendment was an effort by our Founding Fathers for the protection of the masses in case a Government goes astray. I checked this stat out for this article; the number of deaths in the US from traffic fatalities for year 2018 was 36,750, down 1% from previous year. I don’t see anyone wanting to ban cars do you? Beware of a Government that wants to take away your right to protect yourself and family. If the Christians don’t stand up, who will? Pray, support, and be active in every effort to protect our Constitution, the parts you really like and the parts not as much. God Bless

ACLJ, American Center for Law and Justice

The name of Jay Sekelow is a name the Court systems of this Country know well. He was/is the Chief Counsel to the President. He is also the Chief Counsel for Christians that are being taken advantage of across this land. In many cases, we Christians don’t know the new laws that are being foisted upon us by overzealous Judges that pass restricting laws upon us that impede our guarantees in the Constitution of the land. Can we mention Jesus on the job, or have a Bible on our work station, is that an offence, many want it to be an offence. The wearing of a Cross around your neck, Cross’ in military grave yards an offence, per far too many folks, yes. That is where Jay and his associates come in; they sort out the lies and set things straight. He often says this in his personal correspondence that I get in the mail; if you’re God given rights are being taken from you, or you are being discriminated because you are a Christian, give us a call. If you would more information on this great Ministry; contact;


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