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We are a Soul Winning / Evangelistic Ministry
Recognizing that a single effort can accomplish much, but a corporate effort accomplishes much more. Our On-Line Church Ministry is about empowering the Body of Christ for the purpose of reaching our area and beyond with the message of the Gospel. We believe empowered Christians are motivated Christians. Please take some time to see what we have to offer, and if we be of service please drop us a line. Also, please pray for a Revival to break out across this great land. Only the Lord can fix this mess we are in. Blessings

Our On-Line Church promotes several platforms that will offer the many voices vying for their words to be heard, an audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to bare. The Church is alive for just such a time as this. We have been strategically placed to shine our Light and be the salt God has called us to be. Additionally we will also offer a local flavor of news and events that affect our local folks in the Central Fla. area as well.

Old news is still good news as they say. Our news letter continues to provide a great opportunity for us to share not only what’s going on in our Ministry, but provide an outlet for top line news articles both local and national of which we feel are  of vital importance to the Body of Christ and beyond. These news articles will be changed out and new articles added on a regular basis. Many of these articles are front page and are extremely important issues that could have a very serious impact on the Church. Please review these posts on our “page 2” location. Admittedly, who doesn’t like upbeat story lines and things that lift one up in spirit, but the truth is the truth still needs to be spoken. Many have lamented over the years, why didn’t someone tell us? The Church is in a very unique place in history right now, evil is rising and we need to be aware of the very devices the devil is using people to place on people so as to take action while still can.

Consider This Thought

We all have things we do everyday just like clockwork, routines. We get up in the morning, we get the coffee going, we indulge, maybe like me, over indulge. Next on the list is Devotional time, I usually read several, (I need all the help getting started I can find). Not to forget the Lord, time in prayer is essential. Next, I like to read the headline stories making the news. The newspaper seems to have gone by the way side as the black and white TV, none the less, I’m informed enough for now. Here’s a thought, LTWM would like very much to be a part of your day. We have Devotionals, these are not just a few lines, as they are quite thought provoking, and then the weekly Commentary. There is a lot of good insightful material at ones fingertips, not just via the PC, but from your cell phone, most anything but a flip phone works good. Please check us out, our Ministry offers a lot of good resource material to the elderly and shut-in folks that have become home bound or maybe do not have a regular Church to attend. If we can be of any service in providing materials for a particular resource need, just drop this Ministry an e-mail or give us a call.

LTWM Reflection

                      “The Vision”                      


In this brief reflections column, I like to share things that may seem light hearted, hopefully things of value, testimonies and much more; the goal anyway.  Do you believe in visions, what is that you may ask? For my purposes here in this account, I’m talking about Divine visions, something that God imparts to people. If we have read the Word of God much, we see where God has given visions to several folks in the Old Testament; Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel and many more O.T. Prophets and even in the New Testament, Peter, Paul and John all had visions from the Lord. There are instructions given in Habakkuk 2:2; on writing down the vision and make it plain, so those that read may run with it. How about the average Christian, does he/she have visions? In Acts 2:17; it says; in the last days, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see “visions”, and your old men shall dream dreams. So the answer is yes, visions are part of the blessings of God. Since visions are of God there may be some so called visions that may not be from God it would seem, discernment would surely be prudent.

From an article that used to be in an outdoor magazine; “This Happened to Me”. Many would remember that, from years gone by, it was usually about an event that took place where someone had a harrowing experience and lived to tell about it. With that thought in mind; this happened to me. Many years ago I was in Church on a Sunday evening; actually I was there early as usual making preparations for the PM Service; I was the usher captain. As I was going about my duties and the head usher, cleaning the offering plates, checking the floor for cleanliness and setting A/C units, that I heard a very distinct word from the Lord. The Lord (maybe the Holy Spirit) said, very audibly; “Thomas, launch out into the deep for a draught”! Make no mistake about it, I well understood that verse, it was one of my favorite sermons I share often in various places. I must say I awaited further instructions to fulfill that spoken word of the Lord. This was surely no vision per se, but a word to be acted upon none the less. I must also say, I have always loved to fish, I’m thinking the Lord wants me to be a “fisher of men”, I love it. Over the years following the command of “launch out”; it seemed I was not doing something just right I thought. I was busy as you could be, but it didn’t seem to be exactly the fulfillment of the command or was it, not sure.

Some more years down the road I had this idea come to me, a ministry trailer that could be used to minister to the homeless folks. I had built a trailer prior for work purposes, but after it was no longer needed; it was just sitting out behind the barn. I had this idea about taking the trailer and making it into what would look like a giant hog, as in pig. The trailer was 20’ long and 6’ wide by 7’ tall, perfect to turn it into a giant pig. I had planned on building a huge snout for the front, big tail for the back and big floppy ear for the sides; man this thing would have got any ones attention. All I had to do was find an artist to paint it for me. I envisioned people coming out of the wood work to not only see the trailer but partake of the food and clothes and blessings within. I was going to call the effort; “Whole Hog Ministries”, we may not be kosher, but we sure love the Lord. For some reason, the inner ministry members at the time didn’t warm up to the idea as much as hoped, it got shelved. I still think it had merit, who knows, but I will say, it wasn’t about fishing, as in what the Lord said prior.

