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Local News and Events

Our On-Line Church promotes and encourages multiple Ministry efforts, offering them more opportunity for their words to be heard across several platforms and reach a larger audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Ministry Watchmen Report

In our Ministry Watchman Report I scan the news line and incoming mail for issues that have a direct bearing on our lives, most of the time the news is good. Most of these articles are of a spiritual nature the others are still vital information to know and beware of. Our On-Line Church promotes many platforms that will offer opportunity to the many voices vying for their words to be heard. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible to promote their Ministry efforts we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to the fore-front.

Another Note

It may be true these articles below may not have a direct link to things spiritual, but it does have a link to extinguish our ability to shine our light, the Gospel message, not only personally but corporately as a Country.

Newer News (September)

JVI; Jack Van Impe Ministries

I received a report in the mail recently from JVI Ministries, a Special Report concerning Iran and China working together to form an unholy alliance which does not bode well for Israel. You may know that Iran backs many Countries that surround Israel with weapons and technology that are intended to destroy or destabilize Israel. In Ezekiel 38 and 39 we find the war; Gog and Ma Gog, many of the local countries that will invade Israel with the intention of decimation. The dollar value of the Iran and China deal is 400 Billion dollars; you can buy a lot of weapons with that kind of money. Where does China get all the money they throw around, read the label of the products you buy, I bet it says; made in China. A Thought; the USA is one of the great lights in the world (but is fading fast) and Israel is the other, if either or both of these lights are extinguished, the darkness (evil) rushes in; Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.



 CCC; Conservative Christian Center

Our friend and fellow soldier of the Cross David Horowitz has written a booklet called “Dark Agenda” in which he brings to light the warped direction many in this Country (USA) are headed as they follow the Socialist agenda. It’s good and informative read, and worth passing on to others if you can get a copy. Extra copies can be obtained very cheap, it a very effective way of informing folks that vote, or aren’t up to speed of the danger that faces the Church if this Dark Agenda comes to fruition. If you want to know the ultimate direction of this warped agenda, read the events of Nazi Germany of the middle 30’s to 1945, they murdered millions, destroyed life, family, Nations, all in promoting Socialism. From what I see in my small circle, many in the Church seem aloof to the dangers that lie ahead, like being on the Titanic, thinking even God couldn’t sink this thing (quote from ship builder). This in one reason I share these reports in our Watchman section, the light of liberty is flickering, time to arise, while we still can. Shalom


ACL; Americans for Constitutional Liberty

This may be a sour note to many Americans not just Christians, but have you noticed how long some elected officials stay in office? In the case of the President, he’s been in for 49 years, many others for well over twenty to thirty some years, incredible. Any rate a petition is being circulated to try to pass a term limit law to curb life time membership in politics. Personally I don’t see it happening, what person in office would pass a law to have themselves eliminated? However; to do nothing in not a good option either. The reason for this article is to prod the salt and life members of the Body of Christ to stand, voice God given values and “hold people accountable”. Why can’t the Church show up en mass, at a Head of State  Capital building and reverently share their conviction concerning “infanticide”, the murdering of babies, if they listen and adhere excellent, if not mark those folks for removal at the next voting poll election. The old slogan stands taller than ever; freedom isn’t free. That’s my two cents worth.

Older News (August)

LCA; Liberty Council Action

Our friend and brother in action Matt Staver is sounding the alarm concerning a Bill named HR 5, aka S-393. This is a dangerous Bill that will negatively affect Churches, Religious Colleges and Universities for years to come. But that’s not all, clinics, health care providers and adoption shelters, just about all forms of public interaction with the LGBT community. The idea is to elevate the rights of the LGBT community lifestyle to a; Federal Right, that’s right, to give more rights than anyone else has, (the average citizen). And this Bill will protect and promote such a lifestyle as more than normal. It’s called the “Equality Act”. It will open the door even more deviant behavior, pedophilia, and much more. This Bill is in the Senate right now, it could be voted on at any time. Might I suggest that the best time for the vote to be taken is when the majority that would vote against it is not present? There is a petition to sign being circulated, if you have this petition, please sign and return, our voice must be heard. We the Church are the Watchman to our Society, we must sound the alarm.


CAN; Christian Action Network

Our brother at CAN is busy being the “Salt and Light” God has called us all to be. This time around he is sounding the alarm on the BLM movement in this Country again. He has obtained a copy of their (BLM) Manifesto/Demands. These people are not going away, we have to keep this information Martin is sharing in it’s proper context, the BLM movement is NOT your friend. Here is a list of their demands; does it fit your list of concerns? 1-Put Donald Trump in jail for no reason, 2-Ban Donald Trump from any future office, 3-Remove members of Congress who thinks the last election was stolen, 4-Investigate all Police and Military soldiers that they deem are white supremacists, 5-Ban D. Trump from “All” social media, 6- Defund all Police, 7- Pass the Breathe Act; this would abolish all prisons, end immigration laws and provide universal income for all. Anyone that would promote such an agenda as this is a fool. You know how to vote for people who stand up for right and just plain wrong, we need to do so Now! Thomas

TPPA; Tea Party Patriots Action

Have you heard all the controversy concerning the CRT; (Critical Race Theory). This garbage is making its way across the Country at an alarming rate. It is being foisted upon our children in schools across the land. Can you imagine teaching kids that they are born either as “victims” or “oppressors”, a permanent status that will define their lives forever. CRT argues that American was founded by white supremacists, and our virtues we hold dear are instruments of oppression. Along with this garbage, we need to give these losers reparations for all the anguish we have placed upon them; we are talking trillions of dollars here. Do wonder who comes up with this junk; Marx may be dead and gone, but his vision of bondage lives on by new adherents. I wish this were a joke, but this stuff is real and happening right now before our eyes. What we do or do not do will tell our futures. Take action now, pray for our Country, send and spend some money to help fund some of the fighters in the trenches, why? Because when the Marists get done, you will have no money to defend yourself for the future, or to live on either. Thomas


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