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Daily Devotions

Join us in our weekly walk with Lord by reading our daily devotions. May they help guide your steps and deepen your faith. 

"Practical Insights in the Life and Ministry of Christ"

Jan 18th - 22nd

Jan 18th Devotional

Being Great

Mark 10: 35-45; Whosoever Will Be Great

Mark 10: 36; And He said unto them, what would ye that I should do for you?

This isn’t the first time such a question was offered to someone from God/Lord. You may remember Solomon was being made King in David’s stead. Solomon knew that in order for him to be able to perform his job/task/ministry with quality; God would have to help him. As the account goes, God appears unto Solomon and said unto him, “Ask what I shall give thee”. To that, Solomon would ask for wisdom and knowledge. Even God would remark of his petition, because this was in thy heart and thou hast not asked for riches, wealth or honor, nor the life of thy enemies the petition was granted.

What is our main motivator in serving the Lord? If we ever learn anything from the pattern the Lord gave us, it’s definitely not about riches and power and high ranking positions. He did not come to make us famous or big shots or tyrants over other folks. The trend nowadays seems to be making a name for oneself or self exultation and the like.

There was once a lady whose name was Mary Bojaxhiu. Her name was much like a lot of folks a little hard to pronounce, otherwise nobody special that’s for sure. She didn’t know what to do with her life early on. As the story goes she boarded a train and ultimately ended up in India. It wasn’t long before she noticed the little children running around on the streets and scavenging food out of the dump to survive. She determined herself to try to help these orphaned kids the best she could, thus starting an orphanage to house them. The place was in Calcutta, you may have heard of it, and as it turned out, this ladies name would be known across the world as Mother Teresa. Most people in life will never go to a foreign country to live a servant life. Actually we don’t have to as there are so many opportunities right here, around us, every day. So, go forth and be blessed as you bless others; your reward shall be great in Heaven.

Blessings to you for a great day, Pastor Tom

Jan 19th Devotional

Speak the Word

Luke 4:1-15; The Temptations of Christ

Luke 4: 4a, 8a, 12a; And Jesus answered.

Have you ever been tempted? Sure, we all have at one time or another. When I was young in the Lord it seemed like I was tempted all the time. You may wonder how is that possible? Well let’s just say before I came to the Lord I was a good example of what not to be. Thank God for His mercy. When a person gets saved often the things he is tempted with are the very things he done before he got saved. The devil isn’t too happy you changed owners with your life, and he wants you back. I mean if you were into drugs, alcohol, you name it; that is most likely what the temptation will be until you show the devil you’re not going back.

In our account here with the Lord, the stakes of course were not just high, but the highest. If the Lord had succumbed to the devils propositions, let’s just say you and I would have no need for a Devotional to read. I somehow imagine the surrounding scene concerning this confrontation was similar to a great squaring off of the forces of Light in one corner and the forces of darkness in the other, winner take all. Of course the Angels and demons were spectators only. What can we take away from the Lord’s encounter that will help us, if and when we are tempted?

In the case of Christ, these three temptations were common to man. The devil used them on Eve long ago and they worked perfectly. These three temptations are the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Just about everything the devil throws our way center around these three things in various presentations. Our model of how the Lord dealt with them is a model of how we should deal with them. In every thrust of sin presented it was met with a parry (military term) of “It is written/said”, then quoted what was said. With each response of the Word/s of God the devil was flattened, down on the canvas, taking the ten-count, until he finally had enough of that. Here’s the word; quote the exact Word needed in a given circumstance or temptation. As we saw, The Word works on the devil. One more thought; I Cor. 10:13; (paraphrased) You will not be tempted above what you are able to bear, but with the temptation God will make a way of escape. The Word still works, but only if you use it!

Blessings to you for a great day, Pastor Tom

Jan 20th Devotional

What’s in your Garden?

Mark 4: 1-20 Parable of the Sower

Luke 8:15; But that on the good ground are “they” which in an honest and good heart, having heard the Word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.

January is a time when folks don’t give much thought to a garden. But it does make sense in a way, considering the ground should be turned over and any undesirable weeds should be removed lest they begin to drop seeds that will propagate more weeds. In our Parable the Lord talks about sowing some seeds as well. Actually the seed He is sowing is His own Word. The Word also says this seed is being sown in the heart of the hearer, (Mark 4:15). There is an old saying that says; when the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense or it will make no sense. These Parables should be discerned like that as well. If in the natural you were to plant a garden and the conditions existed as the Parable reveals, would you not take the necessary steps to eradicate the problems so a harvest would come forth? Not only yes we would, but do it routinely, every time we put in a garden.

