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Local News and Events

Our On-Line Church promotes and encourages multiple Ministry efforts, offering them more opportunity for their words to be heard across several platforms and reach a larger audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Ministry Watchmen Report

In our Ministry Watchman Report I scan the news line and incoming mail for issues that have a direct bearing on our lives, most of the time the news is good. Most of these articles are of a spiritual nature the others are still vital information to know and beware of. Our On-Line Church promotes many platforms that will offer opportunity to the many voices vying for their words to be heard. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible to promote their Ministry efforts we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Another Note

It may be true these articles below may not have a direct link to things spiritual, but it does have a link to extinguish our ability to shine our light, the Gospel message, not only personally but corporately as a Country.

Newer News

LTWM; Light the Way Ministry

             I would like to share some thoughts on something I see that may be a coming trend. I receive a lot of mail weekly, from many and varied sources, from a multitude of topics, most very good updates, however not much that I am not aware of already. But the new trend coming in the mail right now is about “surveys”, yes, someone seeking my take on the various scenarios and issues being played out across the Country. At the end of the survey a line that asks for a donation to continue the survey process to be offered to others. From what I can discern these surveys are mailed out to people that are conservative in their life and testimony, so, if that is the case, you already know what my perspective is. Talking about the problems and identifying the problems and not solving the problems is a problem. We already know the world is messed up, and until that changes, nothing will change. I propose a mass mail out to the world on “Apologetics”, a defense of the faith. There are some resources available, such as; “Cross Examined”, Creation Museum, End Time Prophesy, and much more. My thinking is the problems of this world can be best addressed through the Churches primary mandate; Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the Gospel; Mark 16:15. If we can do that, we change the world, and that is something I don’t mind funding. Thomas.

Jesus Film Project

            One of the Ministries that I am familiar with is the; Jesus Film Project, a very credible Ministry. These folks go into parts of the world that most folks dare not go to share the Gospel message in video form and other venues. The part I just recently received was a message on the “exponential growth” of the On-Line Church. Of course I would have great interest in that since that is what we do a LTWM. As Churches are persecuted more and more; people are finding a host of valuable resources on-line. The air waves via computer technology have opened doors wide that were otherwise closed. I have just posted a new series on our site about Pentecost, a 4 part series, I am sure you will find it a treasured resource. Blessings; Thomas

ACLJ American Center for Law and Justice

            Just about everyone has heard of Jay Sekelow, he’s on radio, TV and Courtrooms across the world defending the Christian, the helpless and Israel in the World Court System. What keeps this Country (US) honest in the face of lawlessness that comes from the elected leaders; The Constitution of our great Country. However; nowadays it is under great attack, not only from without (the United Nations) but within, our own elected (or otherwise) leaders. That is where Jay and his group show up huge, they stand before the Courts of this Country and world demanding we follow the Laws of “Our” Land, not some other countries messed up system. This is one group that is well worth our support, and prayer. Thank you in advance for standing with them that takes a stand for us.

Older News

Light the Way Ministry

In this brief report, I would like to give a brief on some issues that have arisen that disturb me greatly, perhaps you as well, that will negatively impact America going forward.

The 1st is the November elections have if left to stand as tallied, brought levels of corruption in this Country that few could have envisioned even 20 years ago. Just about anyone you ask no matter who they voted for all believe the elections were hijacked, corruption and fraud were found at the highest levels. What we do about this will determine the course of our Country. If we choose to do nothing, there will never be another fair election in the Country per folks in the know. Our still standing President Trump must represent the Constitution of the land and get to the bottom of this travesty of injustice. He must appoint special non-partisan council to ferret out the perpetrators of this treasonous crime against the citizens of this great Country. To do nothing against this injustice is to accept it and disrespect every voter that cast their ballot to keep this Country from such tyranny.

The 2nd point I want to bring out is the Socialist movement taking place across this Country, even in the world. We should not be surprised to see this, as the Bible clearly reveals that in the last days you can look for a One World Government, One World Currency and a One World Religion. The coming anti-christ fills the bill for such a one world leader. He will rule with an iron fist and not only control all people/s but control everything else, from commerce to your very own private property. It will all belong to the state at some point. Is socialism good, remember the USSR, United Soviet “Socialist” Republic (Communists). The Nazi’s of WW II rose to power on the Socialist ticket, where they nice people (no, Godless). Socialism is not good; it’s repressive, abusive and leads to more totalitarian government. The elections should have stopped this movement, or at least slowed it down for the time being, but it did not. Where we go from here and the speed we get there is to be determined.


The 3rd issue that seems to be a no issue with the masses anymore is the moral issue. There was a time in my life that people that were elected to high offices in the land were people of impeccable character. Not to say there wasn’t some very unscrupulous people having pulled the wool over someone’s eyes from time to time. There were crimes of corruption done in closets of America for a long time, I am sure. But never have I seen terrible open sin flaunted in the face of this Nation like I see it now. I can remember elections past where if a Senator had a sexual tryst with a Secretary, in many cases it derailed there election hopefuls. In our present election just past, the president-elect has demonstrated a liking to putting his hands on young women, everyone knows it, and it is not a problem with the masses it seems. Even the vice-president elect, is proud of her sexual escapades in her climb up the ladder politically. No one it seems to care enough to challenge it; she is the # 2 pick in the Gallop Poll of popularity. God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sows, that will he reap, that goes for Countries as well.

The Schlafly Report

The old saying of don’t worry about closing the gate if the horses are already gone holds true in politics as well. Once again, if a biden/harris ticket prevails, watch out. President Trump asked biden this question in the Primaries; would you close down the oil industry in this Country? This comment was noted coming from biden; (quote) I would transition from the oil industry, Yes! Their (team) goal is to get this Country off coal, gas and any fossil fuel they deem is contaminating the air, (sounds noble, but is it)? How soon do they intend to implement this;, by 2025, that’s four years from now. Talk about ruining an economy. Does anyone remember the gas lines of 70’s, I do; this is where our Nation is headed. Once again, do votes matter? Yes!


I have been writing this Watchman’s Report for a couple of years now, attempting to make Christians aware of the dangers that abound. Make no mistake about it, we the people of God are in a war, not only for our own lives but the souls of humanity. We are called to make a difference in our society, share Christ, be the salt and the light we are called to be. Once again, this is from my small window of view, many Churches have given up on Evangelism, no more visitations of local communities, just pull in the welcome mat of outreach and take care of your own flock and not worry about anyone else, thankfully not all Churches. Obviously this isn’t about bashing the Church, that’s the devils job. I shared some of my thoughts some time back with a Pastor of a Church about Evangelism within his Church, they didn’t have one, his response was; “we are holding our own”. Does that mean they are still able to pay the bills, keep the doors open, and not drop attendance to below sustainable numbers? Some Pastors say if the Church had done a better job of Evangelizing, this Country would not be in the condition it is in, I can’t fault that logic.  Pray the Lord of the harvest to raise up laborers.


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