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 LTWM Website Internal News letter.

Greetings from Light the Way Ministries to all friends and partners across the world. We at LTWM are pleased to see many folks log on to our web-site and take advantage of the many offerings we have.

LTWM sends Greetings and Blessings to all the family of God and our friends across the world. God is still in charge, His eternal plan is still going forward, people are coming to Christ for salvation, and Jesus is coming in the not too distant future. All is well.

There is a word that comes to me about what is going on right now in the world. The word is “transition”. That equates to a timeline in which things are not the same as they once were; but not exactly where they will end up either in the future. What a shame, I rather liked the way things were, however I am not talking about the last twenty something years. I know I am old fashioned, the Mrs. says I’m still living in the 1950’s; I take that as a compliment. I loved the cars of the fifties, the innocence of the fifties, (holding hands with your sweetheart was big) the caring, sharing, math in school, shop class, the dress code in school. The yearly Christmas Nativity scenes; in Churches, Town Hall and just about everywhere, God was honored. Businesses in our small town U.S.A. would paint winter and Christmas scenes on the windows out front. In my mind that was good stuff, a good environment to raise the kids. Now we have the transition to usher in what? The faulting of everything, our past, our leaders, our police, statues of heroes past, what in the world is going on? Will there be a legacy to pass on to our loved ones as they grow up? Am I the only one who finds this new wave quite disgusting? From what I read and observe, the older the folks, the more traditional their values, the younger the folks the less value oriented they are. Could there have been a brainwashing of our last few generations that has produced this mass mayhem we see daily, say yes.

Where will it end, I already know, the Lord says in the “last days” perilous times shall come. Does this tyranny mean we are living in the last days, and then what? The Christian knows the answer to that question; it means we the Christian has made all the impact in and to our society we can. The command of the Lord to be the salt and light to a dark world has been done, the rejection of the love of God has been spoken by billions of voices, there can only be one solution, and Judgment must come. And make no mistake, it will come, when the Church disappears in the clouds of glory, the world will find out real fast what darkness really is. This is one of the biggest reasons the Church has a commission; God is not willing that any should perish, but all come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

I am here to say that many Churches and Evangelists across the world are doing just that, working in the fields of the world diligently, bringing in the sheaves (souls). Have you been cursed at for sharing your faith, count yourself blessed, our forefathers said the same. We at LTWM are busy as ever posting new material on our Foundational Builder and Wall Builder section to help any and all people/s get some of the best teaching and Bible Study material you’ll find for free. Invite your family, friends and neighbors over coffee and a Bible Study, they’ll be glad you did.

I am still working on the Ark, well not exactly, but a Ministry Trailer with a fish theme. I want to catch a mess of souls. The excitement is building; I’ll post pictures toward completion. I anticipate the kids will love it, the games; the pictures with the big fish. They will be my partners in the fishing business. Please keep us in prayer if you can, as we all know, if God isn’t in this work effort; it’s all a waste of time. God Bless all our friends and partners across the land.

Please be sure to check out my Reflection Article and the Watchmen Report, for up to date information.

Blessings; Tom

We could always use some help, become a member, drop us a line; share with us, we would love to hear from you.

We are a Soul Winning / Evangelistic Ministry
Recognizing that a single effort can accomplish much, but a corporate effort accomplishes much more. Our On-Line Church Ministry is about empowering the Body of Christ for the purpose of reaching our area and beyond with the message of the Gospel. We believe empowered Christians are motivated Christians. Please take some time to see what we have to offer, and if we be of service please drop us a line. Also, please pray for a Revival to break out across this great land. Only the Lord can fix this mess we are in. Blessings

Our On-Line Church promotes several platforms that will offer the many voices vying for their words to be heard, an audience. In an attempt to provide as much visibility as possible we will run articles that bring right now issues and concerns that affect the Body of Christ at large to bare. The Church is alive for just such a time as this. We have been strategically placed to shine our Light and be the salt God has called us to be. Additionally we will also offer a local flavor of news and events that affect our local folks in the Central Fla. area as well.

Old news is still good news as they say. Our news letter continues to provide a great opportunity for us to share not only what’s going on in our Ministry, but provide an outlet for top line news articles both local and national of which we feel are  of vital importance to the Body of Christ and beyond. These news articles will be changed out and new articles added on a regular basis. Many of these articles are front page and are extremely important issues that could have a very serious impact on the Church. Please review these posts on our “page 2” location. Admittedly, who doesn’t like upbeat story lines and things that lift one up in spirit, but the truth is the truth still needs to be spoken. Many have lamented over the years, why didn’t someone tell us? The Church is in a very unique place in history right now, evil is rising and we need to be aware of the very devices the devil is using people to place on people so as to take action while still can.

Reflections #1

“Hearing from Heaven”

            Have you ever heard the voice of the Lord, heard the Holy Spirit say something to you, or heard a voice speak something to you of unknown origin in some cases? You may have pondered, who said that, in some cases you looked behind or around the vicinity and saw no one. Welcome to the crowd, many folks could say they did hear an audible voice, but here’s the catch, it wasn’t picked up through normal audible voice frequency with your outer ears. It was as if we have an inner ear, kind of like a second set of ears that hears things from a different level. This may be over the head of some reading this but, none the less, this magnificent body that God created does have the ability to hear things that the physical body does not hear in many cases. So that opens the door to a question; does God or the Holy Spirit actually speak to a person? 

