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Welcome to LTWM Website Internal News Letter
March 2021


LTWM sends Greetings and Blessings to all the family of God and our friends across the world. God is still in charge, His eternal plan is still going forward, people are coming to Christ for salvation, and Jesus is coming in the not too distant future. All is well.

I declare great things are going on in the world, people are coming to Christ by the droves, people have had their fill of darkness and depravity and the Church is there to fill the void of empty lives with the Good News; The Gospel. Life is all about perspective in many ways. The cheerful soul has many friends, but the bitter fights their own battles. I saw an article the other day that has great merit. Some folks were riding on a train going somewhere, not sure where. During the course of the journey the train was passing by some very depressed areas, a very dilapidated area to be exact, where a person began to proclaim loud enough; beautiful, actually several times he would recount how beautiful it was. Finally an annoyed person confronted him on his not so very astute observations; to which he said that all his life he had been blind, and after a very recent operation was now able to see. In other words; nothing looked bad to him. I wish many a soul just such an operation.

A thought came to me recently; I thought it may warrant sharing. Who hasn’t heard too much about the election past, but here’s the thought; When they therefore were come together, they asked of Him; Lord wilt thou at this time restore again the Kingdom to Israel, (Acts 1:6)? Good question; short answer; No! Though Jesus is the King; The King of Kings, He wasn’t going to restore His Kingdom; Yet. That would not take place for at two thousand years that we know of already. Fast forward to our day and time, I expected from the election past a whole lot more that I/we got! I feel like the Church prayed, many showed signs of repentance, a fair show no less, what happened; did we get left at the altar? To tell you truth not sure what happened. But, this I know; the same word the early Church got is the same word that fits the present Church; it not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in His own Power (Acts 1:7).  To many folks, that may look like a slap down, but is it? No way, there was a job to do then, 1st Century, and a job that still needs to be done now. What is that; “soul winning”, that’s it; go find a soul to win to the Lord, before the devil steals him for good. And know this; when you see these things begin to come to past; then look up and lift up your head; because your redemption draweth nigh, (Luke 21:28). It’s always easy to speculate as to when the Lord’s return is, I do it all the time, but the real deal is keeping myself busy serving the Lord, (while I’m looking up) man, what a life to live for His Glory. I read this little word the day from a sister in the Lord; she seemed to be having trouble sleeping one night, so she began to pray whilst in bed. She said; Lord I would really like to hear you voice; do you have a word for me; it seemed He did; “Listen for the sound”. Surely you know what that means; the sound of the Trumpet blast; “come up hither”, (Rev. 4:1). I hope you feel better having read these few thoughts; here’s one more; Solomon says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, (Proverbs 17:22). . May God Bless you real good; Thomas.

Update to the Ministry

You have probably read my thoughts recently about living outside your immediate area of dwelling. In other words our spiritual footprint should be larger than our physical footprint. One way we can do that is to help Ministries that are actively doing the work of ministry in foreign lands. In doing that you are as much a part of the work being done as those that are doing it. In our day and time many good works not only await hands to be placed on it, but the financial help in performing it. If you are looking for a solid Ministry to sow some financial seeds Pastor Jadol in the Philippines is one such work. He is a Pastor that not only feeds the lambs but catches the fish, as in fisher of men. LTWM is happy to partner with Pastor Jadol in helps any way we can. If anyone wants to communicate some blessings earmarked for Pastor Jadol, just drop us a line and we’ll link you up with them. News Report; last week a typhoon hit the Manila Provence and surrounding areas, per many people in the know, it was the worst in 45 years. Many lives lost and property, homes and infrastructure damaged. Prayer and any help greatly appreciated. You can contact this Ministry for more details.

Please see our “Page 3” within our Frontline News forum for some incredible pictures and additional write-up.

More great news; Pastor Thomas in Kenya, Africa is one of our Member Ministries as well. LTWM is happy to report resource materials for deeper study in God’s Word are being made available to Pastor Thomas for his many Churches. As the old saying goes; if they are hungry, feed them. It seems they are hungry for more of God, more of His Word and more of a great move of God, me too! Please pray and if possible sow a seed offering in this great work, touch them now, touches them forever. If any Church needs help with Bible based study, drop this Ministry, LTWM a line and let us know, we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

On Another Note

More opportunities abound for the work of the Lord. Quite frankly, I thought the Church would have been out of here by now, but we are still here. It would seem God wants to extend His mercy a little longer to a very stubborn world, I’m good with that. An old one-liner says this concerning soul-winning; you catch-em; and let God do the cleaning. I might also add, the idea of fishing is good, take a child fishing is better. What an opportunity to be a great Christian mentor and do what you love at the same time.

Here are a few ways to show the world, your town, you, that your Church cares.  This is a good time of the year to prepare for Church out-reach activities like a big community B-B-Q, Church cookouts, Church Bazaars, Festivals, bake sales, it’s wide open; opportunities abound. What a time to share the love of Christ with our local waters mission field. How do we do that? Chick Tracts is one of the best ways. You can log onto;, they have a huge selection to pick from. I use them all the time, in restaurants, casual conversation, leads to me handing out a tract, kids and adults all love and appreciate them. And at a great value, 16 cents, you can’t go wrong. Contact this Ministry if help or information is needed.

Please don’t forget to review our posts on our “Page 1, 2 & 3” location. Admittedly, who doesn’t like upbeat story lines and things that lift one up in spirit, but the truth is, the truth still needs to be spoken. Many have lamented over the years, why didn’t someone tell me/us? The Church is in a very unique place in history right now, evil is rising and we need to be aware of the many devices the devil is using people as pawns to commit. We need to take action while we still can.

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