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Welcome to LTWM Website Internal News Letter
August 1st - 31st 2020



LTWM sends Greetings and Blessings to all the family of God and our friends across the world. We at LTWM are pleased to see many folks log on to our web-site and take advantage of the many offerings we have.

I read a lot of Commentaries from a multiplicity of sources just about every day. I feel it keeps me in touch with not only vital points of issue, but informed as well, as many of these Journalists have done some great research and homework in presenting their article. These voices come from various peoples where the conservative voice is promoted of which I ascribe. Perhaps folks that read this material in our Ministry Newsletter can say the same, reading from a trusted source, no fake stuff, just credible information. It’s no secret; Christians have a dual citizenship, one in Heaven and one on earth, but they are very much concerned about the events of our day and time in which we live right here on terra firma.

It is true that mass mayhem seems to be the norm for the time being, but that only serves to distinguish the Church from the world with more clarity. You don’t see men and women of God out there tearing down the very things that helped “form” this great Country we live in. It may also be true, that many of us may have started out in life acting like some of these misinformed individuals act now. But guess what, we are proof that you can come to Christ and get saved, and become new creatures in Christ! That makes a good point; many of these misguided souls seem to think they have some special insight on right and wrong, good or bad, righteousness and unrighteousness. These young people have been duped, as they are being taught this ill informed garbage in the Schools and Colleges across America, tax payer funded. I have read many letters from front-line Ministries that have firsthand knowledge of how history is being presented in a way that makes historical figures look like criminals. Folks; this is a slippery slope, next may be the Church and the Bible being banned and/or burned, (already banned in many Districts Schools). The Bible, Christianity is offensive to many; I have seen lawsuits from ALCU, where they want to remove all the Crosses from the public land, Military Cemeteries and the like. As many already know the 10 Commandments is removed from most of the Government Buildings. This persecution is happening right now in many Countries of the world, China is one of them. The Lord would say this; righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people, Prov.14:34. The word reproach means, shame or disgrace. The time is far past to take a stand, for God, for the Church, and for your Country.

Yes, the Church has a lot of opportunities to share the love of Christ, the Gospel message. Most folks that do not know the Lord resultantly do not go to Church, my observation, plus Church polls. What does that mean? It’s like fishing, unless you live on a house boat, fish do not show up at the front door either. The opportunity to share your faith at work, the store, your neighbor, and your friends perhaps abound, all would love to hear about the Lord. The Lord would say it like this; Let him know; that he which converteth a sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins, (James 5:20) A great admonition I heard long ago was this; The Lord speaking; you catch them, and I’ll clean them.

Please be sure to check out my Reflection Article and the Watchmen Report, for up to date information. Blessings; Tom

We could always use some help, become a member, drop us a line; share with us, we would love to hear from you.

One more note, I have been laboring as of late in building a Ministry Trailer. It will have a fish theme; the idea is to take advantage of the local fishing waters where I live here in the South. I don’t mean fishing with a real boat and water, but fishing for souls. As many people are recreational fisherman, I can’t wait to see what they say when they get a look this trailer once complete, it should open many spiritual doors for ministry. I plan on taking it to local Parks, Churches, parking lots, homeless camps, etc. The idea is to provide food, clothes, tracks (Bible story pictorial), love, prayer, haircuts, you name it. Once we get this done and in use, pictures will be posted on our web-site. The excitement is building, the Lord will bless people through it, and I get to be a partner with the Lord in the “fishing business”, it can’t get better than that.

Update to the Ministry

Great news; Pastor Thomas in Kenya, Africa is one of our Member Ministries as well. LTWM is happy to report resource materials for deeper study in God’s Word are being made available to Pastor Thomas for his many Churches. As the old saying goes; if they are hungry, feed them. It seems they are hungry for more of God, more of His Word and more of a great move of God, me too! Please pray and if possible sow a seed offering in this great work, touch them now, touches them forever. If any Church needs help with Bible based study, drop this Ministry, LTWM a line and let us know, we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

Also, we are setting up ways for help these Spirit led Pastors, their Churches and their Missions. If you would like to contribute please contact us or visit our Donations page. Thank you and many blessings.

On Another Note

More opportunities abound for the work of the Lord. Quite frankly, I thought the Church would have been out of here by now, but we are still here. It would seem God wants to extend His mercy a little longer to a very stubborn world, I’m good with that. An old one-liner says this concerning soul-winning; you catch-em; and let God do the cleaning. I might also add, the idea of fishing is good, take a child fishing is better. What an opportunity to be a great Christian mentor and do what you love at the same time.

Here are a few ways to show the world, your town, you, that your Church cares.  This is a good time of the year to prepare for Church out-reach activities like a big community B-B-Q, Church cookouts, Church Bazaars, Festivals, bake sales, it’s wide open; opportunities abound. What a time to share the love of Christ with our local waters mission field. How do we do that? Chick Tracts is one of the best ways. You can log onto;, they have a huge selection to pick from. I use them all the time, in restaurants, casual conversation, leads to me handing out a tract, kids and adults all love and appreciate them. And at a great value, 16 cents, you can’t go wrong. Contact this Ministry if help or information is needed.

Please don’t forget to review our posts on our “Page 1, 2 & 3” location. Admittedly, who doesn’t like upbeat story lines and things that lift one up in spirit, but the truth is, the truth still needs to be spoken. Many have lamented over the years, why didn’t someone tell me/us? The Church is in a very unique place in history right now, evil is rising and we need to be aware of the many devices the devil is using people as pawns to commit. We need to take action while we still can.

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