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Some More Good News
Light The Way Ministries has a wonderful Spirit led opportunity to connect internationally with 2 great Ministries that are spreading the word of God and helping the afflicted. Pastor Jadol in the Philippines and Pastor Thomas in Africa have asked for assistance and we are blessed to be able to share with them. We invite you to join in our Ministry support efforts, please contact us at Also, keep us and these Ministries in your prayers.
Thank you and God bless, Ryan DeStefano  

Other Ministries Report

[ Pastor Joel Jadol Ministries ]

    The Philippines has been going through some major struggles. If you would like to know more please click the news link Pastor Joel Jadol is doing all he can to help those in need during these trying times. Thank you for being such a blessing to everyone around you brother Jadol. 

[ Pastor Thomas Gwako ]

Pastor Thomas has humbly requested some assistance. He needs Bibles in their language and is also raising money to purchase land for their Church. The Spirit of God is moving very powerfully in Pastor Thomas' life and is using him to expand the Kindom throughout Africa. 


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