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Welcome to LTWM Website Internal News Letter
September 2021


We have a good line-up of articles for this month of September. Things and events are happening fast in our day and time. I guess one could call me a student of prophesy, as I have always been fascinated with events that have been prophesied to take place, I mean; “literally take place”. Bible Scholars say Bible Prophesy is history written backwards, what does that mean? If you want to know what is about to happen in the world, read your Bible, chances are it has been written down already. With that thought in mind, wonder no more about the encroaching darkness, I hate to mention it, but the planet doesn’t become a beautiful paradise just before the Lord comes back at His 2nd Advent.

I for one am not pleased with all the mayhem and madness taking place all around us in our day and time. The Bible declares; if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalms 11:3). What are the foundations in question? For one the covenant of marriage, thanks to the Supreme Court; that was struck down, DOMA (defense of marriage act). Even the bed rock of sexual identity, come on, that isn’t that hard to figure what sex you are; is it? How about calling what we have always called right, wrong (evil) and what was once, wrong (evil), (flat out wrong) now is right. (Isa. 5; 20). Am I the only one who thinks society is messed up, surely not? I’m no sea-faring Captain, but I will say this; if a ship lists too far over, and starts taking on water from the side, the ship is lost, get out the life boats immediately because that thing is going to the bottom, that goes for the good ship USA as well. We have to stop the “list” (capsizing) now. The Bible says to pray for those in authority: (I Tim 2:1-3), pray they wake up before it’s too late, or pray God removes the people responsible for this mayhem. Yes Christians; we do have a part to play, slow down the darkness, don’t give the planet to the devil, God has given “us” the authority, not the devil. We are to walk in power and victory, pray without ceasing; be the salt and light and let God do the rest.

In my Commentary for September I ask a question; “Where are we/you”(an open ended question)? In my opinion if we don’t know where we are, how do we know where we heading? I also propose a question of where is the planet right now in the over timeline of events that spell Divine intervention soon? Lest we forget; where are “you” in your walk with the Lord? Of course far too many folks would say I am no-where in my walk with God. There is quite a few thought provoking issues brought out, hopefully all a good read.

In our Watchman Report this month I highlight some valuable truths and first hand information that needs to be adhered to and shared among the Church. There are some “major” issues that face this Nation right now and will face the Christian Community at large negatively. I highlight some of these issues in the Report. The Lord reminded every Church era in the Book of Revelation to “hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church”. It is imperative that we not only hear, but adhere, and go on to do something to retard the encroaching darkness.


One more thought; the new Ministry Trailer is almost complete. I had a world renown artist come to my humble place and do the painting of the fish; man what a sight, I just hope people don’t run off the road when they get a look at that trailer on the highway. Many pictures will be placed on our web site. It has taken me about a year to do this project while still keeping our web-site alive and active, who said retirement isn’t fun, and busy too. Hopefully I have hit on something that you may find of interest. If you can, drop us a line or two, we would love to hear from you. May God Bless you real good; Thomas.

Update to the Ministry

We at LTWM are busy as ever posting new material on our Foundational Builder and Wall Builder section to help any and all people/s get some of the best teaching and Bible Study material you’ll find for free. Invite your family, friends and neighbors over coffee and a Bible Study, they’ll be glad you did.

I am still working on the Ark, well not exactly, but a Ministry Trailer with a fish theme. I want to catch a mess of souls. The excitement is building; we are posting pictures toward as we go forward. I anticipate the kids will love it, the games; the pictures with the big fish. They will be my partners in the fishing business. Please keep us in prayer if you can, as we all know, if God isn’t in this work effort; it’s all a waste of time. God Bless all our friends and partners across the land.

Please be sure to check out my Reflection Article and the Watchmen Report, for up to date information. Blessings; Tom

We could always use some help, become a member, drop us a line; share with us, we would love to hear from you.

On Another Note

More opportunities abound for the work of the Lord. Quite frankly, I thought the Church would have been out of here by now, but we are still here. It would seem God wants to extend His mercy a little longer to a very stubborn world, I’m good with that. An old one-liner says this concerning soul-winning; you catch-em; and let God do the cleaning. I might also add, the idea of fishing is good, take a child fishing is better. What an opportunity to be a great Christian mentor and do what you love at the same time.

Here are a few ways to show the world, your town, you, that your Church cares.  This is a good time of the year to prepare for Church out-reach activities like a big community B-B-Q, Church cookouts, Church Bazaars, Festivals, bake sales, it’s wide open; opportunities abound. What a time to share the love of Christ with our local waters mission field. How do we do that? Chick Tracts is one of the best ways. You can log onto;, they have a huge selection to pick from. I use them all the time, in restaurants, casual conversation, leads to me handing out a tract, kids and adults all love and appreciate them. And at a great value, 16 cents, you can’t go wrong. Contact this Ministry if help or information is needed.

Please don’t forget to review our posts on our “Page 1, 2 & 3” location. Admittedly, who doesn’t like upbeat story lines and things that lift one up in spirit, but the truth is, the truth still needs to be spoken. Many have lamented over the years, why didn’t someone tell me/us? The Church is in a very unique place in history right now, evil is rising and we need to be aware of the many devices the devil is using people as pawns to commit. We need to take action while we still can.

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