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Light The Way Ministries
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The Formation of Light The Way Ministries

Light the Way Ministry is a new ministry endeavor. The idea and purpose behind this work came about primarily through the efforts of Ryan D, Tom Nosworthy and Ron Stapleton. Over the last couple of years they have worked intensely together in sharing visions and a vision of a great end time, work. No doubt Ryan is a General is God’s Army. If you believe God’s Word in Acts 2:17 where God said He would pour out of His Spirit in the last days upon His young sons and daughters, and they would see visions and dream dreams, Ryan fits the bill. Part of what Ryan feels the Lord is doing is raising up people in the last days through education, resultant, people ministering to people with the gifts God intended from the beginning. This On-Line Church effort would transcend a four wall Church encounter and provide a base for an inter-linking of Church to Church work/s to be accomplished.
Tom Nosworthy is a retired Telecommunications Network Design Engineer from a major Telecom Company. He is also an Ordained Minister with over thirty-five years of ministry to Missions, Churches and Jails and other outlets, thus bringing a many and varied background of experience to the ministry effort. His main vision is to see and be part of a last days revival that would sweep the land in preparation and anticipation of the return of the Lord for the Church.
Ron Stapleton is the President and Senior Pastor of the Ministry. With over fifty years of ministry he brings much to the table with experience and stability that is much needed in any effort of the Lord. Having pastored many Churches and served as Board Member in leadership capacity of a Major Denomination, his critical judgement is much appreciated. His vision is to see the Church get back to its roots, be the bride that its called to be and share that love to the world. A Church that would just about have to turn the lights off to get them to finally leave and go on home after the service, yes, those were the days.
This ministries work is to bring people together through an On-Line platform to not only receive from God in learning and growth, but to be a reflection of God in His power and authority.

Light The Way Ministries
P.O. Box 2943
Land O Lakes, Florida 34639


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