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Ryan DeStefano
President and Ministry Support Leader

I grew up in the suburbs of South New Jersey and had a passion for sports until I was 20 when I joined the military. I was stationed in Norfolk Virginia and served in the U.S. Navy for 5 years. At the age of 25, I married and now have a wonderful opportunity to take part of raising up 2 children in the Lord with the help of a wonderful wife. I was privileged to have an amazing awakening in the Lord; which many would call a Damascus experience. From that moment on, I continued to seek the Lords face and with deep conviction and feel the Holy Spirit guiding me through every part of life's journey for His glory. I’m in my mid 30’s and I can here God’s voice calling me to take a bigger roll in the Kingdom, being assigned to '“bring the Body of Christ together”'. As president and co-founder of Light The Way Ministries I would like to build a platform for believer to freely share and provide individuals opportunities grow in their calling.

Tom Nosworthy
Sr. Pastor

I have been a resident of the Tampa, Fla. area most of my life. Up until graduation from a local High School and briefly after, I worked in the shipyard until I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1968. Fortunately I was able return home from active service and attend college to pursue a degree in Business Management. Big changes in life were in store for 1977 as I accepted the Lord into my life and not long after that same year got married, as it turned out, it was a banner year.
After several years helping others in ministry, I felt the Lord wanted me to launch out and become more of a participant than helper. Upon being licensed and ordained in 1985 through United Christian Church and Ministerial Association, many opportunities to minister in the local jails, Missions and various Churches would abound. Since retirement, I have been able to devote more time to ministry. Whether at a local Mission or Bible Studies in various homes weekly, as well as minister in local Churches, it makes for a busy schedule.
In 2018 a new On-Line Church Ministry is being launched. For many years I have ministered to, what could be viewed as the few, with the On-Line Church concept a much broader work can be accomplished with the same effort. It doesn’t look like retirement is in my immediate future.

Dr. Ron D. Stapleton 
Sr. Pastor
I was born in Kingsport, Tennessee and at the age of seven we moved to Detroit Michigan. There I fell in with a street gang and did many things I later regretted. I was constantly in trouble with the law and worried my mother to the point of nervous breakdown. At eleven years old, I was taken back to Kingsport to live with my Aunt and Grandmother. They took me to church every Sunday and Wednesday and by the time I was twelve the Power of God was so strong on me I ran to the alter and called on God to forgive me and set me free. He did just that, and I haven’t been the same since. At age thirteen, the Lord called me to preach His Gospel. Nine months later my first sermon was at a summer youth camp. There was well over 500 youth and young adults attending. Upon giving the alter, over 300 people who came forth and found salvation or rededicate their lives to the Lord. I knew for sure God’s calling was on my life and to this day I have been preaching and teaching God’s Word.
   I later enlisted in the military and served ten years traveling to many countries. Everywhere God sent me, I started bible studies. Through my testimonies and preaching, many soldiers gave their heart's to the Lord and went on to serve in ministry. Soon after, I continued my studies seeking a degree in Christian Education. The Lord blessed me with a Bachelor of Art in Biblical Counseling, Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Business And Human Relations, Doctor of Education in Biblical Studies.
    Recently, a friend in the Lord for many years named Tom Nosworthy, came to me about a world wide internet church (Light The Way Ministries). He said that he felt that the Lord wanted me to be a part of that ministry. After much prayer I agreed. Ryan, Tom and myself are diligently laboring to launch this ministry. We need your faithful prayers and support for this ministry to be a success. We are expecting to see many souls saved, and many local and world wide church ministries to grow and go forward for the Lord through the help of this ministry. I am 75 years young and have been in ministry for over 60 years now; I'm thrilled that the Lord is using me to save souls and set them on fire, while awaiting His return.

Light The Way Ministries
P.O. Box 2943
Land O Lakes, Florida 34639


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