Reflections #2

"World History"

This month’s Reflection is about something that happened to me many years ago. I think that is what this column is really about, sometimes looking back at things in the past whether personally or maybe just bringing to light again an event or matter of importance at one time in some way, shape or form. This incident itself isn’t really the main theme of the story; it’s what I learned as a result of it.

Reflection #3

"The Christian Voice"

From what I have read and seen on the news and in print, many folks have cast some serious stones and threats at the Church for President Trump’s election. He has been called a modern day Cyrus, a character from the Old Testament Book of Daniel. As noted in the Bible; Cyrus was very eager to help the Jews that were in exile to get back to their homeland. He even helped in the rebuilding of their destroyed Temple, what a blessing that turned out to be. There were some factions that not only didn’t want the Jews back, but hindered their every effort. Those voices of old are the voices of our day and time, much of the Arab world. A parallel seems to exist in many ways in comparison of our President to Cyrus per folks in the know.

Reflection #4

"Suicide Watch"

The way I see it is, one soul taking their life is one soul too many. When I was in the service the 60’s just about all our Company was going to Viet Nam. There wouldn’t be too many volunteers of course; however we weren’t asked if we wanted to go, we were sent. As a result some brought harm to themselves, some fatally. I often thought about that, why or how could folks do that? It is with that thought; that I want to present some thoughts of my own after many years in Ministry now that I feel may be of benefit here.

Reflections #5


It was hot, humid, rained daily, with bugs, snakes and who knows what all, this country boy had just about met his match in the bayou country was my thinking. I didn’t think it could get much worse, until I went to Tiger-Land. Some may remember the old tune back then; don’t ask me, I don’t give a dang, next stop is Viet Nam. Ok, that was over fifty years ago, amen, still here Lord. So back to the sacrifice part, I’m thinking if anyone should understand what being a Christian is all about, it ought to be the veteran.

Consider This Thought

We all have things we do everyday just like clockwork, routines. We get up in the morning, we get the coffee going, we indulge, maybe like me, over indulge. Next on the list is Devotional time, I usually read several, (I need all the help getting started I can find). Not to forget the Lord, time in prayer is essential. Next, I like to read the headline stories making the news. The newspaper seems to have gone by the way side as the black and white TV, none the less, I’m informed enough for now. Here’s a thought, LTWM would like very much to be a part of your day. We have Devotionals, these are not just a few lines, as they are quite thought provoking, and then the weekly Commentary. There is a lot of good insightful material at ones fingertips, not just via the PC, but from your cell phone, most anything but a flip phone works good. Please check us out, our Ministry offers a lot of good resource material to the elderly and shut-in folks that have become home bound or maybe do not have a regular Church to attend. If we can be of any service in providing materials for a particular resource need, just drop this Ministry an e-mail or give us a call.

This Week’s News line 

We have much to offer; with our Sermons Series, relevant to the times in which we live, provided by a multiplicity of Pastors and Teachers, no one will go hungry with this line-up. Also in our Selected Bible Studies and Sermons (written) Library, there is a lot to offer. These are all free for download and use. Why not invite the neighbors and friends over for a Bible Study. If you have problems accessing our Library, feel free to contact us at the email or phone number provided on our site.


This Month’s Commentary is; “The Platform” in our Commentary this month I recount a dream I had many years ago of which I believe had/has prophetic implications. However something has just happened very recently to lead me to be believe the dream is about to come to pass. Extraordinary insights, this may be one of the more profound articles you will read.

These truths and insights should make for a good read (I hope). Hopefully you find it worth sharing with family and friends via the many social outlets. Blessings to all from Tom.

If more information is needed about these articles, please drop this Ministry an e-mail or call us on the number in our contact page.

Daily Devotional

The theme for October’s Devotional is; “Complaining and Contentment”. A huge amount of great insights on what to do and what not to do can be gleaned from the accounts of the Old Testament Church. Interspersed with a host of contributing voices added to these devotionals, you have a great word to start your day off right.

Once again, our web-site is designed to be a soul-winners paradise. We have much free material to download and use to start your own outreach and/or Bible Study. If you have a particular area of study need not posted on the site, just drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do to help.

These insights are designed to give a daily bread connection to the Word of God, and get our day off to a good start. After all, thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. Isaiah 26:3


Good News; we are launching a new Members Page within our web-site. You will be able to see more clearly what we offer our members and navigate from this page with ease. Let us know what you think. Blessings

Plus, we have opened the site up to “all viewers” to read and use all materials and resources available. You no longer have to be a member to receive free downloads or connect to our data base.

Just a reminder, membership is free, and it gives access to all Bible Studies, (more than what you see listed) Sermons, Connector page privileges, everything, if you need help signing on, drop us an email or call. 


A quick word on donations. At present this ministry does not have a 501 c 3 Tax Status. We are a “not for profit” Ministry. We operate solely on free will offerings, from folks “not” expecting a taxable write-off. We do provide a receipt to all givers. We hold to all the requirements of an authorized 501 c 3, but without the Government’s endorsement.

Light The Way Ministries
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