More time elapsed, I’m no spring chicken at this point, and working as hard as ever, still pondering; where’s the draught (as in launching out)? All of a sudden out of what seemed nowhere, this idea came to me; with over thirty years in prison ministry to youthful offenders, I felt strongly about turning/building my old trailer that never became a hog into a fish themed trailer, no hog this time. It seems hard to understand still how this thought and direction seemed to permeate my mind so much as it did. The idea behind the ministry trailer was to head out to the local Parks and Recreation areas and Churches to minister to the youth of the area. With games, food, and handouts, tracts, Bible themed books and Bibles, what inspiration is at work here I thought?

I put together a 3 page “vision” of what I felt strongly about doing with the trailer, the idea of ministering to the “local fish market”. All felt good about it. However; as happens to often things get delayed, or pushed back, but I felt very strongly this was a; do! These urgings just wouldn’t go away. Then one night not long after the meeting I was awaked at around 3 a.m. in the morning, (that’s rare for me), it’s hard to explain in a way, but the Lord or (Holy Spirit) showed me in detail, maybe even downloaded what the trailer would look like, the fish, the theme, everything needed to do the job, just incredible. During this time one of the brothers was searching the web for pictures; that he came up with fish pictures, of which he sent me. One of those pictures was a great white shark; it looked just like the shark I saw in the vision from the Lord. There a slight interlude, (challenges) a few months to be exact, that I received another word from the Lord; the word was; “I want you to do this”, referring to the fish project. When I heard that word, hell or high water was not going to delay me any longer.


The trailer would be turned into what looked like a large boat, sitting in the water, with huge fish having been caught tied to the side. So how big a fish; I envisioned big, as it turned out 14’ long, and what kind of fish, a huge great white shark. Oh the kids go wild over that critter. So the shark was made to exact proportions, 14’ long and 6’ from bottom to top of fin. And did I mention teeth, imagine teeth 3” long, plus double rows and an upper and lower jaw. Kids will surly want their picture taken with that thing. They’ll get to hold a huge shark rod like they had caught it themselves. The other side of the boat is not left out, I made a wood cutout of a huge 14’ Atlantic Blue Marlin, it looks so real folks may think it was done at a taxidermy. I had a person that said he would paint the fish for me, but that fell through, so I needed an artist. I prayed and asked the Lord to provide one for me. In our community we get a local magazine in the mail. My prayer was about to be answered, that same month they featured a local artist, a delightful lady, world renown, thank you Lord. More prayer to come; I said if this is the lady I need to paint the fish, put it in her heart to accept the job. Long story short, she did an absolutely incredible job within my modest means, PTL.

The wrap; the trailer is ready, materials are gathered, I’m ready and the fish are ready, I’m going fishing. Then all of a sudden it came to me; “The Vision”, this fish trailer is a product of the word the Lord had spoken to me, get this, 16 years prior, “Thomas; Launch out into the deep for a draught”. Oh my, this is my job for the Lord, His calling me, His purpose, His plans to use me, I’m humbled. The Lord and me is in the fish business. All these thoughts, dreams, and pictures in my mind for all these years were part of the prepping me to do this great work. Thank you Lord.


Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this. God Bless. If anyone would like to share something along this line please see our contact page; Blessings; Pastor Thomas

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LTWM Library

Our library has a variety of Biblical topics. We offer "Foundational" teachings to help you develope basic understanding of the Christian faith and a more advanced teaching called "Wall Builders" to help raise up and fortify your beliefs. These are all free for download and use. Why not invite the neighbors and friends over for a Bible Study. If you have problems accessing our Library, feel free to contact us at the email or phone number provided on our site.


This Month’s Commentary is; “Where are We/You”. Our Commentary this month is about, not only knowing where in the timeline of world events is the Church; but “us” personally. We would do well to examine the vast amount of prophesy being fulfilled and determine where that places us, so as to walk our best walk as we see these events coming upon the world.  It is a worth while read; hopefully you find it worth sharing with family and friends via the many social outlets. Blessings to all from Thomas

If more information is needed about these articles, please drop this Ministry an e-mail.

Daily Devotional

The theme for September’s Devotional is; “The Wisdom of God”. What a theme, great practical insights right out of God’s Word, plus interspersed with many years of personal Pastoral application. With a host of contributing voices added to these devotionals, you have a great word to start your day off right.

Once again, our web-site is designed to be a soul-winners paradise. We have much free material to download and use to start your own outreach and/or Bible Study. If you have a particular area of study need not posted on the site, just drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do to help.

These insights are designed to give a daily bread connection to the Word of God, and get our day off to a good start. After all, thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Isaiah 26:3


Good News; we are launching a new Members Page within our web-site. You will be able to see more clearly what we offer our members and navigate from this page with ease. Let us know what you think. Blessings

Plus, we have opened the site up to “all viewers” to read and use all materials and resources available. You no longer have to be a member to receive free downloads or connect to our data base.

Just a reminder, membership is free, and it gives access to all Bible Studies, (more than what you see listed) Sermons, Connector page privileges, everything, if you need help signing on, drop us an email or call. 


A quick word on donations. At present this ministry does not have a 501 c 3 Tax Status. We are a “not for profit” Ministry. We operate solely on free will offerings, from folks “not” expecting a taxable write-off. We do provide a receipt to all givers. We hold to all the requirements of an authorized 501 c 3, but without the Government’s endorsement.


Communication with God is vital part of our relationship with God. This page will help us join with you in seeking the Fathers will. You can post your prayers privately so only LTWM prayer team will see or publicly so other believers can choose to interact and intercede.  

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