This is a good illustration for gardening 101 all would agree. However, we are talking about our hearts response to the Word of God seed that was deposited there. There are a multitude of things that will disrupt the seeds growth in ones life. Do you want or expect a harvest? The Parable helps us to see things that may try to rob us of a great harvest or maybe much more. If you haven’t let the devil steal your seed, you are on your way to a great harvest. However more hazards abound, root growth is imperative, where, in the solid ground of the Word of God of course. Some things to cast out of your garden is, getting offended or letting persecution or some type of tribulation arise and take you out, where you say, the heck with it, this is not worth the struggle, and you toss in the towel. Another problem in the garden are creatures, bugs and slugs that destroy, often silently while you were sleeping. This one sneaks up on many folks; it may be one reason for the lukewarm Church. The cares of this world (caring more about the world than the things of God) and the deceitfulness of riches and other lusts enter in, watch out. So, now you know, keep vigil and some spiritual Raid handy, and don’t let anything mess up your garden’s fruitfulness.

Blessings to you for a great day, Pastor Tom

Jan 22nd Devotional    

In His Presence          

Luke 9:27-36; The Transfiguration

Luke 9;29; And as He prayed the fashion of His countenance was altered and His raiment was white and glistering.

 Mountains have a certain mystique about them; I mean something about being up on the mountain top is special. Things down below seem small; although they are the same size, it’s my vantage point that has changed. And that is exactly what we should do in the Spirit realm; change our perspective to God’s way of seeing things. In our text the Disciples were with Jesus on the mountain top to pray. There was much to see up there for sure, two Old Testament Prophets showed up, The Lord was there, and then there was

the voice of God! No wonder Peter wanted to camp out up there.

Have you ever had a mountain top experience with the Lord? It may have been during a Church service where the Power of God came down, people shouted, they prayed, they got right if need be, I mean, you had a Divine encounter with the Lord. And if you are like most folks you wanted to stay there on the mountain, His presence. But, at some point we have to come down. It would be nice to stay there, this is actually a picture

of our future with the Lord. In His presence something not only changed His countenance, but it will change ours as well. You may not have noticed it, but something has happened to you while you were up there. Moses had it, the Lord had it, it happens in God’s presence, a certain glow about you, people notice it. You see things differently, what was once big in nature seem insignificant in comparison now. In His presence you are being altered, transformed, and as a result, your valley, where you live and work, will never be the same, because the God of the mountain is also the God of the valley.

Blessings to you for a great day, Pastor Tom

Jan 23rd Devotional

Being Persistent

Luke 11:5-13; The Persistent Friend

Luke 11: 9; I say unto you, ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

When many people think of persistence, it may not always be in the best light, I mean the word pest may even come to mind. In our account here the person comes at what would seem an inopportune time, at midnight no less. But the message isn’t about the time as much as it is about the guy just kept knocking. It seems incredible to me the Lord would suggest something like this, and what is that, be persistent. I remember hearing an account somewhere about a guy named Smith Wigglsworth, he was called a modern day Apostle of Faith. He shared a story of his youth, how he wanted his dad to buy him some candy, dad didn’t seem to pay him much attention. Smith was persistent, he would just say father, a little later; he would touch his arm and say, father. Finally his mother said to the father, why don’t you answer the boy, to which the father said; I did, but he won’t take no for an answer. I love it; I don’t forget stuff like this.

There is a side to the story that I believe goes all the way back to the Book of Exodus 16:4; The Lord said unto Moses, Behold I will rain bread from Heaven for you, and the people shall go out to gather a certain rate everyday, “that I may prove (test) them whether they will “walk in my Law or no”. The Israelites were being given an object lesson, “wait on the Lord”. I believe we Christians are to do the same, in your persistence you are showing God, I’m not giving up, I’m not going away, I will not let you go unless you bless me. The word is, God wants to give, how much persistence do you have in obtaining it? Father, Father, Father. Ok, Ok, trust me, God loves your persistence.

            Blessings to you for a great day, Pastor Tom


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